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[Drama 2012] Bridal Mask 각시탈


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Hi guys please keep the photos coming. I am trying to look for some good shots so we can recruit Ko En subbers. This drama is competing against I do, I do and  Big. And no I am not talking about ratings, I am more concerned trying to get subbers for a 24 episode drama.


promodm3.jpg  @credit maii888 @viki.com

It's too moody right? I can't even find a good shot of the lead actress. The ones I have her in drag.Sigh.


Jin Se Yeon dancing and another interview where she talks about Bride Mask

This, this is for a laugh since we have her dancing. Man, he had charisma even back then.

A bit different from these photos huh?


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nendevor-  can you do me a favour please? Amongst all those photos are there any that is actually the hero's home? I am trying to sort out the viki page for this drama and I don't read Chinese you see. It looks like the photos are from weibo. Going to use some of those as backdrops etc but don't know which are significant to the drama. Thank you.

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wow! thanks so much for all the pictures! can't wait~

"Bridal Mask" Park Ki-woong fights with Joo Won for a girl


Park Ki-woong has transformed into a teacher.

New KBS 2TV drama "Bridal Mask" revealed a picture of Park Ki-woong on the 9th.

He has taken on the role of Japanese teacher Shunzi who loves Korean children. In fact, he really loves children and gets comfy with them very quickly so he's earned himself a reputation amongst the childrencast of the drama.

However, his one and only love Mok-dan (Jin Se-yeon) loves his best friend Lee Kang-to (Joo Won).

Park Ki-woong says, "Shunzi is a soft character who takes care of the children but changes weakly as he fights for the woman he loves with his best friend".

"Bridal Mask" is a blockbuster drama based on an original by Heo Yeong-man. It is to be aired for the first time on the 30th after "The Equator Man".

source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120509n04398?mid=e0101


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Guest butwal

1st teaser is UP!


It gave me goosebumps all over!! Can't wait for it!!

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Guest butwal

I'm confused. Does anybody know when BM will really start airing? Since Equator Man was extended I thought that would bring us to almost mid-june but it says May 30th on the official website. :blink:

The equator Man is not getting extended so BM will air on the 30th of May as it says in the website!!

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Guest getoba

Press Conference of Gaksital

Thans for the videos of the prescon. The two actress are gorgeous. There are a lot of pretty actress that i don't know. :rolleyes:

I hope they will release a new trailer today.

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5min Long Preview:


Youtube Version:

Credits: JooWon Chinese Fanclub & Bridal Mask Facebook Page

I'm excited!!! I love Jin Se Yeon from My daughter is flower too, JooWon from Okjagyo brothers and Park Ki Woong from the musical.

I haven't seen anything from HCA but she looks gorgeous.

The long preview shows some action from the female lead.. It seems like JW's character is gonna be "evil" at first~haha

Jin Se Yeon's Poster Shooting


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