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[TW-Series] Tianshi Qingren .aka. Angel lover

Guest amirbahalegharn

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Guest amirbahalegharn

Romance - 40 Episodes - Jumbofiles - 2006
[align=center]ANGEL LOVER





[align=center]Title: 天使情人 / Tien Shih Ching Jen (Tian Shi Qing Ren)

English Title: Angel Lover

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 40

Broadcast network: StarTV

Broadcast period: 2006-Dec-04 to 2007-Jan-26[/align]


Main Cast:


[align=center]Ming Dow as Yang Tian You (楊天佑)

Bianca Bai as Li Xi Ai (黎希艾)

Alex To (credited as Alex Tu) as Yu Tai (宇泰)

Coco Jiang (credited as Co Co) as Angelina

Ix Shen as MARS

Remus Kam as Han Shao Xi (韓少熙)

Tae Sattawat as Sunny

Tomohisa Kagami as Michael[/align]


At a time when Angelina (Coco Jiang) was at her emotional low-point and was involved in a car accident, a wonderful man named Michael (Tomohisa Kagami) showed up as a doctor and cured her of her broken heart. Michael gave her the confidence and hope to continue living. However, he left shortly after she became ready to love again, and just in time for her to find out that he was a chikan. Michael told Angelina that he had something else more important to attend to, and he wanted her to help others find the right path in their lives and the courage to love again, just like what he did for her.

Thus, Angelina opened up an agency named "Angel Lover" and found five men to assist those women who are troubled with love and lack confidence in life. The protagonist, Yang Tian You (Ming Dow), is also an "Angel Lover", and has a pure heart.[/align]

[align=center]Downloads & Watching (Eng Hardsubbed by DoReMii) in MP4 (Jumbofiles) :

Medium Quality

Jumbofiles Folder :

http://jumbofiles.com/user/amirbahalegharn/99077/Angel Lover MQ MP4

High Quality

Jumbofiles Folder :

jumbofiles.com/user/amirbahalegharn/97405/Angel Lover

_DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_01.mp4 - 349.8 Mb

_DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_01.mp4 - 349.8 Mb

_DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_02.mp4 - 350.1 Mb

_DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_03.mp4 - 350.0 Mb

_DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_04.mp4 - 350.0 Mb

_DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_05.mp4 - 350.5 Mb

_DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_06.mp4 - 350.0 Mb

_DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_07.mp4 - 349.9 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_08.mp4 - 350.1 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_09.mp4 - 350.4 Mb

_DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_10.mp4 - 350.0 Mb

_DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_11.mp4 - 349.9 Mb

_DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_12.mp4 - 349.9 Mb

_DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_13.mp4 - 349.9 Mb

_DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_14.mp4 - 350.1 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_15.mp4 - 349.7 Mb

_DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_16.mp4 - 350.1 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_17.mp4 - 349.8 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_18.mp4 - 349.8 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_19.mp4 - 349.9 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_20.mp4 - 349.9 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_21.mp4 - 350.4 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_22].mp4 - 349.9 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_23.mp4 - 349.8 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_24.mp4 - 349.8 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_25.mp4 - 349.7 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_26.mp4 - 350.0 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_27.mp4 - 349.6 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_28.mp4 - 349.7 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_29.mp4 - 349.9 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_30.mp4 - 349.9 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_31.mp4 - 349.9 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_32.mp4 - 349.8 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_33.mp4 - 108.7 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_34.mp4 - 349.8 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_35.mp4 - 349.9 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_36.mp4 - 349.8 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_37.mp4 - 349.9 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_38.mp4 - 349.8 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_38.mp4 - 349.8 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_39.mp4 - 349.9 Mb

DoReMii_Angel_Lover_Episode_40_FINAL.mp4 - 350.3 Mb

Watch/Streaming Video in following Youtube Playlist :

NOTES from Amirbahalegharn

If you encounter a broken link or other problems, kindly mail me to amirbahalegharn365@gmail.comimmediately, so that the problem be corrected in the quickest time possible. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Enjoy And Don't forget To Thanks & Spread The words[/align]

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