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[Drama 2012] Happy Ending / 해피엔딩

Guest fanda4000

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Guest fanda4000

[jTBC] Choi Min-Su, Kim So-Eun, Shim Hye-Jin, Lee Seung-Yeon

Happy Ending / 해피엔딩



Title: 해피엔딩 / Happy Ending

Genre: Drama

Episodes: TBA

Broadcast network: jTBC

Broadcast period: 23 Apr. 2012 - TBD

Air time: Monday & Tuesday 20:45

Official Site: Here

Series Twitter Account (Korean): https://twitter.com/#!/DramaHappy


"Happy Ending" is about a strongly characterized, secretive and broken family finally getting together at last to communicate and harmonize with the death of the father Ki Doo-soo (Choi Min-soo).

Kim Doo-soo is a never-giving up, adventurous and optimistic local newspaper reporter who has guts. At home, he is a patriarchal and dictorial father. Not having been able to connect with his family, Kim Doo-soo brings his broken up family back together again with his death near.


Choi Min-Soo - Kim Doo-Soo

Shim Hye-Jin - Yang Sun-Ah

Lee Seung-Yeon - Hong Ae-Ran

So Yu-Jin - Kim Geum-Ha

Park Jeong-Cheol - Lee Tae-Pyung

Kim So-Eun - Kim Eun-Ha

Kang Ta - Koo Seung-Jae

So Yi Hyun

Choi Bool Am




- Park Jeong-cheol and So Yoo-jin to kiss in JTBC drama "Happy Ending" (Hancinema)

- Kang Ta to come back with "Happy Ending" with Kim So-eun (Hancinema)

- Kim So-eun transforms into pretty hotelier in "Happy Ending" with Kang Ta (Hancinema)

- Upcoming Koran Drama "Happy Ending" (Hancinema)

- Cho Min Soo Join's "Happy Ending" (Hancinema)

- Park Jeong-cheol and So Yoo-jin to kiss in JTBC drama "Happy Ending" (Hancinema)

- Kangta to make his small-screen comeback for the first time in 7 years (kpopsugar)

- Kangta successfully concludes first filming for the drama ‘Happy Ending’ (kpopsugar)

- Choi Min Soo Returns With JTBC ‘Happy Ending’ (koreaportal)

- "Happy Ending"starts off with more than 1% (Hancinema)

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Guest kayana20

yay finally the board is up. I only know the younger cast namely Kim So Eun and am excited to see this. it will be good it's on JTBC and their writing team is phenomeonal their drama's never disappoint.

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Guest TonboTomoe

I am waiting for kim so eun. I just love that she is so versatile and loves to challenge herself rather than hurry to become famous. She has proven to resist the showbiz machine by relying on her talents rather being caught up in a trend. Though her idol is ha ji won i liken her more to the sassy and versatile kim so yeon. I rather like that comparison better

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Anyone watched the first episode yet? I really liked it even though I couldn't understand what they were saying XD

You get to see a bit of the family members & how they're like.

I haven't seen any of choi min soo's stuff but i really liked him when i watched him on running man & wow does he look different all cleaned up lol

I actually really like the family so far. Although the older sister is sort of annoying and her husband is a total whimp lol but i guess they're supposed to be the comic relief in the drama?!?

If you're watching for Kim So Eun, don't be too disappointed if she doesn't get as much screen time as you like since she's just a side character as the main is the husband, mother & the other lady who i think is Doo-soo's (choi min soo) first love. Pretty sure that's what she said in the preview for episode 2.

Episode 2 looks really good from the preview, especially choi min soo's acting~

If you're not sure what the drama is about and don't really want to watch the first episode, they have a "highlight" video which is mainly a summary of episode 1 and some of episode 2?


Character relations chart


Character descriptions






Hopefully someone can translate or at least give a summary of the characters.

Really hoping someone will sub this show. Seems like it's gonna be a good one! Does anyone know how many episodes this is supposed to be?

And if you know if anyone is recapping the show, please do share :D

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