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"Familiar Wife" Ji Sung Time Travels to Get Han Ji-min Back




On the latest episode of the tvN drama "Familiar Wife", Joo-hyeok (Ji Sung) wanted Woo-jin (Han Ji-min) back and searched for the coin that would take him back to 2006.


Woo-jin, Jong-hoo (Jang Seung-jo), Joo-hyeok, and Hye-won (Kang Han-na) went on a vacation together. Hye-won was picky and complained about everything.


She was hyper aware of her crush, Woo-jin, but she fell asleep after two shots of soju. Joo-eun (Park Hee-bon) said, "I thought she couldn't sleep around strangers?"


Woo-jin laughed saying that she was cute.


However late at night, Woo-jin fainted with a high fever. Joo-hyeok searched for the correct fever reducer for Woo-jin. He found himself calling her his 'wife'.


Joo-hyeok went through the trouble of getting her something for her fever, but she was taken to the hospital by Jong-hoo (Jang Seung-jo).


Back at The Pension, Joo-hyeok worried about Woo-jin.


However, Jong-hoo was also madly in love with Woo-jin and he tried to kiss her when she was sleeping. Joo-hyeok saw this happen.


Joo-hyeok looked for the year 2006 coin at the bank. He wanted to go back to the past and change everything.




Source : www.tvreport.co.kr/?c...

Translation : Hancinema

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"Feng Shui" Teaser Is Internet Hit




"Feng Shui" released a teaser with a dramatic story line and tension swirling around characters. It's become a hit online.


"Feng Shui", a movie about the conflict and passion between a genius geomancer named Park Jae-sang (Cho Seung-woo) and those who seek the throne, released a teaser on Facebook on the 20th.


The teaser begins with mighty power trying to use Kim Ja-geun's (Baek Yoon-shik) land to take over the throne. Later, Park Jae-sang falls into dispute with those who are blinded by the greed for power.


Park Jae-sang and Hong Seon (Ji Sung), who are plotting against the mighty power, learn about the site where the second generation king will be born and anticipate change.


"Feng Shui" is coming out on the 19th of September.



Source : sports.donga.com/3/al...

Translation : Hancinema

LINK to watch the video : https://www.hancinema.net/feng-shui-teaser-is-internet-hit-121575.html







[Ratings] "Knowing Wife" Ratings Spike When Ji Sung Confesses




On the latest episode of "Knowing Wife", Ji Sung poured out his heart to Han Ji-min and the percentage increased.


According to Nielsen Korea nationwide, the tvN drama "Knowing Wife" rated 7.0%.


The figures increased by 0.5%, which puts it in the lead of all cable and free-to-air dramas.


Cha Joo-hyeok (Ji Sung) tried to reverse the time traveling situation, but couldn't. He decided to accept reality and wish Seo Woo-jin (Han Ji-min) happiness, but his wife Lee Hye-won (Kang Han-na) started suspecting Joo-hyeok and Woo-jin's relationship.


Meanwhile, most dramas on Thursday were pre-empted due to the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games between Korea and Iran.




Source : enter.etoday.co.kr/vi...

Translation : Hancinema


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"Familiar Wife" Ji Sung and Han Ji-min Hide their Love for Each Other




On the latest episode of the tvN drama "Familiar Wife", Cha Joo-hyeok (Ji Sung) busied himself with trying to make things right.


He went back to the homeless person he met when the time travel happened. He begged on his knees, but the homeless person said, "It can't be undone. Just wish her happiness".


Cha Joo-hyeok tried to get used to the present. He did his best with his wife Lee Hye-won (Kang Han-na) and told Seo Woo-jin (Han Ji-min) good luck with Jong-hoo.


Cha Joo-hyeok remembered it was Seo Woo-jin's father's memorial day and went near her house. He ran into her and found out her mother (Lee Jung-eun-II) was missing. He snuck from his home to help her look for her mother.


Cha Joo-hyeok said, "I regret not doing my best for someone when she was around. I want to tell her I'm sorry". He pretended he was talking about someone else.


Seo Woo-jin said, "I hope your word get delivered to that person. I have to say everything I want to, but this time I'm going to try to be a grown up and feel it through my heart".




Source : news.nate.com/view/20...

Translation : Hancinema

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Ji Sung’s And Han Ji Min’s Families Fatefully Reunite In “Familiar Wife”




Fate is once again playing tricks with Han Ji Min and Ji Sung in tvN’s drama “Familiar Wife.”


In the drama, Cha Joo Hyuk (Ji Sung) is living his newly changed reality and realizes who Seo Woo Jin (played by Han Ji Min) used to be before their marriage, and one by one remembers the valuable memories he had with her. As he reminisces on his past memories of their relationship, he realizes that he was the one who caused her to change.


On August 28, “Familiar Wife” unveiled stills where Seo Woo Jin, her mother (Lee Jung Eun), Cha Joo Hyuk, and his parents reunite unexpectedly. Their families cause an unpredictable turn of events for Cha Joo Hyuk and Seo Woo Jin.


The photos released are a reminder of the lingering fate between them. The two look extremely perplexed with her mother in the middle. Her mother, who still calls Cha Joo Hyuk her son-in-law even in the new reality, is the only one who seems happy in this situation as she tightly holds onto his arm.


On top of that, they coincidentally run into Cha Joo Hyuk’s parents at the hospital, and the women play a game of cards as if they truly are still a family. Cha Joo Hyuk’s father watches them with a satisfied smile on his face while Cha Joo Hyuk gazes at them with pain and sadness. Despite his decision to step back to protect Seo Woo Jin’s new happiness, the two people’s connection leads to their families being tied together, signaling a complicated development.




The production crew stated, “The entanglements surrounding Joo Hyuk and Woo Jin in episode eight will be a turning point. They will face unpredictable changes. Please look forward to Ji Sung and Han Ji Min’s acting that will make you feel even more sympathetic.”


The next episode of “Familiar Wife” will air on August 29 at 9:30 p.m. KST.


In the meantime, check out the latest episode below:




Watch Now




Source (1) / soompi news






Han Ji Min And Ji Sung Thank Girl’s Day’s Hyeri For Her Support For “Familiar Wife”




Girl’s Day’s Hyeri is such a sweetheart!


The idol recently visited the set of “Familiar Wife” and also prepared a coffee truck for the cast and crew.


Hyeri notably worked with the two leads of “Familiar Wife,” Ji Sung and Han Ji Min, in other dramas. She starred in SBS’s “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” in 2015 alongside Han Ji Min, and headed SBS’s “Entertainer” with Ji Sung in 2016.


Han Ji Min and Ji Sung thanked the idol for personally coming and shared photos taken with her on Instagram.


Han Ji Min wrote, “Hyeri, who appeared on set like sunshine on a rainy day. The whole crew was smitten. Let’s work hard today as well with these feelings of excitement!”


Ji Sung expressed, “Hyeri gifted our team a coffee truck today. Thanks so much!! ‘Entertainer'”




“Familiar Wife” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. KST. Check out the latest episode below!




Watch Now




Source (1) / soompi news

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4 Things To Look Forward To In The Second Half Of “Familiar Wife”




“Familiar Wife” has been capturing the hearts of viewers with its fantastical telling of Cha Joo Hyuk (played by Ji Sung), who chose to change past events in his life, and Seo Woo Jin (played by Han Ji Min), his wife from the original past who seems to be tied to his fate no matter what he does. Both Ji Sung and Han Ji Min have been able to convey the realities of dating and marriage in the face of complicated emotions and strange events.


With Ji Sung’s tearful realization that he is losing the things most precious to him because of his own decision, things are about to get even more tangled and emotional. Here are four things to keep an eye out for in the second half of the drama.


1. Ji Sung and Han Ji Min’s fate

In the altered present, Cha Joo Hyuk reminisced on the precious time he had spent with Seo Woo Jin and what she had really been like. This is something that he had forgotten while in the original present. He thought about the lovely memories he had made with her, and eventually accepts that he was in fact the one who made her change. Unable to find the mystical tollgate and undo what he had done, he eventually decided to let her go and wish her happiness, after seeing her enjoying her life to its fullest.

Though he made the decision let go, fate had something different in mind. Seo Woo Jin continued to have strange dreams and became confused about her feelings for Cha Joo Hyuk, as she found him familiar and warm. Knowing more and more about their history as the drama unfolds makes watching their relationship in the altered present even more difficult. Only time will tell whether he will be able to re-reset their past, or if his new altered present was actually meant to be.

2. Unpredictable relationships

The relationships surrounding Cha Joo Hyuk and Seo Woo Jin have begun to crack. So far, the biggest change was Lee Hye Won’s (played by Kang Han Na) anger as she observed the changes in her husband Cha Joo Hyuk. There was also the riskily developing romantic relationship between Seo Woo Jin and Yoon Jong Hoo (played by Jang Seung Jo), Cha Joo Hyuk’s best friend.

Strangely enough, Seo Woo Jin’s mother’s (played by Lee Jung Eun) memory of her son-in-law, as well as Cha Joo Hyuk’s sister Cha Joo Eun’s (played by Park Hee Bon) marriage to his friend Oh Sang Sik (played by Oh Eui Sik) prevailed against the alterations in the past. Though Cha Joo Hyuk’s actions have definitively shown that there is indeed a ripple effect to one’s actions, the question is just how much of an effect there will continue to be in these relationships.

3. Lee Jung Eun and the mysterious man from the subway

Though she has Alzheimer’s in both realities, Seo Woo Jin’s mother remembered Cha Joo Hyuk, her son-in-law from the altered past, clearly. Another strange character was the unidentified man from the subway, who seemed to know everything about travelling to the past. In the second half of the drama, the mystery behind these two characters will be unveiled, and they will add even more twists and turns to the story.

4. Relatable office comedy

The seemingly normal characters at the bank have added extra bouts of refreshing laughter. From dealing with the worst customers, to catching a voice phishing criminal, the chaos never ends at the branch. As the drama continues, Cha Joo Hyuk and Seo Woo Jin will be getting into quite a situation as the branch is put into all kinds of danger.

The upcoming episode will further show Lee Hye Won’s anger towards Cha Joo Hyuk and Seo Woo Jin, which will create even more of a ripple effect, as well as Cha Joo Hyuk and Seo Woo Jin’s tightly knit fate.

The production staff stated, “On top of the narrative and emotions that Ji Sung and Han Ji Min slowly built up, there will be a new turn in the changing relationships. Please look forward to the unpredictable second half of the drama.”

“Familiar Wife” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. KST.

If you haven’t already, check out the first episode below!




Watch Now




Source (1) / soompi news





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"Familiar Wife" Kang Han-na Furious at Ji Sung for Helping Han Ji-min




Hye-won (Kang Han-na) was furious when she heard Woo-jin's (Han Ji-min) voice recorded on the blackbox of Joo-hyuk's (Ji Sung)


She headed straight home and threw the blackbox data chip on Joo-hyuk who was laying in bed.


He asked what was wrong and she asked, "I thought you went to visit your co-worker at her hospital? What was Seo Woo-jin doing with you? I never liked her in the first place".


Joo-hyuk said, "Her mother has Alzheimer's and she disappeared. Woo-jin broke down so I couldn't just leave her there".


Hye-won said, "Being too kind is a disease. Stop being so nosy. What was Jong-hoo (Jang Seung-jo) doing instead of you? Woo-jin's mother called you and called you her son-in-law".


Joo-hyuk tried to explain but Hye-won walked out of the room.




Source : www.sedaily.com/NewsV...

Translation : Hancinema

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Han Ji Min And Ji Sung Tearfully Face Each Other In “Familiar Wife”




Han Ji Min and Ji Sung are distraught as they deal with their choices in “Familiar Wife.”


“Familiar Wife” is about Cha Joo Hyuk (played by Ji Sung), a man unhappy with his marriage who is given the opportunity to change the past. When transported to his past, he chooses to not meet his wife Seo Woo Jin (played by Han Ji Min). However, in the altered present, he continues to become entangled with her, and though she cannot recognize him, she cannot help but find him familiar.


Previously, Cha Joo Hyuk decided to accept the consequences of his choice, and to let Seo Woo Jin go and wish her happiness.


Through the process of coming to this realization, his relationship with his wife in the altered present Lee Hye Won (played by Kang Han Na) soured and they divorced. Seo Woo Jin, on the other hand, confessed her feelings for Cha Joo Hyuk and kissed him.


In the released photos, Han Ji Min and Ji Sung shed tears and gaze at each other, caught up in their emotions. Ji Sung looks at her, full of sorrow and regret at his choice, while Han Ji Min grasps her heart. It remains to be seen how their relationship will change after Seo Woo Jin’s confession, and how they will deal with their connection that just can’t seem to be severed.




A source from the production staff stated, “The relationship between Cha Joo Hyuk, who decided to live the fate he shouldn’t have changed, and Seo Woo Jin, who decided to accept her feelings for Cha Joo Hyuk, will be told. There will also be a crucial situation where they are struck with these changes. Please look forward to how their fates unfold.”


“Familiar Wife” airs every Wednesday at Thursday at 9:30 p.m. KST.


If you haven’t already, check out the first episode below!




Watch Now




Source (1) / soompi news

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“Familiar Wife” Holds On To Top Spot In Viewership Ratings With Turning Point In Ji Sung And Han Ji Min’s Relationship




On September 5, Nielsen Korea released the viewership ratings for Episode 11 of tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Familiar Wife.”


Across all paid platforms (cable, satellite, IPTV) nationwide, the episode received average viewership ratings of 7.1 percent and a peak of 8.4 percent. This put it at the top slot once again for all dramas in the same time slot, including cable and public broadcasting channels. In the advertiser-friendly 20-49-year-old demographic, the episode got an average of 4.2 percent and a peak of 5.1 percent, also the highest among all dramas in its time slot.


The episode featured a turning point in Han Ji Min and Ji Sung’s relationship as they deal with the blowback from Han Ji Min’s passionate confession. In this episode, Han Ji Min straightens out her relationship with Jang Seung Jo, saying, “I know he’s a good person in my mind, but my heart keeps looking somewhere else.”


Unfortunately, Jang Seung Jo ends up overhearing their conversation and becomes furious at Ji Sung. Meanwhile, Han Ji Min keeps experiencing strange dreams that feature Ji Sung. When she goes to find him, he tells her the truth: that they were a couple in another life.


However, whether this confession will affect their tangled fates still remains to be seen.


Check out the latest episode of “Familiar Wife” below:




Watch Now




Source (1) / soompi news

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Ji Sung And Han Ji Min Look Peaceful At The Beach In “Familiar Wife”




“Familiar Wife” has released new still images of Ji Sung and Han Ji Min.


“Familiar Wife” follows the story of Cha Joo Hyuk (played by Ji Sung), a man unhappy with his marriage who is given the opportunity to change the past. When transported to his past, he chooses to not meet his wife Seo Woo Jin (played by Han Ji Min). However, in the altered present, he continues to become entangled with her, and though she cannot recognize him, she cannot help but find him familiar.


After Woo Jin’s surprising confession to Joo Hyuk in the last episode, the present wavered once again. Although Joo Hyuk tried to maintain a distance with Woo Jin, Jong Hoo (played by Jang Seung Jo) overheard their conversation, further complicating their relationships. Unable to deal with the burden of being the one to ruin their relationship, Joo Hyuk applied to transfer to another branch at his bank. In addition, Joo Hyuk finally told Woo Jin his secret: they were married in the past.




In the released photos, Joo Hyuk and Woo Jin walk alongside the beach, completely at peace. They wear bright smiles on their faces in several photos, while in others, they look towards each other warmly. With this change in mood from the previous episode, viewers wonder if Woo Jin accepted Joo Hyuk’s shocking confession. The happiness infused in the photos increase the intensity of the show’s storyline.




Their meeting at the beach is not a coincidence, as the location was meaningful for their past selves. This might mark a new destiny for the couple, or become a perfect final meeting for them.


The production staff stated, “Just like Woo Jin’s confession, Joo Hyuk’s confession will also mark a turning point in the two’s relationship. Another fated incident to shake up Joo Hyuk and Woo Jin’s fate awaits. Please look forward to what type of decision the couple will make.”


“Familiar Wife” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. KST.


If you haven’t already, check out the first episode below!




Watch Now




Source (1) / soompi news







"Familiar Wife" Han Ji-min and Ji Sung Kiss in Tears




On the latest episode of the tvN drama "Familiar Wife", Seo Woo-jin (Han Ji-min) told Cha Joo-hyeok (Ji Sung) how she felt.


Seo Woo-jin said, "I know we shouldn't, but my mind's not working that way. It's like it's broken or something. I want to see you and joke with you. You don't seem like a stranger, but you seem dependable".


"I don't know about anything else, but I know that I like you a lot", she added.


Cha Joo-hyeok said, "No, we can't be. No, no". And got up.


Seo Woo-jin grabbed his hand and kissed him.


Cha Joo-hyeok left after saying, "We can't be together" once again.




Source : stoo.asiae.co.kr/news...

Translation : Hancinema

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"Familiar Wife" Ji Sung Stands Up for Son Jong-hak and Is Fired




On the latest episode of the tvN drama "Familiar Wife", Cha Joo-hyeok (Ji Sung) felt guilty about Cha Bong-hee (Son Jong-hak) who was in a difficult spot with illegal loans.


Cha Bong-hee told Cha Joo-hyeok, "They suspect me for getting commission. I told them I would bite my tongue and kill myself, but they didn't' believe me".


Cha Joo-hyeok felt guilty and told Seo Woo-jin (Han Ji-min), "I've been a fool. I should have been more careful. I shouldn't have introduced him like that". However, Seo Woo-jin said, "How is that your fault? It's the guys that tricked him that should take the blame".


"He and you were just out of luck. Sometimes it's just the way it is no matter how much you try to avoid the situation. In that case, you just have to put everything down and deal with it. I did when my father passed away and my mother was showing weird signs".


Cha Joo-hyeok told the disciplinary committee that Cha Bong-hee didn't do anything wrong. He admitted that he introduced him to Han, but he wasn't saying that he had planned on an open public invitation. He said he thought he was going to dinner when he met Han.


Cha Bong-hee received reduced pay for three months and Cha Joo-hyeok was dismissed from his job. Cha Bong-hee told the others that he survived on his own, but couldn't save Cha Joo-hyeok. Seo Woo-jin was shocked. In the meanwhile, Cha Joo-hyeok collapsed in his place when he heard he'd been fired.




Source : tvdaily.asiae.co.kr/r...

Translation : Hancinema

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Ji Sung And Han Ji Min Flash Back To Their First Meeting In “Familiar Wife”




It’s another blast from the past for Ji Sung and Han Ji Min!

tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Familiar Wife” released stills of the lead couple during their first meeting in 2006.


When Joo Hyuk (Ji Sung) got another opportunity to return to the past, he was hesitant to do so because it might negatively impact Woo Jin (Han Ji Min). However, Woo Jin is determined to change their fate herself and heads through the toll gate with Joo Hyuk in close pursuit.




Both of them end up back in 2006, though not how they expected. Instead of meeting on the bus, the two of them somehow end up collapsed together on the crosswalk. How this return to the past will affect their future fates remain to be seen, with only four episodes left in the drama.

The upcoming episode of “Familiar Wife” will air on September 12 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Check out the latest episode on Viki below!




Watch Now




Source (1) (2) / soompi news

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Yoo Jae Myung Talks About Getting Dating And Marriage Advice From Ji Sung, Cho Seung Woo, And Kim Sung Kyun




Yoo Jae Myung recently spoke about his upcoming wedding and turning to his co-stars for advice.

On September 11, a press conference was held for the film “Feng Shui” (working title) with actors Cho Seung Woo, Ji Sung, Baek Yoon Shik, Yoo Jae Myung, Kim Sung Kyun, Lee Won Geun, and director Park Hee Gon in attendance.

About working with Yoo Jae Myung for the third time after dramas “Secret Forest” and “Life,” Cho Seung Woo said, “Because we worked together on so many projects, it feels lonely without him. I feel bored when we don’t film together. He’s the kind of existence that always needs to be by my side. He’s my emotional support system. He’s always warm, gives good reactions, and listens to all of my acting.”

He continued, “There were so many fun stories, but the one that I can think of right now is, well he’s getting married soon. I heard many of his dating stories and every day he said, “Seung Woo, I can’t do this anymore.” He’d say this after coming from an argument. But after making up, he’d say, ‘You should hurry up and date too.'”

He added, “I didn’t know where I should chime in. I hope he’ll be good to his wife.”

Yoo Jae Myung said, “Kim Sung Kyun and Ji Sung are seniors when it comes to marriage, so I think there will be many things I’ll need to ask them. I’m doing well to prepare for my wedding.”

“Feng Shui” tells the story of a genius feng shui master named Park Jae Sang (played by Ji Sung) who can change people’s fate through the ground’s energy and those who try to capture the best land in order to become a king. The film will premiere on September 19.




Source (1) (2) / soompi news

Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews

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September 12, 2018



[Herald Review] ‘Feng Shui’ pretty solid, but not riveting as political drama



“Feng Shui” is a film with solid acting and an awesome-sounding premise, but it made me go “Eh, OK” upon watching.

The setup has betrayal, loss and a power struggle, which amps up expectations for a gripping political drama set in the Joseon era, yet the film does not make as much of an impression as its superior cousin “The Face Reader” did in 2013.

The movie is set in the late Joseon era, when the royal family had all but lost its authority to powerful aristocrats, particularly the Kims of Jeongnam, whose real-life versions are the Kims of Andong.




Cho Seung-woo plays Park Jae-sang, a master of “pungsujiri” or the East Asian art of geomancy, who loses his wife and baby after his loyalty to the king gets him on the wrong side of the powerful Kim Jwa-geun, played by Baek Yun-sik. Kim is the great-uncle of young King Heonjong -- Lee Won-geun -- who sits frustrated and powerless upon the throne.

Over a decade later, Park is embroiled in a political struggle as Heonjong’s uncle Heungseon -- Ji Sung -- moves to thwart Kim Jwa-geun’s plot to keep the royals under the Kims’ control by acquiring the one piece of land that will ensure power throughout all ages.

Director Park does a passable job of keeping up the suspense with intriguing characters and depiction of the peril at hand, although this is not an immensely difficult task with the abundance of quality actors. Cho is good as usual, and Baek’s steady tone and solemn look reek of charisma.

However, the film relies too much on luck, guesswork and brute force to appeal as a political drama.

The same thing happened with another of Park’s films starring Cho, which raises the suspicion that “strong characters, weak delivery” is Park’s modus operandi.

Too much emphasis on pungsujiri was bothersome as well.

Throughout the film, the characters act as if burying their father in an ideal spot would solve all problems. The odd thing is that it actually does.

The complex power struggle for control of the country gives way to a fight over “magical land,” but the plotting for the land itself is laughably simple.

In terms of acting, some of the characters are one-dimensional, which is unfortunate considering their talent. Moon Chae-won and Kim Sung-kyun are both good actors, but they are reduced to rubber-stamp good guy and bad guy roles respectively. You Jae-myeong as Park’s best friend provides some comic relief but is mostly forgettable.

Lee does a passable job of depicting the angst of a youth up against an overwhelming enemy, but his tone and the way he delivers his lines just don’t work for a period piece.

The biggest problem is Ji Sung’s Heungseon, who should’ve been the highlight of the film. Ji is a good actor, so why is he slurring all of a sudden?

Heungseon’s emotional struggle should have carried the show; despite being the main character, Park actually has a supporting role in the real story arc. Ultimately, it is Heungseon’s story. Yet Ji’s performance is flat, and that costs the whole movie.

Veteran actor Park Chung-seon, who plays a rival “pungsujiri” master, is among the few that exceed expectations. His character steals nearly every scene he’s in, but that is not nearly enough to redeem the entire show.

Overall, “Feng Shui” is not a bad film at all. But it should have been much, much more, considering the amount of talent that went into it.

Anyone who knows Korean cinema would know to expect borderline greatness from the collection of names on this film -- and would know that “just OK” doesn’t cut it.



By Yoon Min-sik

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*** Jo Jung Suk will be making an appearance (cameo) on “Familiar Wife.” I heard that he had recently finished filming his surprise appearance. He'll play as chef Kang Geon Woo who was Han Ji Min’s first love. Time flies so fast that this drama seems to just begun - but, it's nearing its end. :P

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Ji Sung Talks About Lee Bo Young + Friendship With Cho Seung Woo




On September 18, Ji Sung and director Park Hee Gon appeared on SBS’s “Park Sun Young’s Cine Town” ahead of the release of their upcoming film “Feng Shui.”


DJ Park Sun Young began by bringing up Ji Sung’s currently on-air drama, tvN’s “Familiar Wife.” Ji Sung mentioned that he had around one more day of filming left, as the drama will be airing its last episodes this week.


Park Sun Young then asked how his wife Lee Bo Young had reacted to the drama. He answered, “I’ve never had this sort of thought, but in the drama, I go back in time to change my wife. It’s crazy. My wife said, ‘If your wife were really like that, you couldn’t live with her.’ I think that if I had lived my life like [my character] Cha Joo Hyuk, I wouldn’t have been able to choose this drama. It was probably uncomfortable for [my wife] as I acted, but thankfully it’s just acting.”


The conversation then turned to “Feng Shui.” The director introduced the film as one about the ambition and greed of people who want land, and their choices of what to do with the land. The cast includes Ji Sung, Cho Seung Woo, Kim Sung Kyun, Baek Yoon Shik, Moon Chae Won, Yoo Jae Myung, and more.


On the star-studded cast, the director laughed and commented, “People around me told me that there won’t be a director that will enjoy this kind of a cast in the next 10 years.” He added, “The first task in the casting process was to find eight people who have the acting skills to express ambition well, as well as show harmonious conflict, get together, and split up. The production companies and investors chose the eight cast members without conflicting opinions, and thankfully the eight of them agreed to appear. It felt like I had gathered an army by my side.”


Ji Sung then talked about how he had always been a fan of his co-star Cho Seung Woo. He shared, “We filmed comfortably, respecting each other. I’m a fan of Cho Seung Woo as an actor, and so I got excited even when looking into his eyes while we filmed.


He’s a really good friend. Even though I’m older, sometimes it feels like he’s older. He’s a great person in general. As we acted together, he became reliable. I feel as though we could show great chemistry no matter what kind of scenes we would be given.”


The actor then mentioned his family, as Lee Bo Young is currently pregnant with the couple’s second child. He remarked, “It’s a time when I want to spend a lot of time with my family, but I was filming the drama so I wasn’t able to do so. But I’ll be finishing my drama soon. Whenever filming ends, I go home and see my first child sleeping. I hug her and since I couldn’t be with her, I also whisper in her ear, ‘Dad loves you.'” He added, “My first child’s nickname was ‘BoBae’ and my second child’s nickname is ‘BoAh.’ Both are shortened versions of [Lee] Bo Young’s Baby (ah gi is baby in Korean).”


Ji Sung then adorably remarked that the seat with the best feng shui in a movie theater for him was the one next to Lee Bo Young. He became embarrassed and commented, “It doesn’t seem important where to sit.” He added that he also watched films of genres that Lee Bo Young liked, saying, “Thinking about it now, I think I just watch what Lee Bo Young says to watch.”


“Feng Shui” will premiere on September 19.




Source (1) / soompi news

Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews

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Busy Holiday Season Leaves Viewers Spoilt for Choice




With the ink still warm in the record books for this summer’s box office, the Korean film industry is heading straight back into action for one of the busiest Chuseok holiday seasons of recent memory. Five star-driven titles will vie for glory on the charts as families around the country gather for the festivities.
Chuseok, Korea’s Thanksgiving holiday, is one of the two biggest annual celebrations in the country, along with the Lunar New Year. This year, the holiday will take place from Sunday, September 23 to Tuesday 25, with Wednesday threw in as another day off by the government. In addition, National Foundation Day and Hangeul Proclamation Day will fall on Wednesday, October 3 and Tuesday, October 9, giving fall releases plenty of opportunities to draw in big crowds in 2018.
Among this fall’s five top titles are a new showdown between HYUN Bin and ZO In-sung, who went head to head during the Lunar New Year holiday in 2017 with Confidential Assignment and The King, the latest Don LEE vehicle, last year’s Chuseok champ with THE OUTLAWS, the final entry in a period drama trilogy and South Korea’s first ever period creature feature.


FENGSHUI - CHO Seung-woo




This new period title ends an informal Joseon Era trilogy that began with HAN Jae-rim’s The Face Reader, a Chuseok release in 2013 and continued with the romantic comedy The Princess and the Matchmaker earlier this year. Produced by Jupiter Film, the thematic cycle featured stories inspired by the traditional practices of fortune-telling. To that end, FENGSHUI is a Royal court succession drama centered around the all-important placement of a burial site, hence the title. Several factions come head to head in the Joseon Era as they try to take control of a propitious burial site, which will ensure the identity of the dynasty’s next two kings.
CHO Seung-woo, who initially made a name for himself in IM Kwon-taek’s Chunhyang (2000) and CHUNG Yoon-chul’s Marathon (2005), leads this tense new king’s court drama as a real geomancer. The actor recently made waves alongside LEE Byung-hun in the hit thriller Inside Men (2015) and with BAE Doo-na in the popular TV series Stranger, which was distributed globally by Netflix. FENGSHUI is notable for being the first big budget film to be produced by distributor Megabox Plus M.


(skipped unrelated.....)



source : http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr/eng/news/features.jsp?pageIndex=1&blbdComCd=601013&seq=442&mode=FEATURES_VIEW&returnUrl=&searchKeyword=

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Korean Movies Opening Today 2018/09/19 in Korea




Korean movies opening today 2018/09/19 in Korea: "Fengshui", "The Negotiation", "The Great Battle", and "Beethoven Medley".




"Fengshui" (2018)

Directed by Park Hee-gon

With Cho Seung-woo, Ji Sung, Kim Sung-kyun, Baek Yoon-shik, Moon Chae-won, Yoo Jae-myung,...

Formerly known as "Grave Site"
Began filming : 2017/08/22
Wrapped up filming : 2018/01/05
A period movie about those who struggle to become king and fight over grave sites and a young man who lost his parents attempting to take revenge on the king.



(skipped unrelated.....)



Source : /www.hancinema.net/al...

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Ji Sung And Han Ji Min Go To Work With Their Adorable Kids In “Familiar Wife”





Familiar Wife” is nearing its end.


On September 20, tvN’s “Familiar Wife” released still images of Ji Sung and Han Ji Min ahead of the show’s final episode.


In the previous episodes, Joo Hyuk and Woo Jin began their relationship again after realizing how important they were to each other.


Though their dates and shows of jealousy were normal enough, Joo Hyuk and Woo Jin’s daily life filled them with happiness. The two became a couple again after an amusement park proposal.


In the released photos, the two face their new reality and head to work with their kids. Ji Sung carries two kids in his arms while wearing a look of steely determination. Next to him, Han Ji Min smiles brightly as she holds hands with one child and carries the other in her arms. Although this reality is definitely different from their past where they would fight constantly, there is still something that has changed in Joo Hyuk and Woo Jin.




Viewers are curious to see the new future after Joo Hyuk and Woo Jin’s realization that the problems in their lives weren’t due to other people or the environment, but were something they had to confidently face themselves.


The production staff stated, “Ji Sung and Han Ji Min, who have evoked feelings of empathy all this time, will make their way towards reality in a ‘Joo Hyuk-like’ and ‘Woo Jin-like’ way. All of the viewers are waiting for the conclusion that will contain both feelings of sympathy and romance. Please stay tuned for the final episode of the ‘If’ romance that will unfold through ‘Familiar Wife.'”


The final episode of “Familiar Wife” airs on September 20 at 9:30 p.m. KST.


Watch the latest episode before it’s too late!




Watch Now




Source (1) / soompi news



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