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Guest cmy_185

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Guest _ShiKAndA_

in some of the pictures of him with shorter hair, he kinda reminds me of woohyuk

i think its his eyes and nose =) GOSHH he looks good with black hair ahha

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Guest babyxtyp1cal

awww hyukkk jae<3

hes awesomely hot in those glasses he wears on full house.

I LOVE HIM. hes so cute. and when him and xiah are together...

now that is hyukjae junsu love<3

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Guest ~neh~long~

HAHA, i love the title... he is definitely adorable! i love him... it's so funny how he's supposedly the most unclean of suju... he's so adorable though ^^

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i loveee hyukjae!

he's soo cute

and he has a great personality!

and a great sense of humor!

and he's just adorable!

it also doesn't hurt that he and xiah are best friends ;D

i love their friendship!

omgah.. i just love these two boys!

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Guest lotusdrop


HESS SOOOOOOO GOOD LOOKING and sooo funny XD OMG i absolutely LOVE super junior !!! love him as well XD andhis pre debut pics are SUCH HOTNESS XD

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