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[Taiwanese Drama 2005] It Started With A Kiss 惡劇之吻


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Guest dorkiieperson

hey! i love this movie!! its really good and i love the chemistry too but i felt really sorry for ah jin.. he really deserve something i was crying at the end... so sad 4 him!! :tears: well, i feel in love wit it so much that i am going to write a fanfic about the next part of it started with a kiss! for those of you guys who cant wait until it started with a kiss 2 come out read my fanfic, yes i know it wont be as good and i'm guessing it will suck, but please support me on this i worked really hard and i tried my best... so hope you guys take a look at it, read it, and comment me

It Started With a Kiss 2: I'm Sorry Please Forgive Me

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Guest missannie

uhmm.. i posted this in joe's and ariel's respective forums, and the other members there are askin me for a link of the newspaper or something.. may i ask where u got this? or if you have a link where they can read the news.. they said it doesn't matter if it's chinese.. thanks!

Even though I've already sent you a PM, here's the news URL and original Chinese news article for others that are interested:


兩部戲劇組搶人 林依晨頭大





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Guest biteme_lestat

Wow!!! soo they are really going to start filming!!! kyaaahh!! this is sooo exciting!! can't wait for September!!!

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Guest rainbowseason

ISWAK took 1 year to film

and ISWAK 2 they only gonna use 2 months to film it???

how is that possible? they only got like 2 episode or something??

quality gonna be so stuffed up U_U!!!

Many dramas are so good but when they make "2" it starts to kill the story :( !!

I love this drama it's a worry lolz

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Guest i3lu3fun

^ i know u are worried. but why dont we just see how it turns out first, before planting the idea in our head that all continuation to a success drama going to be a failure.

anyway cant wait to see joe cheng and ariel in action again. :P

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Guest Seraphic_Gin

..,2 MONTHS? I wonder how - or maybe because it's all planned out, that's why it's a such shorter filming. i just wish it'd be great..,

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh =D=D=D getting closer to seeing the whole ISWAK FAMILY AGAIN!!!!! ^_______^<3333 (yeah right, they're just barely starting the filming haha T_T)

CAN'T WAIT! =) I reallyreallyreallyreallyreally hope the sequel doesn't become a disappointment that makes you want to stab the writer/director (like Meteor Garden 2 :wacko::vicx: ), but I highly doubt that 'cause the fantastic chemistry among the cast might even be able to outweigh a bad plot . pauahahaha :P I hope they stick to the manga ^_^

sorry random blurbs. I'm just so EXCITED (:


..... just read the above posts. 2 months? :blink::ph34r: *confidence wavers a bit* oh nooooo :tears:

I dunno. Seeing Joe&Ariel on screen again SOONER than a over a 1 year wait ..... orrrrrrrr have the wait and have a better quality drama?


we have no choice anyway :( oh well gotta hope for the best! ^_^<33

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Guest lakuru

If the director followed closely the manga I don't think ISWAK 2 will flop. I'm waiting for many many cute and sweet scenes in ISWAK 2. :)

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Guest stefuu.

Filming filming filming XDDD;

Well okay maybe it hasn't started yet, but before the 10th.

That's already frickn exciting news *jumps around* : D

I don't read the manga...so I wonder what it's going to be about LOL.


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awww this drama sounds so good but i cant find where to dload it.

do you guys know where to download this drama? ... ive tried dloading it and they dont have english subtitles... and i need eng subs.. since i dont understand mandarin and cant read chinese subs...

and i dont know how to use clubbox..(im not korean)!! >.<" im sorry..

thanks in advance

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awww this drama sounds so good but i cant find where to dload it.

do you guys know where to download this drama? ... ive tried dloading it and they dont have english subtitles... and i need eng subs.. since i dont understand mandarin and cant read chinese subs...

and i dont know how to use clubbox..(im not korean)!! >.<" im sorry..

thanks in advance

You can watch it on youtube


And you should be able to download the file and subs (separately) from here. You just need the codecs installed (VobSub)


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Guest beckyvang17

never seen this but it sounded really interesting after watching ariel in "Love Contract" haha but i swear i'll watch it when spring break starts!..haha *waiting waiting*

--looks and sounds REALLY CUTE!..


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Guest Alessandra-chan

Hi all!!!!!!

This is my first message!

I love this drama! it's my favouriteeeeeeeeee!!!!! >_<

I want ask you a quest! Do you know a clubbox who have a dvd raw of ISWAk?

Pleaseeeeeeee help me!!!!!

-1 to film ISWAK 2!!!!

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Guest marynille_joy

Ep 11

Episode 11 had entirely brightened up my mood after last week’s depressing and slow episode. Ep 11 was so good that I thought it went by way too quickly! I was totally absorbed into this episode that by the time I looked at the clock, there was only 10 minutes left to the show. Imagine my surprise!!!

See, this episode was extremely good because there were tons of interaction between Joe & Ariel (many scenes of them together)! Whereas in Ep 10, there was very few…so immediately, the episode became a bit too dull. Without saying, you should know that Ep 11 became my favorite episode after Ep 8!!! Seeing Joe & Ariel “taking a shower together” :lol: , sleeping on the same bed and waking up together…they were super cute and sweet…and that made me wanted the sequel even more because I loved to see their marriage life!!! I guess all I could do is to keep my fingers crossed, and continue to have faith in Winnie Director and the whole production team that they could make the sequel possible!

At the beginning of the episode, we saw that Ariel’s condition had worsened drastically. She had became a walking zombie…oblivious to all her surrounding because she was trapped in her endless nightmare after seeing Joe entering Zhi Yu’s house. No matter how hard Ariel tried to not think about it, the heart-breaking image of Joe and Zhi Yu returning home together haunted her. She couldn’t erase it from her memory…and it was tormenting her to the point where she couldn’t eat or sleep, or just function properly.

Poor Ariel…it didn’t help one bit when she heard both her best friends were so happily in love. It was like adding salt to a fresh wound! So her first impulse was to eat, eat and eat…thinking that food could somehow fill the empty void in her heart. I pitied Ariel, especially during the scene where she was in line to return the baby doll, just before she fainted. She wanted to ask Joe for verification…but at the same time, she knew she didn’t have the courage or strength to face the “truth”.

It was hilarious when Ariel’s two friends went to “scold” Joe for “moving in” with Zhi Yu. They tried to intimidate Joe, but of course, they didn’t succeed. Lol, but at least they had tried their best to help Ariel! In the comic, there was a scene of Joe working at the restaurant, actually waiting (looking forward) for Ariel to come. I guessed ever since she found out he was working there, she went to the restaurant everyday. But after she saw Joe and Zhi Yu going home together…she stopped going there and to the English class she had with Joe. Joe DID in fact noticed Ariel’s “disappearance” from his life.

Therefore, that would probably explain why Joe started to smile all those cute smiles :lol: right after he heard Ariel’s two friends declared the “main point of the whole conversation”, which was him “living together with Zhi Yu”. That moment, everything began to make sense as he put two and two together. “So that is why Ariel hasn’t been coming to see me…that silly girl!” Like I had mentioned before in my episode 10 notes, Joe knew that Ariel was following him and Zhi Yu that night. But he wouldn’t have guessed that Ariel would get the wrong impression.

After Joe had figured out the reason behind Ariel’s disappearance, he was so glad and relieved! He couldn’t suppress his happiness any longer…thus he walked down the stairs so that Ariel’s two friends couldn’t see happy he truly was! Did you see Joe actually breathed a sigh of relief as he put his hands on the stair railing?! So cute…maybe, a part of Joe was worried that Ariel had stopped liking him.

“Ariel had a crush on me for 4 years already…and she’s still so silly…but then, this is exactly like her!” I like the way Joe said this…and being always over-reading into things, I thought there were some hidden feelings behind it. In my opinion, Joe was basically saying that although Ariel had liked him for so long, she was silly enough not to notice the change in his feelings towards her. She should know him better – that he didn’t like Zhi Yu (or any other girls besides Ariel) at all…and most importantly, as stupid as Ariel was, that was what Joe liked about her! Remember he said, “Ta hai shi zhe yang sha, ke shi zhe yang cai xiang ta…” I bet he secretly wanted to add this afterwards, “Wo jiu shi xi huan ta zhe yi dian.” LOL

Joe’s real intention was no secret when we saw him meeting up with his little bro at the park…and that was to get more information on Ariel’s condition. I loved the way he tried to act casual when he asked, “So, how’s everyone at home?” So cute because it was very obvious Joe was really asking about Ariel. It was funny to see how much he actually cared about her, yet had to pretend he did not. Joe’s feelings for Ariel grew more and more with each episode.

It was hilarious when Ariel didn’t “recognize” Joe at first…after two long, tormenting weeks of avoiding him! I bet ever since she moved into Jiang’s house two years ago, this had been the longest time she hadn’t seen him. Poor Ariel, trying so hard to search for a new guy…yet still ended up choosing Joe. Her situation was hopeless…she could never love anyone else but Joe.

Ariel also never could deny Joe anything. When Joe sat beside her on the bench, she quickly tried to find some excuse to walk away from him. Ariel needed to keep a distance away from Joe…otherwise, she could never give him up. However, when Joe asked Ariel to stay for a while and chat with him, she complied even though she wasn’t willing. It was so funny the way she slowly walked backwards, and sat back down again! And just like the other time when Joe asked her to feed “Little cutie”…though Ariel was so scared of dogs, yet because Joe wanted her to, she put her fear aside and did it. All in all, Ariel just loved Joe too much…and she was willing to do anything for Joe!

While Ariel was being very uneasy, Joe was having quite a lot of fun teasing her! Though I loved the way he always leaned so close to her…as if every time, he wanted to kiss her! Joe loved being in close proximity with Ariel. His expression was super cute when Ariel covered both of her ears and yelled that she didn’t want to hear anymore!!! That wicked and cute smile of his…lol! :lol: Joe relished the fact that Ariel was being jealous, because that indicated she still liked and cared about him!

I didn’t like the way Zhi Yu’s sister leaned all over Joe…yuck! Glad that Joe felt the same way, because he immediately took her hands away from his shoulder and stood up so that her body wouldn’t touch his. Notice the huge difference in his reaction to other girls…remember when Ariel had tightly hugged Joe from behind in Ep 8, Joe didn’t move away and continued to let her hug him. More importantly, Joe enjoyed being in Ariel’s embrace.

It was freaking hilarious when Joe yelled out the truth :lol: …LOL…he was pissed because he specifically planned for Zhi Qi to tell Ariel, yet Ariel refused to listen. Joe was so frustrated that things didn’t go according to his plan, since he wanted Ariel to know the truth right away…so he couldn’t wait any longer, and shouted it out himself!!! Once Joe realized he had lost his self-control again in front of others, he quickly looked away and tried to act cool again. Lol, basically, he ended up explaining the whole situation to Ariel!

But it was very sweet of Joe to go through all that trouble of asking Zhi Qi to come to their school, just so Ariel could realize the truth. Joe did this especially for Ariel, thus allowing us to see that he did mind what Ariel thought of him. He didn’t want Ariel to think he liked some other girls. Also, from what Zhi Qi had said, we could assume that Ariel was one of the topics they talked about during tutoring…thus, it meant that Ariel was constantly in Joe’s mind - he thought about her even when she wasn’t around!

Finally, it was good to see Ariel back to her normal self again – happy and energetic! It was no surprise she quickly resumed visiting Joe at the restaurant. I thought Joe’s expression upon seeing her at the entrance quite cute…it was as if he had expected her to come, yet didn’t know whether to be a bit angry or pleased by her arrival. Though it was obvious Joe indulged Ariel more and more.

Once again, we saw how much Joe cared about Ariel…when he asked her not to drink the fourth cup of coffee. He noticed how pale she was, and worried that she might be too tired, hence urging her to return home. Hence, Joe did in fact paid special attention to Ariel, despite always pretending to be cold and mean to her.

I loved the way Joe quickly left the customers to tend to Ariel!!! It was so sweet! Moreover, although he knew other people would help Ariel, he couldn’t stay away anymore! He needed to be by her side, to check if she was all right. Yet at first, I was a bit angry that the director didn’t let us see Joe carrying Ariel off…I wanted to see Joe’s worried face again!!! Afterwards, I put in some thoughts and came to two conclusions as to why the director had stopped the scene just there. Maybe it was because Joe wasn’t there to film this scene, so that was Joe’s double. However, I re-watched that scene quite a few times…and the guy who picked Ariel up looked a lot like Joe himself. Therefore, I guessed that the director didn’t think it was necessary to show us another scene that was so similar to the one where Joe was rushing Ariel to the hospital. Oh well…I still wished we could have seen it anyway.

Furthermore, did anyone notice that Joe rarely got angry with Ariel anymore?! Although there were many situations where he should be mad at her, he just couldn’t…Joe’s heart only soften for Ariel! It was so cute when Joe was asked to escort Ariel back home…he pretended to be angry and yelled at Ariel! LOL, just loved the way his mischievous smile afterwards…he took great pleasure in teasing Ariel with any chance he got!

My favorite scene of this episode would be Joe & Ariel standing in the pouring rain, trying to get a taxi. It was super sweet and heart-warming!!! It was so touching to see them both trying to prevent each other from getting wet. When Joe noticed that the rain was still falling on Ariel, he moved the umbrella more toward her side…not caring that half of his body was in the rain. Moreover, when Ariel ran out to stop one of the taxis, Joe immediately followed her with the umbrella…he didn’t want her to get wet at all!!! Sweet sweet sweet!!!

It was absolutely funny to see Ariel still holding on to the umbrella in the elevator! LOL…anticipation and nervousness filled her heart. When she saw how clean Joe’s apartment was…she once again jumped to the conclusion that it was Zhi Yu who cleaned it. I guessed Joe didn’t want any further misunderstanding, he clearly stated that Ariel was the ONLY girl who was ever invited to his house! Yeah!!! By the way, Joe’s apartment was so deluxe…how could he afford to rent a place like that???!!! Lol, and my goodness, Joe was almost too tall for the upper floor (his bedroom)!

I loved Joe & Ariel’s expression after they found out that they had to spend the night together!!! They stared at each other for a moment, and quickly looked away…both shy and a bit embarrassed. Their awkwardness let us know they were both quite tensed…they were after all, a man and a woman who had feelings for each other…being alone in the same house, and spending the night together could be tempting in many ways. Hehehehehe :lol: Lol!

It was so funny how Joe threw the towel and pajamas at Ariel, trying to be rude/rough with her…maybe it was to hide his conflicting and confusing emotions regarding Ariel staying with him for the night. Despite Joe’s calm front, I thought he must be a nervous wreck inside! Did you notice the way he avoided looking at her during dinner?! Although Ariel was talking to him, Joe kept on looking straight forward, refusing to look her way. Then all of a sudden, he announced that he was going to bed, and quickly stood up and walked upstairs. It was as if Joe was scared to look at Ariel…because if he did spare her a glance, he might lose his self-control. LOL…so cute! :)

And yeah, I LOVE Ariel’s daydream!!! So funny, yet so sexy at the same time! Love the way Ariel called Joe as her “Honey”, and Joe was calling Ariel his “little cute darling”!!! Lol!

Moreover, I thought it was tremendously sweet that Joe went out in the heavy rain to buy Ariel dinner. He didn’t want Ariel to eat sticky rice after having a stomachache…he was so attentive to Ariel’s needs…very caring of him!!!

It was absolutely hilarious when Ariel got angry and started to hit Joe numerous times with the pillow! :lol: LOL, it was the first time seeing Ariel fighting back! But what I liked most about this scene was that Joe had let Ariel hit him! Given before, Ariel would never have the courage to hit Joe, and Joe would never have allowed Ariel to even “touch” him! Moreover, Joe turned on the night light as Ariel had requested…although he already said that he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep if the light was on.

I loved the next scene where Joe grabbed his pillow and threw himself on the bed! LOL, the shocked and startled look on Ariel’s face! She was adorable! Then, I loved it even more when Joe refused to let Ariel get off the bed…heheheheehe…the way he pulled her down with him!!!

What Joe said afterwards was quite significant…because it was becoming quite apparent that Joe did like Ariel. “Are you disappointed? I am not going to do anything because I don’t want to fall into my mom’s trap. If something happens between us tonight, I would be controlled by her for the rest of my life. Therefore, please don’t expect me to do anything, for I won’t do it.”

Having said that, Joe might actually do something (maybe kiss Ariel) if it wasn’t because of his mom…and then, this night would end up differently. Most importantly, that meant Joe did have feelings for Ariel…and I think a part of him had finally REALIZED it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said that.

Before Joe had explained why he would not take any action towards her, Ariel was heart-broken. She lost her self-confidence (as a woman) because she thought she didn’t appeal to Joe at all. Tears spilled out from the corner of Ariel’s eyes…Ariel’s acting never failed to amaze me!

I loved the song “Be a little closer” was played once again while Ariel watched Joe slept. It brought back sweet memories, because the first time we heard this song in the drama, Ariel was also studying Joe’s handsome sleeping face! I thought it was very smart to use this song again for this scene, since with the memories refreshed in the audiences’ minds, we could realize what a LONG way Joe & Ariel had come together…and what a huge change in their relationship from then till now. So many things had happened ever since they started to live together, which was two years ago…Joe & Ariel went through quite a lot together, thus becoming much closer than before!

It was super duper sweet seeing Joe & Ariel sleeping peacefully next to each other (the scene when Ariel was slowly waking up in the morning)! A sequel is ESSENTIAL…desperately needed…because many fans want to see more scenes like this!!! I loved it when Joe was wakened up by Ariel…yet he wasn’t shocked at all…as if sharing a bed with Ariel, waking up with Ariel was the most natural thing! As if he already did this everyday!!! Cute!!! :)

Moreover, wasn’t it cute when Joe admitted he stayed up almost all night looking at Ariel while she slept?!!! :D He also mentioned he took many many photos of Ariel…and then, he set her picture as the wallpaper of his computer!!! LOL…what other clues do we need…Joe was really in love with Ariel…sweet sweet sweet!

Ep 11 was fantastic…I truly enjoyed every second of it!!!

hey yvonne... im new here.. and i really loved you summary... i kept readin and readin it while watching it again..

your right... their so many scenes that ive miss... without your summaries i wondnt able to see it...

gosh... i hope you could continue... till the end... pls.. tx

Oh Yvonne: i really loved your summaries

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Guest Yvonne

Marynille, hi and a warm welcome! Wow, thanks for liking my summaries! :D It's been a year and more since I did them. Hehehe...but I stopped after Ep12, because I was so busy then.

Yet now, I don't think I would continue...I want to, but my schedule won't allow me. Sorry about that...but who knows? Maybe someday! :lol:

Once again, thanks for liking them and reading them...encouragements like yours kept me writing summary! Now a days, I am focusing on Japanese dramas. So until Kiss 2...

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