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"Doctor John" and "Be Melodramatic" Off to a Bad Start




Nowadays, with the changing social attitudes regarding women, the sexist settings and scenes that used to be taken for granted in dramas and movies are showing signs of decreasing gradually. However, among them, there are dramas that have been criticized by internet users even before the show was aired due to the gender consciousness that failed to keep up with social trends.


 "Doctor John", an SBS drama about anesthesiology and pain medicine doctors coming this 19th, had to revise its character descriptions, as it was criticized for introducing the head nurse as an 'ajumma' on its homepage.


Originally, the "Doctor John" production explained the character of Nurse Hong as "Also known as Hong. She's a chatty and fussy ajumma who has to know everything that goes on in the hospital and spreads rumors about them". About Nurse Na, who is 3 years into the job, it explained, "She is in charge of the anesthesiologists' center admissions. She eats a lot, sometimes all day, but her life changes when she meets Doctor John".




Internet users responded to this by saying, "The director and writer of this drama obviously have no idea what a nurse does. Do your homework before making the drama", "You need at least 20 years of experience and at least a Masters degree to become a head nurse, but that's what you're calling her? That doesn't make sense. It looks like anyone can be a writer these days" and more.


Among them were women's opinions that they were ignoring and holding discriminating views toward nurses, who are mostly women.


The term 'ajumma' degenerates a woman's effort and success in getting a high social position. In the end, netizens complained on the bulletin board and "Doctor John" revised certain terms to 'atmosphere maker' and 'grows into'.


These dramas haven't even begun yet and they've already caused quite a controversy.




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Source : /news.nate.com/view/2...

Translation : Hancinema




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*** TODAY is D-DAY! This will be available on Viki with English subtitles! :P





Ji Sung Compares Past Medical Drama “New Heart” To “Doctor John” + Describes Working With Lee Se Young




Ji Sung and Lee Se Young shared their thoughts on their drama “Doctor John.”

“Doctor John” tells the story of doctors who try to uncover the unknown causes of pain felt by chronically ill patients.

On July 18, Ji Sung, Lee Se Young, Lee Kyu Hyung, Hwang Hee, Jung Min Ah, Kim Hye Eun, and Shin Dong Mi attended a press conference for the new SBS series.

Ji Sung will portray Cha Yo Han, Hanse Hospital’s youngest anesthesiology professor and the most promising doctor in his field. This is the actor’s first medical drama in 12 years after “New Heart.”

He began, “I feel a lot of responsibility. I was a resident in ‘New Heart,’ but I’m appearing as a professor this time. ‘New Heart’ was really meaningful because it was my first project after being discharged from the military. I remember working hard while preparing for it. After completing that drama, I thought, ‘In the future, I should play a professor and not a resident,’ and my dream came true.”

He continued, “It’s very meaningful to me. I like hospitals. I like the smell of hospitals and the smell of disinfectants. There’s a feeling of calmness when going to the hospital. I think that it’s a space where there’s the most amount of sincerity in the world. My mind feels comfortable when I go to the hospital, so I felt more excited than when selecting another project.”

The actor added, “I’m preparing in various ways to play an anesthesiology professor. I have the mindset of sincerely studying everything I can. I thought that I should be at a point where I can be responsible for what I say in my lines.”

“Since I have congenital spondylosis (spinal bone defect), I don’t have bones in certain parts,” revealed Ji Sung. “So I used to exercise for my health, and I could relate [to the drama] a lot since I paid a lot of attention to my health. If someone says their lower back hurts, I have a lot to say as if I’m an anesthesiologist. I can relate to it in terms of maintaining my health, and I like it.”




On his teamwork with Lee Se Young, Ji Sung said, “She works really hard in real life. I’m also that way, so I think that I should work hard in order to not cause harm. Lee Se Young is actually my sunbae (senior in the industry). She’s been in this field for a while, so I liked seeing her acting with responsibility. I think I’ve met a really good partner.”

“I joined the drama with a joyful heart after hearing that director Jo Soo Won and Ji Sung would be in it,” said Lee Se Young. “I heard that people feel a lot of comfort just for the fact that people sympathize with them during their hard and painful times. I hope that many people will feel comfort and healing while watching our drama.”

Lee Kyu Hyung added, “I immediately said that I would be in the drama when I heard that Ji Sung and Lee Se Young would be in it. The script was so easy to read. I liked that it had joys and sorrows while not being provocative.”

“Doctor John” premieres on July 19 at 10 p.m. KST, and will be available on Viki with English subtitles! Watch the trailer now:



Watch Now



Source (1) (2) (3) (4) / soompi news

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Drama viewership ratings for the week of July 15-21, 2019





We had another medical drama drop this weekend, Ji Sung’s Doctor John, with much better results. The show premiered to 6.0 percent Friday and moved up to 10.1 percent on Saturday.



Friday, July 19      
Doctor John 1 SBS 6.0%
Doctor John 2 SBS 8.4%
Saturday, July 20      
Mother of Mine 69 KBS 25.0%
Mother of Mine 70 KBS 29.5%
Golden Garden 1 MBC 4.5%
Golden Garden 2 MBC 7.2%
Golden Garden 3 MBC 6.4%
Golden Garden 4 MBC 7.3%
Doctor John 3 SBS 7.0%
Doctor John 4 SBS 10.1%
Watcher 5 OCN 3.6%
Hotel del Luna 3 tvN 8.3%




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LINK here : http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/07/drama-viewership-ratings-for-the-week-of-july-15-21-2019/

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Ji Sung Shows Up At A Mixed Martial Arts Match In Teasers For “Doctor John”




Ji Sung’s latest teasers for his new medical drama, SBS’s “Doctor John,” has viewers guessing because of the unexpected location.

“Doctor John” stars Ji Sung, Lee Se Young, Lee Kyu Hyung, and more in a story about doctors who try to find the unknown causes of pain felt by chronically ill patients.


Ji Sung’s character, Cha Yo Han, is a former anesthesiologist who was serving a prison sentence at the beginning of the drama.


Although prison is hardly the typical location for a medical drama, the latest stills for Cha Yo Han show him in another unexpected location.




In the photos, Cha Yo Han climbs up to the ring during a “Road FC” mixed martial arts match and is seen examining one of the fighters, an athlete named Joo Hyung Woo (played by Ha Do Kwon). It seems as if there is something wrong with the fighter’s face and Ji Sung treats the injury skilfully despite the fact that he isn’t there in any formal capacity (he isn’t wearing a doctor’s gown).


The scene in question was filmed on June 15 in the city of Wonju in Gangwon Province. The scene was filmed at a real “Road FC” match arena and filming took place during breaks in the real match and after the real match was over. The “Road FC” representatives allowed filming to occur with their staff members and audience members present, contributing to a sense of realism for the drama.


Ji Sung prepared a lot for the scene as well, holding discussions with the director, Jo Su Won, and actor Ha Do Kwon. The production staff stated, “No matter what scene we’re filming, Ji Sung devotes himself and does his best. He carries much of the weight on


‘Doctor John.’ In Episodes 3 and 4, Ji Sung will be working as a bona fide anesthesiologist and chronic pain doctor, but there will be unexpected developments in store.”


You can watch the latest episode of “Doctor John” with English subtitles below!




Watch Now




Source (1) / soompi news

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*** This is a fantastic drama. JS has never disappointed me. This is another awesome show from him.  Ji Sung acting is superb here. :P





First Impressions: “Doctor John” Is Not Afraid To Debate About Sensitive Topics




Guyyyys, Ji Sung is back in jail again!



From Inmate 3866 (in “Defendant“) to Inmate 6238 (in “Doctor John”)



But don’t fret just yet. He’s no longer an inmate on death row, nor is he fighting for his daughter’s life. Instead this time around, Ji Sung plays Cha Yo Han, a talented doctor who lands himself in jail after committing a crime. While incarcerated, he meets Kang Si Young (Lee Se Young), a second-year resident who helps out as the prison’s medical officer. Though she finds him arrogant and disruptive at first and is thus hesitant to accept his help, she eventually starts to trust him and his judgment. And before we know it (which is by the end of Episode 4), Cha Yo Han has completed his sentence and is released back out into the world!


Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s take a more detailed look at what we’ve seen so far:


Warning: Spoilers for Episodes 1-4 of “Doctor John” below:


Key Players

Cha Yo Han (Ji Sung)




Cha Yo Han starts off the series as Inmate 6238, a prisoner who has a “he-who-must-not-be-named” presence in the prison.


During his first few days in prison (three years ago), his chest was slashed during a hazing incident. Unperturbed, he grabbed a medical kit and sewed himself up without using any form of anesthesia. Since then, he has also been consistently interfering with the prison medical officers’ diagnoses and trying to get them replaced because of their incompetence.




Cha Yo Han is seen to have strong observational and deductive skills, which makes him an excellent diagnostician. He also has his own code — he believes that doctors shouldn’t sit by and watch idly while their patient suffers. This belief is the driving force behind him (illegally) administering euthanasia to a child three years ago and was what eventually landed him in prison. And it’s this not-so-black-and-white characterization of him that makes Cha Yo Han such an intriguing character. In fact, he kind of reminds me of Gregory House of the U.S. series “House,” where both of these doctors are incredibly perceptive while also willing to bend the rules in the interest of their patient.


Kang Si Young (Lee Se Young)




Kang Si Young is a second-year resident at Hanse Medical Center (HSMC) who suffers from PTSD from failing to save a life. She blames herself for the death and punishes herself by dropping out of her residency program and leaving the hospital. She intends to escape it all by fleeing to Madagascar, but before she is able to, her uncle asks her to help out at his prison as the medical officer.




There, she encounters the enigmatic Inmate 6238 who helps her save her patients. While at first, she appears to be a tough cookie when dealing with the “trouble-seeking” patients in prison, she’s not as self-assured as she appears to be when having to treat the more severe patients, especially that of Inmate 5353.


Though Cha Yo Han is adamant that the inmate has Fabry disease (a rare genetic illness), the rarity of the disease and lack of indicators become reasons for the hospital to not start treatment. Kang Si Young, not wanting to take chances, actively seeks out medication from the hospitals, and when push comes to shove, administers the treatment just in time to save the inmate’s life. Having successfully saved Inmate 5353, her passion for saving lives is once again rekindled. She thus asks to rejoin the residency program and is accepted back to HSMC.


Kang Si Young is someone who is obviously carrying a lot of emotional baggage and trauma around, but with Cha Yo Han now in her orbit, she is hopefully on the path of learning to accept that things aren’t always so cut-and-dry and that sometimes, bad outcomes are unavoidable. (And that there will be less crying in her future.)


Lee Yoo Joon (Hwang Hee)




Lee Yoo Joon is another key player in these first few episodes as he’s the main doctor in charge of Inmate 5353’s case. He’s heard tales of Cha Yo Han’s antics and has a strong distrust towards him, and this distrust bleeds into his interactions with Kang Si Young. He’s a good doctor, but because he isn’t ready to risk his job or compromise his own morals, he is eventually at an impasse with Cha Yo Han-Kang Si Young in regards to how to treat Inmate 5353.


However, now that the drama’s focus is shifting to HSMC, I can’t help but wonder what Lee Yoo Joon’s role will be, since he’s working at a different hospital. (It is a different hospital, right?) Being such different breed of doctors (who all happen to be in the anesthesiology department too), it would’ve been interesting to see the clashes in medical approaches between Lee Yoo Joon and Cha Yo Han-Kang Si Young. But I have a feeling there will be plenty of dissenting voices at HSMC waiting for the latter doctors anyways.


Son Seok Ki (Lee Kyu Hyung)




We haven’t seen much of Son Seok Ki these past four episodes, but so far, we can gather that his child was the one who was euthanized by Doctor Cha Yo Han. He is angered by doctors trying to play God, and as such, is unable to forgive Yo Han. As a prosecutor, he wants to make sure that Yo Han is never able to practice again. With such strongly differing ideologies, we’ll undoubtedly see many a time where these two will be going against each other in future episodes.



What worked for the premiere

Ji Sung is without question the star of this drama. He is able to shift from earnest to cynical to confrontational, all within seconds and all with the slightest facial changes. He brings the gravitas needed when dealing with heavy topics such as euthanasia and approaches these scenes with a sense of groundedness and respect for the issues at hand.


He also elevates his scene partners and Lee Se Young shines most during their scenes together. Speaking of Ji Sung and Lee Se Young, the two do share strong chemistry, which is another reason why their scenes always stand out, and I can’t wait to see how their relationship develops in the future (though I for one hope they maintain a mentor-mentee relationship and nothing more).




Props also go to the production team for tackling these “grey-area” issues such as euthanasia, where more awareness and debate is often needed. So far, the script is well-written and there have been many memorable quotes that prompt viewers to engage with the story in an empathetic capacity.



What didn’t quite work for the premiere

Unfortunately, the beginning wasn’t a home-run for me. There were times where it felt like the premiere was trying to do too much. The show goes from procedural to medical mystery to revenge to dramatic melo, and the tone of the show suffers in general. There’s even a mysterious person lurking around taking photos of Kang Si Young. I understand it’s supposed to be laying the groundwork for the future, but with more important things happening in the forefront, those scenes just seem out of place.


The background music too can feel a bit manipulative at times. When it works, it works great, but in some scenes, it feels like they are rushing our emotions by choosing purposely intense/swelling music, instead of just guiding and allowing us to genuinely arrive at those emotions. Hopefully, the production can ease up on the heavy-handedness, and instead allow the viewers to organically feel what they want to us feel.


That being said, “Doctor John” still premiered strong and has the ingredients to make for a great character-driven drama. I can’t wait to see what is in store of us down the road!




Did you catch the premiere of “Doctor John”? And if so, what did you like most about it? Leave your comments and discussions below!


Start watching “Doctor John”:




Watch Now



credit : soompi news






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Drama viewership ratings for the week of July 22-28, 2019





For the weekend, we have Ji Sung’s Doctor John already reaching double digits. Perhaps this will be the next hit medical drama.



Friday, July 26      
Doctor John 5 SBS 7.7%
Doctor John 6 SBS 12.3%
Saturday, July 27      
Mother of Mine 73 KBS 24.2%
Mother of Mine 74 KBS 29.5%
Golden Garden 5 MBC 4.9%
Golden Garden 6 MBC 6.9%
Golden Garden 7 MBC 6.6%
Golden Garden 8 MBC 7.4%
Doctor John 7 SBS 8.0%
Doctor John 8 SBS 11.2%
Watcher 7 OCN 3.7%
Hotel del Luna 5 tvN 7.0%




(skipped unrelated.....)



LINK here : http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/07/drama-viewership-ratings-for-the-week-of-july-22-28-2019/

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Which dramas and actors are most popular right now?


The data company looked at news headlines, blogs, online communities, video clips, and social media from July 22 to 28 to figure out the most popular dramas and actors with viewers currently. tvN's 'Hotel Del Luna' topped the list as most popular drama, while Ong Seong Wu of the drama 'Moments of 18' ranked in at #1 among actors.

Take a look at the full top 10 lists below:

1. tvN 'Hotel Del Luna' - 26.47%
2. tvN ' Search: WWW' - 16.21%
3. JTBC 'Moments of 18' - 11.58%


4. SBS 'Doctor John' - 5.68%
5. MBC 'Rookie HIstorian Goo Hae Ryung' - 5.21%
6. tvN 'Designated Survivor: 60 Days' - 4.45%
7. OCN 'Watcher' - 3.62%
8. KBS 'Perfume' - 3.21%
9. MBC 'Partners for Justice 2' - 2.53%
10. KBS 'Mother of Mine' - 2.38%

1. Ong Seong Wu - 'Moments of 18'
2. IU - 'Hotel Del Luna'
3. Yeo Jin Goo - 'Hotel Del Luna'
4. Lee Da Hee - 'Search: WWW'
5. Lim Soo Jung - 'Search: WWW'
6. Jeon Hye Jin - 'Search: WWW'
7. Kim Hyang Gi - 'Moments of 18'
8. JI Sung - 'Doctor John'
9. Jang Gi Yong - 'Search: WWW'
10. Shin Se Kyung - 'Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung'



source : allkpop


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[HanCinema's News] "Doctor John" Shows Medical Dramas Making a Comeback




It's hard to believe that medical dramas were once a serious staple of South Korean entertainment. But after the high profile failures of "Blood" and "Medical Top Team" several years back, the genre fell into a slump. That was cast off though, by the surprising success of "Doctor Prisoner". Well, perhaps not so surprising given the popularity of leading actor Namgoong Min, but then that's what gave the genre such a fresh spin.


"Doctor John" is also showing signs of popularity. Where "Doctor Prisoner" had an unusual setting, "Doctor John" deals with an unusual specialty - pain management. The titular doctor is obsessed with pain, something that normal people deal with in daily life all the time. Yet it's a question we never really ask ourselves - what is pain, and where does it come from? In "Doctor John" this common facet of daily life is deliberately analyzed through its obsessive doctor.


The drama has also taken on dark undertones by having the titular doctor struggle with how to help patients who cannot be helped, whose pain is beyond their control as well as the doctor's. "Doctor John" deals with morally amiguous questions and the doctor himself is not above reproach. This kind of storytelling can be repulsive to some, but it is nonetheless quite engaging.


It also helps that, for his questionable activities, "Doctor John" is filled with compassionate doctors who deal with the emotional issues surrounding pain as well as the physical causes. They listen to people and even in exotic situations, that's exactly the kind of attitude people want to see in their medical practitioners. This easygoing style to life-and-death situations is perfect bedside manner - that's the sentiment the drama has been leaving viewers with.




Written by William Schwartz

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8 New K-Dramas To Add To Your Watch-List


Are you an internet vagrant searching for the next K-drama to get you through the day? Thankfully, there are approximately 13,000,013 dramas that started these last few weeks, ready for your viewing with English subtitles on Viki. Have at it, friends!

(The dramas below are listed in order of premiere date.)



Doctor John



Airs: Fridays and Saturdays on SBS
Cast: Ji Sung, Lee Se Young, Lee Kyu Hyung

Cha Yo Han (Ji Sung) is a highly-skilled doctor who has been dubbed “Doctor 10 Seconds” for his ability to quickly and accurately diagnose patients in the time it takes them to enter his office and take a seat. He meets the second-year resident Kang Si Young (Lee Se Young), who suffers from guilt and trauma from failing to save someone’s life.


Watch if:

– You love a Mary Sue (the eponymous hero, of course).
– You love moral debates. Say, euthanasia.







Catch the first episode of “Doctor John”:


Watch Now



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news

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9 Of The Nicest Rich Guys Who Shatter K-Drama Stereotypes


Where would K-drama be without chaebols? That’s the Korean word for a wealthy businessman, owner of a vast conglomerate empire, aka the job description of 80 percent of K-drama male leads. It makes sense that this trope is so popular: when we enter the world of chaebols, we get to see how the other half lives and to revel in glamour and luxury which we’d never otherwise experience.


But you know what doesn’t make sense? So many K-drama chaebols are arrogant jerks, and so many female leads keep falling for them anyway. It’s 2019, people! Our leading ladies have better things to do than chase cold, aloof guys who don’t treat them right. That’s why we always love to see a chaebol who knows how to be a decent human being. The more these charming fellas turn up, the more the tide turns and the fewer tired tropes we have to endure.


Want to know which rich guys are leading the way? Let’s find out!


Warning: spoilers ahead!



5. Cha Do Hyun in “Kill Me, Heal Me”



90 percent of the time, a chaebol’s family business is a whole hot mess, thanks to inept, crooked relatives running the show. Some chaebols can’t wait to dive into the mess, while others run away from it. Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) is an exception: he’s smart, decent, and savvy enough to be great at the job – if only one of his other personalities wasn’t trying to destroy the whole company.




“Kill Me, Heal Me” is a drama about a man who tries to face his inner demons. It may seem at first that his being rich is incidental to the story, but we soon learn that it’s a key part of what makes him who he is. Hunger for power has corrupted Do Hyun’s family so much, you think it’d do the same for him. But his mental confusion, which seems like a weakness, turns out to be his biggest strength: it’s what keeps him good and decent in the face of all the horrors around him.


Check out the first episode of “Kill Me, Heal Me”:



Watch Now



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news

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Ji Sung Shares Lee Bo Young And Their Daughter’s Reactions To His Drama “Doctor John”




Ji Sung expressed gratitude to his wife Lee Bo Young for her encouraging support.


On August 5, producing director (PD) Jo Soo Won, Ji Sung, Lee Se Young, and Lee Kyu Hyung attended a press conference for the drama “Doctor John.”


During the event, Ji Sung shared, “My wife [Lee Bo Young] critiques and compliments me while watching [the drama]. She is my strongest supporter. She always helps me and instills courage in me. Sometimes, when I’m tired of filming and sigh while reading my script, she gives me encouragement. I’m truly grateful.”


He added, “If the ratings are good, she’s happier than I am, and if they drop slightly, she worries that I’ll get hurt.”


Ji Sung mentioned their daughter with laughter, saying, “My daughter also watches it. She asked me, ‘Dad, can you treat me if I’m sick?’, and I told her that although I can’t give her a shot, I can give her medicine. I’m working hard as a father, and I feel proud that I have become a doctor to my daughter.”


“Doctor John” is a suspenseful new drama about doctors specializing in pain management. Ji Sung stars as Cha Yo Han, a genius anesthesiologist who is famous for his ability to assess patients in just 10 seconds. The drama is rapidly gaining popularity with high viewership ratings and recently placed first in its time slot.


“Doctor John” airs Fridays and Saturdays at 10 p.m. KST.


Watch the latest episode of the drama below!



Watch Now



Source (1) / soompi news

Top photo credit: Xportsnews

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Drama viewership ratings for the week of July 29-Aug. 4, 2019





Friday, Aug. 2      
Doctor John 9 SBS 8.5%
Doctor John 10 SBS 10.8%
Saturday, Aug. 3      
Mother of Mine 77 KBS 21.5%
Mother of Mine 78 KBS 27.3%
Golden Garden 9 MBC 5.2%
Golden Garden 10 MBC 7.3%
Golden Garden 11 MBC 7.5%
Golden Garden 12 MBC 7.9%
Doctor John 11 SBS 6.9%
Doctor John 12 SBS 9.2%
Watcher 9 OCN 3.3%
Hotel del Luna 7 tvN 8.1%




(skipped unrelated.....)



LINK here http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/08/drama-viewership-ratings-for-the-week-of-july-29-aug-4-2019/

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[HanCinema's News] "Doctor John" Strongly Tied to Death With Dignity Ideology




Back in May of 2009 the concept of death with dignity made its first big appearance in South Korean culture with a court case which ruled that next of kin had the right to terminate medical care to loved ones who were technically alive, but had no hope of recovery. An elderly man who had become a human vegetable was the point of contention in that case. At a press conference on August 5th "Doctor John" director Jo Soo-won talked about how this idea inspired the creation of "Doctor John".


Jo Soo-won said that he discussed the idea with screenwriter Kim Ji-woon-II back in 2014 and it was at that time they started to do research for the project. Death with dignity is a dedicated word in Korean and Chinese (尊嚴死) that reads out as Jon Eom Sa. This was where they got the idea for the title for "Doctor John".


Lead actor Ji Sung also confirmed that the moral and ethical dilemmas of euthanasia were what drew him to the project. He cited the difficult emotional complexity involved in wanting to save a patient that might not want to be saved, and how under South Korean law it is still difficult to gain legal medical permission to end one's life in cases where living only causes excess suffering.


Ji Sung also specifically mentioned the case of David Goodall, a 104 year old Australian who went to Switzerland to end his life while his grandchildren watched. David Goodall's wife and children had already all preceded him in death. Ji Sung is well read on the concept of assisted suicide. He watched many documentaries and studied a great deal on the subject in preparation for his role.


Ji Sung also praised Taiwan's hospice system and how it was good for patients and families. He was critical of South Korea for not having a similar system. He talked about how he wanted South Korea to become a culture where people can prepare for their inevitable death.




Written by William Schwartz

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Ji Sung And Lee Se Young Face Unexpected Crisis In “Doctor John”




In the latest stills for this week’s episodes of SBS’s “Doctor John,” Cha Yo Han (played by Ji Sung) is rushed to the emergency room.

Kang Si Young (Lee Se Young), who knows about Cha Yo Han’s condition, is visibly worried, and Lee Yoo Joon (Hwang Hee) is also on high alert, with an unconscious Cha Yo Han on his back.


A source from the drama said, “Ji Sung, Lee Se Young, and Hwang Hee are showing the best acting chemistry with their tight teamwork. In the upcoming episode this week, Ji Sung will face an unexpected hurdle. Please tune in to see what’s to come and how he, Lee Se Young, and Hwang Hee will deal with it.”


“Doctor John” airs Fridays and Saturdays at 10 p.m. KST.


Catch up with the latest episodes below:



Watch Now





Source (1) / soompi news


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