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[OFFICIAL THREAD] YeoYoo Couple: Yeo Jin Goo ❤ Kim Yoo Jung

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micolbunney said:

hello to everybody,i am new and i am italian so please forgive my future mistakes,i am not so good in english ^:)I love this couple, they are an incredible talent and they're beautiful, I really hope that in the future when they grow up, fall in love with each other Ihihih it's just a little dream :) I read this blog and I find it amazing, you are amazing, you always keep them updated every movement and for this I thank you, I'm reading between the FB pages dedicated to yeoyoo couple, I recently read that during the VIP premiere that there will be a few hours, actor kim soo hyun kim yoo jung and invited yeo jin goo, to participate to support him ;) :\"> :x  yeoyoo will meet soon again.....they are meeting frequently recently? ahahha ;) i wat to see the picturessss *-*

here the news: Kim Soo Hyun in Movie “Secretly Greatly” Press Premiere. Just for few hours, thanks for Kim Soo Hyun's invitation, both Yeo Jin Goo 여진구 and Kim You Jung 김유정 will attend the VIP Premiere to cheer him up!


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On 58th Korean Memorial Day Ceremony, actress Kim You Jung 김유정 was among 5 representatives who received honorable "Big Tree National Love" badge from The South Korea President Park Geun Hye. Oh so proud of You Jung! 자랑스러운김유정정말 이뻐요

Cr: Ng.Huong/Genuine

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Guest thowysg1

aawww...thanks, @joelynchow....our yeoyoo couple standing so close together...so comfy...i wonder when their next project together will be...
this must be our couple's dinner date after this event...another pic..
[c75c10385343fbf2537512b4b17eca8064388fc8_zpsa4962c7f.jpgcredit: baidu

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hello to everybody
i read that this year (2013) there will be a drama called "could we love?" with the couple yeo jin goo and kim so hyun,is true?
I do not understand why do they insist on making these two the main couple more drama, they received low raiting when they starred in "i miss you" and still want to try again with this pair? is not right, nothing against it with kim hyun know, but for me, kim yoo jung is more clever and even more beautiful, but I do not understand why there are still no plans for her this year, all the young actors are working to new drama, except her, I am disappointed, do not understand that many fans want to see them(yeo yoo couple) again play together in a new drama?

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I found this blog of a Korean film and drama critic and he listed his predictions of the next generation of stars according to raw talent, fundamentals, star power, upward potential.  And Yoo Jung came on top followed by Yeo Jin Goo.




STRENGTHS: Simply put, the total package: she’s gone toe-to-toe with blazoned veterans without looking out of place or inferior, tackled everything from auteur cinema (Park Chan-Wook, Na Hong-Jin) to weekend makjang fare on TV; she can act in dialect better than most adults, often sounding like a native and without betraying that manufactured sense of effort often associated with these kind of roles; she’s got excellent technique and extreme versatility, going from cute and cheerful to high octane histrionics without losing a step. Being under the iHQ banner also ensures that she’ll be slowly accompanied to stardom (she’s already begun to plaster magazines with “tasteful” photo shoots, and that’s generally the first step), so we’ve got a future superstar on our hands. Reminds of a young Kim Min-Jung, although hopefully she’ll have a better adult career.

WEAKNESSES: I wouldn’t call it anything damning quite yet, but so far her sageuk performances have been a little underwhelming – although blame must also go to the poor directors (Kim Do-Hoon, Park Hong-Gyun, Kim Geun-Hong, Lee Yong-Seok and hell, even good old Lee Byung-Hoon) she had to deal with. This will most likely change once she starts getting serious roles (so no simple childhood portions) that challenge her a little more.

BEST PERFORMANCE: the double-header as young Yoon Na-Young and Baek In-Gi in Jung Ha-Yeon’s 욕망의 불꽃 (Flames of Desire)





여진구 (YEO JIN-GU)

BORN 1997 YEARS PRO 8 MANAGEMENT Janus Entertainment

STRENGTHS: It took a few years for him to make it clear, but already by 2010 it was pretty explicit that he was one of the few saving graces of a richard simmons poor male acting generation – by essentially stealing the show while surrounded by people who don’t generally get upstaged, like Jung Bo-Seok and Lee Deok-Hwa. He’s a got a cauldron of fire hidden inside, the likes of which we hadn’t seen since Yang Dong-Geun exploded onto the scene. But also the poise and versatility to excel on the other end of the spectrum, something that few people his age are able to do — making him a sort of miniature Ha Jung-Woo. Despite his exploits on TV he doesn’t have name value in Chungmuro quite yet, but what looks to be a potentially iconic role in Jang Joon-Hwan’s 화이 (Hwayi) might change that and catapult him to stardom. And he’d deserve it, as he’s got all the tools to succeed.

WEAKNESSES: He’s got a sageuk and melodrama heavy resume, perhaps to a fault — something that might eventually impact his range. A few eclectic but lighter roles would help – after all, even Ha Jung-Woo has his 러브픽션 (Love Fiction)every now and then.

BEST PERFORMANCE: young Lee Gang-Mo in 자이언트 (Giant)






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class="fbPhotoAlbumTitle" style="font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 18px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: normal; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); margin: 32px 214px 7px 213px; padding: 0px; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; text-align: center; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Interview Photos with Japanese Media (yeo jin goo)

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Guest ej0829

'I pumdal' yeojingu - Kim, Yu - Jeong, 1 year new what happened? 'Certified grew well'

'I pumdal' Kim, Yu - Jeong-growing state yeojingu Storm / picture: MBC 'embraces the month', tvN, Sidus HQEmbraces the months' emerged as a luxury infantile yeojingu - Kim, Yu - Jeong brings the appearance of hunhunham.

Was broadcast on the 20th KBS2 'free, but only' a luxury infantile Kim, Yu - Jeong, seosinae, jinjihui hopefuls appeared on the frank joke. This is Kim, Yu - Jeong eye off the beauty of the water right.


Kim, Yu - Jeong agency, Sidus HQ in the past 12 days seosinae in me2day, jinjihui ohbuthan trip with shots danyeoon certified public. Kim, Yu - Jeong in the picture of the flower printed hot pants with long straight hair, wearing a black T-shirt purity and youthful swagger that last year, "it embraces months' broadcasting time was more mature look.


"Embraces the months' home theater in a Kim, Yu - Jeong caught with yeojingu also unveiled Recent past 13 days. He tvN new daily sitcom 'potato Stars' (a play directed gimbyeonguk Young Chul Lee) Foster of shooting pictures in celebration of the 17th birthday it's been revealed. Paula yeojingu a black tee in the photo wearing glasses full of masculine atmosphere.


Kim, Yu - Jeong yeojingu the storm of growth netizens "This yiyamalro" Thank you for a good sleep. "Many", "It's so different from one year jidani new, what was it?", "Kim, Yu - Jeong yeojingu the feminine and the masculine with the times impressed Iron Wire The exclamation, such as "reacted.


Meanwhile, Kim, Yu - Jeong to reveal the growth in QTV 'I'm Real Kim, Yu - Jeong in LA' is scheduled to roll out in the coming September 23 yeojingu ililgeuk tvN 'potato-specific 2013QR3' will be rolled from.


cr: http://thestar.chosun.com


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annyeong. New to this thread but I love the yeo-yoo couple for ages.I just have a tiny question, cause I have been looking for their vid during the MBC 2012 awards.I'm looking for the whole perfomance.I had seen it before, but i wanna show it to a friend.the previous link I have, has been block already. Is there anyone who knows a working one?

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