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[Drama 2012] Bridal Mask 각시탈

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It goes both ways doesn't it? I mean it's not just Kang-to that didn't recognize her but she didn't recognize him too. And if it was Kang-san wouldn't he had recognize her too? I think it's safe to say that since it's been so long they probably don't know what each other looks like anymore.

Although, I still think Kang-to is the little boy just because of that scene in the long preview but I'm not going to deny that there's something going on between Kang-san and Mok Dan too. I just hope Kang-san ends up not liking her because I don't know if I can handle a discourse between ALL three of them (Shunji, Kang-to, and Kang-san). =(

Thanks for the character list, ck1Oz! I'll add it to the first post.

I hope you're right

I believe the knife plays significant role in it, I hope they reveal the young master soon, this is to minimize the complicated lovelines later. I can't stand if Mokdan already develope a feeling to Kangsan because he is gaksital but later she found it the young master is Kangto..., and to make it more complicated shunji also falls hard for her...., this will be so heartbroken, torn not only between brothers but also best friend.

And why i have a feeling that Kangsan will not stay long as gaksital, my prediction is later something bad might happen to him and Kangto will replace him and continue the revenge.

I really enjoy wed-tuesday drama, so many good dramas...:)

I think maybe Mok-dan is swooning over Gaksital and she's going to swoon for him even when Kang-to is going to replace his brother(it would be so funny how she hates him in his everyday persona but she loves him when he's Gaksital). I don't think Kang-san is going to fall for Mok-dan but I think he knows her (if the young master is Kang-to then she also knows Kang-san from when she was young). I think he might save her because of that and because she's Gamsari's daughter and both him and Gaksital are working together. We can already see that Kang-to doesn't really like his job, he seemed sad when the little kids ran away from him when he was trying to be nice to them just because he works for the Japanese. He does it so provide for his family and cure his brother, which is going to be so much more sad when he discovers that his brother is not really sick. I just can't wait for the thing that makes him go to the good side and kick a** as Gaksital.

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Hi Everyone,

Bridal Mask Episodes 1-2 English Soft-Sub Subtitles are out.


Bridal Mask Episodes 1-2 English Subtitles can be found Community Translated Subtitle (CTS) Project:-

URL: http://www.darksmurfsub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4767-bridal-mask-2012/

Please visit the link for more information about the Community Translated Subtitle (CTS) Project. CTS Project is about FANS helping FANS for FAST SUBTITLE RELEASE! Enjoy!

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Episode 1 and 2 got me hooked. Though the torture scene at the end of episode two with Kangto and Dan really makes me doubt how they will have a relationship in the future...I mean she was pretty bloody.

Also, she keeps spitting in his face, I crack up and get annoyed LOL poor joo won.

I really like the setting and time this story is set in, and I love the fashion all the main characters have. Also, really looking forward to the other leading lady next week! She's going to help out Kangto!!

Also is it just me but does this drama remind anyone of a little bit of Iljimae? Both dramas are excellent. :D

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@missyu.shi I will spit at Kang To's face too if i was captured and tortured, Dan can't do anything else beside spitting when she got both hands tied up.. She did kick him and he also pulled her hair and slapped her but it's still bad for a guy to torture a girl.

I really wonder how will this messed up relationship evolve later on. I find Joo Won's shouting a bit too much in first episode but i feel he toned down in ep2, i guess it's the trademark of his character.

Anyways, i'm happy that the ratings is still on top out of the 3 dramas that are airing on the same time..

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((( Episodes 01-02)))

"Bridal Mask (2012) Softsubs"

Subtitles brought to you by:...

~ "The Bridal Mask Team" ~

The softsubs are synced as labeled.

The individual RapidShare links for the softsubs...



NOTE: MediaFire links seems to be getting blocked,

so links from now on will be from RapidShare file host.

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I think the age gap between Joo Won and Shin Hyun Joon is almost closer to Father & Son than being brothers lol.

Whenever I'm watching the older brother(Kang-San) act retarded the line from Tropic Thunder 'Never go full retard' keeps popping into my head. Although it is a pretty brilliant disguise. Who would ever expect him to be Bridal Mask? He acts that way around everyone so nobody realizes he's not brain damaged.

Although you feel bad for Kang-To because the reason he's working for the Japanese is to have enough money to get his brother treated in Tokyo... so he's working for the people who caused his brother to be in that condition while unbeknownst to him his brother is actually fine.

I guess Jin Se Yeon is going to be the next big female actress. Just 19 and she's the main female lead in a major network drama. Heck just last year I saw in The Duo and she was just playing the 'younger' version of one of the main female leads.

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Joo Won's bingo reminds me of Dokko Jin - haha. That was random... 
Anyhow, Joo Won is such a wonderful actor. I've only seen him in Baker King, Kim Tak Gu. In here, he has so many range of emotions... from the facial expressions all the way to the body movements. Joo Won really works as an action star too. I'm already loving his character. He seems quite like the anti-hero at the moment, which I like (or rather prefer). Love how he doesn't immediately swoon over the girl like love at first sight. I'm sure it was him who gave the protagonist the dagger, and they liked each other since they were kids... but I'm happy how he treats her like everyone else because he doesn't know she's the same girl. I hope I'm making some sort of sense here.
The storyline seems very intriguing. I was skeptical at the first episode due to some weird slow motion captures that distracted me from the actual plot. So I'm glad they toned it down. Maybe, because there was less of Bridal Mask himself? Anyway, I hope they stop doing the slow motion stuff whenever the mask dude comes on because it looks so corny - haha. 
I can't wait till next week! Can't wait to see Kang To's development most of all. I love me some unconventional character. Come to think of it, the drama's tone is quite dark.

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The storyline seems very intriguing. I was skeptical at the first episode due to some weird slow motion captures that distracted me from the actual plot. So I'm glad they toned it down. Maybe, because there was less of Bridal Mask himself? Anyway, I hope they stop doing the slow motion stuff whenever the mask dude comes on because it looks so corny - haha. 

No offense but it's funny you said that because in princess man (you're banner) there also a lot of slow motion capture. For exemple the first scene in the first episode. And like in princess man, i don't find them weird in bridal mask. Remind me of chuno.

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i am LOVING this drama! it's a bit darker than the ones airing lately (besides Equator Man), but it's a new and refreshing to watch! 
Joo Won can seriously pull off the @sshole roles!!! he has this thing about him that can make you fall for his cutie side, but also his dark side too! even though his character is a bit much in ep.1-2 right now, i am excited to see the changes! 
also, i am dead curious about how the love lines will start for Kang-to and Dan! after all the stuffs he did to her...how can she possibly like him, right?! 
so far, this drama is really intriguing to watch and i hope that the writer-director won't screw up the good things going for this drama!

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Random question here - In episode 2 during Mok Dan's bath scene, I noticed an immunization scar on her left arm. I would like to know if they still have those in Korea, or was it put in to fit into the time period? Sorry for the weird question, as if people would know how Jin Se Yeon's left arm looks lol
Anyway I am totally digging the drama. I hope it keeps up this great pace of action and plot.

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28 Banners, 12 Gifs, 28 Icons

My love… We got such an OTP full of blood and violence.
Personally, this is my favorite drama among the ones that have premiered recently.

Icons can be used in soompi, however gifs and banners are not for use in soompi since they exceed the signature rules.

So, just enjoy ^^ Hope you guys like it and credit me if you're using any of these.

Check out my blog as i will be archiving and updating graphics of various dramas there in the future --->




















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[interview] ‘Bridal Mask’ Jin Se Yeon is Not Attracted to Ju Won?

=enewsworld=The Wednesday/Thursday drama competition has started between the three companies with new productions. 
Thanks to the battle, rookie actress, Jin Se Yeon, who is currently acting as Mok Dan in KBS’ Bridal Mask is naturally being compared with top actress Kim Sun Ah in MBC’s I Do I Do and Lee Yeon Hee in SBS’ Ghost. 

With Bridal Mask taking the lead after the first broadcast, the public’s interest in Jin Se Yeon is also rising. 
Compared to Ju Won, who is fairly known through Baker King, Kim Tak Goo, Ojakyo Brothers, and 1 Night, 2 Days, Jin Se Yeon is unfortunately not as known, despite her stable performance as the main character in SBS’ My Daughter Kkonnimi. 
As a recent high school graduate, a freshman at Chung-Ang University, a rookie actress who started with SBS’ It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter in 2010, and an “actress who isn’t fake” coined by Ju Won, Jin Se Yeon met with enews and participated in a simple ‘Yes or No’ interview. 
After seeing Ju Won in real life, are you attracted to him?
“As a man? I’m not sure. I’ll go with ‘No.’ I’ve never dated anyone to this point or really like anyone as a man. Perhaps I’ll grow feelings like that as I get a little bit older. During my school days, I was the type to like everyone in class instead of just one person.” 
Are you confident with your body?
“No! I’m in the process of exercising and making a pretty body. As of right now, I can’t say anything. Even if it’s not a crazy diet, I watch what I eat and exercise on the treadmill before I sleep. If I don’t eat before exercise, well, the next day is quite difficult.” 

Are there areas you want to fix?
“Yes! I have chubby cheeks. Every old lady has told me, “On screen, you look very round and flat.” At first, I didn’t think too much about it, but because they keep saying it repeatedly, I even cried about it. Sometimes, I look at the TV and think, “This isn’t right,” and I skip a meal. When I lose a little weight, it’s a bit better. 
Would you go nude if the production is good?
“Yes. If I feel that the nudity is really needed for a scene, I will do it. But if it appears out of nowhere, probably not. At the moment, if it’s a needed scene, then yes.”
Do you think you’ll get the rookie award?
“Ah…this…Is it okay to say yes? Right now, I’m putting my all into Bridal Mask with getting a rookie acting award in 2012 as a goal. I’ll do my best to make sure the drama receives good feedback and to get good results for myself as well.” 
Photo Credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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^kind of awkward asking a 19 year old girl who just graduated HS a couple months ago if she's willing to do a nude scene.

I love the line by Joo Won saying that Jin Se Yeon is an actress who isn't fake. She does give off a kind of genuineness on screen in performance, but also in appearance. I think she's a very pretty girl, but her nose isn't typical 'actress' tiny. It works for her and she looks gorgeous, but I hope at some point she or her agency doesn't decide that it should be more narrow or slimmer.

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such amazing first 2 episodes =D> =D> =D> ! joo won oppa never fails to deliver a brilliant show ^___^

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I  love this drama  I was surprised  to find out the stupid brother was the mask. 

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Does anybody know if there are 1080p ts/tp files available anywhere by any chance? This drama is so gorgeous that I would love to watch it in the best definition possible.

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