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♥ Pearl Of Asia ♥ 

"I felt like I lack something, and that's why I always want to learn. " - Ha Ji Won

“I think it’s my greatest joy and pride to have received so much love as an actress – I don’t act or work on a movie while my goal set is winning a certain award.” - Ha Ji-won



"As you know, I don't have a pretty doll-like face, nor do I have a lot of charisma. But because of that, I can fit better into various types of characters". - Ha Ji Won

Stage Name: Ha Ji-Won 
Korean Name: 하지원
Birth Name: Jeon Hae-Rim 전해림 (田海林, 全海琳)
Chinese Name: 河智苑 (河智媛, 夏智元)
Birthdate: 1978-June-28
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 168cm
Weight: 46kg
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Horse riding, Hap Ki Do, Jazz Dancing, Swimming, Kum Do, Working out at the gym
Favorite color: Blue

Family: Father, mother, older sister, younger sister, younger brother


Ha Ji Won Parent's Wedding Anniversary LINK

Motto: Now at this moment

Education: HanYang Elementary School, Hae Dang Girls Middle School, Yeong Shin Woman High School, Dankook University (Bachelor of Film and Television)

Her school life like?


Elementary: She had been multiple times elected as either class vice president or president, got straight aces in school marks, and received high praises from faculty.  As a classroom president, she was so competitive against other classes. She is jack of all trades, so she was pretty good at drawing pictures , writing letters and doing exercise.
High school: She was exemplary and a role model student. Among teachers, they all thought that Ha Ji Won was the prettiest.

High school after her debut: She had never been absent and late at school. For example, the day after filming at night, she was never late.

University: "It is more meaningful as it took me 10 years. Honestly, I thought I would never make it." She attended a graduation ceremony last February 2007.

“Ever since I was a little kid, I dreamed of becoming an actress. When I was a senior in high school, an agency contacted me after seeing my picture at a photography studio.” - Ha Ji Won


"If I’m not an actress, I really hope I’d be an astronaut. I’ve always been fascinated by everything about the universe. And if I’m not an astronaut, I think I’d be a scientist." - Ha Ji Won



"Ha Ji Won was very popular for her pretty looks. Even after debuting, she was very sincere towards her studies and never once missed class."

"She's nice and has great manners. A very studious child." 




On April 18th,SBS's "Live Entertainment Express" revealed actress Ha Ji Won's school pictures and report cards, which only showed that she possesses unchanging beauty, but brains as well. SBS revealed, "Her manager saw the pictures above and contacted her directly, which is how she was able to debut in in the industry." Ha Ji Won's high school homeroom teacher stated, "Ha Ji Won was very popular for her pretty looks. Even after debuting, she was very sincere towards her studies and never once missed class." Her report card also showed that for six straight years, she managed to get complete As for all of her report cards. In her school records, teachers left comments like, "She's nice and has great manners. A very studious child."
 Source: Star News via Nate


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Variety Show


Galileo: Awakened Universe (2018)



Television Hosting

TV Entertainment Tonight (2002-2003)




2017: MBC Top Excellence Award: Actress in Mini Series (Hospital Ship)
2016: 8th Style Icon Awards (The Time We Were Not In Love) LINK l LINK

2013: MBC Drama Awards: Daesang / Grand Award (Empress Ki) LINK
2013: MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Empress Ki) LINK
2013: MBC Drama Awards: Actor Award (chosen by PD's) (Empress Ki) LINK

2012: 16th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival: Producer's Choice along with Ha Jung Woo LINK l LINK
2011: Grimae Awards: Best actress (Secret Garden) LINK
2010: SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award, Drama Special, Actress (Secret Garden) LINK
2010: SBS Drama Awards: Netizen Popularity Award together with Hyun Bin (Secret Garden)
2010: SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars (Secret Garden)
2010: SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple with Hyun Bin (Secret Garden) LINK
2009: 46th BaekSang Arts Awards: Best Actress (Closer to Heaven) LINK
2009: 30th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Actress (Closer to Heaven) LINK
2009: 5th Korean University Films Festival: Best Actress (Closer to Heaven)
2009: Estee Lauder Star Awards of the Year (Haeundae)
2009: Style Icon Awards: Actress of the Year LINK
2009: Style Icon Awards: Fun Fearless Female

2009: Mnet 20's: Best Choice Actress Star Award (Haeundae)
2009: 3rd Mnet 20's Choice Awards: HOT Movie Star (Haeundae)
2009: 3rd Mnet 20's Choice Awards: Best Actress    (Haeundae)
2008: 44th Baeksang Arts Awards: Most Popular Actress (Film) (BA:BO)

2008: Asia Model Festival Awards: BBF Popular Star Award
2007: Ferragamo Asian: Icon of the Year LINK
2007: 32nd Golden Chest International TV Festival: Best Actress (Hwang Jin Yi)
2007: 34th Korean Broadcasting Awards: Best Actress (Hwang Jin Yi) LINK
2007: Asia Model Festival Awards: Popular Star Award along with Jang Hyuk, Hyun Young
2006: KBS Drama Awards: Daesang Award (Hwang Jin Yi) LINK
2006: KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Jang Geun Suk (Hwang Jin Yi) LINK
2006: KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Popularity Award (Hwang Jin Yi) LINK
2005: 26th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popularity Award (Duelist) LINK
2004: 40th BaekSang Awards: Best Actress in a TV Drama (What Happened in Bali) LINK
2004: SBS Drama Awards:    Top Excellence Award (What Happened in Bali) LINK
2004: SBS Drama Awards:    Top 10 stars (What Happened in Bali) 
2003: MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award (Damo) LINK
2003: MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Lee Seo Jin (Damo) LINK
2003: MBC Drama Awards: Netizen Popularity Award (Damo) LINK
2003: 39th BaekSang Awards: Popularity Award (Sex is Zero)
2002: 3rd Korea Visual Arts Festival: Photogenic Award (Phone)
2002: 39th Baeksang Arts Awards: Most Popular Actress (Film) (Sex is Zero)
2001: 24th Golden Cinematography Awards: Popularity Award (Truth Game)

2001: Korean Society of Cinematographers: Most Popular Actress (Truth Game)
2001: 37th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress (TV) (Secret)    
2000: 37th Grand Bell Awards: Best New Actress (Truth Game)
2000: 1st Busan Film Critics Awards: Best New Actress (Truth Game)
2000: 21st Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Ditto)    
2000: MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actress (Secret)

2014: 48th Taxpayers' Day -  Presidential Citation LINK
2014: Medical Korea 2014 - Minister for Health and Welfare Appreciation Plaque
2013: Medical Korea 2013 - Minister for Health and Welfare Appreciation Plaque
2012: Samsung Sparking Night - Lady 9 Award (Shining Lady of 2012)
2011: Medical Korea 2011 - Minister for Health and Welfare Appreciation Plaque
2011: 48th Korea Savings Day - Prime Minister's Award for Savings
2008: Korean Popular Culture & Arts Award - Prime Minister's Award
2008: Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs - Family Month Event
2007: The 28th Dance Association of Korea Seoul Dance Festival: A Beautiful Mind Award

2007: Dankook University Achievement Award

2016: Incheon Custom Ambassador LINK

2016: Hallyu Exposition - Honorary Ambassador LINK l LINK
2015–present: Hanbok Day - Hanbok Ambassador (South Korea) LINK l LINK LINK
2015–present: Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards - Piaget Altiplano Ambassador (Taiwan) LINK l LINK l LINK
2014–present: Operation Smile - Smile International Ambassador (Worldwide) LINK l LINK l LINK
2014: National Tax Service - Promotional Ambassador (with Gong Yoo) LINK
2014: Cartier Muse (South Korea and Taiwan) LINK 
2012: 2012 London Olympics - Honorary Coach (South Korea)
2012: Kids Art Festival Ambassadors (South Korea) LINK

2008–present: New Zealand's Cultural Ambassador to Korea LINK 

Special Project/Campaigns/Charities/Judges
2015 The Fendi Peekaboo Project in Seoul LINK
2013 Good Downloader Campaign LINK
2012 Choi Kyung Joo Foundation & Yonsei University Hospital (At This Moment Book proceeds)
2011 Asics Athletics Federation of Athletics Junior Honor Coach Mentor Program
2010 8th Asiana International Short Film Festival Special - Jury

2009 Good Downloader Campaign LINK
2008 Smile Again Foundation w/ Gangnam-gu Family Welfare Center
2008 Tax Office 1 day Honorary Civil Service Implementation LINK l LINK
2008 7th Mise-en-scene Film Festival Short Film About Love - Jury

Green Donation LINK
2005 Organ Donation Center of Love



cr. SG1023 FP

2003 2nd International Film Festival Mise-en-scene "Absolute Nightmare" - Jury
2002 6th Puchon Fantastic Film Flap Lady


2015: Ha Ji-won's Secret (Photobook)

2012: At This Moment (Memoir)


Some At This Moment Book Translation LINK


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Music Videos
(2015) Daddy by PSY LINK
(2008) Lovestory MV w/ Rain LINK BTS
(2005) Flowers MV LINK BTS
(2004) Black and White Photos MV w/ Jisung LINK
(2001) Tears MV W/ Go Soo LINK BTS
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(2000) Fast Mover MV LINK 
(2000) Mother's Diary MV LINK
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Digital Single/Sung OST

(2021) Too Good To Be True - HJW Retro Live Version LINK

(2021) Too Good To Be True ft. Henry Lau (Dramaworld S2 OST) LINK

(2020) You and I ft. Yoon Kye Sang OST LINK BTS

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(2004) Love So Divine OST w/ Kwon Sang Woo & Kim In Kwon LINK

(2003) Homerun LINK BTS 1 2
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Stage Performances

(2011) Double A feat.Ha Ji Won Because Im crazy [Busan KPOP Super Concert] LINK
(2003) Homerun & I Love You Too Much [HiSeoul Festival] LINK
(2003) Homerun [SBS] LINK
(2003) I Love You Too Much [SBS] LINK
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2005 10th Pusan International Film Festival LINK



1023 means LOVE

Yes! Ha Ji Won came it up with herself, it's the name of her official fanclub. 1023 represents LOVE.

South Korea
2016 HappyHA Day Birthday Party Fanmeeting 1 2
2015 1023 Day Sun Fanmeeting Event 1 2 3 4 5 6

2014 Glamping Birthday Party Fanmeeting Event LINK
2014 Radio Event: 1023 DAY 1 2 3
2012 Birthday Party Fanmeeting Event LINK
2003-2013 Ha Ji Won with her 1023 Fans: A Decade of Togetherness LINK
Clips of Events with 1023ers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


2014 Bridge of Friendship Teaser LINK
1st Asia Tour Taiwan Bridge of Friendship 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


2015 Bridge of Friendship Teaser LINK
1st Asia Tour Singapore Bridge of Friendship 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14


2014 Japan Fanmeeting Event 1 2 3
2012 Japan Fanmeeting Link
2006 Japan Fanmeeting


INTERVIEWS w/ English Subtitles

2020 E-news Ep. 168

2018 E-news Ep. 64

2018 Special VR Interview with HJW Ep. 1

2015 Get It Beauty: Talking Mirror LINK
2015 Hallyu World: HJW Real Uniqueness and Specialty LINK
2014 TODAYonline LINK

STARDATE Interviews with HA JI WON 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 
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Ha Ji Won and Bae Doo Na Interview LINK
OnStyle Interview (GUESS CF) LINK
Ha Ji Won's Secret Boy & Girl LINK



Star Confessions


Credit from: Alice InJiwonderland (the real Behind-The-Scene of Ha Ji Won's life)


I accidentally saw this article about an interview with Ha Ji Won eonnie recently, and this interview made my heart break a lot. I felt that it would be really nice if our dear 1023rs would get a chance to read this, so I decided to translate this interview by myself. This interview was made perhaps about ten years ago. During this interview, eonnie revealed her bitter childhood life and school life and also the hard times that she had before rising to fame. Through this interview, I get to know even more about the real Ha Ji Won, and I could say it without any doubts that the reason eonnie could achieve such success now is all because of her own determination, resilience and of course her own diligence. Although this may take some time precious time of yours to read this (as this interview is quite long itself), please do enjoy reading the interview. Without talking any further, let’s start the interview.
She has the coexistence of both kind and evil sides, an innocent and sexy looks that will sometimes also make our blood run cold ( in horror movies). Here comes the main character of the interview today, the versatile newcomer actress that made her appearance in dramas and movies recently – Ha Ji Won.
Star Confession: Chapter 1
Wow, I had never thought before that I would be the main character of this interview today. (surprised) Well, whenever I thought about those hardships before I rose to stardom, I would get teary. This is actually quite embarrassing, but I think that my childhood friends would be really curious about how a bashful and shy model student could become an actress? 
When I was in elementary school, my friends got me a nickname called “Mosquito Princess” as I had a soft voice and read out the passage softly whenever my language teacher asked me to read out the passage in the textbook loud. There were actually a lot of boys that were interested in me since I was young because of my decent looks, but since I treated them coldly, I never ended up in a relationship with them. (laughed) I am the model student in school as I always got the first or second places in class. I was elected as the class monitor every year too. After graduating from the elementary school, there start to be some changes in my introverted personality. One day, our class teacher made us wrote letters and put them secretly in the respective classmates whom we want to befriend with. Guess what? The next day, my drawer was stuffed with a dozen letters! Perhaps they wanted to be friends with a pretty, shy and clever girl. (laughs). Since that day, I became friends with these people and I started to become lively, We named our group as “The Ten Princesses” . We all studied really hard. There was one time when all of us did really bad in our school bench and cried for a long time and even fall asleep. (Kekeke) Choosing the wrong friends would make you go astray, but I think that it is these friends that helped me build a even livelier personality that paves my way to my acting career.
Star Confession: Chapter 2 
My dad used to manage his business in the ceramic industry, but his business turned out to be a failure during my freshman year in high school. So, we shifted house to Su Won-si, the outskirts nearby Seoul from Seoul. I shifted school too to Yong Shin High School nearby my house. Life is a total nightmare to after I shifted school. Everyone knows that I portrayed the role of a bad student in “School 2”, but I was actually insolated when I first shifted to that school. The worst thing is, I was even called out by the school’s bad gangster group called “The Rose Gang‘s” so called boss and her five other members at the first day I shifted to school. They asked disdainfully with their arms akimbo, “Where were you from?” Unwillingly, I replied,” What are you talking about?”Then, they said that I must obey the rules and regulations here (set by them). Even though, I wasn’t ill treated by them during the first day, they started to torture me after that, as I am not submissive, have a pretty face and also because I am from Seoul (they were envious that I am from Seoul that they liked so much).There was one time when I went to my study room to study, the suddenly called me out to an alley. And at the drop of a hat, they punched my chest so hard that it turned all black and blue. When I thought about this incident when I was filming “School 2”, my heart was hurting from the inside. Will “The Rose Gang” laugh at me when they saw the disdainful me in the TV screen (School 2)? The harassment by “The Rose Gang” towards me increases as time passes. They actually even planned to kill me during my sophomore year school trip, but fortunately their plans failed. I didn’t even dare to say a word to my family about those incidents when I was back home as the atmosphere at my home is quite bad as my dad couldn’t do well in his career, so I didn’t want my parents to worry about me. (What a sensible girl our Ji Won eonnie is) The fearful days persist, and in order to comfort my trembling and hurtful emotions, I loaded my feeling in my diary. My mum actually cried when she saw my diary while cleaning my room. 
Star Confession: Chapter 3 
During my sophomore year in high school, I was being insolated for the past three months. I would mope over and yield to my emotions and cry everyday. After the summer holidays ended when I was in Grade 3, I decided to take up acting classes as I had the criteria of an actress, including a pretty face. (laughs) And it was at that time that I met my manager, Mr. Jang Yong Dae. Even though I shy away from him at first, his determination, enthusiasm and efforts to help me lead the way towards stardom finally touched me to step ahead to the star route. Mr. Jang saw my photo that was hanged outside the photo studio by coincidence and decided to make me as an actress. The second year, I got into arts theatrical class at Dan Kook University. Fortunately, there are no insolating incidents in the university, so the university life was enjoyable. Thanks to Mr. Jang, I made my debut in K2TV‘s "Adults Don’t Know" and "Dragon Tears ". I was so happy at that time that I felt that I was on the Moon. 
But the entertainment industry is actually the road where tears, efforts and frustration begin. I was getting the cast of supporting actress every time during that time. Which actor could make it without spilling tears during their early debut period? My early debut period really seems to sound like a drama. There are actually a couple PD-nim also wanted shoot my success-achieving story as a drama by using my early debut’s confrontation with hardship as the drama’s theme.
Actually, there was such incident that occurred recently. Mr. Jang and I went to the broadcasting company and met a PD-nim. He said, "Wow” how did you hide such precious pearl under the soil? " Then, he even kindly offered us a casting offer. But Mr. Jang said coldly, “Oh really, but you had never said such words to Ji Won when you saw her two years ago.” I remembered about that, too. Two years ago, we were treated coldly by that PD-nim, but still we endured with that. However, after I starred in some movies and dramas like “Truth Game”, “School 2” and other films and gained some popularity, he treated us differently. During my early debut, I will meet the PD-nims, CF directors, and also film directors etc almost everyday. This kind of life persists for almost a year, and I had gone for nearly 200 meetings. But not up to 5 minutes, I would always hear words like “See you next time” every time I went for the audition. 
Every time I would spend more than an hour to makeup, choose the prettiest outfit to wear, and even spending more than two hours by subway from Su Won to reach Seoul just for the sake of getting a casting offer. But at last, what I get in exchange is only these abating words.

Star Confession: Chapter 4

Actually, I am not a gifted actress. To tell the truth, it is through diligence that I achieved success as it is said that diligence can overcome intelligence too. Even though I have had nearly 200 meetings with PDs, FDs and CF directors, but unfortunately, my chance of being a shining star still hasn’t come yet. 
Finally, I broke into tears in front of Mr. Jang, saying that I will do this together with him until we achieve success. The overall 95% of acquaintance of Mr. Jang said, “She can’t do it.” Even though they never mentioned a word in front of me, but still after that they turned around and tell Mr. Jang to put more efforts in someone that has a brighter future, as I am not particularly conspicuous among the students that longed to be an actor nor adept at acting either. After thinking carefully for a long time, finally we decided to put ourselves into the battle of the “Making of Actress – Ha Ji Won”. Should I reveal my hardship period right now? From that on, I would go for jogging with my whole body wrapped in plastic to increase the rate of sweating. I would then wear a sweater and jog around the mountain district behind my house with my mum. This strenuous activity is carried out to train my strength and stamina and also to reduce my body weight from 53kg to 46kg. I have been practicing morning jogging for 2 years, but actually I am still practicing it until now. Mr. Jang would give a call to my house from Seoul everyday to make sure that I jogged. There was one time when I am in a total exhausted state that I really couldn’t make it and wouldn’t get out from the bed, so I burst into tears on the bed. So, my mum insisted to pull me up to jog with her up the mountain while comforting me. I didn’t know whether it is because mum is tired, but I saw her crying on the mountain, I really felt bad after that. 
Jogging is only the basics, in order to cultivate my courage and determination, I also learned Hapkido. I would stay at home all day to practice my acting skills and watch movies unless there is something really important for me to do. I would also impersonate the main character’s acts and gestures in the comic book as I think that this will help to improve my acting skills. Mr. Jang also ordered me to change my cell phone number per three months to ensure that I won’t be disturbed by my friends (that called to chit chat with me ) that will affect my concentration in practicing my acting skills. 

Star Confession: Chapter 5

President Jang is a dandy star instructor. He would always think of ways to train me that bashful and shy that will even blush in front of the camera in order to make me a talented actress. Whenever he is free, he would always visit my house to give my mother some mental education, just like not to pamper me and also the postures and attitudes that is required by an artist’s mum. He also gave my mum an order, which is to empty my house’s refrigerator in order for the sake of my body management. So, you can hardly find anything edible in the refrigerator in my house. (laughs) 
Since, I am still an adolescent that is still growing up, my mouth would water when I passed by restaurants smelling those tantalizing food while abstaining myself from food. I remembered that there was one time that I grabbed a piece of pastry at my relative’s house. Just before I could eat that piece of pastry, it was immediately snatched by my mum mercilessly. Getting teary, I pleaded mum to give me back the pastry but she refused to no matter how I pleaded her. But at last, I stopped my commotion as I suddenly remembered that all the mothers are devoted in the world. Those body management days persists, and suddenly one day, President Jang appeared in my house, holding a camera, saying that he is unsatisfied with my facial expressions, and I don’t know how to give an eye contact well at all, so he decided to give me a training lesson. After that day, his car is always loaded with 40 to 50 rolls of films. He started taking my pictures all the time. After developing the film, he would find various weaknesses of mine petulantly, like stiffen facial expressions, lousy makeup, insufficient eye contact, unnatural gestures etc. Slowly, I started to felt that I was getting nearer to the pathway of stardom after getting such accusations and guide. President Jang is still keeping the rolls of films in his office, I bet those films were as much as a box of instant noodles. We would discuss a lot of things during going for an outing by car, just like the results of my training, ways to deal with others in the entertainment industry, identifying the direction of development etc. He also asked me to memorize the names of the PD-nims and the reporters in case we met them as he said that it is the basic of social relationships.

Star Confession: Chapter 6

After a one-year commitment of preparation to step ahead towards stardom ended, I finally went to the “School 2” public audition that gathered about 300 competes. I demonstrated my acting skills in front of the PD- nims, and appraisement that I heard are “ lively facial expressions and eye contact”, “excellent acting skills” etc. So I was qualified with the 10 other people. From that time on, I started to watch the 16-episodes “School”, and started to analyze the characters in that drama as the chosen casts will need to practice through the script before the arrangement of characters was made. So, I watched the drama again and again, making a careful analysis of various characters in this drama. 
I slept merely 3 to 4 hours just for the sake of this drama. Even when I fall asleep, I wanted to dream about the characters of that drama, and they did appear in my dream too. I even dreamt of talking and playing together with them. I gave myself confidence that no matter what kind of role I get, I can still portray that role well. Fortunately, I got good scores for the script practicing session, so at the end I was selected as the member of the bad group, which is the second leading character. My efforts had 
finally brought victory in return. I gradually gained some popularity after I acted in “School 2”, felt 
feels like getting to see a glimmer of light feeling after passing a long dark and hollow tunnel. I felt
really exuberated and start to concentrate fully in my filming. When I was filming for “School 2”, there was a scene where I was being hit by the gang members under Dong Geok Bridge. The actors can’t act well as they feel sorry to hit me, so we had NGs continuously for that scene. So, I decided to ask the actors to hit as hard as they can and not to feel sorry about me, as this might make this scene realistic and finished in a shorter time as well or we will need to film this scene for the whole night.. Finally, after the “Cue” signal appeared, they started to hit me really hard. Even though I ended up with cracked lips, bleeding gums, bruised chest, but still my face is full of tears. And those tears were tears of sheer bliss.

Star Confession: Chapter 7

There were actually many pain and sorrow stories behind the gorgeous side of the entertainment industry. During my early debut period in 1998, I portray the role as a woman that seduces the King Dae Jong in K1TV’s historical drama, “Dragon Tears” that had a record of the highest viewing role among the historical sageuk dramas. During filming the scene when I was offering a bowl of alcohol, suddenly the insult of PD Kim Jae Hyung strucks my head like a bolt of lightning. “Hey, you crazy bixxx ! How could you have your fingernails colored in red while shooting the scene of your hands holding the bowl of soju??” That PD-nim has a nickname called “Black Faced Guy” as he was hot tempered. As there were many veteran actors there, he immediately shouted at me, “Hey, cut it off, cut it off!!” How could I dare to hesitate to do it when this is a chance that I can hardly get? So, Mr Jang and headed off searching for a nail cutter frantically everywhere. It was a wintry cold day at that time, and everyone was chilling to their bones even in the filming location, Yong In folk village. Despite of the cold weather, we wandered at the village for about 30 minutes just for the sake to get a nail cutter. Finally, we found nail cutters at a souvenir shop, and cut my fingernails. I even used the nail cutter to scrap off the remaining nail polish on my fingernails.


Star Confession: Chapter 8

Just like the fellow actors and actresses like Chae Rim, Kim Bo Sung etc, there were actually many actors that became popular after changing their actual names to their stage names. The same thing goes to me too. My actual name is Jeon Hae Rim. My manager Mr. Jang gave me a stage name called Ha Ji Won to resemble a brand new start. This is actually her ex-girlfriend’s name, but since she broke up with him, so he released all his enthusiasm and passion to me so he gave me this name. It is totally complicated to understand a man’s heart and feelings, isn’t it? Is it that he wanted to make me into a shining star in order to introduce me to her? (laughed) Anyway, when I was filming K1TV’s “School 2”, I went for the public audition for “Truth Game”. The competitive percentage of the audition is a total killing rate of 1500 : 1. It was really hard to get the leading role in the movie, especially for a newcomer. But still luckily, I managed to get appraisement like “Flawless acting skills, a pair of charismatic eyes, and the coexistence of both good and evil expressions”. Even though I was chosen as the leading actress, nevertheless there was another problem that awaits me. The directors “Truth Game” said that I couldn’t concentrate fully in filming this movie while shooting for two movies, so they wanted me to quit filming the drama. But how could I betray the KBS that willingly gave me such opportunity to a newcomer like me? So I tried to persuade Director Kim Ki Yong and the film producer company’s Mr. Lee Myung Hyun that I will try my best in filming this movie, and finally they agreed to that. My parents felt very happy when they get to know that I was being chosen as the leading actress in a movie. There was one time that they wanted to visit the filming location that was located at, Namyang-ju-ssi, Gyeonggi-do, Seoul. But they didn’t inform us before coming. 
But is this a coincidence or the joke played by the fate, they came during I was filming for the scene where I was stripping off in the bathtub to seduce Ahn Seung Ki sunbae-nim. Mr. Jang was very worried that my parents would saw me stripping off, so he gave a lot of excuses and persuaded them in order to keep them away from the filming location. He said that he sweated (too anxious) so much that he even wet his underwear that day. 

Star Confession: Chapter 9

There were many incidents that happened during the filming of “Truth Game”. After finished filming the scene where I was being interrogated by the prosecutors with my hands being cuffed, we found out that the key of the handcuffs was lost. So, my manager found a saw to cut off the handcuffs. I was having a really hard time when I was shooting for the crying scene as I couldn’t even shed a tear. A real actress will need to film a crying scene by shedding real tears, and as I couldn’t do it, it seems that I am still quite apart from achieving that. Mr. Jang said that he would drop some onion juice into my eye and try to film that scene again. After we started filming again, Director Kim suddenly shouted at the top of his voice at me furiously, “ Hey, you bixxx! Can you even consider that as acting? How could you call yourself as an actress, you bixxx !!”. After getting a good scolding from Director Kim, I broke into tears. Thanks to that scolding, I filmed that scene fruitfully after that. After some time only I get to know that it was Mr. Jang’s idea to negotiate with Director Jang deliberately to shed tears). The “Truth Game”’ s premiere was held at the Keningston Hotel in Mt. Seorak last December. My parents attended the event too. After watching the bath scene in the movie, then only my mum realized why Mr. Jang refused to let them visit the filming location by giving many excuses. But Dad was chuckled and said, “ Ji Won-ah, is it still a little bit not enough, you should act sexier and more seductive, since you shooting such scenes you should act as sexy as Lee Eun Jae in “Yellow Hair”, isn’t it?” after I rose to fame, my family and surroundings changed a lot too. Even this is actually quite embarrassing, but it is something to be actually could be felt proud of too. There was an English learning centre near my house during high school that hung a poster like this, “Dong In Foreign Language Learning Centre nurtures an actress - Ha Ji Won that starred in “Truth Game”. There were even a “Truth Game”’s poster hanging beside it too.

Star Confession: Chapter 10

Should I tell more about my family?
My sophomore brother, Tae Su has a high popularity in his class as he has a sister that is an actress. Whenever their class teacher made them write their mid-year report, his classmates would always write “ To visit Tae Su’s house to chat with Ji Won nuna”. Not long ago, when I was filming K1TV’s 
“Dangerous Lullaby”, the last scene is about me committing suicide in the sea. It was a wintry day that day and I am chilling to my bones even when I was standing at the seaside, but I still need to film a 30-minute scene in the cold sea. So, Mr. Jang and I thought of an idea. I wore a raincoat and tights, then Mr. Jang used the adhesive tape to wrap my entire body. By this way, I wouldn’t feel cold at all during filming in the sea as the water could not enter my skin. After the drama was broadcasted, the PD-nim went to have lunch together with Mr. Jang and I. Then, he said, “Ji Won-ah, you should try harder to keep your body fit. You looked so plump when you were down the sea. ”I laughed. How could I look slender when I had my body wrapped in so many layers? To be successful in the entertainment industry, diligence is very important, but you must think out of the box to get some extraordinary ideas too. Am I being too honest right now? Well, since I had let the cat out off the bag, let me reveal another secret to all of you. Mr. Jang and I would visit the broadcasting company whenever we were free to have lunch with the PD-nims recently, of course to send our greetings to them while trying to get some casting offers available. Some PD-nims would said jokefully with us to get a chop at the attendance department before leaving when they saw us. They doesn’t mean that we are good at socializing, its just that we had put our efforts to that extent. 
I, Ha Ji Won sincerely promise the Sports Seoul’s readers from the bottom of my heart that I will try my best to be a diligent actress now and even in the future.
--- THE END---
© Ha Ji Won CN 1023


The Ideal One and Midfielder Actress


Ha Ji Won: The "Ideal" One

jvik February 4, 2011


Ha Ji Won is the “ideal type” in the eyes of many male stars.  Her character on “Secret Garden,” Raim, has been turning a lot of heads and gotten the attention of male stars.  Since her debut in the entertainment industry in 1997, Ji Won has attracted a large fan club due to her outstanding acting skills, great looks and personality.

Recently Go Soo appeared on MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” where he stated his ideal woman was Ha Ji Won.  Interestingly, this was not the expected answer to the question asked.  The question originally asked Go Soo was among the actresses that he had already worked with (Kim Ha Neul, Son Ye Jin, Kim Hee Sun, Han Ye Seul) which was his ideal type, and he replied, “my ideal type in not any of them. My ideal type is Ha Ji Won.” 

Ji Won later expressed her thanks upon hearing Go Soo’s response, saying “I feel great. Thank you.”  In the past the two have worked together filming singer Luey’s music video, “Lue,” for his debut album back in 2001.  Another interesting fact is that they are the same age, both born in 1978.

Another Ji Won fan is Jang Geun Suk, who has stated “Ha Ji Won is so pretty and nice that anyone can easily fall in love with her.”  He speaks though from his own experience of having worked with her in the past.  Both of them appeared together in the 2006 KBS 2TV’s “Hwanggini.” Jang Geun Suk acted the role of Kim Eun Ho, a young man of noble birth, who falls in love with Hwanggini, gisaeng (a Korean geisha) who was played by Ha Ji Won.  Two years ago on KBS 2TV’s “Lee Sang Hyung World Cup,” he revealed that he really fell in love with Ha Ji Won while he was shooting the KBS 2 drama.  Just another crazed fan I guess, lol. 

As if the competition couldn’t get any tougher, 2PM’s Taecyeon also chose Ha Ji Won as his ideal type.  His confession came on a previous tv program but last year on SBS’s “Sweet Potato” they had asked him who his ideal type was and he replied, “ever the same, Ha Ji Won.”  His single hearted love was kind of expected back at 30th Blue Dragon Movie Awards in 2009 where he took off his shirt and showed off his six pack during their performance.   

A different approach was taken by Jo Sang Wook who stated last month on tvN’s “Talk Show Taxi” that he preferred boyish type women.  Lucky for him Ha Ji Won has a boyish style haircut at the moment.  What do you know when asked for further details, he said he was really into Ha Ji Won. So the current VIP fan club bus now has four wheels/members.

But wait every bus has a spare tire and that is Lee Sung Jae.  Last October during the public movie interview for “Natalie” he stated that he would very much like to act with Ha Ji Won.  “In the past, when reporters asked whether there were any female actresses that I wanted to work with, no one really popped up in my mind, but now I have someone. I think Ha Ji Won is a great actress. I feel like we would be able to act well together.” 

By this point we should just start a Ha Ji Won fan club exclusive for the stars so it can exist in reality.  I just hope I never meet her or else I may get caught in her seemingly irresistible charm and beauty. Actually that may not be the worst thing but the competition worries me, but first I will start working on that 8 pack, 1000 sit-ups per day should do it.  Thanks for being so stunning Ji Won, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. . .

Link: http://www.soompi.com/2011/02/04/ha-ji-won-the-ideal-one/


Ha Ji Won, an actress known as a midfielder 


Ha Ji Won took parts in some very popular dramas in the past, ‘Damo’ in 2003, ‘What happened in Bali’ in 2004, ‘Hwang Jin Yi’ in 2006 then ‘Secret Garden’ in 2010. What’s interesting about all these dramas is that the actors who played opposite of Ha Ji Won have all received an upgrade in skills and performances. Lee Seo Jin, Jo In Sung and Jang Geun Suk have all become top class actors after working with Ha Ji Won, now it is Hyun Bin who gets his turn with ‘Secret Garden’.

Ha Ji Won is the only actress who can be called a midfielder, she diligently influences the outcome of a match, passes the ball to her team and at the right time she also scores the points for the team. What is common in actors like Ha Ji Won who focuses on others? It is the absence of the ‘I should stand out’ attitude and selfish desire.The role of Kim Joo Won was originally given to Jang Hyuk, who turned down the offer due to issues with his agency, SBS decided to cast Hyun Bin. Hyun Bin has demonstrated acting skills that are not anything less than what Jang Hyuk has to offer, and earned himself some well deserved praises. Especially the scene when his character Joo Won fainted in the lift, many viewers thought it was so real that they wanted to dial 911 (119 for Korea) for assistance.

As mentioned by some older actors who worked with Ha Ji Won, unlike other actresses who play defender, Ha takes bold steps to try out roles that are less thought of. She acted in Horror film such as ‘The scissors’ and ‘Damo’ which others were reluctant to take up. We will see Ha’s pioneering spirit again in her next project, a 3D block buster ‘Sector 7′ with oil platform at sea as the background.

Did You Know That...


HJW agreed to do "Miracle on 1st Street" with Directer Yoon Je Gyoon without even reading the scenario!

This story shows that HJW is a very loyal and hardworking person 

Taken from Director Yoon Je Gyoon's "Miracle on 1st Street" Production Diaryhttp://maxmovie.segy...y=&search=title

Some background information: Yoon JeGyoon and HJW had worked together before previously for "Sex is Zero" where HJW played a college aerobics athlete. They worked together recently for "Sector 7"

Before deciding to do "Miracle on 1st Street", I spent 3 years trying to create a piece of work.

Writer, Yoo SungHyeop, and I decided that the female lead would be a poor boxer who has not given up her dream. The problem came afterwards. I prefer realistic acting and cinematography, and I wanted a female lead who could surpass Hillary Swank's performance in "Million Dollar Baby". That is not possible with only camera tricks. I needed an actress who had as much skill as a real boxer.

Which Korean actress is capable of surpassing Hillary Swank? My conclusion was Ha JiWon. To be honest, other than JiWon, no other actress came into my mind. It was only Ha JiWon, and I believed it was only possible for Ha JiWon.

I called JiWon and JiWon's management company's president and planned a meeting. The next day, I went to JiWon's management office with a 5-page synopsis, determined and prepared.

JiWon and I caught up with each other and talked for a while. Then, I took out the synopsis from inside my jacket, like taking out a dagger, and put it down infront of JiWon.

"JiWon! Right now, there is nothing I can say but to trust me. I really want to do this project with you, and if you do it with me, I promise you that I will not let you down. For 3 years, I failed in starting 5 projects and this is my final choice. I'm not just asking you for a favor because we are close friends. You are the only actress who can take this role and it can be noone else but you. Please read it and call me back!"

"What about the scenario?"

That's right. To try to cast a lead actress without even showing her the scenario is hard to believe. This situation must have confused her. I came to cast her for a movie with no scenario and just a synopsis. It must have seemed strange.

"Yes~ I'm writing it right now. I'll send it to you as soon as it's finished!"

I was so embarrassed, I felt like getting up and leaving, but JiWon spoke again.

"Wait! Since this is this synop, I'll read it right now~"

I sat back down. JiWon read the synopsis very seriously, and...

"It's nice~ But, Director, could you promise me one thing?"


"Please write the scenario well. Then, I'll do this project!"

I couldn't believe my ears. I stared at JiWon absent mindedly for a long time.

I found this out a while later: although JiWon considers the scenario, for her, trust and loyalty are the most important. 

These days, I wonder how many actors will agree to do a project without even reading the scenario? I was moved to tears by JiWon's decision and I am still thankful.

With JiWon's loyal decision, the preparations for filming "Miracle on 1st Street" started rapidly.

The problem was JiWon's boxing training. Previous world champion, Byun JungIl, was to be JiWon's boxing coach. The gym she was to train at was the current world champion Kim JooHee's gym. However, JiWon had never boxed before. She also did not know how hard it was.

The day JiWon went to the gym, to be introduced, we saw Kim JooHee training. Jiwon saw how hard she was training and opened her eyes widely and told me!

"Director! I don't think I could do this~"

I started sweating and I told her

"But you signed the contract..."

I was busy with preparing for filming, so I was not able to visit JiWon while she trained. 3 months after she started training, I found time to visit her. I was curious about how much she improved. I saw Jiwon inside the ring.


JiWon inside of the ring seemed like a human-weapon. Instead of sparring with another female boxer, Jiwon had been sparring with martial arts director, Jung DoHong. I had seen her with my own eyes, but she did not seem like Jiwon. That beastly person inside the ring was definately H JiWon.

The boxing scene for "Miracle on 1st Street" took 4 days. Because of the setting of the gym, we had to film for more than 12 hours a day. When Jiwon had other scenes to film, she always took her personal trainer along and continued training. She is an actress I respect deeply.

The first day of filming the boxing scene, we started filming the 1st round. We started filming at dawn and filming had to stop after one hour. This was because JiWon's punch had caused the other boxer (who had been the current Korean female boxing champion)'s nose to bleed. After seeing blood, JiWon started panicking. Because she is tender-hearted, JiWon could not continue acting naturally after that. This is the first time I ever got mad at JiWon.


Seeing, JiWon cry in front of me hurt my heart, but I had to do this to continue filming. After this incident, the filming-site was quiet and filled with a chilly air. Everyone, Jiwon, the other boxer, Jung DoHong, and I were silently going crazy. Thankfully, Jiwon pulled herself together and, for over 10 hours, hit and got hit. I don't know why, but monitoring JiWon made me cry.

The last day of filming the boxing scene! Everyone, Jiwon, the other actors, and the staff, had filmed for over 40 hours during the past 3 days and nobody was in sound mind. As we filmed the last round, an accident occurred. This time, as the other boxer's punch hit JiWon's nose, JiWon screamed and fell to the floor.

JiWon's nose was swollen and she had bruises all over her face from the past 3 days. Furthermore, JiWon fell to the floor and lost consciousness. The filming site turned chaotic. JiWon's manager put her on his back and took her to the athlete waiting room. We were in a state of emergency. This was our last day that we could use the gym for filming, so we had to finish filming by the end of the day. However, the main actress had fainted from an injury.

The moment we decided to take JiWon to the emergency room and finish the last round with stunt doubles, we received a call that JiWon had woken up. We all ran to the athlete waiting room.

We all looked at JiWon with regretful expressions and JiWon opened her mouth with a hard expression

"Director! I'm sorry~ I'll continue filming after 10 minutes..."

Everyone in that room began to cry. 

Like that, JiWon returned to the ring and filmed for another 5 hours. If I think about it again, all I could say is that she is strong. It was a miraculous experience.

Like that, the boxing scenes for "Miracle on 1st Street" finished safely. Everyone cheered and it seemed like we were finished, but JiWon took my arm and dragged me to the ring.

"Director! Could I ask you one favor?!"

All of a sudden, Jiwon asked me a favor. I remember it being more of a threat than a favor. JiWon asked me to spar for 3 rounds with the female boxer that she had filmed with.

I said, the boxer could get hurt while sparring and got out of the ring, but JiWon and the other staff started clapping, so I got back into the ring.

And... after 3 minutes I KOed.

JiWon and the staff grabbed their stomachs and laughed and I put my head down in embarrassment. 

That was when I realized it... Boxing is this hard... It is a very hard sport.

That's right! Even running for 1 round is hard, but JiWon did this for over 40 hours for 4 days. If I think about it right now, that is not possible for a human to do.

JiWon! I have so many things to say to you, but before I say that I really want to say thank you. I thank you, not as a director, but as a person. You made a miracle that no other actor could have made. Through that hard filming, you never stopped smiling and showed your bright personaility. You put your all into this movie...

I always wanted to say this to you. Ha JiWon, a long time ago, you were the best, right now you're still the best, and in the future you will always be the best! (Directer Yoon JeGyoon)

 *credit to the translator of this information

Ha Ji Won's Secret to Success


On April 18th, SBS’s “Live Entertainment Express” featured Ha Ji Won’s secrets to success and here are the translations for the program.

Ha Ji Won’s rules in the entertainment industry in Korea.

#1. If she plays roles like a poor (meaning she engages in heavy drama) or has action scenes in the dramas or movies, the dramas and movies are really popular.
Some examples,
Something Happened in Bali – Ratings 40.4%
Haundae (Tidal Wave) – 10 milion attendances in the theater
Damo – rating 24.2%
Secret Garden – Highest rating 35.2%

#2. Actors who played with Ha Ji Won are popular after finishing dramas or movies with her.
Some examples, Hyun Bin, Gang Dong Won, Kim Jae Won, Yeon Jung Hoon, Jo In Sung, So Ji Sub, Kwon Sang Woo.
Q1. The most magical moment in your life?
The fact that I played as a lead actress is a magic to me.
(Ha Ji Won practiced boxing 8hours per day for 3 months for Miracle on the 1st street movie.)

Q2. How hard did she practice boxing?(Yoon Je Gyun Director)
I visited the gym where she was practicing boxing by surprise.
She was sparring in the ring and I was so surpised because I thought that she was a real boxing player. I thought that she was really great as she put all of herself into (the movie )

Q3. What about Ha Ji Won’s basic physical fitness?(Ha Ji Won’s physical trainer)
She is one of the top 3 who have the most muscles among normal people and celebrities.

Q4. What is her reason for a taking a lot of action scenes?
I’d like to challege things that others don’t and conquer and win them. And I am dreaming about flying in the sky, so I will really do.

Q5. Meanwhile Ha Ji Won appears to not have any scandals? (Entertainment reporter)
Compared to her recognition, she didn’t have scandals, so she is the one who we wonder if she is dating someone in secret and try to find that out.

Q6. How did you come up with your stage name, Ha Ji Won?
The name of president’s first lover at the agency.

Q7. You got good grades in elementary school?
I was greedy(in a good way) and competitive. If I didn’t write a diary playing outside as a kid, I came home to write my diary and then went outside for paying again.

Q8. How was her elementary school life like?
As a classroom president, she was so competitive against other classes. She is jack of all trades, so she was pretty good at drawing pictures , writing letters and doing exercise.

Q9. What did her high school life look like?
She was exemplary and a role model student.

Q10. Was she pretty in high school?
Among teachers, they all thought that Ha Ji Won was the prettiest.

Q11. What was her life in high school after her debut ?
She had never been absent and late at school. For example, the day after filming at night, she was never late.

Achievement Review
Grand Bell Film Awards in 2000 – “Truth Game” over New actress award.
Blue Dragon Film Awards in 2009 –“Closer to Heaven” over the first Best Actress Award.

Q12. If you didn’t pursue acting…
I feel I’m not living the life of others in dramas and movies. The life of movies and dramas is all my life.
If I did not act…. I can not imagine it. I can only do acting not anything else.

Q13. Would you have had plenty of dangerous moments while shooting?
I prayed not to hurt or injure before I went to the shooting place. When I look back, I am shaking.

Q14. Please tell me about actress Ha Ji-won as you worked together on the Miracle on the 1st street.(Martial arts director)
She fell down due to her pain while acting and she rarely says she is in pain. I asked her to take some times off, but she said, ”No. I will continue because I should do it by myself.

Q15. The reason I like the word ‘cool’? 
Doesn’t the word ‘cool’ contain the meaning of beautiful? Hahahaha … (Editor’s note:  The Korean word used in this case for ‘cool is ‘mutjida’ or ‘motji’ as was frequently told to Gil Ra Im – which is kind of like “you’re attractive, you’re hot” so it also means ‘beautiful’ )
I’d like to look more proactive and powerful woman rather than cause protective instincts since I was little.  (Editor’s note: She means she would rather look independent than have some other people always try to protect her ever since she was little)

Q16. The role you want to play 20 years later?
I want to play in the melo (drama or movie) like a lovely woman wearing overalls like Meryl Streep (even after 20 years). I wish there is any director who wants to cast me at that time. Hahaha…  (Editor’s note:  She wants to play a role similar to Mamma Mia)

Video Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjyIe49kCQU




Ha Ji Won and the Host Ceci of SiNA TV. Here are some translation of the interview.

Ceci: Just now we talk about Secret Garden. Before SeGa both of you have worked together. When both of you were filming SeGa, was there any difference or was there any new sparks?

HJW: Before SG, we only know each other but we are not close. There was ...no opportunity for us. But during the filming of SG, I understand him more. Actually he is such a person. During the process, both of us were able to work in harmony. We were very happy throughout the whole process.

Ceci: This time in Sector 7, you have acted with Ahn Sung-Kee and Oh Ji Ho. If you have to choose between the 3 of them, Who do you think best fits your idea of the ideal male?

HJW: It's too difficult. What about you?

Ceci: Too difficult. Perhaps Hyun Bin. What kind of characteristics you like in each of them.

HJW: If there are 3 people and each one have their own characteristics or strengths. Firstly Ahn Sung-Kee, although he is old, but he is very kind. One more point about him that is unique and adorable. During filming, he was having difficulty so to cheer him up, I constantly tease him to help him relax and found ways to create a good environment for him. As for Oh Ji Ho, as he particularly fond of sports like me so when we were together, we always talk about sports. As for Hyun Bin, although is younger than me, he is mature and thoughtful and also looked after me alot.

Ceci: Self sufficient women can face life independently. What about Ji Won, do you also have this kind of character? Very independent and able to protect and provide for oneself?

HJW: If there is a man who cares for me, of course that would be ideal. In real life, I am very independent, I decide everything myself and I will not rely on anyone. In this way, in future, if there are any problems, I will not blame someone else as I have made the decision and seized the opportunity for myself. In real life, there are two sides, I have a feminine side and also have a side that is similar to the roles that I played.

Ceci: Just now you said that you are looking for a man's embrace, what kind of man are you looking for? Do you want to look for someone in your acting circle or you hope he is someone not in the same line?
HJW: Firstly, I have not thought about my future or my ideal type or whether he is or is not in the same circle as me. There are no special provision. Most importantly, he value me and love me whole-heartedly, trust me and must be considerate. If in this selection process, I can find one that is a little cute, that would be the best.

Reporter: in you heart, which one is the most handsome actor you have worked with?
HJW: Actors who's worked with me all are handsome (smiling). Jo In Sung, Hyun Bin and Kang Dong Won, they are very handsome. I think compared to, the inner beauty is more important.

Translated by: Crystal Chan from AC FB

The Success of Secret Garden


Ha Ji Won Reflects On The Success Of ‘Secret Garden’
January 27, 2011 By Kang Hye-ran [estyle@joongang.co.kr] 

Actress said she wanted to bring viewers into fantasy world and fall in love with characters
The popular television show “Secret Garden” may have come to an end on Jan. 16, but actress Ha Ji-won’s character - heroine Gil Ra-im - still lives on in viewers’ memories. 

The show is centered around Gil - a poor but talented stunt woman - and Kim Joo-won, a department store owner (played by Hyun Bin), who does not believe in love. Their souls swap after drinking a love potion and they eventually fall in love. 
Since production of “Secret Garden” ended Jan. 16, the day of the finale, Ha has had only one day off. 
“It feels like I just woke up from a dream,” Ha said during an interview with the JoongAng Ilbo. “I’m still waking up.” 
She also said it was stressful shooting the show. 
“I was tired and tense during production,” Ha said. “Until the director yelled ‘cut’ and the tension melted away, the stress became sickness. But the tension still lingers. 

“I need some time away. A trip would be great. I like being in unfamiliar places and looking at unfamiliar skies.”
“Secret Garden” ended with Kim Joo-won and Gil Ra-im getting married and having three kids, despite strong objection from Joo-won’s mother. The ending could be considered rather flat for a fantasy story, but weeks after the finale, the show still has people buzzing. 
“If ‘Secret Garden’ didn’t have a happy ending, I would be in even worse condition. Thank God,” Ha said. 

“I related to the character so well that my friends even texted me saying ‘Gil Ra-im, you have been making my life bright lately,’” Ha said. “From 80-year-old women to 5-year-old children, people recognize me on the street. I get big smiles everywhere I go - like how Kim Joo-won smiles to Gil Ra-im in the show. I went to the sauna a couple days ago and people there told me how much they enjoyed the show. Then I realized how popular it was.”

Ha immediately fell in love with the story when she read the script. 

“I like fantasy movies like the ‘Twilight’ series and ‘Alice in Wonderland,’” Ha said.

The plot of “Secret Garden” was unrealistic in every sense of the word - but viewers seemed to relate with the characters. 

“I worried at first if middle aged women would like the story. I wanted to bring them into a fantasy world and have them fall in love,” Ha said. “I thought if I acted real enough, I could blur the boundary between fiction and reality.”

To prepare for scenes when the characters’ souls get swapped, she would listen to recordings of Hyun Bin’s voice for hours on end. She studied him endlessly. She observed Kim Joo-won - everything from the way he sits to his peculiar smile. 

“Every time I looked into a mirror, I hypnotized my self, ‘I am Kim Joo-won.’ I don’t know if people noticed, but I tried to imitate Hyun Bin’s eyes,” she said. 

Viewers connected with the down-to-earth actress. 

“It was exactly what I was going for. If a female character is too perfect and pretty, viewers will be jealous and they wouldn’t have sympathized with Ra-im as much as they did. So I tried to be as ordinary as possible. If I wanted to look pretty and gorgeous, I wouldn’t have picked this character,” she said. “People say I make the male character more likable when he makes my heart ache.”

Television viewers are envious of her, often telling her that she “must have saved the world” to have the opportunity to work with Korea’s top actors. 

“When I’m in front of the camera, I only see the character, so I don’t see it in terms of working with famous and beautiful people. Only after I see the end result do I realize how lucky I was to work with them,” she said. 

Looking at her filmography, it is clear that everything Ha touches turns to gold. She was involved with hit television shows on all three major broadcasting stations, MBC’s “Damo” (2003), SBS’s “What Happened in Bali” (2004) and KBS’s “Hwangjinee” (2006). 

Ha said she is carefully picking out her next role. 

“The script is the most important thing for me when I am picking a role,” she said. “I choose what I can really enjoy. I never have second thoughts after I make up my mind.”

Ha’s best attribute - the reason directors seek her out - is her character versatility. 

“She is a tomboy type but has sexy eyes. She can play anyone,” said director Yoon Jae-gyun, who worked with her on three movies. 

Ha said she likes the action involved in acting, setting her apart from many other actresses. She even does her own stunt work, which she had a lot of opportunities to do in Secret Garden because the main character was a stunt woman. 

“My ideal female role model is someone who is not fragile - someone who is independent and charismatic. I want to keep doing action scenes like Angelina Jolie.” 

Ha Ji Won (33) is as cool as ever. When the drama "Secret Garden"  ended, we expected her to rest but she is just like "Gil Ra Im."

As  Hyun Bin (Kim Ju Won) once said in the drama, "When you look down you  look elegant, when you raise you head you look even more elegant." as Ha  Ji Won greets him with her shining black eyes.

Just like the  stuntwoman "Gil Ra Im," Ha Ji Won is very brave, and she believes that  she needs to finish everything that she had started. Therefore, when the  drama was finished, we expected her to rest mindlessly. but there were  so many interviews for her, and now she is trying to meet with every  interviewers. HJW isn't ready to send "Gil Ra Im" away just yet because  she felt that she was truly happy for the last 4 months when she acted  even though there were hard moments. She is very happy the most on how  she managed to bring people into a fantasy world. Now, we will start our  exciting interview. (This interview is the 1st part, there's a 2nd part  to it.)

- Why did you have yourself looking so tense and had your mouth closed when you were kissing Hyun Bin in the last episode?

"Puhahahahaha,  because of that the fans went crazy about it. I thought I did a good  job but my fans asked me and said 'Unnie, you are so shy with the kiss  scenes', 'You should try harder', 'We need to get you a boyfriend.' So I  watched that scene again and finally noticed, if I had another chances,  I could do much better."

- Do you agree that the kiss scene was insufficient?

"No,  because Gil Ra Im is hesitant towards love, therefore those are the  result of the kiss scenes. kkalkkalkkalkkal (type of laugh she did)"

- In the drama when Hyun Bin said, "Why would I throw my life away for a girl with such short legs." How did you feel?

"I  have long legs. Many of my friends have sent letter to the director  stating that 'Ji Won unnie has long legs.' It reminds me of the scene  where Oska said, 'If I were to describe Gil Ra Im: her arms and legs are  pretty long and her waist is very thin.' Hmmm, now that I think about  it, it seems like our director do have complaints about my body!"

- When compared to Kim Tae Hee and Jun Do Yun...

"The script writer wrote it like that... what can I do."

- So the conclusion was "You amazing woman"

"Haha. Yup. If I were to hear that from a man I truly love, it will be the greatest. I just love that line."

-  In "Secret Garden" when Hyun Bin said, "The stuff that happened in Bali  - Jo In Sung", "Hwang Jin Yi - Jang Geun Suk" etc. These male actors  sure have a lot of luck.

"I'm jealous, all the guys are so  similar. Especially me, 'In my past life, did I save a country? Why am I  so lucky because there are so many good looking guys.' But that is not  true or is it, because all the guys that I acted with are even more good  looking?"

- Even when lonely and isolated in the drama, you had the role like candy because the character never cries.

"I've  been depressed about that. When I play Hwang Jin Yi, it was beautiful  but nobody remembers that. The audiences prefer me going through the  path of hardship and sufferings. Hmmmm, next time I should be a  character that only wears brand named clothes and acts only pretty."

- It must have been hard to act as Gil Ra Im. The acting must have been hard on its own, but you just had to be a stuntwoman.

"Every  week, I had an infusion. Lately, I couldn't sleep and couldn't think  straight. I ate medicine that would help me concentrate and perform  well."

- It must have been hard, but you looked strong in the drama.

"A  stuntwoman can't be weak. I hypnotized myself by saying, 'I am a strong  and energetic action star.' There is no time for my body to be hurting.  This is how I hypnotized myself endlessly."

- There were a lot of action scenes when you were filming in "Damo."

"It  was different because in that drama, it was my first time performiing  those kinds of scenes. This time however, I already knew some of the  basics. I learned fast. So I did all the wire scenes by myself 100%."

- When performing with Hyun Bin...

"Our  rhythm matched. It was really comfortable and fun. He said he is a shy  person but truthfully, he talk so much. Hahahahaha especially when our  soul was switched."

- Hmmm, was the switch scenes uncomfortable?

"It  was because of the concept of soul switching that I did the drama. I  just love the fantasy genre. Everyone tried to stop me when I decided to  take up the fantasy drama but the conclusion was good so I liked it.  Not all girls dream about fantasy tho. Hearing that ajummas in their 50s  got excited from this drama really made me happy."

- If you had the choice between Kim Ju Won and Oska...

"If  I say I like them both, would that be too boring of an answer? Oska is  somebody that gives me the energy whenever I feel down, even if I'm  happy, he will make me even happier. Kim Ju Won is a pretty cool guy.  After 20 episodes, I realized that he is a guy that will love his girl  even more after they get married. He even carried his wife who already  had 3 kids, nobody does such thing like that after long into their  marriage!"

- If you were to actually have 3 kids...

"I  like kids, but 3 is a bit too much. I remember in an old TV interview  that I've said I wanted to have 5 kids but that was when I was immature.  Perhaps 2 kids?"

- Your signs of weakness.

"After a  day of filming, my shoulder hurts a lot. At first, I didn't know why my  shoulders were in pain, as I was eating breakfast with my mom, she  asked me, 'You played around with your friends so much, wouldn't your  arms be hurting?' It hurted even more after I filmed the action scenes."

- Your plans for the future.

"After  filming movie 'Sector 7,' I began filming 'Secret Garden' the next day.  For more than half a year, I couldn't take a day to rest. I think first  I will go play with my parents. I've been in the cold for so long so I  want to go somewhere warm this time. Should I go to Bali?"



The myth continues as actress Ha Ji Won became another success at the end of 2010 with an undefeated record.

Whether it’s movie or the drama such as “Damo”, “What Happened in Bali” every OST that has produced along with the work has been a positive hit. Ha Ji Won returned with “Secret Garden” after 4 years of hiatus in the small screen, once again the drama’s OST set off with an explosive popularity, toppled many music rankings in numerous music portals. 

Especially the song that Baek Ji Young sung in “That Woman” which depicts the character’s feeling and point of view of Gil Ra Im, has received 1st place consecutively in all music portals, as well as Kim Bum Soo’s “Appear”, 4MEN’s “Reason”, and Sung Shi Kyung’s “You Are My Spring” also achieved outstanding results, successfully entered into top chart rankings. In addition, the top 7 spots in most music charts are all from the OST of Secret Garden, and it has created an OST craze among the fans and fellow audiences.

Thus, in this industry, the mindset of “if you have Ha Ji Won casted, it will surely be a success” has been quite solid. Ha Ji Won’s decisive eyes, her long time experiences in performances, and her skills in action films, as well as her sometimes sexy, sometimes friendly, and sometimes like a cute little sister, her many form of transformation has attracted countless viewers, to add to that, she was about to enter a role that was very realistic to her own, which dragged the viewers into this drama even more and more. 

Her entertainment agency stated, “Ha Ji Won is a very mysterious person that could somehow stand out among others, yet she does not boast about her superiority or revealing much about herself to others. She can be intense when it comes to acting, along with her delicate eyes make the act itself as heartfelt and sincere as possible. Even among actors/actresses, she sure has magical powers.” Ha Ji Won’s acting was praised by her company.

Through this drama, Ha Ji Won has received a lot of benefits, not only did she enhanced her skills as a performer and a celebrity, she also learned to be more approachable for her image, because of this, she has received countless offers for commercial filming. Even more, the things that she used in the drama including, sneakers, sporting outfits, the type of phone used, accessories etc. are starting to become a trend among the public crowds, many brand stores are hoping to get their hand on sponsoring them. 

Furthermore, public surveys released that Gil Ra Im could win 1st place due to her high popularity. 

In the recent implementation of various surveys indicated that, Ha Ji Won is “the most wanted actress to see in movie theatres for 2011”, “the best overall actress in terms of intelligence and physical beauty among the entertainment industry”, “female celebrity who still have the same beauty without surgeries since debut”, “the best-selling box office female performer”, “the most favorable person to be with during the new year, listening to the bell ring”, “top female warrior”, and nonetheless, “the most charming performer in Secret Garden.” All of these received as a 1st place in votes. 


Lovely but Lonely..


Lovely but lonely, Korean star Ha Ji Won says:It's been a long time since my last romance

23 October 2007 by en Korea


IF Korean actress Ha Ji Won were to disappear from showbiz suddenly, it would probably be due to love.
Last week, she confessed that she becomes a 'fool' when she's in love. She will believe everything her beloved says, even if he is only teasing or bluffing her, reported United Daily News.

Once she waited 10 long hours in the streets for a man who didn't turn up, and instead of throwing a massive tantrum, she said she was worried he might have met with a mishap.
The self-professed bachelorette added: 'If I get a boyfriend in the future, I may just listen to him and take a break (from showbiz).'
But only for a short while, because the 28-year-old is still pretty much a career woman at heart.

In February, she told Korea's My Daily that she is 'addicted' to work and never hangs out with her hunky male co-stars - from Kang Dong Won to Cho In Sung and Kwon Sang Woo.
While promoting her new period drama Hwang Jin Yi in Taipei last week, Ji Won admitted that it has been 'a long time' since her last relationship.
So long that she can't even remember when she was last in love, she claimed.

There was talk earlier that she fancied Eric Mun of boy band Shinhwa, but she laughingly explained they were only paired up to play a game on a variety show.
They are not dating, she added.

The only romance that Ji Won gets to experience these days is the kind that happens in front of a camera.
'For me to immerse myself in my role, I must have feelings for the other party during the filming.
'But once I remove my make-up and change out of my clothes, we are just good friends.'

Ji Won's devotion to her work is legendary. While filming Hwang Jin Yi, which will be shown on Channel U in December, she slept no more than five hours for a week.
The result?
She fainted out of exhaustion and her skin suffered. Her eyes were so sore that she had to keep applying eye drops to keep them moist.

Yet, she was happy to play the titular character - a famous 16th century gisaeng (Korean geisha) known for her intelligence, beauty and artistic talent.

'I respect Hwang Jin Yi myself and envy her for having such talent and strength,' she said.
But, unlike Jin Yi who goes out to taunt and seduce the men, Ji Won seems to prefer simple relationships.

Her ideal type?
Someone naive, humorous and honest, she said.
Guys, are you listening?

She is not Sexy but Sloppy?


In Jo In-Sung's eyes, HJW is not sexy, but instead, sloppy!
July 2004

Ha Ji Won, a popular actress among Korean guys, is not at all sexy in Jo In Sung's eyes. "I don't understand what is so sexy about her, when filming with her, I only feel that she is sloppy. Her actions and behavior are very un-feminine! However, when asked, out of all the female celebrities he has worked with so far, who is the one who has the most feeling for acting? (Like most serious etc.) His answer is surprising --- Ha Ji Won!

After working with Kim Ha Neul, Son Ye Jin, Ha Ji Won etc, Jo In Sung is most satisfied with his WHIB's partner, Ha Ji Won. "I did not get to have much interaction with KHN and SYJ personally (off-screen), but on the other hand, I got to chat with HJW alot. If there is a chance I will still wish to work with her again."

With a sexy body and the daring-ness to to reveal her body, Ha Ji Won is famous in Korea for being a 'Sex Goddess' However JIS does not feel this way, he laughs and says, "Please, I never once felt she was sexy! She is infact a good-hearted girl, but when around guys, she becomes like their buddies, and her sloppiness (Not in the messy way, more like relaxed, down-to-earth) is unleashed!"

Another related Article said:

Like mentioned, JIS does not see much of HJW sexiness like others. In the drama, WHIB, the two have many kiss scenes and bed scenes, when asked if HJW is sexy or not, JIS laughs and says maybe she is more humorous, but this quality of hers is slow. (Sounds weird doesn't it, continue reading!)

JIS gave an example, on the set of filming, everytime everybody tell jokes until the highest peak (the funniest moment), and when their stomaches are in stitches, HJW is seen to be eating her food, seriously. After the laughter has died down for three minutes, HJW then suddenly puts down her food and starts laughing crazily, saying, "I get it, now I understand why you all were laughing before." Her reaction has therefore become the next joke.


Ha Ji Won more than a pretty girl!



Her first LOVE memories!


Ha Ji Won: “My first love gave me good memories”

Actress Ha Ji Won recently talked about her first love.

On October 6, Ha Ji Won attended a press conference for her essay ’At This Moment’ and said, “I’m not in touch with my first love but I still have the same feelings that I had at the moment.”

When the reporters asked her about first love, she replied, “I think I didn’t know much about love at the time. I have loved stars since my first love put them in my room. Thanks to him, I went through a beautiful puberty with his love. I appreciate him for that.”

She added, “He was good at writing and was very artistic. He gave me a lot of good memories.”

The essay has various sections about star, candle, mirror, snow, hat, sweat, challenge, and acting. She shares a story that she had never revealed before. Pictures of her, taken by her friends, are also included in the essay and drew a lot of attention.

Ha Ji Won will soon make her appearance on the big screen in 2013.

source: en.korea.com

Huge Star Becomes a CEO, Ha Ji Won



《China Times Weekly》 Huge Star Becomes CEO, Ha Ji Won Sold Facial Masks, Earned 180 Million in Half A Year




Source: http://www.chinatimes.com/newspapers/20160506003424-260603

Translated by Minnie@clarkplusclarke twitter

Oh Hana is Ha Ji Won in real life


The Time I Loved You's Oh Hana is a confident, competitive workaholic who does not show her weak side in front of others. You previously said that this is the character that is closest to yourself. What similarities do you see in her?
Yes, you're right. Oh Hana is indeed the closest to me in real life. She is a competitive and confident women, but the area where we are most alike in is actually when we are relaxing at home. When she is with her friends and family, she is cute and comfortable. While filming this show, my good friends all said: "Isn't this you in real life?"

In the show, you returned to the teenage years when you were 17 years old. What do you still remember about your own high school life?
When I was studying, I was quite introverted. I was curious about everything, but also extremely quiet. I have a deeper impression towards my middle school years - in my memory, I often complained about my results to my classmates, haha.

Were you very popular in school? Did you often receive love letters?
I think I should have been pretty popular as I received love letters quite often. There were even some classmates who followed me home. My good friend often gave letters to me, saying he was helping a friend to relay them. I later found out he liked me, and the love letters were written by him.

Thinking back to those years, what do you miss most?
Youth, and the vitality and energy that I had in those years.

Do you have any regrets?
Is it off topic if I answer it like that? When I was in school, I was too obedient and innocent. I never even thought of deviating from the path of ordinary life.

As the years pass/age increases, Oh Hana starts to get worried and scared. Do you feel the same? As you enter life in the 30s, what are your worries and fears?
A director I like once said this to me: "To an actor, there is no such thing as age." I fully agree. To actors, age is not a limit, so regarding my own age, I try my best not to care. 
However, for this show, I tried to put my focus on the lives of 30 year olds, and referenced some life worries that same aged friends have. Previous works were mostly either historical shows or had fantasy elements. I haven't actually had much chance to properly think of the most realistic worries of a 30 year old. As a 30 year old career woman, the largest worries are the future - marriage, career and health.

What then is the best thing about being 30 years old?
The best thing is that you can film romance stories that fit your own age. As opposed to the past, I am more relaxed at the studio. I am no longer nervous. That type of peaceful and calm feeling is wonderful.

Having experienced so many romantic love stories in your shows, is it more difficult to date and find the special person in real life?
I think it is difficult for everyone, not just me. This has nothing to do with being an actor, no matter male or female. This is a difficult life question. When filming, sometimes I really will fall in love with the character that my partner is portraying.

What kind of man tends to attract you?  In the show, sensitive and introverted warm guy Lee Jin Wook or romantic and extroverted dangerous character Yoon Kyun Sang?
Obviously, a man like Choi Won is very attractive. Who wouldn't like him? Haha.

The 3 requirements of a boyfriend are:
Handsome, humorous and decent culinary skills!

You are recognised in Korea's acting industry as an actor who is excellent at your craft. Since when did you realise that you were good at acting?
Every time I hear "Your acting has improved a lot, you can act well", I always feel flattered and a little shy. Acting is really very fun. I first felt this while filming Damo, and later I began to enjoy filming and fell in love with my job. I believe this made me who I am today.

Who gave you your biggest inspiration or some words of advice?
My mum gave me my biggest inspiration. She is like my consultant, giving me the best suggestions ever since I debuted. She is someone I can trust and depend on in times of difficulty.

Which 3 works are your key works in your acting career? Why?
Truth Game: In this movie, I worked with Korea's famous and experienced actor, Ahn Sung Ki. I learned a lot from him, including how to be a humble and good actor.
Damo: It was through this show that I realised acting action scenes could be so fun! It was also when I realised that action scenes has pivotal usage in telling the story and conveying the character's emotions.
Secret Garden: Thanks to this drama, I received great reception in not only Korea but also Asia, now even getting the chance to receive interviews from overseas media, just like the interview with iWeekly this time.

Everyone must have very high expectations of you. Is there a lot of stress? It feels like you are someone who would have very high expectations of yourself and give yourself a lot of stress. The bigger the success, are you even more fearful of failure?
Everyone's expectations will always be a heavy burden. However, if there aren't such expectations, perhaps it means that the public does not have interest in me. Regarding my choice, I never have regrets. Once I have made my decision, as an actor, I will be responsible until the end. Although I have carefully considered many areas before the project, the success or failure of the project can never be predicted, but there is definitely no actor who knows that it will be a failure and still stubbornly immerse into the project.
Once I have decided to immerse myself in a particular project, I will do my best. This is the only thing I can do as an actor.

To the world, you are a very successful actor. But to you, what is the definition of "success"? All these years, your career appears to be smooth sailing. Have you experienced any failures that the public does not know about?
I have experienced countless failures. Before debuting, I failed more than 100 auditions. When filming, I experienced many setbacks. But without these failures, I would not have achieved any success.
Now, to me "success" is the happiness of myself and the people around me, which includes my family, company, fans and the society. It is not one person standing alone at the top tasting success. I wish to share it with everyone.

It has been close to 20 years since you entered the industry in 1996. What is your biggest change? How do you think Ha Ji Won in 20 years will be like?
From debut till now, and until the future, there is 1 thing that is the same - I am an actor. Even after 20 years, I wish to continue acting. The changes in between, is only that my acting skill has improved, gaining the support of the audience. I hope that through me, the audience can meet a whole new person, experience a whole new lifestyle, so I will continue working hard to become an even better actor.


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Amazing Fanvideos

Ha Ji Won in Saguek 


Ha Ji Won in Modern Action

Ha Ji Won's Gorgeous Smile


Alluring Ha Ji Won

Sassy Ha Ji Won



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shes just an absolute beautiful and talented actress. i'll try to repost her pictures later on.

somebody did post a clubbox link of a show she was on w/ kwon sang woo.......can i have that link to dl? thank you

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GOSH!! i love her sooo much. i like the way she looks too. she looks different from all of the other actresses and she can act!

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Ha Ji Won & Han Ga In are my two favorite actresses! THey're beaautiful, talented, and Ohmygosh I LOVED DAMO! I watched it religiously, never missing an episode! That's a reaaaal masterpiece! And Daddy Long Legs made me cry the whole movie. Now it's my favorite movie of all times :lol:

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Guest hershy kissez

i really admire her as an actress.

i havent really seen much of her on screen but i did watch that one movie she did with yun jung hoon, ki dari ah juh shi.

she came out so beautifully!!

im looking foward to see her newest movie also starring kang dong won.

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