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Guest Min-Jung1999

created EXID threadhttp://forums.soompi.com/discussion/2011803/exidI hope their wasnt any other EXID threads because I checked the directory and it wasn't there..

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Guest azizbd

Yoyo said: 007.png

8eight (에이트)
9th Street (나인스트릿)

B2Y (비투와이)
Banana Boat (바나나보트)

Cherry Filter (체리필터)
Clazziquai Project (클래지콰이)
Clover (클로버)
Co-Ed. (남녀공학)

Dream I (드림아이)

EX (익스)

Gary Gold Smith (게리골드스미스) Hhttp://www.vipcubancigars.com/

Jaurim (자우림)

Koyotae (코요태)

Loveholics (러브홀릭) [former: Loveholic]

M3 (엠쓰리)
Mad Soul Child (매드 솔 차일드)
Miracle (미라클)
Moo Ga Dang (무가당)

Napoleon Dynamite (나폴레옹 다이나마이트)

Rumble Fish (럼블 피쉬)

SM Town (SM 타운)
Standing EGG (스탠딩에그)
Sunny Hill (써니힐)

Tension (텐션)
Turtles (거북이)
TYKEYS (타이키즈)
Typhoon (타이푼)

Vanhaja (반하자)

Uptown (업타운)

YG Family (YG 패밀리)

ZaZa (자자)

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Guest wholekorea

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Guest omgtony

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Guest omgtony

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