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Both agencies has confirmed that Jo Jung Suk and Gummy got married recently in a private promise ceremony with their families!!








Gummy and Jo Jung Suk get married.

Credit: https://netizentown.blogspot.com/2018/10/gummy-and-jo-jung-suk-get-married.html

[+6282, -57] To be honest, Jo Jung Suk's look in the pictures says everything. Rather than marriages getting sponsorship and boasting about networks (it doesn't mean it's 100% bad) this marriage seems more truthful.
[+3501, -43] Honey is dripping from Jo Jung Suk's eyes... and in that picture Gummy looks so happy. Congratulations
[+2408, -74] I wish the culture of wedding ceremony would disappear, saying your greetings to your family like this and registering your marriage and that's it
[+1336, -33] Seeing celebrities with such a good heart, I congratulate you and wish you to care for each other forever and be happy
[+894, -24] It's so good to see you, please live happily all lovey dovey
[+233, -3] Why are you asking why they didn't have a ceremony? They look good!
[+223, -0] I applaud you for the courage of skipping the grotesque wedding ceremonies that have become nothing more than a network show-off
[+195, -2] So what's the point of a wedding ceremony anyway? You two can keep your beautiful pictures and go on a trip you'll remember for a lifetime. You look good. 
[+191, -5] This is the right thing to do. No one cares about the wedding ceremonies. From now on, this is how marriage culture will gradually change.
[+135, -0] A promise ceremony with just the families is good. Gummy's character and personality seem very attractive. Jo Jung Suk really has an eye for women. They're both good people and will live well. 


Congrats to our newlyweds! :wub:

All pictures in HD: https://imgur.com/a/iOmsp3x

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He is someone i always have special place in my heart after seeing his performance at the kings 2 heart.  Was even delighted that he is good friend to my bias and he has a very steady long time girlfriend now wife.  So happy!! :wub:

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I hope he will accept the drama with Yoon Si Yoon!!




More from Drug King promoting:




Cr. as tagged

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