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[Drama 2012] Nice Guy / The Innocent Man 세상 어디에도 없는 착한남자

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Hello.. I rewatch this drama more than 1 times. At that time eungi got call from secretary about her dad just died. Meanwhile she was busy with maru (maru is the one who using her to get close with ja

Can you believe it!? It's already 3 years since the first episode of our favourite Korean drama Nice Guy aired and we all lost time of our RL to it. So I thought what best way to celebrate it with a g

Guest juvel10jde

Naughties Good morning!
Count me in..im also a filipina...
It seems like there's a lot filipinos here haha...
anyways..im so excited bout episode 17
MCW looks pretty!!!

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Good Morning to all the Naughties who have woken up, Good Evening to those who have gotten off work and Good Night to those who are going to sleep.
I'm off to sleep. Night guys! Have fun! I'll try to catch up afterwards.
I'll be thinking of NG and you guys during the lecture. :x

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Guest raratarara

good morning naugties, I'm not filipino but may I join this group? ehe..@


I don't think "missing you" will beat "nice guy" since the past love story is too ordinary.... I love yochun and eunhye, both of them are good actor and actress, but I don't fell the chemistry among them... huff... *sad, I fell the chemistry among SJK and MCW stronger than them.... I don't know why.. or because the age gap ???

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of course @raratarara...you're very much welcome in here..this thread is not limited to filipino race only...(we're just too overwhelmed to see a bunch of 'kababayans' joining this thread -off-topic).. I agree with you..can't see the chemistry between yoochun and eunhye..hahahahhaa!!!! SJK and MCW all the way!!!CHAEKI forever!!!! :D

EDIT: anyways, off to work..see you later naughties!!!!!

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Guest mira fathia

it's Wednesday morning at my country !! let's celebrate today
and here I am to keep cheering you guys, no matter what will happen tonight, let's just smile till the end of the drama and keep supporting our EunMa couple no matter what !!

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Guest rach111

i just woke up! and I won't even bother counting how many pages the forum now has since I last visited! I normally read from the latest posts backwards so I won't miss out on anything! heheh. @chrissy96 hahah. Malaysia is a multi-racial country. it's like America, there are Asian Americans, African Americans, etc. So I'm a Malaysian Chinese ^^ Chinese but born in Malaysia. Hahah. we don't really have a one race thing like Korea or China or Japan. We all speak diff languages here, although Malay is the national language. Hahah mine isn't as cool as yours! best of both worlds! You're living my dream! Yeah that would be great if you could help with my Korean from time to time! We should get to know each other more! :D Hahah omg I love this forum ♥

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A little off topic, but I'm watching the RM episode with PBY right now, and when Gwangsoo introduces himself, the other RM members started screaming "Song Joongki's friend! SONG JOONGKI! I like Joongki more. WE LOVE SONG JOONGKI!" ahahahahahh it's sooooo cute! And Gwangsoo is just like "Don't mention Joongki! I have better qualities than Joongki." Then Mongji added "PBY just said something. She said you don't look nice." (I don't know if she meant he doesn't look nice in general or he doesn't look nicer next to SJK, but even they took side with SJK--who wasn't even there ahahah). Hopefully they're all watching Chakkan namja! :P 

I'm really hoping that the NG cast can make their appearance on RM as well! It would be so fun to watch.

Tomorrow's episode in about 12 hours! *is beyond ecstatic* See you Naughties tomorrow morning/tonight! <3 Let's stay strong no matter what! And optimistic! Ahahahaha. *group hug* See you ~ <3

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I knew there was a reason why I haven't slept yet.
MCW looks absolutely beautiful in those wedding pictures.

The smile on EunGi's face looks like all her dreams have come true. This marriage isn't for revenge but it's what she really wants. Perhaps MaRu confesses his love.

Hopefully I am not too optimistic. But. 8->

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Guest rach111

I think it's funny how no one here is against chaeki cause they want sjk for themselves. we've got nice fans here! ㅎㅎ

Although EG is still pretty, they should've done something 'extra'. make her hair nicer or something, idk something different. And like I said earlier, I'm not satisfied With the dress. especially the straps ._. Why didn't they give her a sweetheart neckline or something simple yet dramatic? Judging by the preview, the dress is just meh.

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