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[Drama 2012] Nice Guy / The Innocent Man 세상 어디에도 없는 착한남자

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Hello.. I rewatch this drama more than 1 times. At that time eungi got call from secretary about her dad just died. Meanwhile she was busy with maru (maru is the one who using her to get close with ja

Can you believe it!? It's already 3 years since the first episode of our favourite Korean drama Nice Guy aired and we all lost time of our RL to it. So I thought what best way to celebrate it with a g

Guest jjsweeter0211

Call me tomorrow as well, Eun Gi. Your call… I’ll be waiting for it.


Conclusion :  Miscommunication is the problem haizzz...  
cr:  http://salagifs.tumblr.com/

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Guest jjsweeter0211

Awwwww the most hardworking birthday girl of the town :x

This is just such a beautiful coincidence.ChaeKi got to celebrate their birthday on set.It must be destiny :P

Can't wait for the BTS from ChaeWon's birthday :x

cr pic & video to original source

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Good morning naughties.. WEDNESDAY....

never been nervous for Wednesday like this before...goodness gracious!!!
I decided not to post anything yesterday night coz I need to gather my thoughts as well as strength for tonight's episode... off to work.. see you later...let's bomard this thread with lots of naughtiness and awesomeness..
boom! boom! boom!

To all our captains! counting on you!!!
and most especially to @clarclar012...--awesome...grabeh teh!!!never thought you'd be like this.. you're one of the captains now!!!

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Guest brightlii

*looks at above photo*Aw I miss Maru's old hair. T_THis new hair looks good too (almost anything looks good on SJK~ Running Man confirms this), but I like long hair. ><"I hope SJK gets to do a drama with his long ulzzang-type hairstyle that he had a long time ago. (The one he has in beginning of Running Man.)

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  • partyon changed the title to [Drama 2012] Nice Guy / The Innocent Man 세상 어디에도 없는 착한남자

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