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15-02-26 From tv_insta Instagram B-wH0kUWoAACsSB.jpg
CWS and UEE on filming for Hogu's Love.
-----8 Hot Male Actors Cross-dressing in K-Dramas
8. Choi Woo Shik

“Hogu’s Love” star Choi Woo Shik dressed up as a lovely lady in the sageuk drama “The Duo” back in 2011. The cute actor actually also cross-dressed for “Rooftop Prince” a year later. Who would like to see him do it again in his latest drama?
-----tvN 'Hogu's Love' Behind-the-Scenes (Wooshik)10986894_460409844113034_49948502700561911021092_460409840779701_196904807516763


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Guest adikkeluangman

tvN 'Taxi' Behind-the-Scenes (Wooshik) - #1B_SJmKrU8AIxwec.jpgB_SJmJbVIAA9rzT.jpg


-----tvN 'Taxi' Behind-the-Scenes (Wooshik) - #2B_SJtVTUoAA7yrH.jpgB_SJtepVIAAPO28.jpg


Is this episode got subbed somewhere or recap?
-----They will released DVD version of movie Set Me Free with director and actors commentary included. Also there will be behind-the-scene footage.
Here is Choi Woo Shik holding the DVD. Looks like he just from filming drama Hogu's Love.10444770_382204455297356_695004400753330

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Guest adikkeluangman

15-03-02 From allure korea Instagram오늘은 사랑스러운 호구 최우식의 B컷을 공개합니다!! #잘생김묻은최우식 #호구의사랑 #본방사수의날 #최우식11022807_1612115179025206_31747436_n.jpg
CWS B-cut
15-03-02 Seulong Instagram (with Choi Woo Shik and baby)호구와 강철이는............ㅋㅋㅋㅋ본방사수 #tvn #호구의사랑10986352_729214073860554_898294563_n.jpg

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Guest adikkeluangman

Halftime Report: 5 Reasons To Love “Hogu’s Love”
I’m in love with “Hogu’s Love” (aka Fool’s Love). It’s because of Ho Gu (Choi Woo Shik). Kang. Ho. Gu.

There, I said it.
It’s the drama I look forward to the most, and I’m watching quite a few these days. The plot wastes no time in sweeping me along and I’m completely wrapped up in the awesome characters, fight scenes, and my favorite: twists!
Warning: this article contains spoilers. 
“Hogu’s Love,” why do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
Full article : http://www.soompi.com/2015/03/05/halftime-report-5-reasons-to-love-hogus-love/

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Guest adikkeluangman

New behind cuts of Choi Woo Shik from a recent drama shoot unleashed
New behind cuts of Choi Woo Shik from a recent drama shoot were unleashed.
On March 8th, the production team of tvN drama 'Hogu's Love' released new behind cuts of Choi Woo Shik.

The photos show Choi Woo Shik helping staffs for a shoot that does not involve him. Choi Woo Shik is playing in 'Hogu's Love' as a guy named Kang Hogu, who would do anything for his first love, Do Do Hee (played by UEE), and many fans and netizens are showing hot reactions for the photos.
The photos show Choi Woo Shik untangling many different chords, and also monitoring the shoot behind a camera. Choi Woo Shik is going through hectic schedules because of his shoots, but it is said that he always stands up first to help other staffs out. 
A representative of the drama's production team said, Choi Woo Shik always offers help to staffs, and all of the staffs really appreciate his existence in our team. He also never loses his energy and smile, always deeply impressing everyone." 
Meanwhile, 'Hogu's Love' airs on every Monday and Tuesday at 11 PM.
-----Same picture as above but more info. So they call CWS as vitamin. How cute. Helpful and vitamin on set.

#Choiwooshik shines as vitamin to all those in shooting site of tvN 'Hogoo Love' :) http://t.co/PbF0Ho9gjJ


March 9, 2015
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Guest adikkeluangman

tvN 'Hogu's Love' Behind-the-Scenes (Wooshik)B_jddYDU0AAhMzW.pngB_jddYXUcAAvRBn.png


Why so adorable Hogu-yah...
-----rosa.K Real Love Campaign (Wooshik) from rosakbag InstagramB_jmfOTUIAAuk1e.jpg
The donation from the profit campaign will be donated to single mother and adopted children through their special care package later.

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Guest adikkeluangman

JYP Entertainment is back on its way up, experiences increase in profits in 2014

It looks like things are looking up for JYP Entertainment these days. On March 10, JYP revealed that they experienced a great performance in terms of profit for 2014! 

JYP stated that during the fiscal year of 2014, their consolidated sales amounted to 48.5 billion won (approx. $43.7 million USD), which is a 127.4% increase from 2013. In terms of net profit, they earned 7.85 billion won ($7.07 million USD), which, compared to their 3.94 billion won ($3.55 million USD) net loss they experienced in 2013, marks a complete turn around for the company. 

JYP Entertainment owes this success mainly to its decision in October 2013 to merge with its unlisted (not listed on the stock market exchange) company, JYP. Following this merge, JYP Entertainment's profit and loss structure was greatly improved and their sales increased. In addition to this, JYP said their self-produced concerts and their subsidiary company JYP Pictures, along with the dramas and movies it led with actors Yoon Park and Choi Woo Sik, contributed to the company's growth as well. 

In 2015, JYP expects to continue with their success. In addition to 2PM and miss A activities, following GOT7's '2015 Asia Showcase Tour,' which occurred during the first quarter, GOT7 will also be holding an Asia Tour in Japan during the second half of the year. JYP will be promoting their rookie girl group during the third quarter, so there's that to look forward to as well! Meanwhile, JYP expects to grow alongside their new business, JYP Pictures, in the world of cinema. 


Top Ten K-drama Moments Of The Week – March Week 2

4. “Hogu’s Love“: I’m a cautious namja

We’re delighted that Ho Gu continues to bond with the baby, but his relationship with Do Hee has also progressed. Inviting her to stay over instead of going to another hotel, we have to hide our giggles right along with Do Hee when he tells her it is safe to stay with him because nothing has happened in his bedroom in the last twenty-five years. Is that how men announce they are virgins these days?
Thinking over what he just said, Ho Gu realizes how it sounds and quickly verifies that Do Hee isn’t laughing at him. We can’t get enough of Choi Woo Shik and his lovable character, Ho Goo!

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Guest adikkeluangman
News article on CWS for last episode.

HG-GD is the OTP all the way. 


#Choiwooshik [tvN 'Hogoo Love'] Hogoo shows indefinite paternal love towards Dohee's baby! http://t.co/MxpM6D0svh


March 11, 2015
I wonder why there also Lee Joon picture. Currently he in SBS drama at the prime time slot on the same day as this one.


At times when playing tug-of-war is essential in relationships, Hogoo (#Choiwooshik) shines with his utmost maturity http://t.co/l7G2VTT7uY


March 11, 2015
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Guest adikkeluangman
8 Male Actors Who Should Debut in a K-Pop Idol Group

It’s common for idols to become actors, but well-known actors are yet to make idol debuts. To make this happen, at least in the imaginary world, we decided to create a fantasy idol group composed with eight actors as its members! Depending on their personalities, looks, and talents, they were assigned to different roles in the group. Can you think of a name for the group? Who would you add on as the ninth member? Let us know through the comments!

The Variety Show Expert - Choi Woo Shik


Just as every class has a “class clown,” every idol group has “the variety show expert,” and Choi Woo Shik is perfect for this role. Although he has been gaining popularity through his reserved character in “Hogu’s Love” recently, he was formerly known for acting adorable or playful characters in dramas like “Rooftop Prince” and “Pride and Prejudice.” His co-stars have also testified that Choi Woo Shik has a light personality, loving to laugh and have fun. Moreover, he has experience in appearing as one of the MCs in the TV show “Beating Heart,” in which he joined real-life firefighters on missions, and showed he is capable of outdoor variety shows.

Here is a clip to remind you of his silliness:

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Guest adikkeluangman

Set Me Free DVD commentary recording session pictures. They also held an event where fans will recieved autograph DVD. In attendances are director Kim Tae Yong, Choi Woo Shik, Shin Jae Ha and Kang Shin Chul.

More pictures in spoiler.


[Fanart] Hogu by jjss001

[Accessories] Choi Woo Shik wears glasses by TOM FORD in this scene via fashionopr
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Guest adikkeluangman

Hogu room.

mmmmjek Instagram (reporter)
Caption : #호구의사랑 #강호구 #호구방 #최우식 #일산CJENM #따뜻하고숨어있기딱좋은방 #힐링드라마 #캐릭터 #tvN

Top Ten K-drama Moments Of The Week – March Week 3

4. “Hogu’s Love“: It’s supposed to do that?!

Although he gets angry that Hogu still believes he’s the father, you can tell Kang Chul wants to be a part of our hero and Do Hee‘s strange little family. It was adorable when both Do Hee and Hogu managed to convince Kang Chul to let them give the baby a bath and even sweeter when he ended up helping out. Not knowing the bellybutton is supposed to fall off, Kang Chul became alarmed and immediately felt guilty when it did, quickly trying to explain it was an accident. We kind of wish these three could adopt the baby and make their own family together.


“Hogu’s Love” co-stars Choi Woo Sik and Lee Soo Kyung show off sibling bond

In a recently-released photo on the set of tvN’s Hogu’s Love, Choi Woo Sik and Lee Soo Kyung, who play siblings in the drama, appeared to look like real siblings. 

In the photo, Lee Soo Kyung, who plays Choi Woo Shik’s younger sister, poses for the camera with her eyes closed as the actor prepares to give her a noogie. The photo, which was shared around the set of the drama, gave staff members plenty to laugh about, with one member even asking the pair, “You’re actual brother and sister, aren’t you?”


The two show a lot of comedic chemistry both on and off the set, and definitely give viewers a feel that they could potentially be real siblings.

Hogu’s Love, which also stars After School’s Uee, is a story of a competitive swimmer who accidentally gets pregnant, and a sweet but naive man who loves her. The drama airs on Mondays and Tuesdays on tvN.

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Guest adikkeluangman

More details or props that added to Hogu and Hokyung rooms to give individual touch. From pictures of the twins together, VHS tapes collection, HG drawing tools, HK make up table with wall of inspiration, white board (I only can read Taehee name) and special custom towel. More pictures in spoiler.


The bromance so good. I love them both in this drama.

tvN 'Hogoo Love' shows bromance in between #Choiwooshik X #Imseulong ! What an eye-candy these two :) http://t.co/pNOJvI5Frb


March 17, 2015
More pictures in spoiler. I hope this article will get translated. It so hard to understand using the online translator. This article provided by JYPE. So they also ship this bromance.


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