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20150821 Hyun Bin Mediheal's Grand Opening Myeongdong Seoul











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Hyun Bin ssi attends Mediheal Myeongdong flagship store grand opening/fansign today..He looks gorgeous as always..But i guess he needs to cut his hair now..It's too long hahaha..'Kim Joo Won hairstyle' or 'Robin hairstyle' suits him the most :) Anyways, i love these pics the most because Hyun Bin ssi is looking at us! :D 





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Hyun Bin makes you wish it was winter in photoshoot for K2 Outdoorwear



Summer is quickly coming to a close, and I was just sitting here lamenting the oncoming cold — that was until I saw Hyun Bin modeling these hot winter coats in his latest photo shoot for K2 Outdoorwear!

Wintertime does have its advantages, including our favorite oppas, like Hyun Bin, looking extra warm and cuddly in warm layers. 




Does Hyun Bin have you saying "Bring on the cold!"? And what do you think about his longer hair?  

credit: dramafever


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South Korea's 4 public property actor Hyun Bin Gong Yoo So Ji Sub Kang Dong Won









Sung Yuri talks about her 'failed' drama 'The Snow Queen' on 'Healing Camp'

April 28, 2015 @ 7:04 am


Just because a top star or great actor is in a drama doesn't guarantee a hit series, and hopefully actress Sung Yuri knows that too! On the April 27th episode of SBS' 'Healing Camp', MC Sung Yuri had some healing time on her own with her close friend and fellow actressJung Ryeo Won


Sung Yuri talked about how if a drama she is starring in does poorly in ratings, she feels like it's her fault. She talked about her 2006-2007 drama 'The Snow Queen', which she starred in with Hyun Bin.


She said, "At 7am in the morning when ratings come out, I become an 'offender'. When [my drama] had a single digits rating for the first time, it was with Hyun Bin. It was 'The Snow Queen'. When the ratings first came out, it was around 7 or 8%. Nowadays that can happen, but back then if ratings were that low, the drama was a complete fail," she said as she laughed. She continued, "The reason was me. The director and Hyun Bin did so well, and I thought it was all my fault. I became a sinner."


SEE ALSO: Sung Yuri emanates mature, sophisticated charms for 'InStyle'

We hope Sung Yuri doesn't blame herself anymore! Have you seen the drama 'The Snow Queen', and if so, were the ratings justified or was it underrated?


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Male Netizens Pick Top 20 “Coolest” Korean Male Celebrities


The List 2015,” for last week and the week before last, featured lists of female celebrities, as voted on by Korean netizens: the 30 hottest K-celebrity females and the 30 “most beautiful faces” among Korean female celebrities.

This week, the show decided to switch it up, and took things from an entirely male perspective. This week, males voted for the top 20 “coolest Korean male celebrities.” A separate vote was also done by women, and you can see the disparity between the two lists, and the few guys that were voted on by both males and females.

Here are the top 20 “coolest” Korean male celebrities, as voted by 2500 men ranging from ages 20 to 59.


13. Hyun Bin


credit : soompi news

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Hyun Bin K2 F/W 2015


Rogatis F/W 2015



BTS Uniqlo


Cr: as tagged

Hyun Bin & Ha Jung Woo 


Cr: hankoki.com

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Youku Tudou to Stream First Foreign TV Series Approved Under New SAPPRFT Regulations

BEIJINGJuly 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Youku Tudou, Inc. (NYSE: YOKU), China's leading Internet television company ("Youku Tudou"), announced today that the first foreign TV series approved by SAPPRFT (State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television) under the new 2015 regulations for streaming foreign TV series and movies will debut on the Youku Tudou platform. The first episode of the Korean romantic comedy entitled "Hyde, Jekyll, and Me," originally airing on SBS, will be made available on July 13 for all Youku Tudou users, with one new episode made available each day after. On July 16, paid subscribers will be given exclusive full season access and regular users will continue to have one new episode made available every subsequent weekday.

Youku Tudou is one of the leading destinations for Korean content in China with as many as 185 million unique visitors per month and over 11.5 billion cumulative video views of Korean content for 2014 per internal data. By improving user experience and adding exclusive content similar to "Hyde, Jekyll, and Me," Youku Tudou has substantially grown its subscription base and Youku's mobile app is currently the #1 mobile app per monthly user time spent among major Chinese apps with an average of 648 minutes in May 2015 according to iResearch.




Throwback Thursday: The 5 best melodramas of the 2000s

This is a tribute to all who cried your hearts out watching K-dramas. Dating from 2002 to 2007, these melodramas speak to the history of K-dramas.

by whatadrama on Thu, Apr 02, 2015


4.The Snow Queen (2006)


Genius mathematician Han Tae Woong (Hyun Bin) has a menial job of driving a rich man's car for living. He befriends the boss's daughter Kim Bora (Sung Yu Ri) and falls in love with her, who is terminally ill. Trivia: Sung Yu Ri wears 99 different high-end outfits throughout the drama.


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Hyun Bin K2 F/W 2015

Cr: as tagged






Hi Gilian, thanks for sharing these NICE photos. HB will always be lovable to me. :P




6 Asian stars in interesting sportswear


We always see celebrities in gorgeous outfits. They are stunning in front of the camera in that way. But sometimes, the clothes won't hide the real star's glory. Look at those stars in some non-glamorous sportswear — they are still very stunning. 


5. Hyun Bin in Secret Garden

The accurate word to describe Hyun Bin's weird sportswear is SHINING, literally. Well in this drama, he had a variety of well-designed sportswear.




source : dramafever

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@willenette You're welcome :), I watched HB's old drama recently, Snow Queen (I usually don't like melodrama) I think his acting in that drama was great.


#5QuestionsWith Hyun Bin: Returns to TV with 'Hyde, Jekyll, Me'

Published: Thursday April 9, 2015 MYT 12:00:00 AM 
Updated: Thursday April 9, 2015 MYT 7:41:24 AM


Too much: In Hyde, Jekyll, Me, Hyun Bin struggles to keep his split personality disorder in check. Photos: One HD
In Hyde Jekyll, Me, Hyun Bin's character struggles to keep his split personality disorder in check.

Second time’s the charm for the South Korean actor who plays a dual-role character in his TV comeback.

Three years is a long time for an actor to be away from the limelight. But when you’re someone as charismatic as Hyun Bin, that period of absence could feel like an eternity for ardent fans.

The tall leading man (he stands at 1.84m) captivated audiences when he played a snobbish and eccentric chaebol who fell in love with a stuntwoman in the small screen hallyu fantastical romantic-comedy juggernaut that is Secret Garden, in 2010.


After that, the Seoul native had his sights set on feature films – appearing in Late Autumn and Come Rain, Come Shine. The latter – an English-language co-production between South Korea, Hong Kong, China and the United States – became one of the highest-grossing Korean films in China.

At the height of his star power, Hyun Bin boldly took a break from showbiz in early 2011 when he served his 21-month compulsory military service in the Republic of Korea Marine Corps, which is considered to be the toughest service branch.

While some stars received flak for their half-hearted military service, the Chung-Ang University theatre graduate was honoured with a citation for being an exemplary soldier when he was discharged in late 2012.

Since then, the 32-year old has been shooting commercials and appeared in his first ever period film (The Fatal Encounter). Now, he wants to enthrall television viewers once more with Hyde, Jekyll, Me, which airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 8.55pm on ONE HD (Astro B.yond Ch 393).

In an interview transcript provided by ONE HD, the man talked about his small screen comeback and his experience playing a character with split personalities among other things.


What do you want to achieve through this new drama?

It has been a long time since I last greeted my fans through television since my return from the military service.

I received the script for Hyde midway through the filming of The Fatal Encounter and I decided to make this TV comeback with a light-hearted and cheery drama that anyone would find it easy to watch.

This is not your first time playing a chaebol character (son of a wealthy man), is this why you picked this role as your TV screen comeback?

I didn’t pick the role because the character is a chaebol. I chose it because I thought the concept of a man with a dual-personality and a woman who loves a man with a dual-personality was interesting.

I want to present a completely different Hyun Bin to the audience and intend to act on a role of an ambivert with split personality.

How is the challenge of playing someone with multiple personality disorder onHyde, Jekyll, Me, compared to playing a man and woman in Secret Garden?

Acting as a woman in Secret Garden was hard (laughs). Shall I say it made me cringe?

But I must say that it was way easier to act in Secret Garden compared to Hyde. I had someone that I could study. There was Ha Ji-won (the female lead in Secret Garden) for me to watch and observe.

So there is a difference in that I don’t have anyone to mimic and have to express two personalities through imagination. My character in Hyde requires a lot of imagination.

How special is this series to you?

I am attached to all of my projects but I really liked this series because it’s been way too long since my last TV gig.

You have an impressive physique while shooting The Fatal Encounter. Did you have to keep fit for this new role?

I asked (the Hyde, Jekyll, Me director) what kind of body they wanted for this role. They said they didn’t want the muscles that were shown in The Fatal Encounter, so I gained some weight!



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[Photos] Hyeon Bin shows off new look with facial hair in fashion pictorial


Hyeon Bin's pictorial has been revealed. Outdoor clothing brand KW has unveiled their 2015 Fall 7 Winter pictorial starring Hyeon Bin. The K2 pictorial is complete with Hyeon Bin's unique charisma and refined toughness as well his adventurous and manly appeals.

He showcased mountaineer looks though his messy hairstyle and tough-looking skin and pedestrian style through the urban natural hairstyle and light-hearted pose.


Source : www.newsen.com/news_v... Read more at: http://tr.im/PZdwv


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@willenette You're welcome :), I watched HB's old drama recently, Snow Queen (I usually don't like melodrama) I think his acting in that drama was great, I wish I have boyfriend like Han Tae Wong :P 


Hi Gilian, "The Snow Queen" is really a beautiful drama - And as usual Hyun Bin kind of steals the show. Sung Yu Ri was fabulous! Everything seemed like something that could happen in real life - I guess one way to describe the feel of the drama is a sort of quiet piece. So all in all - great acting, great story, well told, beautiful camera work and a great soundtrack. I also like that they all struggle with forgiving – I also love the message that this drama conveys : Love is about loving people - it's not about when it's convenient, it's not about if we have enough time or not. Tae Woong and Bo Ra decided to live and love, even though they know their time might be limited, still they don't abandon each other. What a perfect ending! Despite that it’s a sad ending........:P




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Hyun Bin For Rogatis F/W 2015




Hyun Bin : Uniqlo F/W 2015




Hyun Bin's 7 most beautiful leading ladies

by Nancy Z on Fri, Jan 23, 2015


Hyun Bin is a real manly man, having volunteered and completed his military service in the Korean Marines. He is also a hot Hallyu star who has enthralled us with dramas co-starring with some very lovely leading ladies. So, who do you think is the fairest of them all, and which one is the prettiest actress according to Hyun Bin himself?

During a TV interview on January 21, Hyun Bin was was asked which actress was the prettiest among ALL the ones he's worked with. I think that's a difficult question for anyone. How are you supposed to answer such a question honestly? If he tells the truth, won't he risk offending the other actresses? Anyway, I've selected a list of very special and beautiful leading ladies. See who you think is the prettiest, and scroll down to see what Hyun Bin said.

7. Han Ji Min - Hyde, Jekyll, and I

Han Ji Min plays Hyun Bin's leading lady in this romance drama with an unusual twist. We aren't certain yet which persona of Hyun Bin will be the one who falls in love with her, and which one she'll fall for. She also played Hyun Bin's political rival in The Fatal Encounter movie.



So here is Hyun Bin's answer: He said that Han Ji Min is the prettiest actress that he's worked with.

I really have to admire his no-nonsense response. No ifs, ands, or buts. Of course the actresses are all beautiful; it's just not that easy to pick one who is the most beautiful.



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Actors' salary this year


Curiosity rose for actors' pay after actresses' pay was released last month. We've updated the ranks from highest paid actors to the lowest.

According to studies, the gap between actors and actresses isn't that large. In case of the actors, they are more highly paid as they have a strong fan base all over the world. The prices of actors continuously rise but the actresses fill in the gaps with fashion and beauty advertisements. After actors make it big with dramas, they make more money off extracurricular events such as foreign fan meetings and such so they make extra profits.


The Hot Guys


(skipped unrelated.....)


Hyeon Bin who came back with a drama after his military service is also a highly paid actor although his most recent work failed. He joined the Marines after "Secret Garden" and returned with "Hyde, Jekyll and I". He's known to have been paid 100 million won per episode with bonuses during this time.




Source : isplus.live.joins.com...

Translation : Hancinema








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15 of the Highest Paid K-Drama Actors and What They Earn

15 of the Highest Paid K-Drama Actors and What They Earn

After revealing the highest paid K-Drama actresses, a new report from news outlet Ilgan Sports has revealed the highest paid K-Drama actors in 2015. It appears as though the pay gap between actresses and actors is not as large as it has been in the past. However, male actors tend to enjoy greater popularity amongst female fans. In addition to their high earnings from K-Dramas, actors can cash in on their success through overseas fan meetings. Also, a successful K-drama will result in filming CFs which is quite profitable for actors.

Without further ado let’s check out the list of Korea’s top actors’ earnings per episode compiled after consulting with drama production companies, broadcasting company producers, management staff members, and other specialists in the entertainment industry.

-skipped the unrelated-

Highest Earners

Kim Soo Hyun Hyun Bin

Kim Soo Hyun and Hyun Bin are the highest paid actors having received 100 million KRW (approx. 83,900 USD) per episode this year. With a string of highly popular dramas like “The Moon That Embraces the Sun,” “My Love From the Star,” “Producer,” and more, Kim Soo Hyun is an extremely sought after actor. He received his highest earnings with “My Love From the Star.” However, he didn’t raise his rates for his following drama “Producer” due to his consideration for writer Park Ji Eun.

As for Hyun Bin, he filmed the highly popular drama “Secret Garden” before entering his military service. Upon his return, he chose “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” as his comeback project. Due to the success of his previous drama, he was able to charge a high fee for his comeback drama. An insider reveals, “I’m not sure how his next project will work out, but his earnings for ‘Hyde, Jekyll, Me’ was his peak.”

What do you think about these actors and their earnings? Do you expect it to change next year?

credit: Soompi

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