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[Taiwanese Drama 2012] Absolute Boyfriend 絕對達令


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Title: Jue Dui Da Ling/絕對達令
English title: Absolute Boyfriend
Genre: RomanceDirector: Liu Chun-Chieh
Broadcast period: April 8, 2012 - July 1, 2012
Episodes: 13
Replacing Skip Beat

Jiro Wang (汪東城) as Chen Nai Te (陳奈特)
Goo Hye Sun (구혜선) as Lu Xiao Fei (呂小斐)
Xie Kun Da (謝坤達) as Yan Zong Shi (嚴宗史)
Na Wei Xun (那維勳) as Lei Wu Wu (雷霧霧)
Xia Ru Zhi (夏如芝) as Luo Mei Jia (羅美佳)

Xiao Fei has never had a boyfriend and she has been rejected by every boy she has ever had a crush on. When she returns a lost cell phone to an oddly dressed salesman, she mentions wanting a boyfriend. To thank her, he directs her to his company's website, Kronos Heaven. When she visits the site, Xiao Fei finds it's a site to create your perfect lover. Thinking it's a game, she customizes and accidentally orders one. The next day, her new lover arrives. Following the instruction manual, she kisses him to wake him up and configures him to be in love with only her. She names him "Night." Three days later, she is shocked to learn that she only had him for a free trial for 72 hours. The salesman, Lei Wu Wu, tells her that she must now pay 100,000,000 TWD for Night, however, they will waive the fee if she helps them to collect data about how women think and feel to help perfect future models.
Xiao Fei must now keep Night's true nature a secret from everyone around her. She also soon finds herself in a love triangle between Night and her childhood friend Zong Shi, who declares his love for her out of fear he will lose her. As the series progresses, Night begins to develop real human emotions, enabling him to truly love Xiao Fei but also resulting in system malfunctions. When Xiao Fei almost loses Night due to the malfunctions, she realizes that he is the one she really loves. She apologizes to Zong Shi, who moves to Spain with his brother to live with their dad. Night and Xiao Fei spend a few happy weeks together, during which they go on dates, get their picture taken together, and purchase matching rings as symbols of their undying love.
As the series ends, Night begins to grow sleepier and sleepier...

Fahrenheit - Mr. Perfect

Jiro Wang - Let's Pretend That We Never Loved Each Other

Anthony Neely - Then

Olivia Ong - Obviously

Jiro Wang - Perfect Heartbeat

Dennis Sun - A World Without You

Additional Links:
Absolute Boyfriend 絕對達令 Viki English Subbed Episodes
Absolute Boyfriend 絕對達令 Raw Episodes
Absolute Boyfriend 絕對達令 Official GTV Website

SOOMPI RULES OF CONDUCTDon't post any requests for subs!Anything unrelated to the characters/drama plot is considered spamming. Don't quote images.01.Due to the copyright/legal problems, no illegal streaming links will/should be posted on this thread as there had been major crackdowns going on lately.02.Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam and will be reported to the mods.03.Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, youtube, Etc.. should be report to the respective companies instead of posting your complaints here.04.Those who are caught breaking the Soompi posting rules more than 5 times will have their Id/IDs reported the mods. 05.Those who are caught promoting/posting illegal streaming links with subs ( those without permission from the original subbers and doesn't have copyrights like Viki,Dramafever or Crunchyroll) will have their Id reported to the mods for endangering Soompi to legal issues for illegal streaming sites promotions.

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

There's already an existing thread 4 Absolute Boyfriend :rolleyes:


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There's already an existing thread 4 Absolute Boyfriend :rolleyes:


It has been closed since it was a 2 year old topic with information that has not been updated.

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First of all THANK YOU sugarplum892 for starting this ABSOLUTE BOYFRIEND THREAD.. we are sorry we did not know about this so we just talked about AB on GHS THREAD..IM REALLY HAPPY THAT AB HAS ITS OWN THREAD and we are looking forward to see everybody here..

By the way is this under the drama section too?...

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Guest eunhye05

Thank you for updating this thread guys! I 've read the Manga for this and can happily say that they're indeed staying true to form. Because of this im so excited for the next plot twists. There are a lot of interesting stuff that I can wait to play on screen. We already know based on the pictures that they'll be cosplaying...well more of working at a resto/bar dressed like that...exciting!

I'm so loving the show and thank Channel U that they actually play it with English subs! Life savers!!!:D

I love all the actors and their parts. They fit their roles to a T! I commend GHS for portraying Xiao Fei animatedly and accurately! Despite the language barrier she certainly has great comedic timing and pulls this role of like a boss! :D I also now can't imagine a better Night than Jiro. It would have been interesting with Wuchun but Jiro is so much fun to watch. Teehee! :D It doesn't hurt that he's half naked most of the time. LOL

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Guest S_sun

Hello Boyfriend fans,

I am so happy to see a thread for AB. Thanks to sugarplum892 for starting it. Now if someone will be kind enough to bring over some of the promotional events in Taiwan from the GHS thread, it will be great.

I had watched Episode 1 x3 times, can't get enough of it. I love it. It is so funny, yet with so much humanity in it. Love all the characters in it. The second female lead character is so sweet to Xiao Fei. Wonder if Hye Sun blushes every time Jiro strips. Man, Jiro has a hot body-I get hot just thinking about it..kekeke Hye Sun face expressions are amazing. She really brings Xiao Fei to life and her comedic timing is spot on. The Kronos guy is hilarious,too.

Look forward to episode 2 next Sunday. Hope for higher ratings! Thanks to all for your comments.

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Hello AB Lovers ! :D

First of all I would like to thank you sugarplum892 for creating this AB thread. Sorry coz we are unaware that this thread is existing as prettywiz said coz I/we knew this is a Taiwanese Drama, kekeke... We really appreciate your effort especially Sunnies... ;)

I love all the characters because everybody gave their very best especially to GHS and also to those who acted with GHS coz even though there is a language barrier I have not seen any pause or waiting time to response to each other after they deliver their script unless it has been edited, kekeke... :)

GHS as Xiao Fei fits the role coz she can be funny, sweet or even sad mood can pull it out even just with her facial expression only while JIRO as Knightly also fits the character coz he has an excellent body (6 packs), kekeke :wub:

Thanks also to all taiwanese viewers who supported AB coz ep1 was rank top 3 w/c is a good sign. I hope for your continuous support until the last episode... :wub:

Anticipating the next episode and I can't wait for it coz they will be cosplaying, :w00t:

Have a nice day/evening to all AB Lovers !!! :)

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Hello Boyfriends :)

First of all thank You sugarplum92 for starting this thread I love you already LOL

I see all of my Sunnies are here too hello Sunnies :)

First episode was Daebak I love it I love it I love it, ohhhhhh did i say I love it LOL

want to share my first episode MV for Absolute darling hope you guys like it :)

cant wait for the next episode

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yay! thank you for the thread!

hello to all Sunnies from GHS' page!

i dont know why i stop watching this drama, and its only 1 ep. can you imagine what will happen to us after we watched ep 2, 3, 4 and so forth?


i think it's addicting because its a light drama, funny with a sweet story. let's not forget all the skinship that they're having. hehehehe...dang, i sound like a perv!

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[News] 120406 Ku Hye Sun arrived in Taiwan for Absolute Boyfriend promotion

「絕對達令」加入偶像劇戰局 具惠善先喀川菜「辣」一下




Ku Hye Sun arrived in Taiwan at noon time on April 6 to prepare for the 3-day promotion of Absolute Boyfriend. Upon arrival, she & her staff went to KIKI Restaurant for Sichuan cuisine. She likes spicy food and went to this restaurant as that’s referred by staff. She also took away some business cards of this restaurant, seems she’s interested in the card design.

Ku also heard about the scenery of palm tree road at Taiwan University. Thus she went there to take some photos as reference for her own project. Though it’s not a public schedule, some passersby recognized her and stated that she’s cute. She also responded with a smile.

In regards to the premiere of Absolute Boyfriend this Sunday, she said, ‘I’m glad to be in Taiwan again for promotion of the drama. I miss the time when filming the drama and also the places I’ve visited.’

She will start the drama promotion on Saturday with a press conference, followed by a meet & greet event in Kaohsiung. She is pleased that she could meet Jiro Wang, Perry Xie & the casts again. She hopes the promotional events would go smoothly.

Translation by meow @ loveghs.wordpress.com

meow i hope you didn't mind..im sorry i took the initiative to transfer the pics here :wub:

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Guest S_sun

Hello Boyfriend fans, I found this song, Pretend we never loved , by Jiro, with the English lyrics. It is the one they played at the end of the episode.


Looking forward to the promotions in Singapore this weekend. Sounds like it is going to be fun. Lucky Singaporean fans!!!

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Guest cheerkoo1430281614

Thank you so much sugarplum892 for starting AB thread!!

Thanks so much to all the AB fans for the links and pix and updates here and at GHS soompi thread.

I cannot get enough of AB...

I also watched it numerous times and want more and more...keke

Korean DC members also found AB site with Korean translation and is watching it.

Below is MiJakEli's post in DC about her reaction to epi1 of AB. I will summarize and paraphrase it.


횽들 하이ㅋ

부캡 마지막회 보고 오려고 했는데 이제오네ㅜ

그래도 부캡 마지막회는 그동안 이야기들 마무리 잘 지어준 것 같아서

편안하게 시청했어

쿠 진짜 수고했고 다진이 잘봤단 말 해주고 싶어^^

절대달령 1회를 오늘 봤거든

난 보고 싶은건 끈질기게 찾아봐서 한글자막 있는 영상으로 봤어

못 본 횽들은 판도라티비 홈피가서 절대달령 치면 볼 수 있을꺼야ㅋ

You can watch AB with Korean translation at Pandora TV homepage and hit AB.

ㅡ절대달령 1회 본 소감!

역시 로코는 대드다 했다ㅎ

내가 대드 아주 좋아하거든 그 이유가 유치하고 오글거린 소재도

그들은 그걸 거침없이 보여주면서 그 안에 배우의 연기를 잘 활용해

그래서 누가 연기하냐도 중요하단걸 증명해줘

또 그 배우가 가진 매력을 잘 살려주거든

Loves Taiwan romantic comedies because they are not afraid to show anything childish or goose-bumpy parts with full force. Yet they do such a good job and they really know how to cast very well. They make the actors' come alive. It really matters about the casting.

오히려 울나라 한드에서 쿠작품 속에서 보고팠던 장면들과 감정들을

보여줬어 코믹도 적절 다양한 쿠 표정연기도 잘 보여주고 사랑스럽게

멜로도 과하지않고 감정도 잘 살려주더라

그래서 인지 코믹에선 제대로 웃었고

쿠가 감정연기할 땐 나도같이 울컥하고

All the great assets of GHS with her endlress lovable expressions come alive. Her comical acting is great. Dramatic part is not overwhelming but so appropriate and wonderful. I laughed and cried watching Taiwan AB.

아 정말 쿠 눈물연기는 짱

왜 울것같으면서 감정절제하다 터뜨리는거 있잖아

그 연기 넘 좋아 여전히Koo's tearful acting is the best! I just love the way she does it.

그리고 쿠 스탈

와우 완전 좋아 우리 쿠의 하얗고 긴 이쁜다리 많이 보여줌

의상도 미니도 입고 핫팬츠도 입구 ㅎㅎ

소피 캐릭에 맞게 귀엽고 러블리하게 입음ㅋKoo's style in the drama is the best. I get to see her pretty legs so much. Xiafei's character is appropriately adorable and lovely!

아 나 빵터진대사 있는데

ㅅㅍ니까 다 보구 나중에 횽들이랑 대화해야쥐

ㅋAhh!! There was a scene where I just craked up hard....But I will talk about it later after many of you see the epi first!

난 사실 절대달령 기대치가 무지 크진 않았거든

근데 1회보니까 ㅎ

아우 사랑하게될듯

Actually I did not have high expectation about Taiwn AB. But after I saw the epi 1, I am in love!!

이게 바로 로코닷 하고

외치고 싶음ㅋ This is the TRUE romantic comedy...That is what I want to shout out loud!!!

고럼 2회는 더 재미나길 바라며

기쁜 마음안고 난 총총 또봐 I am so looking forward to epi 2. With happy heart, I repeatedly see epi 1.

아 쇼피ㅋ아자ㅋ

쿠 늘 응원할께!^^  Xiafei!! Fighting!! I will always cheer for you Koo!    

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