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Jo Jung Suk 조정석 - Upcoming Drama: Hospital Playlist Season 2 in 2021

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Cho Jung seok to release new pictorial with CeCiimage

[by Chloe Yun] Actor Cho Jung seok raised female fans’ pulse with his charming CeCi pictorial. 
This pictorial fully expresses Cho Jung seok’s charming individuality: he has both mature man and playful boy inside of him. He took his shirt off, slightly showing off his masculinity, but also keeps his cute-boy image with unique sunglasses. Cho also appealed his mature image in a dandy suit but still emphasizes his playful characteristic as drinking wine with a straw. 
Cho Jung suk will come back to big screen with upcoming movie ‘Physiognomy.’ He plays ‘Pang hun,’ Ne Kyung (Song Gang ho)’s brother-in-law, and will show various sides from comical to serious.
Meanwhile, ‘Physiognomy,’ staring Kim Hye soo, Song Gang ho, Lee Jung jae, and Lee Jong suk, is about a genius Physiognomist who tries to change the destiny of Chosun Dynasty. The movie is set to hit theaters coming September. (photo by CeCi)

contact: news@bntnews.co.uk 


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"What makes me move forward? Acting! Haha. It really does. Acting is so so much fun... I’m currently rehearsing for a musical. It’s so hard that I feel like dying, but I’m really happy. Even when I’m

class="content-title" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 26px; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-weight: 400; line-height: 1.4em; vertical-align: baseline; text-shadow: rgb(255, 255, 255) 1px 1px 0px; visibility: visible;"Lee Jong Suk Is Jealous of Jo Jung Suk?jnkm August 19, 2013 0 CommentsLee Jong Suk Is Jealous of Jo Jung Suk?

What has Lee Jong Suk, one of the hottest stars right now, got to be jealous of? Recently, he showed jealousy towardJo Jung Suk, creating a lot of laughs.

On August 19, the cast of “Physiognomy” (or “The Face Reader“) appeared on MBC’s “Feel Good Day” for an interview.

Actor Song Kang Ho commented, “The cast members get along together so well and their actual personalities shine through the characters so I think the film will be very good.”

Lee Jong Suk added, “Jo Jung Suk hyung is more of the mood setter than I am. When I see senior Song Kang Ho and Jo Jung Suk talking together, it feels like watching a gag show. It’s really fun,” with a laugh.

Then Jo Jung Suk replied, “I never try to be the mood setter. My role is very bright and energetic so I think that’s why it happened to be like that.”

Then Lee Jong Suk said, “Senior Song Kang Ho really cares for Jo Jung Suk hyung. I play Song Kang Ho’s nephew and Jo Jung Suk plays his brother-in-law but it seems like he cares more about his brother-in-law,” with a hint of humorous jealousy.

Then Jo Jung Suk replied, “That’s not true. Song Kang Ho hyung cares for everyone. And Lee Jong Suk probably felt that way because I have more scenes with him.”

“Physiognomy” is set to be released on September 11.

lee jong suk jo jung suk

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Translated an article that talks about when they casted JJS for the 'Introduction to Architecture' movie. Enjoy.

Secret Story Behind the Casting of Movie, "Introduction of Architecture"

Movie producer, Shim Jae Myung, "I thought Nab-ddeuk's Jo Jung Suk's popularity would appear like this."

Shim Jae Myung revealed the secret story behind the casting of Jo Jung Suk's Nab-ddeuk.

Movie producer, Shim Jae Myung, was a guest on the August 13th broadcast of tvN 'Baek Ji Yeon's People Inside'. She revealed the reason behind the casting of Jo Jung Suk, who played the role of Nab-ddeuk in the movie, "Introduction to Architecture", which was part of the vortex of first love syndrome in Korea during 2012.

MC Baek Ji Yeon asked Producer Shim Jae Myung, "When seeing the movie 'Introduction to Architecture', the role of Nab-ddeuk is the most important. How did you do the casting of Jo Jung Suk as the actor for the role of Nab-ddeuk?"

Producer Shim Jae Myung responded and revealed, "At the time when I was looking at the scenarios, I thought that if this movie was going to be a success, the actor who would act the role of Nab-ddeuk would become famous. Honestly speaking, before Jo Jung Suk was casted, many of us were worried. And then, Jo Jung Suk, who wasn't a newbie, suddenly appeared. He was already a person with a lot of ability on stage and with musicals, he's a very famous actor."

She continued by saying, "The scenario of the movie, 'Introduction to Architecture', was lingering around Chungmuro (avenue located in Seoul) since 2003. After I had a meeting in 2008, the movie production began. If you look at the situation like that, according to the eyes of the people that saw the movie, it seems different."

[source: newsen] [original jpn source]

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I quickly translated this from the Japanese ones, once I realized it was out.  Enjoy.

JJS Twitter, August 22nd

Road going to the celebration...


[original tweet]

I also learned a lot of things... I've come to say farewell.^^Since I'm thankful, to say thank you,I'll wait a little more until after this... ^^ 


[original tweet]

Here's the confirmation picture of the thankful feelings that I've received... Thank you very, very much!!
Thank you!!
-Shin Joon Ho-


[original tweet]

[original jpn source: (1) (2) (3)]

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So, for JJS's Official Japanese Blog on Ameba, the staff there took questions from Japanese fans (back in June/July) and had an interview with JJS recently. They posted it on the blog and I translated it, because I love this interview. And it's only part one. Oh my goodness, towards the end I kept giggling like a crazy fangirl as I was translating it. Oh JJS, look at what you're doing to me, LOL! Enjoy.


1) This is only part 1 of the Q&A. The blog will post the next part later, and I will translate that once it's posted.

2) The answer to the first question is just his name in kanji characters, so there's nothing to translate there.

3) "Rakku" is the literal translation of the name of his dog, but I'm not sure if there's better translation for the name. So I'll stick with the literal translation for now.

4) 'ke' in Korean is similar to laughing or 'lol'.]

2013-08-22 17:45:28
Jo Jung Suk, Q&A Vol.1

Q: Please write your name in kanji characters.

A: 曺政奭.

Q: What's your nickname? What name should we call you by?

A: Fans call me "조배우" (*T/N: Jo Bae Woo, or 'Actor Jo' in English).

Q: What is one thing that you always do everyday?

A: Everyday, I always have a cup of Americano! No matter what I have to do, I always have one cup of coffee everyday. 

Q: What do you do on your day(s) off?

A: If I really had a day off right now, I would just stay at home without any plans. I would heal myself by getting some rest and not think about anything else.


[Staff Note: Because lately, he's had a very busy schedule. ^^;;]

Q: How do you relieve stress?

A: Because I'm a very social person, I would meet people and talk about various things to relieve stress. Of course, I would talk about the important things to the people that I love, right?

Q: What's your appearance when you sleep?

A: I (usually) wear shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt to sleep. Ever since I was young, it's become a habit of mine to wear pajamas to sleep... And then, rather than going straight to sleep, I like to lie down for a while before going to sleep.

Q: Please talk about your pet dog, Rakku.

A: Ever since I was young, we raised a lot of dogs in my house, even now my dog's number one charm is that my dog is the most adorable one. And my dog is also very lovely.

Q: What animal do you think a person is similar to? And the reason why?

A: Hm...  I've never thought of that before, I guess a puppy suddenly pops into my mind? Comparing people to other animals, a puppy gives the feeling of being the most lively.

Q: One day suddenly, what if when you woke up and realized you turned into a woman, what would you do?

A: As a woman, I would enjoy it, by doing a lot of things. For example, going to a nail salon to get my nails done, buying a cute dress that I tried on at a department store, ke.

Q: If you could have some things on deserted island, what would you have?

A: The first is my mother, then Rakku (his dog). And then...  I can't have any more than that, right? As long as the two of them are there, I can live in happiness, ke.

[original jpn source]

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Article on YTBLSS. This was the longest article and the most difficult I have ever translated, because some of the words and grammar was a bit advanced for me, honestly. This took so long. TT_TT My head hurts now from figuring stuff out, lol. I hope this makes sense either way.

"You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin" Selected As Drama with Highest Average of Ratings

It's just before the end of KBS2 weekend drama "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin", which holds the record for the most times that a drama had the highest average of ratings in the year of 2013.

Lee Soon Shin (IU), who, in her early 20's, is at a place where she can handle the "ugly duckling" title more than anyone else. To describe the process of how she searches for her dreams and love, "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin" is only the best at showing persistence during the tough situations (in life). While trying to convey forgiveness and reconciliation between family, at the same time, the drama is asking what the truth of happiness really is.Before the last broadcast on the 25th, I tried to compile the results and the well-known secrets of "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin".

Average of the Drama Ratings 25.7%, "The Best" of All Dramas that Broadcasted This Year

Even though the dramas at the beginning of this year, overall, had the trend of ratings that would slowly decline, from the first broadcast of "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin" on March 9th, until the 48th broadcast on August 18th, the average of the ratings is 25.7% (from Episode 1 to Episode 48). Such ratings are a record, by looking at (dramas within) the weekend time-slot.Other competing dramas that became a hit, such as MBC's "Hundred Year Inheritance", had an average of drama ratings of 22.3%. While SBS's "I Can Hear Your Voice" had an average of drama ratings that were higher than 18.8%.

Results such as this is thanks to the various advantages which creates a balance (among the dramas).

With veteran actors who shine like stars such as Go Doo Shim, Lee Mi Sook, Kim Gab Soo, Jung Dong Hwan, Kim Yong Rim and others, along with a flashy line-up of young actors/actresses full of personality, such as Jo Jung Suk, IU, Yoo In Na, Son Tae Young, Ko Joo Won, Jung Woo, and so on, there was a lot of interest in the drama, even before the broadcast started.The reason for the appearance of the various range of ages of the family members is to see their individual personalities, as well as to see the meaning of family.

Especially between Go Doo Shim and Lee Mi Sook, we see the troubles of motherhood and conflicting feelings between the birth mother and foster mother. The love stories of the 3 sisters, Son Tae Young, Yoo In Na, and IU, along with Yoo In Na and Kim Dong Joo's conflicts as in-laws, in which the we see that the new structure of the casting was a success. That also attracts the attention of the viewers, who also sees the synergy that (the cast) bring.

From a Singer to An Actress...  IU's Growth, "Better Than Expected"

Despite IU not having much experience during her acting career, after reaching the lead role of a 50-episode weekend drama, she was able to get the attention of those around her.

As a result of seeing IU's previous work (drama), "Dream High", Director Yoon Sung Shik saw the potential in IU, and it was then that he decided on IU (as the lead role). After the drama broadcasts started, IU started to become a hot topic, from her acting in her crying scenes, to the beginning of the intensity of her emotional scenes, the audience was surprised (by her acting).

Acting out the role of Lee Soon Shin, she has a lot of diverse emotions and lines, from being an 'ugly duckling' to becoming an actress. Including Lee Soon Shin's growth of changing from passive person to an active person, there's the conflict of the birth secret between two mothers, and the natural love line with Jo Jung Suk. Through the drama, "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin", from the acting of the skillful singer to playing the role of an actress, she has been born again with a favorable reputation.

Jo Jung Suk...  God of Sense Who Makes Use of NG Cuts, Personal Participation in OST As Well

Jo Jung Suk, who has had a lot of activities, from dramas to musicals, and as expected, through the drama, You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin" he has been acting in his first lead role. 

Acting out the role of entertainment office President Shin Joon Ho, who looks moody, but is clumsy when in love, using his acting individuality, he shakes a woman's heart as the lead of his love line with IU. Especially Jo Jung Suk, depending on the circumstances, has added vitality to the drama with his sense of acting.

The eating of chili pepper scene that was supposed to be an NG, with his natural sense of the situation, he ad-libbed the scene and made the best of it. Thinking about it, an extra, in principle, who forgets their lines, would instead say lines that would be natural to them, and they'd let the flavor come out even in simple scenes, and they'd also become a hot topic.
Also, to appreciate the singing that he's done in musicals, he directly played the guitar and personally sang, and because of the announcement his OST song, "I Totally Love You", the popularity of the drama increased.

In addition to this, despite the concerns of having to film in harsh conditions, the actors and actresses showed their determination by acting out their roles for the ratings, which leaded the drama as it's driving force.

The official production company, A Story said, "During the long period of 6 months, for the sake of making a good drama, the actors and actresses have acted with amazing determination. Until now, for those who have showed us love from beginning to end, the actors, actresses and staff all give our thanks to you." They also said, "For 'You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin', it was our wish to convey to our audience, the truth of happiness. We hope we were able to leave with some warmth in your heart."

[source: StarToday] [original jpn source]

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Another quick article translate, but this one was a lot shorter and easier to translate lol. Enjoy.
Jo Jung Suk, Ending Party Confirmation Picture, "Thank you very much"cqqe.jpg

Actor Jo Jung Suk posted a confirmation picture of (himself) at the ending party.
On the 22nd, Jo Jung Suk posted on his twitter, "Here's the confirmation picture of the thankful feelings that I've received... Thank you very, very much!! Thank you!! -Shin Joon Ho-", and uploaded a picture along with it.
In the picture that was posted, is the congratulations cake and the presents (packed around him) that the fans sent to the ending party. Jo Jung Suk sat in front of a fan-made poster and faced the camera with a thumbs-up sign to show this thanks.
Upon seeing Jo Jung Suk's ending party picture, netizens had such reactions as, "Jo Jung Suk's at the ending party, thank you for your hard work", "Jo Jung Suk's at the ending party, he seems lonely", "Jo Jung Suk's at the ending party, I'll miss Shin Joon Ho".
On the other hand, in the KBS2 TV weekend drama, "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin", Jo Jung Suk gave us an enthusiastic performance as the role of an entertainment office President Shin Joon Ho. On August 25th, "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin" will mark it's final broadcast with episode 50.
[source: StarToday] [original jpn source]

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Translated this video below. It's funny since it's related to the musical from a while back. Lol at the ending though. Enjoy. [Translation posted below video]

[TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: 1) I separated the lines by the time he spoke them (ex. 'At 00:01'), so you can follow when he's talking. 2) This clip relates to the musical, "치어걸을 찾아서". 3) 'Everxx' refers to "Everland". 4) I put 'xx' in some place because he actually censored some of his words and the 'action-blockbuster-spector-xx' he was talking really fast.]
At 00:05 - Hello! I welcome everyone, from the bottom of my heart, who's boarding on best pirate ship, Dickpunks. Ah, well, I, I'm the sailor who rows the ship, Jo Jung Suk.
At 00:17 - Yes, just like this, just like this.
At 00:21 - The reason I came out here is, before the ship sails, we wanted to ask everyone for a few favors. Everyone who's carrying a mobile phone, please absolutely turn it off. It'll become a bother the person next to you if you talk on your mobile phone. Anyhow, it's a bother, so please try to take it into consideration.
At 00:42 - Ah, recording audio and video (on the ship), you absolutely cannot do that. If I find anyone who does that... yes.
At 00:49 - There's a reason why I row this ship. Quickly before I go on stage...
At 00:54 - However, it's possible during the encore. Please take pictures and videos as you would like (during the encore), as many as you would like.
At 01:04 - Well, now then, other than those from Lotte World...  take medicine for (motion) sickness! Medicine!  I'm trying to have a talk about motion sickness.
At 01:15 - Whatever is left after you take the medicine, later, please do not throw your trash on the floor. Put it in your pocket, and when you return, quickly put it in the garbage can.
At 01:28 - Well, throwing stuff on the stage, that's really bad for me.
At 01:32 - Well for me, that's all the reasons I row the ship. And like that, quickly everyone...  that's okay, right?
At 01:39 - OK! More than those from Lotte World, more than fun at Everxx, more than the style at Gangwon xx...  action-blockbuster-spector-xx!
At 01:51 - At our performance! Enjoy it completely to your heart's content.
At 01:57 - Ah, before that, let's give a loud applause. Everyone, please give a loud applause!
At 02:04 - Yeah, let's go! American?...
At 02:07 - Please give some more loud applause! Yeah! Everybody, come say hello! Let's go! Come on baby, let's go! Everybody.
[jpn translation source]
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So I just subbed the duet and uploaded it on my youtube channel. Video originally from akinahana89 and translated by Fidelity, all I did was the subs itself. ^^v I decided to put different font colors when they sing individually. Hope it's okay. For anyone who wants to see my subbed version of the official OST from JJS: click here.
[ENG SUB] IU & Jo Jung Suk Duet - Beautiful Song[Download Subbed Video]

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Translated it. Enjoy. :)

JJS Twitter, August 26th
I was really happy, Soon Shin~~~This is the picture I took with Soon Shin during the last filming!!!
I want to thank, in my own words, from the bottom of my heart, everyone on all sides who have physically and emotionally worried, given and helped, and supported "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin". [original tweet]

Now that today has come, I've realized little-by-little that it's over!!! I'm thankful to all of the actors, actresses and staff...  Ah, well...  I'm just thankful for everything~~~ kekekekeke^^ [original tweet]
[original jpn source: (1) (2)]

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I translated this just now since I couldn't wait until the weekend, plus it's a lot easier to translate questions like this than a full article. You get to know of JJS's favorite things. ^^v Enjoy. This is part 2 of an interview JJS did with the staff of his official Japanese blog. If you want to see part 1 of this interview: click here.
2013-08-28 11:55:03
Jo Jung Suk, Q&A Vol.2
Q: Your favorite color?A: Blue.
Q: Your favorite season? And the reason why?A: I like winter the most. Since I was born during winter, it brings out the best emotions in me. I like the snow.
Q: Favorite alcoholic drink?A: Although I've tried a lot of alcoholic drinks, my favorite that I prefer to drink is Korea's alcoholic drink, soju.
Q: Your favorite artist (musician)?A: In Korea, it's Gummy, and then 2NE1.In Japan, I've enjoyed myself when listening to various songs by ONE OK ROCK.
Q: Your favorite movie?A: I have a lot (of favorites)...  ^^;; I really like the movies by Korean Directors Bong Joon Ho and Han Jae Rim. I also like the movies that my favorite actors that have been in recently.(Movies such as) "The Iron Lady", "American History X", "No Country for Old Men", "Fight Club", "Lincoln", "Troy", and so on...  there really are a lot, right?
Q: Your favorite food? Food that you hate (that you can't eat)? Out of all the food that your mom cooks, what is your favorite?A: My favorite food is dakbokkeumtang (spicy braised chicken), soondaeguk (pork sausage stew), kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew)...  so on.I generally like Korean food. I also like Japan's sushi, although recently I haven't been eating it.Food that I cannot eat is boshintang (dog meat stew). ㅠㅠMy mother's dakbokkeumtang (spicy braised chicken) is the best ^^!!
Q: Your favorite words?A: I like words similar to happiness, I like all the good words that relate to it.I like words similar "Be happy!" once I hear it, I also like saying it.
Jung Suk's favorite things? [Extra Question]
Q: Would you go to a food stall as Nab Ddeuk?A: Of course. I like food stalls. kekeke
[original jpn source]

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I just translated part 3 of the interview JJS had with the staff from his official Japanese blog. (I posted the links to the first two parts in the Translator's Notes section below.
[TRANSLATOR'S NOTES: 1) You can find the previous parts of the interview in the following links: Part One and Part Two. 2) On the third question--about blood types--was kind of hard to translate, I hope you understand it. 3) The last question, if you put the Korean titles of the song with the Korean name of the singer mentioned, Lee Moon Sae (이문세), you can see the songs mentioned on Youtube.]
Jo Jung Suk, Q&A Vol.3
Q: When you were young, what kind of child were you?A: I was a very curious and mischievous child.
Q: In one word, how would you describe your personality?A: I'm still at a place where I'm trying my best to understand my personality, and now, while trying thinking about that, I think it's important to have a pleasant appearance.
Q: Do you think yourself as an AB blood type?A: It's not that I don't believe in blood types, (it's just) during the times when I have a unique idea... Sometimes I also discover more about my stubborn self-appearance. (laughs)
Q: If you could have a one month vacation (what would you do)?A: I would definitely go traveling. It may be good to travel within Korea, going overseas can be good as well... it'll be good no matter where I travel. I also really want to travel nearby to Japan. If I'm able to go (to Japan), then it'll be my third time traveling to Japan.
Q: You have more beautiful skin than (some) actresses. What's your secret?A: Hahaha...  such a question is always embarrassing.Well...  although, especially a while ago, you didn't get such things from management, recently it's because everyday I get my make-up done and on my days off I receive massages.
Q: What song do you like to play casually on the guitar?A: "Cavatina" from the movie, "The Deer Hunter".
Q: What song do you listen to when you want to feel better?A: To get better, it's important to listen to a song that's healing.Recently, the songs by Korean musicians "Dalmoon" has become healing (for me).
Q: (Your) number 18 at karaoke/noraebang?A: Lee Moon Sae sunbae's songs seems to be number 18 for me.Songs such as "가로수 그늘 아래 서면 (Standing in the Shades of Trees)", "소녀 (Girl)", "휘파람 (Whistle)", "옛사랑 (Old Love)"...
[original jpn source]

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