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❤ Ji Sung ❤ 지성 / Drama 2022 : Adamas


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Hi all!

This isn't exactly recent news but I've just found the page, browsing through. And I've looked the backpages to see if it had been posted which is the English version of his previous update.

So, here it is... Ji Sung is really making good use of his time in the service.


Actor Ji Sung Becomes Military's Ambassador


Actor Ji Sung, right, who is serving his military duty,

receives from Yoon Kyu-hyuk, commissioner of the

Military Manpower Administration (MMA), a plaque

to commemorate his appointment as public

ambassador of military affairs at the MMA's head

office in Seoul, Wednesday.


Actor Ji Sung has been designated as public ambassador of military affairs, the Military Manpower Administration (MMA) said on Wednesday.

``We believe the top star’s honest service in the military will be an excellent role model for young men and help promote the morale of our service members as well,’’ a spokesman of the MMA said.

During this year, Ji Sung will make a tour of provincial branches of the MMA and serve as a ``daily conscription officer,’’ he said.

Ji Sung, 30, who joined the military last June, starred the drama, ``All In.’’ He belongs to a ``military promotion unit,’’ affiliated with the Defense Media Agency. Most of the unit’s members are entertainers.


02-01-2006 20:04

Source: The Korea Times



p/s: btw, thanks to snow77 for JS & KSY's photos in the Andre Kim's Fashion Show. Never knew that he was in one. ^_^

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Thanks rubie....for translating this into English.

Here are some old pix of Ji sung...though old but nice !



....and some NG pix from his latest drama Save the Last Dance for me.





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Thanks rubie....for translating this into English.

No problem at all. :)

It's my pleasure to share any English updates of Ji Sung... but I didn't translate the article as it was readily available at Korea Times. :blush: :sweatingbullets:

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No problem at all. :)

It's my pleasure to share any English updates of Ji Sung... but I didn't translate the article as it was readily available at Korea Times. :blush: :sweatingbullets:

Oh I see....I saw it in some other website but it was in Korean. Anyway, thanks for sharing...

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jisung oppah is really dedicated to his military duties. hope that when he comes out of the military, he'll be very active again in making a new drama....





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Guest --savers--


congrats to my honey jisung!!!hehe...

and i just want to greet him advance happy happy birthday on feb 27!!

i hope he will celebrate his bday outside the army... ( i hope we will celebrate it together!!) *wishing* hehe.. :D

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omo.... today's ji sung's birthday!!! well, then........... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JI SUNGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gosh, you look so cute!!!!!!!! ahhaha... thanks for the pictures...... i'm just loving them soo much!!!

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rubie posted this in News Thread

Entertainers in Military Stir Debate

By Jung Sung-ki

Staff Reporter


Singers and actors in the entertainment business opt to continue to cultivate their talents while in military service. Seen in the left photo are those who have recently teamed up for a singing contest of a television network including, from left, Ji Sung, Yoon Kye-sang and Park Kwang-hyun. But there are also some entertainers like actor Won Bin, right of the right photo, who chose to be more ordinary to fulfill the mandatory military service. /Yonhap-Newsis

For most South Korean young men over 20, including entertainers, the country's mandatory two-year military service is an unavoidable source of trouble, even more so when civilian careers are put on hold.

So troublesome is it to careers that some attempt to avoid conscription.

One high-profile "draft-dodge" case involving entertainers is that of pop singer Yoo Seung-joon in 2002. The singer is banned from entering South Korea since obtaining American citizenship to evade military service here.

Yet, despite a plan to alleviate troubles some entertainers face from compulsory military service, a heated debate has arisen from two opposing points as ordinary conscripts argue it is tantamount to preferential treatment of celebrities, while those entertainers joining the military say it infringes on their rights to perform normal services.

The Defense Media Agency (DMA), affiliated with the Defense Ministry, announced last Tuesday a plan by which entertainers, such as pop singers and actors, or "those having special talents," will be required to serve as "entertaining soldiers" in a separate unit whose mission is to promote military affairs through a television network or films.

Critics say the scheme undermines the rights of those entertainers concerned to complete ordinary military service.

Currently, the DMA recruits the so-called entertaining soldiers from those who volunteer for the promotion job. However, it has asked the Defense Ministry to increase the current 13 member unit to 30 by amending the related law, the head of the agency said.

"Assigning soldiers having special skills to each post in need is the best way to increase the competitiveness of the military," Yoon Seung-yong, president of the DMA, said in a briefing.

"Frontline soldiers fulfill their duties with their rifles, but these entertainers are doing their military service with microphones. Don’t misunderstand and think that they just have easy going in the military," Yoon stressed.

"I think the agency just wants to take full advantage of top stars in the military to promote the military and raise its program ratings 'free of charge'," said an official at the Good Entertainment Media Group, to which the group, "Shinhwa," belongs. Three of the four band members are scheduled to join the military this year.

Lee Kyung-ho, representative of the Korean actors' union, also criticizes the plan.

"The compulsory military service is one of the most important obligations that all able-bodied men should fulfill for the nation's security," Lee said. "Some entertainers like to appear on a TV screen in the military, but others not. So drafting them in a uniform manner is a serious problem."

A case in point is actor Won Bin serving in a frontline unit in Kangwon Province. The military reportedly wanted to draft him into the DEMA, but Won rejected the offer.

Further, ordinary young men complain of the celebrities' "preferential treatment."

"Celebrities and those in power often avoid military duty or go through an easy military life. It's so unfair," Pfc. Kim Dae-hyun, 22, belonging to an Army supply unit in Pusan said. "They should finish their duties equally without special treatment."

The DMA opened the country’s first military television station _ the Korean Forces Network (KFN) _ last November with the aim of meeting the cultural and educational demands of soldiers. KFN runs 20 hours of programming a day, including defense news, documentaries and a variety of other programs.

"Thirteen members are too small now to cover more than 30 programs," Yoon added. Among those assigned to the agency include actor Park Kwang-hyun, Ji Sung, Hong Kyung-in and singer Yoon Kye-sang, a former member of the boy band "g.o.d."


03-03-2006 18:04

Source: http://times.hankooki.com/lpage/nation/200...18045111990.htm

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WOW! Finally found Ji Sung's thread.

Anyways, like the rest of you, I totally loved him after watching Save the Last Dance for Me. Prior to this series, I had no idea who he was but after finishing thr drama, I was like, WOW! He progressively looked hotter as the show came to an end.

I can't believe he broke up with Park Sol Mi because I was reading about their love relationship at other forums and he was expressing how much he loved her and that he couldn't bear to take their couple's ring off. Also, Sol Mi said she loved him before he left for the army, so I was extremely surprised that 5 months into his army service, they called it off. Looks like all the pairs in ALL IN broke up. Sigh.

But yeah, him in another drama with Eugene would be awesome. They were always so comfortable with each other behind the scenes. Sigh.

Is it true that he started off as a model? He's 30? I thought he was only 29 this year!

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