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Ivy - A ha

Guest oksusu

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Guest rycekrispies1212

Ivy is so awesome. :)

Your voice blends with Ivy's so it's a little hard to distinguish but I can still tell that it sounds nice.

I love your version of BabonGaBwa, btw.

This is former fulawar, right? Haha, I can recognize your voice so easily... ^^

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Guest juki_love

oooooooooooooooooo +_+

it sounds different to the stuff you normally sing but i'm loving it~++ keke also coz i like Ivy ~

it sounds HOT & SEXY~~++!

haha im going crazy #__#

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OMG. Your soundclick avatar. I can't believe I did that. HAHA.

This song very unique. I can't really describe it. It sounds like a genie-ish lullaby from the bohemian days.

You sound really similar to Ivy.

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Guest animagelet

OMGosh. How sexy. I've never heard any of Ivy songs. But that was so awesome. Your voice is REALLY nice. =] It's the kind of voice I would listen to sleep. You should sing some slow ballads. i'd love to hear that.

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