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4 minutes ago, MY15 said:

Pressure pressure! You do notice that my DP is different from Min2206 and Heretorant? :joy:



You don't have to be a LMH's fan to watch Faith. Everyone is allowed to have a big heart and have more than one Oppa. It's OKAY. Oppa understands :D


Plus, you might want to adopt a Woodalchi puppy later~ 




What? I'm confused? Why are you guys waiting??

I thought you can watch it now and whenever?? 

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EVENT: a season of swords and destiny!     Welcome to the re-watch party of faith chingus! for those who don't know, august 15 was Korea's independence day. inspired, we decided to

EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, with this spotlight, get ready to discover one of the dramas that was part of the re-watch events that we kicked off this quarter with the saeguk theme.

Hi! Sure thing!  Thanks for posting these by the way, I had never seen them before.    Okay hum, bear with me, this is a very rough translation ^^’   First video:   At 00:

7 minutes ago, MY15 said:


Pressure pressure! You do notice that my DP is different from Min2206 and Heretorant? :joy:

It's okay .. that DP can remain there.  Daejang was saying that if we could get that @MY15to see more than 2 epi, your heart is taken.  

@Heretorant has been away sometime  with him, now back here, very polished in her craft.  And we have lots of immortal faithlings here - I should be wiggling with anxiety! 


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7 minutes ago, Min2206 said:

@Heretorant chingu!   You are back!   We thought Daejang kidnapped you?!

Where did he bring you?   

You’re right! Daejang did kidnap me. He kidnapped me to be his imja :loolz:

That’s why I’m here in Faith’s world! 

9 minutes ago, mademoisellesia said:

:joy: We'll make it fun for your watch so that you can continue. I could send Faith Ambassador @Heretorant to you later to have a chat too, lol. :w00t:


@Heretorant Waaaa girl, took you long enough to respond/appear. Joining and dying again?


Wouldn’t be me if I didn’t die every other scene :lol:


Wait, did I see @Maja is here? :o


@MY15 give daejang a chance. You will love him. By episode 5, you’ll wish you can hug him :approves:

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19 minutes ago, MY15 said:


Pressure pressure! You do notice that my DP is different from Min2206 and Heretorant? :joy:

kekekke.... see my DP! :D ... maybe I should just change it to some oppa? nah, am happy as queen of my forest! :lol:


19 minutes ago, Min2206 said:

Late tuesday night North America is what time over here in Korea ?   please someone

it should be sometime in the late morning korea time I think; depends on whenever I can get to the computer!


is that tie-dye fabric? ooh, interesting choice for a saeguk! guess, this was a fantasy saeguk and so they could play around and not have to be so historical...


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7 minutes ago, Heretorant said:

You’re right! Daejang did kidnap me. He kidnapped me to be his imja 

That’s why I’m here in Faith’s world! 

You were with him all the time?   .....   I don't like , you know

Faith (Korean Drama) - AsianWiki

just kidding @Heretorant - so glad to see you back here

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Hi chingus! Wow I just woke up and I missed 3 whole pages of conversation, you guys are going fast ^^´


2 hours ago, Lmangla said:

and for any chingus considering joining the re-watch but thinking "but am not a lee min ho fan...."


Oh but after watching 24 episodes of this fine show, they will be. Call it the Daejang effect~

@msdot thank you for giving us the link to the recap/adaptation and for having taken the time to write all this!! Can’t wait to start reading. 

Hi @Maja, another familiar name from 7-8 years ago !! 

Aaah so happy to be reunited with my Faith family :heartxoxo:


Alright, I’m off to work. I’ll try to catch up tonight. 

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@Maja omo!!!! Come here!! *hugssss* it’s been so long! So happy we called you out to join us once more on a Faith rewatch!!



@Thong Thin hahaha, you are my old student so no need to register again. I see that all my students  from 8 years ago still haven’t graduated yet from my classes!! ;) :D

@Lmangla hahaha, you have yet to attend my anatomy classes. I am Professor V due to my teaching skills ;) 


all my students also know that this is a signature move of mine:




oh, btw, that guy is known as Flute Guy but I didn’t realize he was Sung Hoon!!! He is a baddie though haha. The girl is also a baddie. She is nicknamed as Fire Girl. 

@Heretorant finally you made your way here!! We need our ambassador! B) You are quite busy. You are Prime Minister and Ambassador :lol:


@MY15 join us! It will be fun :D




omo guys!! Rice soup for everyone!!



Daejang rice soups are the best!!!! 

I won’t add any spoilers yet but Faith gives us a lot of rice soups. The ones we see and don’t see ;) :D




@violetts i am so happy too! The reunion of our Faithlings! New and old! Ready to flip tables on duck-hindass again??? :joy:


Alright Faithlings. Time for me to sleep. See you all again later ;) keep on talking. I will catch up tomorrow :D




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13 minutes ago, Thong Thin said:

@Maja , I remember @mattie2012 mentioned the rice soup is reserved  only for Choi Young.


And  @mademoisellesia will run some commercials before re-watch start 


Are we having any CF tomorrow ?





Oh and don't forget Woodalchi Runway Walk and Daejang Fashion! Like our first favorite!

Daejang in Hoodie:




cr to owners

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blast off!!  are you ready to enter the faith dimension?




it is past midnight and wednesday has already started in seoul; so we are going to kick-start this re-watch as well! are you excited! feel free to start posting thoughts, gifs, stills on ep 1 and 2. have fun, laugh and interact with all the chingus here! 


tagging: @Min2206 @H0ney @CallieP @Thong Thin @mademoisellesia @msdot @Ameera Ali @UnniSarah @violetts  @kehrite  @willenette  @vangsweetie637  @CallieP  @Aleumdaun  @scrawford  @CarolynH  @AgentQuake  @Maja @MY15 @Amy323  @Nikaa94  @Heretorant .....   


just like in drama threads, new chingus are free to join in at any time during the re-watch... if you are swamped for time and commitments, no worries. feel free to weave in and out. just let us know you will be joining us so that we can tag you for the fun polls and quizzes....




re: @partyon

P.S ~ am kick starting this a little early so I can be lazy tomorrow my time and sleep in. hahahhaha...

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Just when Imma bout to zzzz , she blasted ! :headbang: I need a drink with Daejang to keep me awake for a bit.

I am confused who is the goatee topknot -- Dol Bae or Choong Sik

Is the "puppy" with him Dol Bae or Choong Sik?




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