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Official BTOB (비투비) – Born To Beat Thread | Serve well, Hyunsik & Sungjae! Welcome back, Eunkwang!

Guest Yoyo

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Official BTOB Thread



Group Name: BtoB (Born To Beat)

Debut Date: March 21, 2012

Debut Song: Insane

Fanclub Name: Melody

Agency: CUBE Entertainment

Official Twitter

Official V Channel: BTOB

Daum Cafe




Stage Name: Eunkwang

Birth Name: Seo Eun Kwang

Nickname: Seo-Eunkwang-Chang-Luck

DOB: November 22, 1990

Blood Type: A

Height: 173cm

Weight: 62kg

Education: Modern K Music Academy and Dongshin University: Applied Music

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Skills: Piano, Vocals

Hobbies: Soccer

Twitter: BTOB_SEKwang

Instagram: btob_silver_light

Individual Fan Name: Seonatas


Stage Name: Minhyuk

Birth Name: Lee Min Hyuk

Nicknames: Hamster, Heota

DOB: November 29, 1990

Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Face

Blood Type: A

Height: 173cm

Weight: 61kg

Hobbies: Working out, watching movies

Education: Dongkook University: Music 

Twitter: btob2mh

Instagram: btob_2mh

Individual Fan Name: Squirrels


Stage Name: Changsub

Birth Name: Lee Chang Sub

DOB: February 26, 1991

Position: Lead Vocals

Blood Type: O

Height: 177cm

Weight: 64kg

Skills: Piano, Drums

Hobbies: Drinking coffee, listening to music

Education: Modern K Music Academy and Howon University: Applied Music

Twitter: LeeCS_BTOB

Instagram: lee_cs_btob

Individual Fan Name: Omegas


Stage Name: Hyunsik 

Birth Name: Lim/Im Hyun Sik

Nicknames: Music Sik, Rhyme King

DOB: March 7, 1992

Blood Type: A

Height: 177cm

Weight: 66kg

Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist

Languages: Korean, Chinese, English

Education: Howon University: Applied Music


Instagram: imhyunsik

Individual Fan Name: Lovesiks


Stage Name: Peniel

Birth Name: Peniel Shin

Korean Name: Shin Dong Geun

DOB: March 10, 1993

Hometown: Chicago, Il

Blood Type: AB

Height: 175cm

Weight: 63kg

Position: Lead Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist

Skills: guitar, bass

Hobbies: listening to music

Languages: English, Korean, French, Spanish

Education: Hanyang University: International Studies

Twitter: PenielShin

Instagram: btobpeniel

Snapchat: btobpeniel

Individual Fan Name: Pentastic


Stage Name: Ilhoon

Birth Name: Jung Il Hoon

DOB: October 4, 1994

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Blood Type: B

Height: 175cm

Weight: 64kg

Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist

Languages: Korean, Japanese

Hobbies: Shopping

Twitter: BTOB_ILL

Instagram: ilhoonmj

Education: Seongteo Elementary School, Bongeun High School, Hanlim Arts High School, Korean College of Media & Arts, Department of Theatre

Individual Fan Name: Hanas


Stage Name: Sungjae

Birth Name: Yook Sung Jae

DOB: May 2, 1995

Hometown: Suwon, Gyyeonggi-do, South Korea

Blood Type: A

Height: 180cm

Weight: 68kg

Position: Maknae, Lead Vocalist, Rapper

Languages: Korean, Japanese, English

Hobbies: Snowboarding, shopping

Education: Hanlim Arts High School and Dongshin University

Twitter: BTOB_6SJ

Instagram: 6_ZALDDOW

Individual Fan Name: Yookies

profile info. alwayssdreaminghigh

photos misskpop




Born To Beat (2012) - Mini Album

Press Play (2012) - Mini Album

Thriller (2013) - Mini Album

Beep Beep (2014) - Mini Album

Move (2014) - Mini Album

The Winter's Tale (2014) - Mini Album

Complete (2015) - Full Album

I Mean (2015) - Mini Album

Remember That (2016) - Mini Album

New Men (2016) - Mini Album







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Hello beautiful people!    I only got to know about BtoB recently & I love their passion for music! And I am so in love with their dance moves! They are so soothing & refreshing! This

his old pedal got burned? lol  

BTOB Holds Debut Showcase (Video Included)

Cube Entertainment’s new idol band, BTOB, held its debut launch showcase on March 21, officially kick starting their promotion as a seven member boy group. The event was held shortly after BTOB’s debut singles, “Insane” and “Imagine,” were released online. The launch show itself cost over $100K USD, showing how serious Cube Entertainment is about this group.

“We’re not satisfied 100%. It was our first live stage, so we were very nervous and clumsy at times. We think it’s hard to show 100% of what we got on our first stage. But we’ll work harder moving forward to show growth and development,” BTOB said.

“BEAST is just too busy so it’s hard to see them in person. But we’re learning a lot from their promotions. G.NA’s in Canada now but she told us to do well. 4minute is busy filming their MV, but they told us to do well and not be nervous on stage. They just told us to enjoy it,” BTOB added when asked if their fellow Cube Entertainment artists gave any word of advice.

“Our strongest part is that we know how to play instruments and have a lot of talent too. Also, all seven members have unique personalities, so you won’t forget us once you see us. Of course, it would be difficult to show everything about us here, but we’ll do our best to show a growing side of us moving forward,” they added.

After the showcase took place, Cube Entertainment uploaded the full video of the launching show on their official BTOB YouTube channel. Enjoy the video below!

credits to soompi.com

I really liked their showcase and wasn't impress with the song choice for the rappers but they pulled it off quite well. I loved how they had two separate performances for the vocals and rappers. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this group grow.

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Cube Entertainment introducing the new male group, BTOB

Following 4Minute, B2ST, and G.Na, the Cube Entertainment has introduced a rookie group BTOB which is composed of seven male members.

On March 21, the group gave a debut showcase performance at the Grand Ball Room of JW Marriott Hotel in Banpo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Comedian Kim Young Chul hosted the showcase, and Eun-Kwang, Hyun-Sik, Peniel, Sung-Jae, Chang-Sub, Il-Hoon, and Min-Hyuk walked down the stage one after another. Each of them was in an individualist pose and received a load of flash.

The name BTOB stands for “Born To Beat,” and it shows the group’s musical ambition, general hope and determination. Especially, the word “beat” has dual meaning for the group: first, it means that the group is born for the new music and performances, “the beat”; second, it will overpower, impress, or “beat” the listeners around the world.

After a thorough analysis of network overseas with Asia market at the center, the Cube Entertainment focused on creating a group with upgraded vocal and performance skills through hard training. As a result, BTOB was formed after a long period of time. With its sentimental voice, the group sings both dance and ballad music and is considered one of the most hopeful rising stars in 2012.

credits to en.korea

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Guest Kim Mina



tumblr_m19tqwRDVI1qzh5sno3_r1_250.giftumblr_m19tqwRDVI1qzh5sno2_r1_250.gif The Best Scene in MV. . I like that tear


[22.03.2012] BTOB Minhyuk’s Official Fancafe Post



It’s the first time greeting everyone through the official fancafe, Hello I’m BTOB Lee Minhyuk^^

Until now, our hard training made our days bright and now we’ve arrived inside the dorm~

Lately we’ve been spending our busy times preparing for our debut, From everyone’s support and love we’ve gained more power to work hard and practice~~

This afternoon we’ll have our debut stage at M!Countdown

By your lots of support and cheers, we’ll get stronger right~^^?!

Born TO Beat!


credit: fyeahborntobeat



Hyun Sik

cre: fyeahborntobeat@ tumbrl



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^ LOL. Those are hilarious but also remember to credit the people/tumblr users who made it. My bias seems to lean towards Ilhoon just because he's incredibly adorable yet his rapping style different hahas, he also reminds me a lot of Junhyung.

I also found the link to the boys debut stage and it hasn't disappointed me yet. I'm incredibly in love with Imagine and it's a pity Cube wasn't able to pull strings to have them perform two full stages.

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Guest Kim Mina

Who is who in BTOB





cre: uchiiha@tumbrl


credit: fyeahborntobeat@tumbrl

  • Peniel was born in Chicago and moved to Korea for a little over two years now
  • Peniel used to be a JYPE trainee and then later transferred to CUBE in the second half of 2011
  • Members can speak in English fluently
  • Members can speak in Mandarin fluently
  • Changsub is good in beat boxing
  • They are known for being good in harmonization
  • BTOB has 4 vocalists (Sungjae, Changsub, Hyunsik, Eunkwang) and 3 rappers (Minhyuk, Ilhoon and Peniel)
  • Minhyuk is good in acrobatic

WOW Puh-Niel is another JYPE trainee O_____O

he also appeared in San E's MV "Delicious San" (the guy who was sitting next to Jr.)


I hate Peniel's hair >"<


MinHyuk pre-debut (he really makes think of GongChan B1A4)







HyunSik pre-debut




*EYES CANDY* => nose bleed

cre: fyeahbtb











oh, how many ppl auditioned in JYPE O_O

G.Na feat. Ilhoon - I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better

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^ That's actually not surprising at all. A lot of Cube artists were once JYP trainee's because the CEO from Cube was from that company until he launched his own later on. I also wanted to know, was it everyone that was fluent in English?

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@ Hanamooi.. i think minwoo was supposed to be in the group but was eventualy cut out.. cuz i don't see him in the group anymore.. and maybe instead of him they put in Peniel.. cuz at the cube party ( where the trainees showed off theyre skills) Peniel wasn't in the group jet... and many ppl confuse Minhyuk with minwoo but they are too diffrent ppl.. hope that helps

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Guest Kim Mina

20120323 BTOB Behind Story :: KBS Music Bank






cre: fyeahbtob



BTOB is very excited that their 4minute sunbaes flew back a cake from Jeju Island to give them in celebration of their debut! There was a card that was like 4minute which said...'We love you lots!' kukuku automated voice worker!


Cr: @cubeunited



120324 BTOB Ilhoon's Fancafe Post



Thank you very much for always supporting us!!

We will try to show you all a better image!!^^

After this week's music show performances end,

BTOB and everyone will schedule a handshake event[?].

Please give us lots of attention~!!^^



[bTOBFACTS] Their Grand launching showcase cost over $100K USD

cre: fyeahbtob



120323 Hello! It's Born TO Beat's Seo Eun Kwang^^

안녕하세요~ BTOB의 리더 서은광입니다^^ 팀의 리더란 놈이 이제서야 인사드리네요!ㅠㅠ

드디어 3월 22일 ! 엠카운트다운에서 BTOB가 첫 출격을 했습니다. 첫 무대라 그런지 많이 떨리고 긴장됐었는데 팬분들께서 많이 응원와주셔서 정말정말 큰 힘이 됐어요!! 첫 방송부터 와주실줄 생각도 못했었는데… 완전 감동받았습니다 ㅠ_ㅠ

여러분의 사랑에 힘입어 앞으로 더 힘내서 더 좋은무대 보여드릴께요~~~^^

BTOB 화이팅!!!!!

Hello~ I am BTOB’s leader Seo Eun Kwang^^ The leader finally does his greetings!ㅠㅠ

Finally on the 22nd of March ! BTOB made their first appearance on M Countdown. I was nervous since it was our first stage but it was of great help when many people came to support us!! I didn’t expect many people to come on the first broadcast… I was so touched ㅠ_ㅠ

I will brighten up with the love I have received and present you with better performances~~~^^

BTOB Hwaiting!!!!!

Translated by btobeat



[NEWS] 120323 BtoB members reveal their thoughts after first debut stage

Fresh Cube Entertainment idol group BtoB (Born To Beat) expressed how they felt after their debut performance of “Insane” on ‘M!Countdown‘.

Member Lee Chang Sub commented, “First of all, we’re most happy that we can do our music. I thought more about what we’re going to do after our performance on ‘M!Countdown’. Right now my heart is fluttering and I’m extremely happy. I’ll continue working with this feeling in mind. Our debut showcase on the 21st and today’s performance felt different. That time we freely performed amongst ourselves, but today, even the air on stage was different. I felt ㅔㄱpressured,” revealing how nervous he felt before the group’s first televised performance as BtoB.

Lee Min Hyuk added, “In my case, I first showed my face on JTBC‘s ‘I Live in Cheongdamdong’. I portrayed a trainee dreaming of becoming a singer then, but I feel completely different today. I was first bewildered by the fans who came for us, who’ve only just debuted, then I had the thought that I should work really hard.”

BtoB agreed, “We don’t think we can be perfect from the start. But as we gain more and more [experience], we want to be an idol group that helps the Korean music industry shine.”

CREDITS: Allkpop


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Guest Kim Mina




Lee Minwoo reminds me Thunder and Kevin >"<


cre: fyeahbtob

It's the first group where every member reminds me someone . . . lol

EunKwang: HyunSeung (JS)

MinHyuk: GongChan B1A4, Ghun X-5

HyunSik: Ki Kwang (BEAST)

Peniel: Eli U-Kiss

Ilhoon: Yang Hyu Suk (lol), JunHyung

ChangSeob: SooHyun U-kiss

SungJae: SungJae (Supernova), SungJong & L (Infinite), Seo In Guk

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OMG....my heart is beating out of control..PENIEL is hot :wub: :wub:

im totally amazed by their talent. Minhyuk and Sungjae can simply switch from rapping to singing

Eunkwang, Hyunsik and Changsub they are superb in singing. Ilhoon is a good rapper. Im melting by looking at Peniel. He is a good rapper as well. icant choose my fav since i love them all. :lol:

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Guest ooxstacee

These boys are amazing! Caught my attention before they even debuted. ♥

And they blew my mind with their debut!!

Can't wait to see what else they have in store for us in the future!!

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120322 BTOB - Imagine @ Mnet M Countdown

120322 BTOB - Insane @ Mnet M Countdown

120323 BTOB - Imagine @ KBS Music Bank

120323 BTOB - Insane @ KBS Music Bank

I'm so inlove with their songs! :D

I watched their debut performances and they are really good live!

My current bias in BTOB is Peniel :wub:

I thought so too! Their performances were great and their songs are addictive as well. My bias has to be Ilhoon <3333 I'm looking forward to their Music Core stage!

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Guest Kim Mina










cre: shizokii + kirom + minhyuk-sshi + escapistic + unkwang + bluebadaso @tumbrl

[CAFE] 120324 Hello This is BTOB's Lee Changsub^^

안녕하세요^^비투비 이창섭입니다! 저희들을 많이 사랑해주셔서 너무너무 감사합니다ㅠ 뮤직뱅크 첫 데뷔무대에 너무 긴장한 탓인지 실수를 햇습니다 너무죄송하구요.. 더욱더 노력하고 노력해서 더 나은 더 멋진 무대 보여드리도록 노력하겟습니다!! 내일 인기가요에서는 무대가끝나고 악수회가 있습니다!! 많이 와주셔서 응원 부탁드려요 ♥ 항상 겸손하고 노력하는 비투비 항상 겸손하고 노력하는 이창섭 되겟습니다!! 내일뵐께요^^♥

Hello^^ This is BTOB’s Lee Changsub! Thank you for loving us very very muchㅠ I don’t know if I it was because I was really nervous during the first debut stage on Music Bank but I’m really sorry for making a mistake.. I’ll work hard in order to show you a better, a more amazing performance, I’ll work harder and even harder!! After tomorrow’s performance on Inkigayo we have a handshake session!! We ask that a lot of people come and support us ♥ We’ll become always modest and hardworking BTOB and an always modest and hardworking Lee Changsub!! I’ll see you tomorrow^^^^♥

CREDITS: BTOB Official Fan Cafe


120324 BTOB Behind Story :: MBC Music Core


CR: BTOB Official Fancafe : ☆ BTOB Behind Story 120324

카메라를 뺏어 셀카를 찍겠다고 하더니 이런 이쁜(?) 사진을 남겨 주었어요 ㅠㅠㅠ

폭풍 감동이지 않나요ㅠㅠ 우리 민혁군의 셀카 사진을 보고 다 같이 감동의 눈물을 흘려 보아요ㅠㅠ


He stole the camera and took a selca, and what he left was this pretty(?) picture ㅠㅠㅠ

We feel greatly movedㅠㅠ Looking at our Minhyuk-gun's selca picture

Emotional tears just fallㅠㅠ


CR: BTOB Official Fancafe : ☆ BTOB Behind Story 120324

무대에서는 멋진 표정으로 관중을 사로잡는 창섭군이

팬 여러분들을 위해 특별히 귀염둥이 둘리 표정을 지어 주었는데요. 어때요? 귀엽죠??^^ㅋㅋ


On stage, capturing the audience with his cool expression is Changsub-gun

Who gave a cute dooley expression to all the fans. How is it? Cute right??^^keke



CR: BTOB Official Fancafe : ☆ BTOB Behind Story 120324

음악중심에서 팬레터를 받고 행복한 표정을 짓고 있는 프니엘군.

그.러.나….뜻을 다 이해하지 못해….난감해 하던 중에....도우미 일훈군이 나타났습니다.

일훈군의 도움으로 팬레터는 다 읽었답니다^^


Peniel-gun, with a happy expression, reading fan letters at Music Core.

BUT.THEN...He doesn't understand the meanings....

While embarrassing himself.... Assistant Ilhoon-gun appeared.

With Ilhoon-gun's help he read all the fan letters^^


CR: BTOB Official Fancafe : ☆ BTOB Behind Story 120324

(+) 보너스

프니엘군이 직접 찍은 퍼레이드 사진 입니다.

반지가 잘 빠지지 않아 고통(?)스러워 하는 일훈군의 모습을 카메라에 담아 주었는데요..

과연,,어떻게 되었을지…사진에서 확인 하세요^^



This is Peniel-gun's directly taken Picture Parade.

The camera catches Ilhoon-gun's expression as he painfully tries to take off his ring..

Indeed,,what happened after...please check out from the photos^^

[CAFE] SungJae fan cafe update

우왁!등업됬다ㅜㅜㅜㅜ드디어 글을쓰네요ㅜ

안녕하세요 비투비막내육성재입니다!!!^^

어제 저희를응원하러와주신 팬여러분 들 감사합니닷!

지금 타이틀곡비밀의 순위가쫙쫙올라가고있어요




앞으로도 이쁜응원부탁드립니다!!~~~


Ooak! I’ve Finally Levelled up ㅜ ㅜ ㅜ ㅜ

Hello~! This is BTOB’s maknae Yook SungJae

Thank you to the fans and everyone who cheered for us yesterday!

Our title track “Insane” is still ranking up

thank you very very much ㅜㅜ!

You guys can expect hand shakes tomorrow! ^^

Hope we get to see a lot of you^ ^?

in front of us with pretty faces ! ~ ~ ~

Thank You!

rough translations by: 철켄노 and Joanne via Born To Beat



tumblr_m1dqw8w9241rsrp35o1_500.jpg *LOL

[TRANS] 120324 Hello~ It's BTOB's center Im Hyun Shik^^

드디어 저도 등업이되서 글을 올리네요!

데뷔 이틀째지만 아직도 연습생인것 같고

실감이 나질 않네요~

저 가수 된거 맞죠? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

일단 아직 많이 부족한 BTOB를 관심가져 주셔서

정말 진심으로 감사합니다!!

그리고 응원와주신분들 너무너무 감사합니다!

저희가 처음 겪는 일이고 잘 몰라서 표현은

못해드렸지만 정말 너무 감동했고 힘이 났어요!

앞으로도 더 많은 분들이 찾아와 주실거라 믿습니다!

데뷔를 바쁘게 준비하며 잠도 못자 피곤하고

데뷔를 해서도 지금 너무 정신없이 시간이 가지만

덕분에 지금 이 시간이 너무너무 재밌고 정말

행복한거 같아요!



Born To Beat 화이팅!!!!!!!!:D

I can finally post a text after being levelled up!

I feel like a trainee even though it’s been two days into our debut

I still can’t feel it

Am I a singer? kekekekeke

Thank you so much

For being interested in BTOB even though we lack in many ways!!

And thank you so so much to the people who came to support us!

We were so touched because we weren’t able to express ourselves

Due to the fact that it was our first experience and we didn’t know much!

I believe that many more people will come to see us in the future!

I am so tired because we were preparing for our debut and couldn’t sleep

And time flies crazily like now even though we had out debut

But I think that this time is very happy and fun

Right now!

Thank you!!!!

We will work hard

Born to Beat hwaiting!!!

cre: btobeat

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Guest Amethist

Apparently the younger brother of my friend is in this boy band, but man they're surprisingly good o_o!! If they keep this up, I'm sure they'll make it far!

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  • Guest changed the title to Official BTOB (비투비) – Born To Beat Thread | Serve well, Hyunsik & Sungjae! Welcome back, Eunkwang!

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