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❤ Ji Sung ❤ 지성 [Upcoming drama : devil judge]

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this site has 37 photos of the hong kong fansmeet. too tiring to post one by one in here.  can go to the below link to see it.  http://slide.ent.sina.com.cn/tv/k/slide_4_704_110140.html#p=1 leaving

​ I don´t really get it!!!! But seems like he is okay with it - who needs an award when a Girl is coming the next time - and - he still is the Winner of so many Hearts - he just felt that for sure whe

cr: http://www.ihktv.com/jisung-linda.html A male fan dressed like Yona, LOL @ Ji Sung, he must be like omg don't attack me. cr: http://hk.on.cc/hk/bkn/cnt/entertainment/20150524/bkn-2015

Guest wongrichard366

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 14 English Sub RAW is now available from 

Kill Me, Heal Me (Hangul: 킬미,힐미; RR: Kilmi, Hilmi) is a 2015 South Korean television series starring Ji Sung, Hwang Jung-eum,Park Seo-joon, Oh Min-seok, and Kim Yoo-ri. It airs on MBC beginning January 7, 2015 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 20 episodes.
A romantic comedy between a third-generation billionnaire with Dissociative Identity Disorder and a first-year Psychiatrist resident who treats him secretly.
After a traumatic experience in his childhood, Cha Do Hyun suffers memory lapses and his personality then fractured into seven different identities. He tries to regain control over his life with the help of Oh Ri Jin, a first-year psychiatric resident who treats him secretly. But Ri Jin’s twin brother, Oh Ri Ohn, is a famous mystery novelist who investigates about Do Hyun and his family.
Main CastJi Sung as Cha Do Hyun / Shin Se Gi / Perry Park / Ahn Yo Sub / Ahn Yo Na / Nana / Mysterious XLee Do Hyun as child Do HyunHwang Jung Eum as Oh Ri JinKim Amy (김에이미) as child Ri JinPark Seo Joon as Oh Ri OhnKim Ye Joon (김예준) as child Ri OhnOh Min Suk as Cha Ki JoonKim Yoo Ri as Han Chae YunDo Hyun’s familyKim Young Ae as Seo Tae ImShim Hye Jin as Shin Hwa RanAhn Nae Sang as Cha Joon PyoKim Yong Gun as Cha Gun HoMyung Se Bin as Min Seo YunDo Hyun’s helpersGo Chang Suk as Suk Ho PilChoi Won Young as Ahn GookRi Jin’s familyKim Hee Jung as Ji Soon YoungPark Joon Gyu as Oh Dae OhRi Jin’s colleaguesLee Shi Un as Dr. Park Min JaeJo Chang Geun (조창근) as Dr. Kang In KyuKi Joon’s familyKim Na Woon as Yoon Ja KyungKim Il Woo as Cha Young PyoKim Hyun Joo as Baek Jin SookOthersKim Hyung Bum as Section Chief ChoiSeo Yi Ahn as Hong Ji Sun (Do Hyun’s matchmaking partner)Heo Ji Woong (허지웅) as Ri Ohn’s editorSpecial appearanceKim Seul Gi as Heo Sook Hee (1-3)Jo Yoon Ho (조윤호) as biker gang’s leader (1-3)Jung Eun Pyo as Do Hyun’s former psychiatrist (ep 1)Woo Hyun as alcoholic patient (ep 1)Goo Joon Yup as The DJ (ep 1)Kan Mi Yun (간미연) as Se Gi’s former girlfriend (ep 1)LU:KUS (루커스) as idol group Rocking (ep 8)Park Seul Gi as MC (ep 8)Jung Hae Won (정해원) as Rocking leader J.I. (ep 11-12)
- See more at: http://runningmanengsub.com/kill-me-heal-me-episode-13-english-sub-raw/#sthash.UffSk1BJ.dpuf

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class="content-title"“Kill Me, Heal Me” Kiss Between Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon Was Unscripted

“Kill Me, Heal Me” Kiss Between Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon Was Unscripted

Viewers of the Wednesday-Thursday MBC, “Kill Me, Heal Me” were in a for a surprise yesterday when they saw a kiss between Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon!

In episode 13, which aired Wednesday, February 18, Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) transformed into one of his seven split personalities, Ahn Yo Na, who is a 17-year-old school girl. She fell in love with Oh Ri On (Park Seo Joon) at first sight through a picture in a previous episode and episode 13 was the first time Yo Na saw him in person. From jumping on him, making him feed her, and calling him oppa, Ahn Yo Na completely crushed on Oh Ri On. She also led him down the streets of Seoul in a chase, which eventually led to him running away from her to avoid a kiss. But Oh Ri On was no match for the strength of troublemaker Ahn Yo Na, leading to an unexpected kiss between the two.

Kill me heal me park seo joon ji sung kiss

kill me heal me kiss

It was later revealed after the broadcast that the kiss was unscripted and that it was suggested by the director while filming the scene, to which Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon readily agreed. MBC also released some behind-the-scenes photos of Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon.

kill me heal me kiss 2

kill me heal me kiss 3

kill me heal me kiss 3

Kill me heal me ji sung park seo joon episode 13 bts stills

Credit : soompi news

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'Kill Me, Heal Me' Behind-the-Scene stills of kissing scene between Ji Seong and Park Seo-joon featuring hilarious action acting


The behind-the-scene stills of kissing scene between Ji Seong and Park Seo-joon have been revealed.

On February 19th, MBC's Wednesday and Thursday drama, 'Kill Me, Heal Me' unveiled the behind-the-scene stills featuring actors Ji Seong and Park Seo-joon under the title, 'Intense triangle relationship, moment of bloody fight'.

In the revealed stills, Ji Seong as the reckless high school girl, Ahn Yo-na, an alternate personality of Cha Do-hyeon is trying to kiss actor Park Seo-joon. Ji Seong impressed the spectators with such an enthusiastic performance resembling action acting charging towards Park Seo-joon and trying to kiss him relentlessly despite Hwang Jeong-eum's efforts trying to stop him.

The kissing scene was filmed in the surrounding area of Hongik University street in Mapo-gu, Seoul on February 15th. The scene drew attention since it was known the scene was unscripted.

Thanks to the natural acting by Ji Seong, who changed facial expression, voice tone, intonation and behaviors channeling a school girl, and the tasteful real reaction by Park Seo-joon, the filming location was full of laughers. The staffs on that day impressed by Ji Seong's acting said, "His acting as Yo-na was so real we were confused whether they were male couple or male and female couple".

Source : www.newsen.com/news_v...

Translation : Hancinema

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'Kill Me, Heal Me' Ji Seong and Hwang Jeong-eum put puzzles together from past


Ji Seong and Hwang Jeong-eum recovered their memories.

On the February 19th episode of MBC, 'Kill Me, Heal Me', Ri-jin (Hwang Jeong-eum) was kidnapped.

Hwa-ran (Shim Hye-jin) found out that Min Seo-heyon, who was Do-heyon's mother based on the family registrar, had a daughter and the daughter was Ri-jin. Hwa-ran hired someone to kidnap Ri-jin.

Do-hyeon (Ji Seong) went out to rescue Ri-jin and figured out she was confined in Hwa-ran's vacation house. Do-hyeon got into a fight with some thugs in front of the vacation house. During the fight, Shin Se-gi was about to come out to the surface and Do-hyeon said, "Let it be my fight. I'll take care of it", while he was struggling with himself in another personality.

When Do-hyeon was going through the struggle, the thugs hit him with a club on the head. With the strike on his head, all of his dormant past memories emerged. He remembered the little girl who had been being abused in the basement was Ri-jin. At the same time, Ri-jin could recall all of her memories from the past while she was hazy out of shock when being kidnapped.

Ri-jin unconsciously shouted, "Don't go" and Do-hyeon heard her voice as if it were a hallucination. .

'Kill Me, Heal Me' is a romantic comedy drama depicting love story between a third generation chaebol, who suffers from multiple personality disorder, and his secret personal physician, who is a fist year resident doctor.

Source : osen.mt.co.kr/article...

Translation : Hancinema

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Guest kumagi3

Kill Me Heal Me is the first Ji Sung drama I watched and I'm instantly attracted to his style!!! He's such a great and dedicated actor! I find actors who just cries without caring much about their image the best kind of actor out there! He has so much subtle expressions and pose that just sells his 7 different personalities in KMHM! 
I'll definitely watch as much of his work as possible! It's so refreshing to see an actor who is so dedicated to his work for a change from all those idol actors who are more mindful about their appearance than their acting. 

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Love these big headed pics...so cute  
cr JS baiduimageThis image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.imageThis image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.imageThis image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.imageThis image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

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February 22, 2015
Cross-dressing actor sparks ‘Yona Tint’ lipstick craze
Actor Ji Sung has unexpectedly become a tastemaker of women’s beauty products as he plays Cha Do-hyun, who has six different identities due to a dissociative identity disorder, in MBC’s hit drama “Kill Me, Heal Me.”

In the 13th episode, Cha becomes his sixth character, “Ahn Yo-na,” an extroverted, sassy teen girl. He wore a school uniform, a hair pin and pink lipstick. 
Even though the scene aired only for a few seconds, the brand name of the lipstick swept most local online portal charts immediately after the episode ended.
The Marilyn Pink shade of Hera’s Sheer Holic Pop Tint, now better known as “Yona Tint,” has sold out after a 144 percent sales spike in department stores. 
“After the episode ended, phone calls flooded in to inquire about the tint, and it was sold out within a few days,” a company representative said. 

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Guest adikkeluangman

The cast and production team watched the first episode together. The atmosphere must be so cozy because some of them even lie down while watching. More in spoiler.10929149_786499824777499_43897013880027410428067_786528244774657_211996666035863


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