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Su Ae 수애 | Soo AE

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Latest should be last year since this year she has been out of action most of the time     Anyway, it has been confirmed that Soo Ae will be taking up the role in an upcoming movie "High Soc

This has been her agency for 18 years and she left once in 2013 and returned in 2015. I thought she would stay there forever. I don't know whether to be happy or sad about this news. Since the second

Ok my guess, maybe I'm wrong ..... the house decorations looks like Vietnamese, so must be taken when she was filming Sunny in Vietnam long time ago.   There's a lot of new drama castings bu

Guest fantast1k1

I've read on FB that SA was teary when she was saying she receives a lot of backlash for her performance as Joo DA HAE....awwww...its because she performed her character well.

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Guest annieice


Hi my dear Lilies, HaRyu?

@yawang1234: thanks for the iTunes :)  love the soundtrack ... I agree with you, my heart was broken to see her down like that, but then again she deserved it after all what she has done...after all the bad things she deserved a punishment, but to let her out like this into the crowd alone, so they can trow eggs on her that's a little bit too much...

@cocomhe: thank you I'm glad the last episode was a success so sad to see them go down like that, when everything could have been different, a little house with her sweet daughter and a loving husband...but the power was more tempting...thank you for all the great pictures I hope you will continue to share them with us and brighten up our day :)

@fantast1ksuae: O I just see the little girl who's playing JDH is also in the other drama I'm following ("Gu Am Heo Jun" her name is Kim so yeon) I agree this drama had so many gaps and made it less worth watching :/ to bad so many good actors :( I'm also waiting for Jang Ok Jeong, it's om after Yawang (you could see the trailer at the end of the last episodes of Yawang) Paris...nice...she deserves some rest, I so hope that everything is going to be fine on the Korean peninsula :( I'm really scared for the poor ppl there...

@BrisaBreeze: is everything fine, we miss you

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Guest BrisaBreeze

Hello annieice, fantast1ksuae, cocomhe, yoyo_yoyo and yawang1234.

It’s been a while. How are you guys doing? Miss you so much. I’m sorry for not being her for quite some time. I hadn’t been myself for the past weeks because of the stress over my exam result. I just got it back, and am happy to share this good news with you all. I passed the comprehensive exams. This is a HUGE relief. Now I have only a thesis left. Still a long way to go anyway.

BIG THANKS to YOU ALL for the never ending support and trust during the exams. I remember that every time I was here complaining about studying, you guys never stopped showing your support and always believed in me. I really appreciate it. Love you. *Big hugs*

Sorry that this post is mostly about me. Let’s go back to Su Ae, shall we? ;)

cocomhe: Wow. The ratings are better than what I first expected. Congrats, Yawang team. And of course, we'll continue spreading Su Ae love here. :x

annieice: Those two pics are completely opposite. First they were happy together, but at the end... This drama is crazy. 

fantast1ksuae: I think we read the same article. :D I’m posting it here as well in case any of us hasn’t read it yet.


Soo Ae Plans To Treat Herself A 13 Days of Vacation To Paris

Posted on April 04, 2013 in drama by Sunny

Soo Ae, who has recently starred an evil character in the drama, Queen of Ambition, decided to treat herself a 13 days of vacation to Paris, France.

Her acting as a wicked woman has been highly praised by the viewers, however it has also received hatred from a lot of people because of the strong character. Soo Ae secretly has been through a lot of distress while shooting this drama. At the goodbye party, she teared up when she said, “I’ve been criticized a lot, and there have been a lot of risks. The process was really backbreaking.”

Soo Ae will be leaving to Paris in April 5th. The main purpose of the trip is for a fashion photo shoot, but it will be done in one day. Soo Ae will be taking a leisurely break for the other 13 days in Paris.

Source: Sportsworld

Source: Korean Drama

She cried at the party. :(( Su Ae did a superb job in Yawang. It breaks my heart that she suffered a lot throughout the drama. Did you know that Su Ae isn’t nominated for Best Leading Actress (Drama) at Baeksang this year? I was really upset. Some say that it has something to do with her agency. If it’s true, I’ll have bad attitude towards Star J more and more. Su Ae ssi, please enjoy your vacation in France. Leave everything behind in Korea. We’ll wait for your comeback.

She’s leaving for Paris tomorrow at 1 p.m. (Korean time). The photoshoot is for Marie Claire’s June issue. Please come quickly, June. I’m looking forward to both The Flu and the pics. 

BTW, if any of you happen to be in Paris, you may see her there. Hehe. 
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Guest fantast1k1

CONGRATULATIONS BrisaBreeze! Woohoo!

I'm still chicken in taking my comps on May...I think I'll pass again...I'm scared.

Darn, my cousin will be in Paris...huwattt! SA's not nominated for Best Actress??? After all she's been thru?

@BrisaBreeze: please enlighten me as to why it's due to Star J Entertainment?

Thanks for the articles...there's also pictures of after party at newsen.com...don't know how to post them here ;)

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Guest fantast1k1

Welcome @loucong! Our ending was sad and disappointing...congratulations to all you windblowers! You guys got a happy and dreamy ending...I was watching TWTWB on the side too...I like JIS and SHK too...I like TWTWB, I was concern in the beginning coz I've seen the movie...but the writer totally tweaked the story...very nice! You beat me to it, I was about to post in the Windblowers country...I'll go there now.Thanks for stoppibg by! Feel free to come by anytime...I like Won Bin too.. :-h

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Guest BrisaBreeze

Thank you so much again everyone. >:DThis is hopefully the last exam of my life. No more exam or studying.  Yayy.

annieice:  Thanks for the banner and the pic of Yawang team. At least we can see another happy pic of this family again. lol. I really like Su Ae’s dress in the last scene. She looked gorgeous.

fantast1ksuae: I totally understand. I was like you too. Too scared to check the result myself, thinking of it almost 24/7. It was driving me crazy. I know it's lame, but I'm just too lazy to take it again. :)) But I know you can do it. Don't worry, you'll pass it. 

Kim Sung Ryung is nominated in this category instead of her. I have no idea about the agency thing either. The industry is really mysterious. Or it may be just another groundless rumor. ~X( Gosh. I wish I could read Korean so that I can understand the whole problem. I’ll post the pics at the wrap up party soon. Thanks.

yawang1234: Thank you. :) The exams are all about tons of theories which of course I hate. It’s the last exam before getting MA.

BTW, Yawang’s scriptwriter is Lee Hee Myung. He’s the one behind Rooftop Prince. Daemul and Yawang’s cartoonist is Park In Kwon.

cocomhe:  Thanks for the banner. It’s so grand. Hahaha. Please make me another one if I finally graduate.
loucong: Welcome!

class="entry-title" style="margin: 12px 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; font-size: 1.8em; vertical-align: baseline; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; line-height: 1.4em; letter-spacing: -1px;"‘Queen of Ambition’ cast reunite to celebrate the drama’s successful runby pkdance


The star-studded cast and crew of the SBS drama ‘Queen of Ambition‘ gathered together for the last time at a restaurant in Ilsan, Gyeonggido to celebrate the end of their successful drama.

Soo Ae gave her final thoughts sharing, “I received a lot of hateful comments and I wanted to do my best but I faced a lot of obstacles. I had a hard time but I thank you for consistently watching over me”, and shed tears as she opened up about her struggles during filming. Co-star Kwon Sang Woo cheered her on saying, “You were the best.”

Director Jo Young Kwang also shared, “During the past four months, I honestly thought that this day wouldn’t come. I think all of the things we went through will remain as a good memory.”

Writer Lee Hee Myung stated to all the cast and staff present, “Thank you for filling in the areas we were lacking. Thank you and ‘Queen of Ambition’ achieved the highest viewer rating this year. We went through and came out of the long SBS tunnel. It’s all because of you who came with us.”

‘Queen of Ambition’ came to a dramatic close on the 2nd and went out with a bang with its high final episode ratings.

Source: allkpop 
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