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Choi Woo Shik 최우식

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sang.d IGCaption : #호구의사랑 촬영중!
#호구 #최우식 #이나이에고딩 #교복 #tvn 11017587_342715272596717_1471599612_n.jp
HG classmate or one of the bullies. Looks like CWS is the younger cast in this drama even with among the school mate.

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Guest kwona

hi, i'm new to this thread! Hogu's Love seems good but i'm too busy with uni thingy so haven't watched it. reaaaaally wanna watch it tho..
Wooshik is so cute and funny lol i followed his ig and i think he's a fun person ~and thank you so much for the updates!!! 

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Guest adikkeluangman

----Hogu and Taehee took pictures with their schoolmate.
15-03-10 00_0705 InstagramCaption : #호구의사랑 #태희 #호구 #배우 #최우식 #최재환 #오투미디어 #smile #동인천 #열심 #교복 #얼스타그램 아 진짜ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ태희역할로 나오시는 최재환선배님..?께서 열심히 하라고 해주시고 사진도 찍어주신다고 같이 찍고 아 감격이다 진짜 처음으로 호구씨께 말도 걸어봤다 아 머릿속이 새하얘져서 할 말도 다 못했어요 아 한 맺혀 진짜 감격이다 완전 사랑해요❤11018367_838360059568789_284646231_n.jpg

15-03-10 da__mi__kim InstagramCaption : #동인천 #호구의사랑 #최재환 #최우식 #감사합니당 #설렘반 #두근반 #재밌다 #좋다좋아지혜덕에♡지혜땡쿠11055687_1556621187949869_953063042_n.jp

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Guest adikkeluangman

Sohee and Choi Woo Sik to possibly pair off in zombie movie
Sohee might be making her first comeback in seven years to the big screen through zombie movie, 'Busan Bound (or On The Way to Busan or For Busan).'  Joining her might be Choi Woo Sik from her former agency, JYP Entertainment!
Her current agency, BH Entertainment, disclosed to My Daily on March 24, "She is positively reviewing her appearance in 'Busan Bound.'"  If she accepts, she will be playing a baseball club manager on the fastest train in Korea, the KTX, to Busan.  

Choi Woo Sik might be joining her in this disaster film worth 10 billion KRW (~ 9 million USD).  Agency JYP Entertainment's rep told Newsen on the same day, "Choi Woo Sik is in the final stages of mediating his appearance in movie 'Busan Bound.'  There are a few aspects we still need to discuss." 
In the movie, he will be playing the talented clean-up hitter of a baseball club who fights off zombies with confirmed actors Ma Dong Seok and Gong Yoo while they're riding the KTX to Busan.  He will be having a sweet love line with Sohee, the basbeall club manager, if both confirm their roles.
The movie will cover the three to four hours of the people aboard the KTX the day after the 'Seoul Bound' story when people are going 'Busan Bound.'  After the casting is completed, the movie will start filming in the first half of the year.
-----From fan and crew Instagram.

15-03-10 schnee_shCaption : #월요일 #화요일 밤에는 #호구의사랑 이제 3주밖에 안남았다 시간이 정말 빨라1741826_359617470907463_1105771126_n.jpg
This must be during the media day at the studio but where is this actually. Hogu home?
15-03-10 splendent_tCaption : #최우식 실물영접 하고왔어여.. 유이도 보고옴 헤헷 사진으로 찍으려다가 동영상 찍고 캡쳐..☆ #호구의사랑 #호구 #우식찡11033044_802226363164347_1818156399_n.jp
While filming outdoor, Choi Woo Shik.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week – March Week 4
2. “Hogu’s Love“: Kissing can lead to rubber legs

We’ve been waiting patiently for more of Do Hee‘s personality and feelings to be shown, and happily this past week, the relationship with Hogu from her perspective was finally revealed. Who knew he was her first love? *squeals*When Do Hee returned, Hogu could tell something was wrong, so, he offered a hug since his family embraces each other without asking questions. Acting upon her feelings, Do Hee kissed him and his reaction was priceless. Once the door closed, his legs turned to rubber, complete with hilarious sound effects, but it wasn’t just him! Inside, Do Hee was also weak-kneed, falling to the ground. Gaaah! We can’t get enough of this couple!
-----HAPPY BIRTHDAY Choi Woo Shik. Hope this year will be as awesome like last year too. Be happy and stay healthy.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @woosiq pic.twitter.com/snua2pbbBg

— JYPnation (@jypnation)

March 25, 2015
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Guest adikkeluangman

Choi Woo Sik thanks the cast and crew of 'Hogu's Love' for a surprise birthday event! 
Happy birthday once again to Choi Woo Sik!  JYP Entertainment already wished him happy birthday, but he also got to celebrate with the cast and crew of tvN's 'Hogu's Love.'
He posted on his Instagram, "An immediate birthday party after I slept and woke up; I love you, my family."  In the picture, his co-star UEE holds up the lovely birthday cake as Choi Woo Sik makes a wish and blows out the candles!

The atmosphere seems so nice and warm, doesn't it?  Netizens responded with, "Our Hogu, happy birthday," "How is your back so cute, too?" and "You've gotten older, but you're still cute, Woo Shik."
Happy birthday again boy. This place looks like the restaurant where Hogu went for his school reunion. There's Taehee with smartphone and isn't that the guy beside him also one of the school bullies. They must finishing filming their few last scenes then.

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Guest kyung-jin

itemprop="name"Happy Birthday: 10 times Choi Woo Shik was too cute for words

by Tanya Rodriguez on Thu, Mar 26, 2015


Choi Woo Shik turns 25 today! Currently starring in Fool's Love alongside UEE, his character Ho Goo is beyond adorable. It seems that is not far of a stretch though, as any internet search churns up photos of the young, charismatic actor being endlessly charming. As proof, here are 10 times Woo Shik was too cute for words!

1. The time they captured video of him quirking his eyebrow during his 1st Look photo shoot (and bless whomever turned it into a GIF).


2. The time he was so bored he couldn't stand it.


3. The time he and Im Seul Ong couldn't keep it together while filming a scene for Fool's Love.


4. The time he couldn't even take a suit seriously so he started playing with his hands during a Ceci photo shoot.


5. The time he tried to be a spy in the Korean version of Fated To Love You.... tried.


6. The time he posed for this photo "kissing" UEE between takes of Fool's Love.


7. The time his character, Do Chi San, acted like a puppy in Rooftop Prince.


8. The time he looked like he had just rolled out of bed with his clothes on.


9. Every time his Pride and Prejudice character Lee Jang Won went mean girl and he had to put a snooty look on his face.


10. The time he channeled his inner bad boy, and it looked GOOD.


So what do you think about Choi Woo Shik? When did you first discover him in a drama? Are you watching Fool's Love? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/happy-birthday-10-times-choi-woo-shik-was-too-cute-for-words/

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Guest kyung-jin

class="at_ttl"Choi Woo Sik Considers Fighting Zombies

BY Julie Jones | Mar 24, 2015 10:43 AM EDT 

Choi Woo Sik

Choi Woo Sik may follow his appearance in the drama "Fool's Love" with a disaster film role.

His agency, JYP Entertainment, says he is currently in the process of negotiating a role in the film "To Busan," which will be directed by Yun Sang Ho.

In the film, Choi Wo Sik will play a baseball player who gets on a train to Busan. It seems like an ordinary trip but then terrible things start to happen. A lethal virus spreads on the train and starts turning people into zombies. His character must do what he can to survive.

So far, a few other stars have agreed to appear in the film and a few more are considering a role. Definitely in are actors Gong Yoo, Ma Dong Suk and Jung Yoo Mi. Still considering a role is Wonder Girls member So Hee.

Choi Woo Sik's current drama "Fool's Love" offered him his first leading k-drama role as the sweet, ethical Ho Gu. Ho Gu means fool and some might say that he becomes a fool for love. Except that there's nothing foolish about his devotion or sense of responsibility. Choi Woo Sik makes Ho Gu charming and likeable.

Before co-starring in "Fool's Love" with Uee and 2AM's Im Seulong, he appeared in the legal drama "Pride and Prejudice with co-stars Choi Jin Hyuk and Bark Jin Hee. In "Pride and Prejudice" he played a half-hearted prosecutor.

And shortly before he appeared in "Pride and Prejudice," he played Jang Hyuk's almost half brother in the comedy "Fated To Love You."

It was a very good year for the actor. In 2014, he also won a Busan Actor of the Year award for his role in the coming-of-age film "Set Me Free." It was one of the year's most successful indie films. He played a 16-year-old who aged out of the group home he grew up in. To survive he enters a religious school, saying he wants to become a priest, even though he does not believe in God.

The Busan Actor of the Year award led the 24-year-old actor to predict that the year would become the most memorable of his life.

"I think I've entered a golden era in my life and feel both happy and worried at the same time as an actor," he said at a 19th Busan International Film Festival press conference.

He need not have worried, as 2015 also seems to be shaping up as a memorable year for him.

Source: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/79253/20150324/choi-woo-sik-considers-fighting-zombies.htm

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Guest adikkeluangman

This is the album OST that soon will be on sale and they made it look like school yearbook. It also include the music score track. Also there will be unreleased pictures from drama.10302120_474052559415429_47377986136615811050807_474052432748775_747443294376777


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Guest adikkeluangman

“Hogu’s Love” Choi Woo Sik Reflects on His First Leading Role
Actor Choi Wook Sik revealed his thoughts on his first leading role in his recent drama “Hogu’s Love.”
With only an episode left, “Hogu’s Love” showed the actor in his first leading role in a drama. With the role, he received much praise from viewers for his fantastic depiction of the main character, Hogu.

“I’m so happy that I was able to complete my first leading role without any problems and with a light heart. I think I will associate this drama with happy memories, but I will also have some regrets.” He further continued, “I want to thank all the actors, staff members, and viewers for helping me focus on Hogu. I also want to thank director Pyo Min Soo who guided me throughout the journey, whenever I was struggling.”
The last episode of the tvN drama will air at 11pm KST on March 31.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Good job everyone.
After School′s Uee marked the end of her drama, Hogu′s Love, writing, "I was so happy and so happy again. Thank you and thank you again. I love you Hogu′s Love!!! I′ll never forget you Do Do Hee!"
-----Rise of The Underdog: Choi Woo Shik, Actor
It’s hard to notice the underdog. He’s standing on the sidelines or warming up the bench, waiting for his time to shine – while we’re all preoccupied with the starting lineup.

And thus, I hadn’t realized that I’d already seen actor Choi Woo Shik more than a few times.
But then came this year’s “Hogu’s Love.”

Choi Woo Shik is in the explosively fun, refreshing drama as the leading man. As Kang Ho Gu, he’s timorous, yet brazen; endearing and sometimes a busybody, yet completely genuine; and that’s when I first noticed the thesp. It’s amazing how beautifully the right casting, writing, and direction can come together. (The show is quite possibly the sweetest thing onscreen lately.)

But let’s back up…this isn’t our first date with Choi Woo Shik; we’ve met that youthful face before.
Full article:http://www.soompi.com/2015/04/01/rise-of-the-underdog-choi-woo-shik-actor/
-----Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week – April Week 1

2. “Hogu’s Love“: Synchronized loveAfter the tears and sweet confession, both Do Hee and Ho Gu wake up in a great mood. Hogu dances his way into the kitchen, singing a children’s song and is busted by his mom. Meanwhile, Do Hee sings the same song, doing a wild dance and is caught by Kang Chul. Ahhh, the beginnings of love!
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Guest adikkeluangman

K-Drama Trend: Return of the Nice Guy

Have you noticed the recent trend of nice guys in male lead roles in K-Dramas? Sure, plenty of bad boys get reformed and transformed because of the girl they love and end up becoming a nice guy. That’s pretty unrealistic in real life though. Recently, there has been an increasing number of nice guys who are nice from beginning to end, true nice guys. They are different from the stereotypical bad boys, but they are not pushovers either. Let’s take a look at some recent K-Drama nice guys and let us know whether you prefer bad boys or nice guys.
Ho Gu from “Hogu’s Love”

Choi Woo Shik‘s Ho Gu is another adorable nice guy. For most of his life, he was too much of a nice guy. He never had a proper girlfriend because many girls took advantage of his sweet nature, so he ended up getting friend-zoned. However, he has the courage to pursue his high school crush Do Hee (UEE) when he meets her at his high school reunion. Later, he finds out that she is pregnant through a chance encounter on a subway. His nice guy quality shines as he sticks by her side through thick and thin. He’s there for her during the delivery and stays despite not even being the father of her baby. He’s truly genuine and caring. Despite being a very nice guy, he’s not unable to stand up for himself. Why can’t there be more Ho Gus in this world?

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Guest adikkeluangman

15-03-13, shecutty InstagramCaption : #호구의사랑 #멋남 #smile~#행복하게 하루시작~~~11023013_1582344345383284_217018637_n.jp
At KC house, CWS took a picture. not sure who is this lady. 

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Guest adikkeluangman

Gong Yoo, Jung Yoo Mi, Sohee, Choi Woo Sik and More Confirmed for New Film
The new film, Busan Bound (translated) has confirmed its impressive lineup. 
Busan Bound is a blockbuster film about the chaos that happens inside a KTX train on its way to Busan as a strange virus begins to spread in Korea.
After being acknowledged for his acting skills and box-office records for Silenced and the Suspect, Gong Yoo has been cast to lead Busan Bound as the character Seok Woo. He is a fund manager that moves the stock market as well as a single father raising a daughter. 
Ma Dong Seok and Jung Yoo Mi will appear as a couple, who somehow find themselves in the middle of the disaster. Ma Dong Seok will play Sang Hwa, who shows strong friendship and fatherly love inside the chaotic KTX train. Jung Yoo Mi will act as Sung Kyung, who is determined to stay put next to her caring husband. 

Choi Woo Sik will play Young Guk, a staff of a baseball team, while Sohee will act as Jin Hee, a high school student and a loyal supporter of the baseball team.
Child actress Kim Soo Ahn, who has worked with many directors in the movie industry, will act as Gong Yoo′s daughter. 
With so many diverse and talented actors joining the cast, anticipation for Busan Bound is rising. 
Regarding the movie′s cast, director Yeon Sang Ho stated, "Due to the interest and passion that the participating actors have shown towards the project, I believe it will be a production with rich quality." 

"This movie is a large-scale project that begins with the animation Seoul Station and ends with Busan Bound. I want to express my respect to all the staff and actors who have joined this project." 
The production staff members that will be joining in this project are also catching attention as they have participated in very successful movies, such as Roaring Currents, The Lawyer, Masquerade, Hwayi, The New World, and Ode to My Father. 
The movie will begin filming in mid-April.
-----So he just rest for few weeks before start filming. All the best. 

최우식, 영화 <부산행> '영국' 역 캐스팅 Choi, Woo-Shik Got the Role of 'Young-Guk' in the Movie <Busan-Bound> http://t.co/zWRGf62Kta Follow @JYPACTORS

— JYPnation (@jypnation) 

April 8, 2015
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Guest adikkeluangman

Choi Woo Sik talks about his affections for 'Hogu's Love' co-star UEE
Actor Choi Woo Sik talked about working with After School's UEE!

He sat down for an interview with Star News and said, "UEE noona doesn't have a boyfriend right now. I'm not in a relationship either, so I was happy that I'd be dating UEE noona in the drama. I dated her vicariously through my character in the drama. When else would I ever have the chance to date UEE noona? It wasn't actual dating, but personally, I was happy. UEE noona probably didn't like it too much, but I was satisfied."
Choi Woo Sik also discussed why he showed so much affection for UEE during their 'Taxi' interview. He explained, "I don't know why I said that back then. I think it was because I was so focused on the drama. UEE noona helped me a lot. She even led the romantic scenes. I liked all the romantic  scenes I had with UEE noona, like the kiss scene or the hug scene. I want to work with UEE noona again. If they ever make a season 2, only noona has to give her permission."
It looks like Choi Woo Sik is really head over heels for UEE! Did you enjoy 'Hogu's Love'?
Why so cute? I remember that Yoon Bak asked him whether he kissed UEE or not in that Taxi episode. Then his brother must asked him a lot about UEE too. The fact that he called her noona even in interview...
-----Another interview by CWS. I wonder why he don't take a picture while doing it. Hope it will get translated soon.

#최우식 tvN '호구의 사랑' 종영 관련 매체 인터뷰 #Choiwooshik Press Interview for tvN 'Hogoo Love' Closing http://t.co/xag096Lr2d


April 8, 2015
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