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Alice 19th

Guest she stumbles

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Guest ★ rain-a-sky ★

ALICE 19THHHHH! =D It's one of my favorite Mangas ^_^ Thanks for making a board for it :3

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Guest moonies

^i have to agree....i didn't find the plot to be as exciting as some of her other works...does anyone know what is yuu watase lastest work is?

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Guest snaeha_dalis13

aw my post is gone. eh I'll just repost.

I also thought Zettai Kareshi was better than Alice 19th. Alice 19th was kinda boring at times and I didn't really feel for the characters either. Alice was kinda annoying too. Frey made me keep reading though hehe.

moonies:I think her latest work is Zettai Kareshi, which is already completed.

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Guest pikapika

yuu watasa is a greeaaaatt artist

but i find that her stories are kinda lacking...maybe its just me~

like someone said above~i only read for certain characters...she always has some fun quirky character that i end up loving but she ever gives them enough face time

and she usually kills the best characters <_<

also she plays the "sweet shy unhumanly kind girl" and the "hot wealthy tortured sexy guy" waaay too much

but like i said

great artist

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Guest lilangelover

i finished reading the manga a long time ago. mmh personally i think yuu watase's characters are all the same. like all the guys look like Tamahome. and if you think about it some of her stories are kinda the same. the main girl's best friend turns out isn't really her best friend and uses her or wants reveange for something really stupid. like in Absolute Boyfriend and Fushigi Yugi. But still i like some of her stories. the storyline varies and thats good.

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Guest shoko86

LOL give this manga some love would you. XD I liked it. I own all the volumes in english. ^^;; I thought some of it was corny but it was a funny manga to read.

As for her lastest manga... isn't it Fushigi Yuugi Gebu Kaiden?? Its being release in english every other three months. <__<;; I do not know if its completed in Japan or not. Last time I was in Japan, 2 years ago <__<;;, only vol. 1 or 2 was out.

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Just finished this manga. It was good for me. But then again I haven't read all of Yuu Watase's works. I've read some of Fushigi Yuugi and some of Ayashi no Ceres, but not all of the volume of either one. XD

Hmm, but when

Nyozeka died in volume 7

, I cried. XD I don't think I've cried for a manga before. And I read a lot of manga. LOL

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