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Jo Jung Suk 조정석 - Upcoming Drama: Hospital Playlist Season 2 in 2021

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"What makes me move forward? Acting! Haha. It really does. Acting is so so much fun... I’m currently rehearsing for a musical. It’s so hard that I feel like dying, but I’m really happy. Even when I’m

Part 4 of the JJS's Japanese blog staff interview! Links to other parts just below. ^^v
[TRANSLATOR'S NOTES: 1) This is part of an interview that the staff of JJS's official Japanese blog did recently. If you want to see the previous parts of the interview go here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.]
Jo Jung Suk, Q&A Vol.4
Q: Is there anything in Japan (in particular) that interests you? Also, what's (your) image of Japan?A: First of all, my image of Japan is an extremely good one. Since up until now, I've gone on two trips to Japan, and the people there were really kind to me. Because I like the people who were kind to me.
Q: In Japan, which city or place do you want to go to?A: Osaka and Kyoto, also I've always wanted to go to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden at least once.
Q: Your favorite Japanese word?A: Kawaii (cute) keke
Q: Your favorite Japanese food?A: I like sushi. Ah! That, udon, and also ramen are foods that I really like.
Q: What spot in Korea would you recommend to visitors?A: Busan (Staff Note: It's a place that I like a lot.)
Q: What kind of woman would you feel attracted to?A: It seems to change every time, but lately, I've been attracted to women with a gentle heart.
Q: When you first meet a woman, what's the first thing you look for?A: I think about first impressions, and after that I pay attention to that person's etiquette and manners.
Q: If you could have a first date in Seoul, what would happen during the date?A: Because I'm a person that likes to perform, I think I would first bring her to an interesting performance (musical/show), and then bring her to a really delicious shop. Since I know of many places, there are places I'll take her to personally.
Q: Around when will you get married?A: My feelings always change, so I often don't really know. As of right now, I want to get married in 3 years. keke

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Twitter updates...
JJS Twitter, September 7th
Suddenly on my way to the beauty salon, one cut^^ [original tweet]
Lately, I've had enthusiastic interviews..For a movie such as "The Face Reader", what kind of movie is it (to you)? I've gotten a lot of trouble questions like those.^^ I've talked about things like this!!! About this excellent movie...  [original tweet]
Please watch the movie, "The Face Reader" a lot^^ [original tweet]
911 ke  [original tweet]
For (the sake of) those asking about Rakku's safety, after a long time, I took a picture of our Rakku~~~ Even for a snack, he uses his high skills, no matter how difficult it is (for him) to eat while sitting, Jo Rakku!  [original tweet]
I'm releasing a lot of the photos I took myself during the time I was filming "The Face Reader" kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke [original tweet]
[original jpn source]

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One drama down, one movie to go for Jo Jung-seokby javabeans | September 8, 2013 | 32 Comments


He just wrapped a drama and has a movie release upcoming, which means more Jo Jung-seok in the news—always a good thing, I say.

He spent the past six months filming family series You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin, although I’d argue that he was terribly underutilized on that show. And that’s despite the fact that he was part of the central storyline! Still, he had moments to shine, and the drama had enough adorable, laughworthy moments between him and co-star IU to make it worth the watch. (Well, if you have no aversion to frequent use of the fast-forward button, that is.)

When Soon-shin wrapped two weeks ago, Jo Jung-seok thanked supporters of the show on Twitter, posting a photo with IU and saying, “I was really happy. Soon-shin-ah. This is a photo taken with Soon-shin-ie on our last day of shoots.”

His other co-star Go Joo-won (who played Chan-woo, sweet and steadfast partner to Yoo Inna) praised him, saying, “Jo Jung-seok hyung really takes on his work with enjoyment and interest. He creates a fun mood that enables his co-stars to enjoy themselves too. He does get fatigued and weary at times too, but he’s always the mood-setter.”


In interviews, Jo Jung-seok was asked about his feelings on wrapping Soon-shin, and admitted, “There were things I was disappointed about, but I have no regrets.” He acknowledged that there were some flaws with the story, but overall took a glass-half-full approach, saying that he’d learned a lot while working on the drama.

Unfortunately, he didn’t go on and elaborate about which of the story flaws bothered him (and there were so many to choose from…), though his diplomatic response is pretty much to be expected. Nobody’s gonna trash the show that employed them and took them to 30% ratings; we only ever hear murmurings of complaint when the drama’s a complete and utter trainwreck (and only in a small minority of those instances). Frankly I want all the gory details, but I suppose I’ll have to live with not knowing.

Jo said, “I don’t think there’s any project out there where you’d feel no disappointment. Even those performances from a long time ago that have become part of my proud filmography—on some score, there were things I felt disappointment in.”


Although… when asked about his feelings after filming The Face Reader, Jo Jung-seok replied, “I didn’t feel disappointment with Face Reader. I’m very satisfied with it.” Ha. What’s the point of diplomacy when you’ve got a movie to promote, right?

The Face Reader stars Song Kang-ho as a man with the ability to read all about a person’s fate and fortune by reading his face, and the people who get up in a dangerous plot surrounding the Grand Prince Suyang (later King Sejo), played by Lee Jung-jae. (The star-studded cast also features Kim Hye-soo, Lee Jong-seok, and Baek Yoon-shik.) Jo reportedly has crackling chemistry with Song Kang-ho (he plays his nephew and sidekick), which makes that a match-up to anticipate.

Though I wouldn’t call the movie a straight-up comedy—there’s a coup plot and high stakes that keep alive a taut dramatic thriller element—I think we can look forward to a comedic thread. (Refer to these hilarious character teasers, full of meta jokes about the cast.) And where there’s a rascally character, there’s gonna be a comparison to Jo Jung-seok’s breakout role in Introduction to Architecture, where he had a minor but memorable role that earned him the nickname Napdeuki (“I don’t understand”) for a scene where he uses that phrase repeatedly while advising Lee Je-hoon.


For having been such a brief scene, I’m a bit amazed at the lasting power of the Napdeuki moniker, but it’s stuck, and Jo was asked how he feels about it. He did wonder whether the image of Napdeuki would follow him around for the rest of his life, but reasoned that it’s not a bad association to have; it made his name known, which is something to be grateful for.

On the other hand, he’s determined not to be held back by that burden and plans to do a lot of acting playing lot of characters. Every time he’s faced with a new character to perform, he looks forward to the challenge: “How will I realize this character through myself?”

Though face reading isn’t something we’d pin our hopes (or the nation’s future) on these days, it’s one of those fortune-telling practices you can have done akin to palm or tarot readings. Jo admits that he hasn’t has his face read, although everyone asks him about it thanks to the movie: “While filming the movie, I didn’t have any curiosity about my reading. I think it was because I was absorbed in my drama. People get their faces read out of fun curiosity, but I wouldn’t go out on purpose to see mine.”

Face Reader opens on September 11, just in time for the Chuseok moviegoing rush.



Via OsenYonhap NewsNewsen

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.Part 5 of the JJS's Japanese blog staff interview! Talks about his career as an actor so far, and what he thinks of the future. This is the last part of the interview. Hope you enjoyed it.
[TRANSLATOR'S NOTES: 1) This is part of an interview that the staff of JJS's official Japanese blog did recently. If you want to see the previous parts of the interview go here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. 2) One of the last questions, when he's asked 'when the drama finishes' is because at the time of the interview, he was still filming YTBLSS. 3) The very last line 'Thank you & I love you' was said in English.]
Jo Jung Suk, Q&A Vol.5
Q: How did you become an actor?A: During my high school years, I went to church. (And) at church, I naturally saw plays and musicals there. Because of that, I thought it looked enjoyable, and I started to become interested. I think (from then on) I grew up having dreams of being an actor.
Q: Which role became a turning point in your life as an actor?A: For the musical, "Hedwig", during my first audition for the role of Hedwig, I fell down. In the end, I was able to do the role of Hedwig. Furthermore, as an actor, my acting became wide as the spectrum.
Q: Are there any actors that you admire?A: That person! There's no one like that, it's just, the actors that I like seem to be all of the actors that I admire.
Q: In the acting that you have done until now, which role do you resemble the most?A: If you mix the roles of Nab-ddeuk (from the movie, 'Introduction to Architecture') and Eun Shi Kyung (from drama, 'The King 2 Hearts') together, then I'm similar to something pleasant like that. ke
Q: Of all the past acting projects that you've done, which line sticks out in your memory the most (or the one you like)?A: In the drama, 'The King 2 Hearts', Eun Shi Kyung's lines:To Lee Jae Shin, "I'll return bold and confident like you. And... When I return, I will tell you in person... I love you."To Lee Jae Ha, "You're the world's strongest king."Those Eun Shi Kyung lines are what seem to stick out in my memory the most.
Q: What is your favorite song from a musical? Please tell us why it's your favorite.A: Because I especially like the rock 'n' roll genre, I like the the numbers from the musicals, "All Shook Up" and "Hedwig". I especially like 'The Origin of Love' from the musical, "Hedwig".
Q: From now on, what role do you want to try acting as?A: Just once, I'd like to try act in a movie with a heart-rending and painful romance storyline.
Q: When you get into character (or forming your character), what kinds of things do you do?A: When thinking about how to get into character, because the authenticity is the most important point, it's like being able to develop the genuineness of that character's thoughts.
Q: While performing on stage (musicals), is there an incident where you made a mistake?A: During one of performances of the musical, "Hedwig", a tomato landed on my chest. That was one of the most confusing incidents that I remember. kekeke
Q: If you weren't able to become an actor, what kind of occupation do you think you'd have?A: Well...  even though there is a lot that I could imagine, my answer seems to have always been an actor.Even though I have skills that I could do personally, what kind of occupation would I have, that would unintentionally last a long time... However, I think acting is something I could continue on for forever.
Q: When the drama finishes, what do you want to do the most?A: I'd like to travel. Because I really like traveling... The feeling of trying anything new while traveling, being able to experience things without any reason, since I like experiencing the process of that the most... 
Q: What will you be like 10 years from now?A: I think I'll always be an actor who acts. As the head of the family, I'll have a loving wife and children as I live happily, right???
Q: How was this Q&A session like for you?A: Looking back, I'd have time to answer these questions again. It was enjoyable.
Q: Please say a few words to your Japanese fans.A: I'd first like to say thank you for all the support and admiration.Look forward to a better actor 'Jo Jung Suk' than I am now with great expectations.I also wanted to tell you...  I will answer those expectations with even greater projects and better roles.Thank you & I love you!
[original jpn source]

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Re-posting this here. I ordered the OST online, and I finally got it in the mail a few days ago. I scanned all the images in the album for everyone so please enjoy.

*Also, the scanned images are large, so sorry if it takes long to load for you lol, but if you want to download the full size scanned album, then go to the download link below.

For those who want a download link: click here

*The download link is a .zip file, if you don't know how to open .zip files, you can use Winzip.

[sCANS] YTBLSS OST (Scanned by Ayame)
























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If only I understand korean:

조정석 "이종석 엄마 된 기분"(인터뷰)

기사 이미지[뉴스엔 글 조연경 기자/사진 이재하 기자]

조정석이 이종석에 대한 애정을 표했다.

영화 '관상'(감독 한재림)을 통해 이종석과 함께 호흡을 맞춘 조정석은 최근 뉴스엔과 인터뷰에서 극중 자신의 캐릭터인 팽헌에 대한 이야기를 나누던 중 이종석을 언급했다. 팽헌은 이종석이 연기한 진형의 삼촌으로 조카를 위해서라면 뭐든 아낌없이 퍼줄 수 있는 조카 바보의 면모를 보인다.

'관상'에서 내경(송강호)의 아내이자 팽헌의 누나, 진형의 엄마는 등장하지 않는다. 대신 내경과 팽헌이 그 어떤 부부보다 금술좋은 모습을 보일 뿐이다. 어떤 사연이 있었는지 역시 설명되지는 않지만 내경과 팽헌, 진형의 관계를 일반적인 친인척 사이로 보기에는 의문스러운 부분이 분명 있다.

이에 대해 조정석은 "나 역시 처음 '관상' 러브콜을 받았을 때 '팽헌은 대체 어떤 인물인가'라는 원초적 고민을 했다. 누나라는 매개체가 있어야 매형, 혹은 조카와 쉽게 연결되는 것이 맞기 때문이다"며 "감독님과 처음 만났을 때 '팽헌은 진형에게 엄마같은 존재다'는 얘기를 해주셨다. 그렇게 생각하니까 착착 이해가 되더라"고 말했다.

이어 "엄마로서 진형을 바라본다면 팽헌이 진형에게 행하는 모든 일들이 자연스럽다. 누나의 자식이기는 해도 내 자식처럼 여기며 엄마로서 접근을 시도했다"며 "내경 역시 마찬가지다. 처남으로 다가가면 보이지 않는 벽이 있을테지만 옆에서 잔소리를 퍼붓는 아내, 혹은 매니저 같은 느낌이라면 공감 가능하다. 관객들에게도 그런 마음을 전달하고 싶었다"고 전했다.

팽헌은 비중, 유머러스한 캐릭터 성격을 떠나 존재 자체만으로 중요한 인물이다. 그런 팽헌을 소화한 '관상' 속 조정석의 연기는 보는 이들로 하여금 편안함을 느끼게 할 정도로 가볍다. 이는 팽헌이라는 역할 자체를 몸에 완벽하게 입힌 조정석의 노력이 있었기 때문에 가능한 일이었다.

조정석은 "사실 팽헌의 눈은 내경과 진형 뿐만 아니라 실제 송강호 이종석을 바라보는 눈과 같다. 현실과 캐릭터의 괴리감이 크지 않아 조금 더 잘 표현할 수 있었던 것 같다"며 "송강호 선배님께서 나에게 보여주신 애정 만큼, 수 많은 신을 연기하며 공유한 감정만큼 나도 종석이에게 더 잘해주고 싶었는데 그러지 못해 아쉽다"고 토로했다.

이와 함께 조정석은 "종석이가 당시 '학교2013' 드라마를 함께 찍고 있을 때라 정말 바빴다. 촬영이 끝나자마자 바로 서울에 올라가 아쉬움이 좀 있다"며 "짧은 만남이었지만 종석이에게 놀랐던건 누가봐도 피곤할 법한 상황에서 늘 열의가 넘치는 모습을 보였다는 것이다. 누구보다 열심히 하는 모습이 괜히 대견스럽기도 했다"고 말했다.

또 "워낙 착하고 선배, 스태프들에게도 잘했다. 바라보고 있으면 그렇게 예쁠 수가 없더라. 예쁘고 또 예뻤다. 한창 팽헌에 빠져 있을 때여서 그런지 진형을 생각하는 팽헌과 같은 마음이 절로 들었다. 진짜 종석이 엄마가 된 기분이랄까? 기회가 된다면 작품을 통해 꼭 다시 한 번 만나고 싶다. 챙겨줘야지"라며 싱긋 웃어 훈훈함을 자아냈다.

조정석을 비롯해 백윤식 송강호 김혜수 이정재 이종석 등 대한민국 최고의 배우들이 총출동한 '관상'은 얼굴을 통해 앞날을 내다보는 천재 관상가가 왕의 자리가 위태로운 조선의 운명을 바꾸려 하면서 벌어지는 이야기를 그린 작품이다. 9월 11일 개봉후 9일만에 400만 명을 돌파, 흥행 순항 중이다.




'Coronary' in diameter (songgangho) heonui Fang's wife, sister, mother of formation does not appear. Instead, the inner and paengheon geumsul than any other couple only look good look. This story describes what happened, but are not well bore and paengheon, formation of the relationship between the general view relatives questionable parts are obvious. response, the cockpit of the "I, too, first 'coronary' when receiving love calls' for paengheon What kind of people are called primordial distress was a mediator must have a brother-in-law sister, or niece, and is constructed to be easily connected "and" When I first met with the bishop "was like a mother to paengheon formation is the 'talk to will tell a will think so, I was understanding because steadily, "he said.


Following "As a mother bondamyeon paengheon Formation at doing all these things to the resonant natural. Just like my sister's child yeogimyeo win as a mother if my child was trying to access" and "bore is true, too. Masks approached her brother have an invisible wall tejiman pouring by the nagging wife, or if managers feel the same empathy is possible that the audience for a heart and wanted to deliver, "he said.



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