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Ji Sung says he was reborn after meeting wife Lee Bo Young in sweet interview




Actor Ji Sung had a mouthful of loving words for his wife Lee Bo Young during an interview, in light of his film 'Fengshui' which premiered in theaters on September 19. 


The historical blockbuster film 'Fengshui' tells the story of a royal family who engages in a battle of politics over land. The Korean title of the film, 'Myung Dang', can mean a historical, royal palace or building where the country's monarch carried out business policies. 
Previously, Ji Sung garnered attention for stating during a radio broadcast, "My 'Myung Dang' is next to Lee Bo Young." When asked about the hot issue, Ji Sung replied in this interview, "I think a lot of people showed disapproval toward my comment on that radio. However, my life itself was really completed with Lee Bo Young. I was able to learn so much after meeting her."
The actor continued, "She is a person who allowed me to be reborn. I met her during a difficult time, when my family was going through hardships. I never put myself first in the past. It was always about my parents and my younger siblings, so I never loved myself. But after I met Lee Bo Young, I learned how to love myself. I am thankful to the point of tears. My acting also changed after meeting her." 
How romantic!
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*** Time flies so fast that now, his drama has already ended! So NICE that this drama is a happy-ending. I'm a sucker for happy-ending stories. The viewership ratings for the finale were also a happy ending. I read that the episode received average viewership ratings of 7.9 percent and a peak of 8.6 percent. The drama ended by taking first place in viewership ratings for all channels in the time slot. I love Ji Sung and Han Ji Min’s chemistry in the drama. :P

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[Box Office] Movies in theaters this week

By Yoon Min-sik






Feng Shui
Opened Sept. 19
Drama, History, Political thriller
Directed by Park Hee-gon

In the late Joseon era, King Heonjong (Lee Won-geun) has all but lost his powers to his powerful great-uncle Kim Jwa-geun (Baek Yun-sik) and the Kims. Once a loyal subject to the king, master of East Asian geomancy Park Jae-sang (Cho Seung-woo) is approached by the king’s uncle Heungseon (Ji Sung) to overthrow the Kims’ dominance of the country.



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : Korea Herald







"Familiar Wife" Ji Sung and Han Ji-min Learn to Appreciate the Little Things




On the final episode of the tvN drama "Familiar Wife", Cha Joo-hyeok (Ji Sung) and Seo Woo-jin (Han Ji-min) came to a happy ending.


The final episode was understated, but it contained the message of understanding and loving each other through Joo-hyeok and Woo-jin.


Yoon Jong-hoo (Jang Seung-jo) told Joo-hyeok that he was in a phase of ennui with his wife and Joo-hyeok said, "You have to overcome this period. When did you last call her name? When a housewife loses her name, she is called someone's wife or someone's mother. It's not easy for her to get dolled up and meet her friends. She gets depressed".


Cha Joo-hyeok was also talking to himself in the past. He was sick of his tough wife Woo-jin in the first episode and wished himself back to 2006 when he was in college. He met a homeless man who gave him a 500 won coin to 2006 and time-traveled to 2006.


What "Familiar Wife" wanted to say was in fact not fantastical, but realistic in the sense of realizing how precious one's husband or wife is. Joo-hyeok and Woo-jin became more considerate of each other and really meant the best for each other.


Joo-hyeok didn't think picking up the children from kindergarten was his wife's job anymore and Woo-jin also did her best for her husband.


Joo-hyeok held Woo-jin's hand and promised solid love even in times of hardship and trouble.




Source : news.nate.com/view/20...

Translation : Hancinema

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Third Times's the Charm as "Knowing Wife" Wraps Drama Run and Cast Attend Party


LINK here : http://koalasplayground.com/2018/09/20/third-times-the-charm-as-knowing-wife-wraps-drama-run-and-cast-attend-party/







Ji Sung Talks About “Familiar Wife” Finale And On-Screen Wife Han Ji Min




After tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Familiar Wife” aired its finale on September 20, Ji Sung sat down for an interview and opened up to talk about his feelings on the drama’s conclusion and his co-actor Han Ji Min.


Ji Sung said, “I need to get over these feelings of frustration. I posted a photo of our drama set in the hopes that it stays forever on my social media. I’m sure that these bittersweet feelings will turn into good memories.”


He also didn’t forget to thank Han Ji Min. “She is a really straightforward person. We had good chemistry while acting together. If I did this, she did that. It was perfect. Even scenes that weren’t very funny became funny while we were acting them out. Words can’t describe how thankful I am to her. Since we were married this whole time, she can be like my sister from now on.”


He also mentioned his role in the movie “Feng Shui, saying, “I feel the same towards any project. But this time, I started to work on a different piece right after completing another one. I did feel exhausted, but I thought that I shouldn’t feel tired because it will all become good memories after I finish everything.”


He expressed his thanks towards his fans. “I should have promoted the film better, but I just didn’t have time because of I had to film the drama. ‘Feng Shui’ is released, and I’ll probably attend stage greetings. When the movie [is no longer in cinemas] , I’ll start to miss those busy times. So please watch the film a lot and remember it.”


Don’t miss out on Ji Sung as Cha Joo Hyuk in “Familiar Wife.” Check it out below!




Watch Now




Source (1) / soompi news


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Ji Sung says he no longer drinks because of his baby




Ji Sung revealed he no longer drinks.


The September 21 airing of KBS 2TV's 'One Night of TV Entertainment' included an interview with Ji Sung. 
Reporter Kim Tae Jin asked Ji Sung about his plans following the interview. Ji Sung shared he's attending the final screening/dinner party for his tvN drama 'Familiar Wife'. When asked if he'll be enjoying drinks at the event, he responded, "I don't drink."
Ji Sung explained, "I used to drink but I came to hate it now. I have a baby so I don't want to show her my drunk side."
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Korean Box Office for the Weekend 2018.09.21 ~ 2018.09.23


Korean Box Office for the Weekend 2018.09.21 ~ 2018.09.23

The number one movie this week is "The Great Battle" (안시성)


Korean Box Office - Admissions for the Weekend 2018.09.21 - 2018.09.23 (www.kobis.or.kr)


# Films Release date Week-end Total
1 "The Great Battle" (안시성) 2018/09/19 1 128 399 1 409 522
2 "Fengshui" (명당) 2018/09/19 548 990 758 859
3 "The Negotiation" (협상) 2018/09/19 445 104 618 427
4 "The Nun"   366 371 544 854
5 "Searching"   87 047 2 736 014




(skipped unrelated.....)



Source : www.hancinema.net/kor...

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Drama viewership ratings for the week of Sep. 17-23, 2018




Over on Wednesdays and Thursdays, time travel romance Familiar Wife kept its first place standing, though it never did make it into double digits. Nevertheless, I’d say it was a successful drama comeback for Han Ji-min, as well as her onscreen hubby Ji Sung.


Wednesday, Sep. 19      
Ghost Detective 9 KBS 3.3%
Ghost Detective 10 KBS 3.8%
The Guest 3 OCN 2.6%
Time 29 MBC 2.7%
Time 30 MBC 3.3%
Your Honor 29 SBS 6.3%
Your Honor 30 SBS 8.3%
Familiar Wife 15 tvN 6.7%
Thursday, Sep. 20      
Ghost Detective 11 KBS 3.0%
Ghost Detective 12 KBS 3.3%
The Guest 4 OCN 3.2%
Time 31 MBC 3.6%
Time 32 MBC 3.6%
Your Honor 31 SBS 6.3%
Your Honor 32 SBS 8.4%
Familiar Wife 16 tvN 7.9%




(skipped unrelated.....)



LINK to read FULL article : http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/09/drama-viewership-ratings-for-the-week-of-sep-17-23-2018/

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*** JS seems like a very sweet husband. I adore this man! :P





Ji Sung Talks About How He’s Happiest When With His Wife And Daughter




Ji Sung is truly a loving husband and father.


The actor recently sat down for an interview regarding his film “Feng Shui.” Though he talked about the film and his co-stars, he also spoke at length about his family.


On constantly staying in shape, Ji Sung shared, “Though I am actor Ji Sung, I’m also my daughter Ji Woo’s father. I want to be a healthy father. I also want to show her what a healthy father looks like for a long time. That’s why I started doing action [practice] five years ago. There’s an action school near my house, so I practice action and have it ingrained into my body. Since I’ve gotten older, there’s limits to learning. It’s not easy to immediately jump into a project [with action], but continuously practicing action helped.”


He then expressed his love for his daughter and wife, saying, “I’m happy when I wake up in the morning with my daughter and my wife. Recently, I filmed a guerrilla date broadcast, went to a last episode viewing, and returned home at around 1 a.m. The next day, wouldn’t I be tired? But when my daughter Ji Woo says, ‘Dad, the sun’s up. You have to get up,’ then how can I not get up?” He laughed and said, “I’m really happy.”


Ji Sung remarked, “Before I got married to my wife and we were dating, love was my destination, and there was a time when it was my goal. If I had big dreams about acting before my marriage, rather than my dreams about acting, my dreams about my family got bigger. I think that when my dreams about my family are achieved, the synergy for my acting will also get bigger. Lee Bo Young changed me a lot, and loved me so that I could love myself.”


Lee Bo Young is currently pregnant with the couple’s second child.




Source (1) / soompi news






The Top K-Drama Stars On International Fans’ Radar For September 2018




For the month of September, there are some rising stars on “Viki Top Celeb,” a monthly list of top celebrities followed and visited by viewers on the Rakuten Viki site.


Two popular actors have made their first appearances on the chart! Ji Sung takes No. 5 among male actors, while Song Ji Hyo comes in the same spot among female actors.


Ji Sung recently played a leading role in the tvN drama “Familiar Wife.” The star has been recognized for his work in dramas such as “Defendant,” “Kill Me Heal Me,” “Entertainer,” and many more.


You can bring your favorite star to the top by visiting viki.com (or downloading the app) and going to their page and following and/or commenting!



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news



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“Familiar Wife’s” Jang Seung Jo Shares How His Wife Finds Ji Sung Relatable


Actor Jang Seung Jo, who appeared in “Familiar Wife” as Yoon Jong Hoo, recently gave some interviews in which he talked about his wife and whether he’d ever appear on family variety shows like “The Return of Superman.”


Jang Seung Jo said, “My wife found Cha Joo Hyuk [Ji Sung’s character in ‘Familiar Wife’] relatable. I wondered if I was really like that.”


He continued, “I’m not a multitasker. I was arguing with my wife while driving and I accidentally went the wrong way. My wife said at the time, ‘Seo Woo Jin [Han Ji Min’s character] scolds her husband because Cha Joo Hyuk is just like this.’ I was like, ‘Why are you bringing up Cha Joo Hyuk at a time like this?'”


Jang Seung Jo is married to Lina, a musical actress who was a part of the girl group CSJH before making a name for herself in musicals like “Jekyll and Hyde,” “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” “Monte Cristo,” and more. They welcomed their first child last month.


Jang Seung Jo said, “In the end, I’m grateful and living a happy life. I often tell her that I’m happy that she married me. I’m even more grateful now that we’ve had a baby. I’m just glad she’s by my side. My wife always says that I’m a good husband, but I’m lacking in a lot of ways. When I say stuff like this, I feel like I’m getting smaller, haha.”


About his new duties as father, he said, “It turns out being a parent is really hard. When I watched my wife give birth, I felt so much love and respect for her. My goal is to be a good father. Being a good husband and a good friend is also included in the definition of being family. I want my family to think I’m a good person.”


He added, “I was offered a chance to appear on a family variety show, but I don’t want to reveal my private life. I’m going to quietly do my work and quietly raise my child. My wife agrees with me, and in fact she was even more against the idea of doing a show like that.”


He also expressed his gratitude for the popularity of “Familiar Wife.” “I don’t know how long this interest will last, but it’s a great motivator. The only part that’s visible to me is that my Instagram follower count has gone up. It surprises me everyday.”


If you haven’t already, you can watch “Familiar Wife” below:




Watch Now




Source (1) (2) (3) / soompi news







*** I’m happy for JS that his movie, “Feng Shui” surpassed 2 million moviegoers! According to the Korean Film Council, the movie surpassed 2 million moviegoers yesterday, in the morning of October 2 KST. The film was released on September 19. Here's a photo of them celebrating together with a cake while holding up two fingers meaning, 2 million moviegoers. Congratulations to the cast and crew of “Feng Shui”! :P




credit : soompi news

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October Drama Brand Reputation Rankings Announced


The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed this month’s brand reputation rankings for dramas!


The rankings were determined through an analysis of the consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, community awareness, and viewership indexes of 34 popular dramas, using big data collected from September 7 to October 8.


Check out the top 20 dramas for this month below!

  1. “My Only One”
  2. “Mr. Sunshine”
  3. “I’m a Mother Too”
  4. “Love Until the End” (literal title)
  5. “100 Days My Prince”
  6. “Terius Behind Me”
  7. Familiar Wife
  8. “Sunny Again Tomorrow”
  9. “My ID is Gangnam Beauty”
  10. “The Third Charm”


(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news

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*** I can say that JS seems like a perfect husband. I hope she could find someone in the future just like JS, she wants a family like his. He has a complete perfect family. :P




Han Ji Min talks about how she wants to have a family like Ji Sung




Han Ji Min praised actor Ji Sung.

On October 11, the first episode of KBS2 'Happy Together' season 4 welcomed Han Ji Min as the guest and Hwang Min Hyun and Ji Sang Yul as the special MCs. 
During the show, Jin Sang Yul asked Han Ji Min, "Who's the actor that you had the best chemistry with?" Han Ji Min replied, "I am very lucky when it comes to partners. If I had to choose only one then it's Ji Sung sunbaenim who I recently worked with." 
She explained, "His eye pupils are big like a puppy. He has pretty eyes and he also has a pure heart."


Han Ji Min added, "What I admire the most about Ji Sung sunbaenim is that he tries his best as an actor, and he's also the perfect husband and the perfect dad," and said, "He made me want to have a family like his."





source : allkpop

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Han Ji Min talks about how she wants to have a family like Ji Sung




Han Ji Min praised actor Ji Sung.


On October 11, the first episode of KBS2 'Happy Together' season 4 welcomed Han Ji Min as the guest and Hwang Min Hyun and Ji Sang Yul as the special MCs. 
During the show, Jin Sang Yul asked Han Ji Min, "Who's the actor that you had the best chemistry with?" Han Ji Min replied, "I am very lucky when it comes to partners. If I had to choose only one then it's Ji Sung sunbaenim who I recently worked with." 
She explained, "His eye pupils are big like a puppy. He has pretty eyes and he also has a pure heart."
Han Ji Min added, "What I admire the most about Ji Sung sunbaenim is that he tries his best as an actor, and he's also the perfect husband and the perfect dad," and said, "He made me want to have a family like his."

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Holiday films fail to break even: Experts say audiences found options to be unoriginal and flat



Clockwise from top left are scenes from “The Great Battle,” “Fengshui,” “The Negotiation” and “Monstrum,” all of which are big-budget features released in time for the Chuseok holiday last month. [NEW, CJ ENTERTAINMENT, LOTTE ENTERTAINMENT, MEGABOX PLUS M]




During the Chuseok holiday season last month, audiences were offered rife choices in cinema. Hoping to produce a box office smash, distributors enthusiastically pushed big-budget releases starring high profile actors. Four weeks after their arrival, however, there seems to be no obvious winner.

Hoping to attract large crowds during one of the most popular movie-going seasons of the year, “The Great Battle,” “Fengshui,” “The Negotiation” and “Monstrum” arrived in theaters just in time to fight it out over the holiday.

Despite high expectations, none of the four films managed to reach their break-even-points by this Monday despite the fact that the total number of tickets sold last month rose by more than 30 percent on-year, backed by the holiday season.

According to the Korean Film Council on Tuesday, more than 3.5 million tickets were sold over the three-day Chuseok holiday - the most since 2008.


“Fengshui,” which tells the story of the futility of human greed through the depiction of people who fight over the perfect spot to bury their ancestors. “Fengshui” stars Cho Seung-woo and Ji Sung.


“Releasing four big-budget movies during the Chuseok season resulted in reckless competition,” said film critic Hwang Jin-mi. “There still seems to exist a common perception that the Chuseok holiday is the most lucrative season to release movies because big families are expected to spend time at the cinema over the long holiday. But people’s lifestyles have changed. Not as many people spend their holiday with their family anymore.”

Hwang also pointed to a lack of creativity from movie production studios.

She added, “The essence of these films are pretty much the same as the ones audiences have already seen so many times before, except with different A-list actors.”

Instead of spending large amounts of money on seasonal movies, it is crucial to distribute the spending on smaller movies throughout the year, according to movie critic Kim Heon-sik.

“Films [released during the Chuseok holiday] imitated elements commonly used in successful movies, which mostly relate to the use of CGI. This ultimately raises production costs,” said Kim.



(skipped unrelated.....)



BY JIN MIN-JI [jin.minji@joongang.co.kr]


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*** JS is attending the Seoul Awards for this year’s ceremony! He won an award in drama category last year so, he will be back to present the award that he won. The Seoul Awards, which is in its second year, will take place on October 27 at Kyunghee University’s Grand Peace Palace. It will be broadcast live via SBS at 6 p.m. KST. :P





15 Golden K-Dramas That Are Always Worth Rewatching


As an avid K-drama watcher, there are a lot of dramas that I’ve watched more than once. There’s many factors that play into wanting to watch a whole series more than once. Most of the time, it’s because of two main reasons: the two main leads and their chemistry, and how captivating the storyline is. I find myself enjoying these dramas just the same the second time around despite already knowing the outcome. Here’s my list of 15 K-dramas that are worth the re-watch!



11. Kill Me Heal Me


“Kill Me Heal Me” stars Ji Sung as Cha Do Hyun and Hwang Jung Eum as Oh Ri Jin in this melodrama that involves a man with multiple personalities falling in love with a psychiatrist. One of the main reasons why this series is such a delight to watch and can be watched repeatedly is for Ji Sung and his incredible acting skills. He’s able to portray several different personalities so flawlessly.


How can we forget Yona?




And the cool Shin Se Gi?




It’s truly a performance by Ji Sung that can be appreciated for many years to come!


Start watching “Kill Me, Heal Me”:




Watch Now



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news

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12 K-Drama Couples That Took Their “Reel” Romance To “Real” Wedding Bells


Can you believe it’s already been a year since Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki tied the knot? It was the wedding of the decade, with fans all over the world congratulating the couple and the media in a frenzy to cover. The union between the two stars was even more special due to the fact that they met on a drama set, taking their “reel” romance to “real” romance. Song-Song shippers rejoiced as they saw their drama favorites find true love with each other. And it’s not the first time onscreen chemistry bled into real life. Let’s take a look at other K-drama couples who made shippers’ dreams sail by tying the knot in real life.



Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young




The couple met on the set of the 2004 drama “Save the Last Dance” before confirming their relationship in 2007. They got married in September 2013.



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news

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9 Unique Ways Korean Celebs Met Their Significant Others

Their love stories are like no other!



Some couples meet through friends, others may meet by chance, and others still might have met through work. But while each person’s love story is completely different, these 9 couples met and fell in love in some of the most amazing and unique ways out there!


5. Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young’s celebrity barrier

While Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young first met on the set of Save the Last Dance for Me in 2004, it wouldn’t be until 2007 that these two stars would reconnect. The couple, however, didn’t quite get the fairytale story that K-Drama couples normally do.





First Ji Sung had to overcome the barrier of being a celebrity. Lee Bo Young once admitted that Ji Sung had to ask her out several times before she agreed because she didn’t want to date a celebrity. It wasn’t until he told her that he would give up acting that she agreed to go on a date with him. Then the two had to overcome all sorts of rumors. For every year that the two were together, a new rumor would emerge that the two had split.




Eventually, those rumors were put to rest when the couple announced their marriage plans in 2013 and a few months later officially tied the knot. Now the couple has a sweet daughter together!





(skipped unrelated.....)



source : koreaboo

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Interview translated by @mistymorning at MR.SUNSHINE thread th_tq.gif


From Lee Jung-Eun(Haman daek) interview from StarNews(https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=108&aid=0002733005)


October 8, 2018


'Mr Sunshine' Lee Jung-Eun "Lee Byung-Hun, he's even better actor on site" (Interview)




Actress Lee Jung-Eun(49) revealed her thoughts on her co-actors Lee Byung-Hun and Ji Sung in different dramas.


During the interview with Lee Jung-Eun in cafe in Gangnam Gu Seoul on 8th, she left lovely comments about Lee Byung-Hun from tvn Sat/Sun drama 'Mr Sunshine' and Ji Sung from Wed/Thur drama 'Familiar Wife'.


Lee Jung-Eun made us laugh when we talked about Lee Byung-Hun who is about same age with LJE, saying that "Actually, I'm 1 year older than him". She also said "Byung-hun ssi actually has soft baby facial hair. I said "Your mom bore a great son." When I told him "You're just so handsome" he just gave a laugh."


Working on Mr. Sunshine she said she got a lot of calls from her friends asking for her impression of working with Lee Byung-Hun. “As an actor working together he is even better in site than watching on screen. He really prepared well before the shooting”


Lee Jung-Eun also talked about Ji-Sung who she acted together in 'Familiar wife'. "Ji Sung ssi is great too. I had a fondness for him as an mother-in-law. Maybe due to long experience in working in the field, they both are very kind people. I guess the "All-In" teams are all doing well."


Lee Jung-Eun acted as a nanny/guardian of lady Go Aeshin(Kim Tae-Ri) . Also, in recently ended drama 'Familiar wife', she was the mother of female lead Seo WooJin(Han JiMin), loved by viewers.


한해선 기자 hhs422@mtstarnews.com

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*** Finally.............I'm done watching his last drama, Familiar Wife" continuously this time.  I love “Familiar Wife” – I find it good. Aside from the fantasy angle, there’s a good mix of humor and seriousness in the drama. The opening episodes of the drama set things up well to showcase the difficult lives both Joo Hyuk and Woo Jin have. The situation they are in can be relatable to many people. Then we get to go on a journey with him as Joo Hyuk is no longer married to Woo Jin, and she has a very different life because of the changes. I liked how the drama depicted Joo Hyuk rekindling his feelings for Woo Jin by using events in the new present to trigger memories from the past of them originally falling in love. I also really loved the relationship between Joo Hyuk and Jong Hoo. These friends had such a fun rapport with each other. I found “Familiar Wife” to be a mostly pleasant watch overall. The drama was an entertaining story that nicely highlighted how what one person does can greatly affect another. The drama is fun in a way that made for a thoroughly enjoyable journey.Still the same ever since, JS is a very versatile actor, able to convey expressions and emotions superbly, and just has a charisma about him.  He keeps things entertaining. I’m also actually pretty impressed with HJM in this drama. NICE that the couple see & realize THEY  have some major flaws to address before any marriage will work. “Familiar Wife” is establishing that a good marriage comes from having a partner that makes you want to be a better person. :P


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*** Of course, if it's JS, I can't say no.  I hope he takes the offer! I'm always here for him. :lol:





Ji Sung In Talks to Star In 1st Medical Drama In 11 Years




Ji Sung may be starring in the upcoming SBS drama “Doctor Room” (working title)!


On January 17, Namoo Actors confirmed, “It’s true that Ji Sung has received a casting offer for the male lead of ‘Doctor Room.’ He is currently reviewing [his offer to appear in] the drama.”


“Doctor Room” is a new medical drama that will tell the story of doctors who specialize in pain management. Ji Sung has been offered the role of Cha Yo Han, a genius anesthesiologist who is also the youngest professor at his medical school. 


Should Ji Sung take the role, “Doctor Room” will mark his first medical drama since the hit MBC drama “New Heart,” which premiered in December 2007.


Are you excited to potentially see Ji Sung star in this new drama?


In the meantime, you can watch Ji Sung in his latest drama, “Familiar Wife,” here:




Watch Now




Source (1) / soompi news

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