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Su Ae 수애 | Soo AE

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Agree. After news that she was considering the drama and the male lead has been decided, no news after that. Maybe due to the high number of covid19 cases in korea last few weeks. Hopefully, things will stabilise there soon and the drama production can start asap. 

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Latest should be last year since this year she has been out of action most of the time     Anyway, it has been confirmed that Soo Ae will be taking up the role in an upcoming movie "High Soc

This has been her agency for 18 years and she left once in 2013 and returned in 2015. I thought she would stay there forever. I don't know whether to be happy or sad about this news. Since the second

Ok my guess, maybe I'm wrong ..... the house decorations looks like Vietnamese, so must be taken when she was filming Sunny in Vietnam long time ago.   There's a lot of new drama castings bu

Confirmed that Soo Ae's new drama, "Now, we are breaking up" will air next year June on JTBC. Hope that she does not always have such a big gap in between projects. Soo Ae sshi, take up more drama series while you are still young and can act. 


She is the new cover girl for L'Officiel Korea magazine. Wish that it can be shipped overseas :) and I can then book online. Here are some photoshoots.  













Soo Ae has shown her kindness and caring side again :)  She has donated 50 million won to Good Neighbours, an NGO, to help the elderly who are living alone. This money will be used to purchase clothes, winter wear, food .etc, for the elderly.


It's Chuseok,'Elderly Living Alone'
Soo Ae donated '50 million won' to help the'old man living alone' in celebration of Chuseok...
[Insight] = yiwonseon reporter actor Soo Ae , according to national daemyeongjeol ahead of the Chuseok said the warm side of 0.29 days Good Neighbors Soo Ae is ahead of the Chuseok this year for seniors ...
[Google translate from Naver]
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6 hours ago, Floral Lee said:

Hello jekireng :) Welcome to the forum and post any updates about Soo Ae! 

Oh, Soo Ae sshi injured her knee :(  Hope it is not serious and she recovers soon. 

Yup It was in her latest interview. She learn ballet n got injury :(

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Don't like her latest photoshoot, the hair, the photos dont look nice. 

I'm looking forward to her new drama but i don't like Yoo Teo, the male lead, watch him in Money Game, don't like his acting. Looks like its a good project for her, writer and director both have good records.

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On 10/21/2020 at 12:39 PM, Floral Lee said:

One should be the lunar birthday. Anyway, from social media, i always saw people wishing her on sept 16.

Her agency also wishing her on sept 16. So july 25 is her lunar bday? I don't have any ideas about lunar bday

Since I am new fan of her and want to see her come back ASAP, will accept whoever her co-star is hehe. 

Also really hoping she will got cast for remarried empress if ever they make it to drama

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Sigh :( Soo Ae has decided not to appear in the drama “Now, we are breaking up” due to scheduling conflicts. 
Well, I think we will just have to wait for her future plans. I really like her but I don’t understand why she always has to face so many problems with her work. Really wish her to have very good career opportunities coming her way. Good luck, Soo Ae sshi! 

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I am feeling sad because it seems that another actress may be taking the role up. Personally, even if I am not a fan, I feel that Soo Ae fits that role better (her height definitely and acting skills). 
Hope that there are news that she is having another project cos she mentioned scheduling conflicts. 

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Me too

I don't have prob with other actress but just sad that we can't see soo ae ASAP.

I am not even surprise if she change agency next year •.•

Yeah maybe soo ae have schedule early next year

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