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Su Ae 수애 | Soo AE

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Latest should be last year since this year she has been out of action most of the time     Anyway, it has been confirmed that Soo Ae will be taking up the role in an upcoming movie "High Soc

This has been her agency for 18 years and she left once in 2013 and returned in 2015. I thought she would stay there forever. I don't know whether to be happy or sad about this news. Since the second

Ok my guess, maybe I'm wrong ..... the house decorations looks like Vietnamese, so must be taken when she was filming Sunny in Vietnam long time ago.   There's a lot of new drama castings bu


I saw her on running man.. just thought she seems cool and quiet...

searched and watched her movies and dramas online...

and just noticed she mostly plays.. out of luck.. desperate... ambitious characters....

her eyes is very expressive... and I liked her voice...

hoping... her next project will be awesome... maybe not as quirky as sweet stranger... just a love story with a happy ending will be enough for me ...:)

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Just read an article on Naver. There was this survey  on the best screen couple done by a company called PMI after the award shows.

They surveyed 2000 people, aged 20 -50 years old, both male and female respondents and asked them to choose the best screen couple (across all TV stations) ishown in 2016. I did not expect Soo Ae and Kim Young Kwang in the results. But they actually managed to be placed 11th place. Lee Min Ho-Jun Jihyun and Gong Hyo Jin- Jo Jung Suk were not even placed in the list.  Hahaha... Actually, Soo Ae and Kim Young Kwang actually do look good together in the drama. But sad that the story did not do them justice :bawling:

Hope that she will act in a new film this year. Hopefully  in a melodrama or as a career woman. :)




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Guest BrisaBreeze

Good to hear that she and KYK are placed the 11th. Now I'm curious how her chemistry with older actors will be like. :wub: lol. It's been such a long time! Thanks for the news. And thanks everyone here for the updates! :)

rosa.K (Jan 7, 2017)













Credit as tagged

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More pictures if you click on the link. 

There is also a video clip. 


This was during March this year.  Soo Ae was the model for the art exhibition which was held in New York at Tenri Cultural Institute. 

I think that she does need to look through the scripts carefully before she picks up her next project. Really hope she will get good scripts from good writers and work with good actors for her future works.


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Soo Ae is considering returning to the big screen with the upcoming movie “Upper Class” (unofficial title), according to her agency Star J Entertainment. 

Soo Ae (Herald DB)

The agency recently said the actress was offered a lead role in the movie. 

“She is in the final phase of making the decision. She is considering the role positively,” said an agency official.  

The movie, directed by director Byun Hyuk, tells a story of a woman who tries to climb the social ladder. 

The seasoned actress made her small screen debut in 2002 in MBC’s drama “First Love.” She has been starring in both dramas and films since then. 

The upcoming movie might mark the star’s return to the big screen after “Take Off 2” in 2016. 

Director Byun has directed “Five Senses of Eros” in 2009 and “Scarlet Letter” in 2004.

“Upper Class” is slated to start filming in May.

By Hong Dam-young (lotus@heraldcorp.com)

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I wonder where is BrisaBreeze? ... Too busy? Leaving?...

So the movie has similar theme to her drama Queen of Ambition? Don't feel too excited.

White color in season? Or does she like white. Take Off 2 must be really tough role to play, look at the scar and veins on her hands... It's good to know she's still around :), if there's no news i feel like she's fading away...

Thanks for the update Floral Lee and bee !

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Hi Tran,

I also miss BrisaBreeze's posts. Wonder where is she now? Hope everything is alright with her. 

Besides similar theme to Yawang, I also don't really want Soo Ae to take up the role because of the director. If she really did take it up, really hope that the male lead is good.  


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