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Hyun Bin 현빈 "Shining Brightly"

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These Are The 10 Best OST Songs From Korean Dramas According To Knetizens


Most times, Korean dramas are so well-made because of the storyline and the unpredictable plot twists that come with it. Also, the star-studded line-up and the visual couple that makes everyone stay tuned is another factor that makes K-dramas nice to watch.

However, what makes it even greater are the heartwarming OSTs that perfectly match each scene. Today, we bring you ten of the best OST songs from your favorite Korean series:



10. "Here I Am Again" from "Crash Landing On You"

Here I Am Again is a song by Yerin Baek an:d is one of the best songs in K-drama history. It complements the various scenes from CLOY, and can make the listeners' hearts flutter in many ways. Just like captain Ri and Se Ri's love, it captured the attention of the viewers!



(skipped unrelated.....



source : Kdramastars


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More on the letter he wrote in Naver article instead:


Hyunbin,'handwritten letter' to Japanese entertainment godfather Shofukutei



As actor Hyunbin is leading the new Korean Wave in Japan, it is a topic of friendship with a local star. It is also suggesting that he will engage in direct communication with the local fandom in the future, who has sparked the ignition of the'third Japanese Korean Wave' with the lead role of the tvN drama'Crash Landing on Love', raising another expectation.

Sankei Sports, a representative sports newspaper in Japan, reported on the 10th that Hyunbin sent a handwritten letter to Tsurube Shofukutei, a famous local broadcaster. Shofukutei Tsurube, who has built a reputation as an actor and DJ on radio programs, is a person with influence enough to be called the ``godfather of the entertainment industry'' in Japan. He has expressed interest in Korean content and stars.

According to Sankei Sports reports, Shofukutei Tsurube said that he received a letter from Hyun Bin of'Crash Landing of Love' through MBS Radio'Young Town'. He has already revealed that he is a favorite viewer of this drama, and he also released the contents of the letter.

In his letter, Hyunbin expressed his gratitude, saying, “I heard that the drama'Crash Landing on Love' is loved by many people in Japan.” He then quoted the line in'Crash Landing of Love', saying,'If I wait and pray desperately, will I meet the person I want to see?', he added, "I hope that someday we will see you together."

In the first half of this year, the'Crash Landing of Love' gained popularity close to'Syndrome' in Japan, reigniting the local Hallyu fever. The lead role, Hyunbin, was able to provide an opportunity for direct communication by saying hello to local fans through this letter.

Hyunbin is currently filming the movie'Negotiation' in Jordan. After finishing the schedule, I plan to return to Korea in late September. After that, it is expected to seek concrete plans for activities in Japan. Although the trend of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) is a variable, it is expected to devise various measures to greet fans without flying directly to the local area.






Apparently the cases in Amman/Jordan have increase, so hoping Binnie and Bargaining crew/team can quickly finish up before production gets potentially delayed



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Our Favorite Korean Drama Actors Who Played As Military Men in K-Dramas and Films




We have seen different types of men in Korean dramas like a dashing CEO, a handsome and rich chaebol, a king or prince from another era or parallel universe, a heartthrob lawyer or prosecutor, and the smart and good-looking doctor.


However, every Korean drama lover would agree that there is a certain appeal with actors who portray a neat and fierce military character onscreen, especially when they get dressed up in attention-grabbing military uniforms.


The most recent example of this is Hallyu star Hyun Bin who played the North Korean military captain Ri Jeon Hyeok in "Crash Landing on You," and Lee Min Ho as Emperor Lee Gon in the "The King: Eternal Monarch."


And yes! We do love watching them wearing their military uniforms!



Hyun Bin in "Crash Landing On You" and in "Confidential Assignment"

Our Favorite Korean Drama Actors Who Played Military Men In K-Dramas And Films
(Photo : tvN)


Our favorite actor Hyun Bin plays as the reserved North Korean Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok from in the hit drama "Crash Landing On You" alongside actress Son Ye Jin who portrays the role of a rich South Korean Chaebol heiress. In this particular drama, we have witnessed Hyun Bin transition from a piano wizard to a North Korean soldier who does everything for the love of his life.


On the other hand, in the movie "Confidential Assignment," Hyun Bin portrayed the character of an officer assigned in a special investigation team in North Korea.



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : Kdramastars


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These Handsome Korean Actors Played As North Korean Agents In Movies


Korean actors have their own style and charms that capture the heart of the viewers. There are certain details and angles that carry a character they portray.


The latest movie "Steel Rain 2: Summit" tackles leaders from three powerful countries: South Korea, the U.S., and North Korea. Lead actor and turned director Jung Woo Sung plays the president of South Korea, Yoo Yeon Seok portrayed a North Korean leader, while Kwak Do Won is a North Korean Supreme Guard Command Chief.


In one of his interviews, Jung Woo Sung made a fun side comment that Kwak Do Won became the first actor to break the "handsome North Korean agent." Usually, in dramas and films, the North Korean characters are either soldiers or police in various works, and celebrities portraying them tend to draw attention for their handsome looks. 


In this regard, we made a list of good looking actors who played as North Korean agents in movies.



"Confidential Assignment"

Hyun Bin as Im Chul Ryung


These Handsome Korean Actors Acted As North Korean Agents In Movies

This film is about trying to collaborate a joint investigation between the two Koreas. Hyun Bin played as a North Korean detective who arrives in South Korea to search for the person who killed his wife. It was reported that Hyun Bin trained hard for physical strength and martial arts for three months. He also finished the film without a stuntman, considering the full-packed action stills. In addition, Hyun Bin also played a North Korean soldier in the hit drama "Crash Landing On You."



(skipped unrelated.....)




source : Kdramastars


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Hyun Bin's Spiraling Popularity in Japan Causes Possible Another "Yon-Sama" Syndrome




Over the centuries, Japan and Korea have had conflicts that stemmed from the unresolved war in 1910. But despite disputes, Korean dramas didn't fail to entertain the citizens of the neighboring country, such as the popularity of "Winter Sonata" that caused Yon-sama syndrome. 


And now, "Crash Landing On You" leading man Hyun Bin has most probably resurrected this syndrome.


Proof of the popularity of the hit Netflix and tvN drama is that the Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi admitted that he had watched all the episodes of the series "Crash Landing On You"! This was featured in one of Japan's newspaper Mainichi by special editor Takao Yamada on August 10. Currently, Mr. Yamada already watched Episode 3 of the series.


In addition, the editor stated on his column how he admired the drama, "As the drama showed the romantic comedy side between a North Korean soldier and a South Korean businesswoman is brand new. The drama depicts the existence of life in North Korea."


It was reported by Netflix Japan, the show running on the top overall ranking list is Kim Soo Hyun's "It's Okay To Not Be Okay," while "Crash Landing On You" ranked second. Another drama on the top watch list is "Itaewon Class," starring Park Seo Joon. As of this writing, "Crash Landing On You" remains in the second spot.


As the drama "Crash Landing On You" hits the small screen, the lead actor Hyun Bin is one of the most talked-about actors in Japan, making him popular on many of their news and social media platforms. 


Hyun Bin is featured in a weekly magazine in Japan named Aera, which wrote articles detailing Hyun Bin's previous dramas "Secret Garden and "Hyde Jekyll, Me." Another publication featured Hyun Bin for the June edition of the Shukanasahi Magazine.


The Korean Cultural Center Director, Mr. Hwang Sung Woon, commented, "The plot and storyline of the drama 'Crash Landing On You' occurring in North Korea is new in Japan. Japanese people admired the unchanging love that transcends across borders. The male protagonist in character is similar to how great their love is just like in "Goblin" and "Winter Sonata," which also received good reviews by the Japanese viewers."


Hwang shared, "In the drama's character, Hyun Bin showed how strong-willed he is yet showed kindness towards women and melted the hearts of the viewers. Though the drama at times dropped on the list but his popularity still continues."


Actor Bae Yong Joon starred in the hit 2003 drama "Winter Sonata," which led the Korean wave, and created the "Yon-sama" syndrome. His character in the drama carrying unchanging love was a hit to Japanese women. This now emerges to be happening in Hyun Bin's case as his popularity skyrocketed.




source : Kdramastars


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These Are The 20 Best K-Drama Couples, Voted By Fans

Which couple stood out the most to you?




One of the most exciting, fun, nerve-wracking, and heart-melting parts of K-dramas are watching the couples that end up together. It often involves all kinds of, well, drama, and sometimes heartbreak, loss, misunderstandings, and all other kinds of struggles, but it’s all well-worth it in the end to see them end up together. Recently, KingChoice.me, a popular polling website, ran a poll for fans to vote on their favorite K-drama couples, and these were the top 20 results!



11. Kim Joo-won & Gil Ra-im (Secret Garden)


Portrayed by Hyun Bin & Ha Ji-won



1. Ri Jeong-hyeok & Yoon Se-ri (Crash Landing on U)




Portrayed by Hyun Bin & Son Ye-jin



(skipped unrelated.....\



source https://kingchoice.me/topic-most-favorite-korean-drama-couples-till-2020-close-august-31-1243.html /



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LOOK: UP to offer class on K-dramas, lists 'CLOY' as required viewing




MANILA -- University of the Philippines (UP) students can now receive college credit for watching Korean dramas. 


As seen in its enlistment website, UP is offering an elective that seeks to "analyze" K-drama shows, such as "Crash Landing on You," which is one of the new ones to sweep Filipino viewers away. 




The popular K-drama stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, and it follows a South Korean billionaire heiress who falls in love with a North Korean soldier after a paragliding accident. 


The elective also recommends watching other K-drama shows, such as "Misaeng" and "Chicago Typewriter" before enlisting. 


It also requires a Netflix subscription or any access to the shows it mentioned. 


This course is open to all colleges. 



credit : ABS-CBN


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Bargaining filming update. He is currently in Petra and will be returning to Amman in a few days




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Hyun Bin’s Agency To Take Legal Action Against Publishing Photo Book Without Permission




Hyun Bin’s agency stated that they will be taking legal action against a photo book of the actor that is set to be published in Japan without permission.


On August 18, a Japanese media outlet reported that a book of Hyun Bin’s photos that were taken during his time in the Marine Corps would be republished on September 7. The republication is inspired by the popularity of Hyun Bin’s drama “Crash Landing on You,” in which he played a North Korean soldier.


The book in question had previously been published in South Korea as an electronic book in 2012. It was made available in an offline version in Japan in 2014 after a contract with a Japanese publisher. Hyun Bin’s agency was excluded from this contract. The photos in the book had been taken by the Marines for public use but ended up being for sale. As public servants, military personnel do not own portrait rights to their pictures.


Later on August 18, Hyun Bin’s agency, VAST Entertainment, said that they would be taking legal action against a Korean publishing company. A source from the agency stated, “Just like in 2014, we didn’t hear anything about republication in Japan. We saw that it was available for pre-order on Amazon Japan and contacted the current publisher. The publisher was flustered and said that they thought that the Korean agency had already given permission.”


The source continued, “In 2014, we decided that it was the Marine Corps’ affair and didn’t take legal action. This time it’s different. For the past 10 years, the photos that were taken for public use have continued to be used without prior consent. It is an issue that private companies have taken an interest in this. We recently had discussions with a law firm and will be taking legal action.”


A source from Planet Media, the domestic publisher that made the deal for reissue with the Japanese publisher, stated, “We are simply reissuing the content that was published five years ago without any new material. It’s about the Marine Hyun Bin, not the actor Hyun Bin, and was published under the agreement between the publisher and the Marines, so Hyun Bin’s previous and current agencies have nothing to do with it.”


A source from the Marine Corps stated, “We first learned about the republication in Japan through news articles.


The publisher did not make an agreement with the Marine Corps on this.” When asked if the Marines had plans to make an agreement in future, the source stated, “We need to investigate this more closely.”


Hyun Bin is currently filming the movie “Bargaining” (working title), based on the 2007 South Korean hostage crisis in Afghanistan.


Watch his film “The Swindlers”:


Watch Now




Source (1) (2) / soompi news

Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews

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Can't believe they were going to republish the photobook without consent. Something from 2011/2012 time too.



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HB has been busy filming a lot of Bargaining lately. Lots of shooting related updates but no official sightings of him. Those in the Space did get a 13th anniversary video from him for his Japan club. They also got a letter/post card earlier in a month. 


Hope there's an official Bargaining filming update soon as cases in both SK and Jordan have been increasing.


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JTBC PLUS | 2020. 08. 21. 5:40 PM
[EXCLUSIVE] Hyun Bin - A man with infinite charm and smooth career


It's safe to say that this special man has been in his heyday since he was born. The person is no other than actor Hyun Bin.



Hyun Bin (37) was born in Jamsil Ward, Songpa District, Seoul on September 25, 1982. He belongs to the Kim family in Gwangsan. His current body profile is 184 cm, 74 kg. Hyun Bin is the youngest son of an affectionate family with father, mother, and an older brother.

Hyun Bin has been greatly loved by the public for his impeccable acting skills and handsome look that has stayed unchanged for the past 18 years since he made his debut in 2000. He has reached the pinnacle of his career as an actor three times, something that not many can do even once. And of course, Hyun Bin's distinctive aura is always as splendid as the first time without any slump.

Below are Hyun Bin's memorable pre-debut, post-debut, and military-life marks, which are expected to make viewers fall for this special guy even more.

> Handsome Kim Tae Pyung 



As Hyun Bin learned swimming for 10 years since he was six years old, he already has broad shoulders when he was young. When he was in middle school, Hyun Bin dreamed of attending the Police University. It was when he entered high school that he decided to pursue the acting career. At that time, because he was opposed by his father, he secretly went to practice for play performances. In order to be allowed to pursue the acting career, Hyun Bin had to meet the condition that his father demanded, which is entering the Department of Theatre and Film of Chung Ang University. He then proudly obtained a certificate of acceptance and got his father's permission.

When he was a student, Hyun Bin was already famous for his handsome appearance. In a popularity survey conducted at the female school near his', the name Hyun Bin appeared next to the top stars at that time. His friends even wrote in his yearbook such compliments as "You're very handsome", "You must become an actor".

> The role of Kang Gook - the final boss of youthful appearance




Hyun Bin's debut work was "Shower", a low-budget movie made in 2002. However, this film failed to premiere. The actor officially debuted in the drama "Bodyguard" (KBS 2TV) in 2003. After that, he continued to appear in the sitcom "Nonstop 4" (MBC). It was not until Hyun Bin played the role of Kang Gook in the drama "Ireland" (MBC) that he began to receive special public attention. The actor's visual which is innocent and youthful until now still makes many people's hearts flutter.

> Conquering Korea with a fever called Sam Sik





Just a few years after debuting, Hyun Bin entered the golden age of his life thanks to MBC's "My Lovely Sam Soon" (2005) - the famous work that left an indelible mark in the history of Korean dramas when it set an amazing record for the highest rating of 50.2%. In the drama, Hyun Bin took on the role of Hyun Jin Heon, but audiences often called him with the intimate name Sam Sik. Before transforming into Sam Sik, he was simply an emerging star with a handsome appearance. However, since "My Lovely Sam Soon" was aired, Hyun Bin has really built for himself the position of an irreplaceable A-class star in the hearts of the public. He also jumped into the ranks of Hallyu stars thanks to this explosive popularity.

> "Is this the best possible plan?" sensation





After the success of "My Lovely Sam Soon", Hyun Bin was loved by "drama-worms" through his roles in works like "The Snow Queen", "Worlds Within" (KBS 2TV). From here, Hyun Bin gradually built up a solid filmography and finally in 2010, he met the work of a lifetime "Secret Garden" (SBS), the work of golden scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook. The actor created a sensation in the land of kimchi playing Kim Joo Won, an unpleasant urban man. Many popular dialogues were born from "Secret Garden", with the most prominent being "Is this the best possible plan? Are you sure?" of Kim Joo Won. And indeed, only Hyun Bin could make the sparkling training clothes of "Rascal Kim" so popular. In that period, Hyun Bin honorably received Daesang at the 47th "Baeksang Arts Awards", but because he was serving in the military after finishing the filming, he created a rare scene: giving his acceptance speech through a pre-recorded video while still in Korea's army uniform.

> Romantic guy on TV, action guy on the big screen





Although he had been creating "unbeatable legends" with romantic-comedy dramas, Hyun Bin had yet had an outstanding work on the big screen. The movie "Confidential Assignment" (2017) was released at that exact time when he needed a big mark. Hyun Bin, in the role of a North Korean criminal policeman, performed high-intensity action scenes that no one dared to try, from shooting, car chasing, to hanging on steel wires. The colorful charisma of tough man Hyun Bin returned as this movie was a huge box-office hit with 7.81 million moviegoers.

> Comrade Ri Jeong Hyeok landed in a place of love





Hyun Bin's success aroused curiosity about whether he could go any further, and the actor proved that he was fully capable of doing that difficult thing. He, once again, became the focus of attention of the Hallyu wave with the drama "Crash Landing on You" (tvN) aired in 2019. In particular, although the drama was set in the context of Korea-Japan strained relations, Japanese viewers still could not resist the "Hyun Bin syndrome". Hyun Bin looked so handsome in the North Korean military uniform that he received criticism that sounded like praise, which is "romanticization of the North Korean army". With "Crash Landing on You", Hyun Bin's acting career was at its peak for the third time, which his colleagues, for the most part, can hardly experience. 

> Entering the top 5% of Marines Corps' excellent candidates





Finally, we cannot forget to mention Hyun Bin's time in the army when talking about his 30s. Because in this period, there are many things that the more the audiences learn about, the more they will love him. Hyun Bin registered for the Marine Corps in late 2010 after "Secret Garden" ended its broadcast. In the physical test, the actor obtained the perfect score of 15 in the pushup test with 50 reps in a minute and 14 points in the crunch test with 57 reps in a minute, earning a total of 29 points. After overcoming the fierce competition to join the Marine Corps, Hyun Bin proudly put on him the uniform of the unit with exceptional performance putting him at the top 5% of applicants. It seemed that it would be difficult to see the image of Hyun Bin wearing the military uniform, but then the actor regularly participated in various promotional events with the desire to actively promote for the Marine Corps using his. Thus, Hyun Bin's masculine look in the military uniform spread everywhere and is still conquered many female hearts up to now.


Reporter Park Jung Sun /park.jungsun@jtbc.co.kr
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive

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These Are The Top 50 Most Attractive Asian Men, Chosen By Fans

They’re all stunning.


Recently, popular K-Pop polling site KingChoice created a poll for fans to vote on who they think are the most attractive Asian men in the entertainment business. This includes not just K-Pop idols, but celebrities from other Asian countries as well! Here are the top 50 choices.



7. Hyun Bin




Source: KingChoice
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Hyun Bin And Yoo Hae Jin In Talks To Return For Sequel To 2017 Hit Film “Confidential Assignment”



Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae Jin may be teaming up again for a sequel to the hit film “Confidential Assignment”!


On August 24, it was reported that both Yoo Hae Jin and Hyun Bin had been given offers to appear in the upcoming sequel. Sources from both of their agencies, Huayi Brothers Korea and VAST Entertainment respectively, confirmed the news and stated that the actors are currently looking over the offers.


The original 2017 film was directed by Kim Sung Hoon and told the story of North Korean detective Rim Chul Ryung (Hyun Bin) working with South Korean detective Kang Jin Tae (played by Yoo Hae Jin). Kim Joo Hyuk, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, and others stood out with memorable performances as well. The film attracted over 7.81 million moviegoers in total, and was a box office success.


A source from the “Confidential Assignment” sequel stated that they are currently in the process of editing the final script, and said, “We hope to bring back the aspects that people loved in the first ‘Confidential Assignment’ film to the sequel as well.”

Hyun Bin is currently in Jordan filming “Bargaining,” while Yoo Hae Jin is gearing up for the release of his upcoming film “Space Sweepers.”



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somehow i hope that he would star in genres other than action.In recent years,it seemed like he have choosen quite alot action-packed,blockbuster-ish kind of movies that do not really showcase his fullest acting potential.I wanna see him in in more diverse roles in realistic&serious productions .Just my opinion.

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I hope he does other genres too. He may be interested because of the director (he also directed The Pirates and The Himalayas). Plus it seemed like he really enjoyed filming Confidential Assignment back then - doing all his stunts etc. Right now, Yoo Hae Jin might not return it seems. We shall see. It looks like they are looking it over. So nothing confirmed right now.


Not sure how he had the time to review the script while he is busy filming lol. Unless he got it while he was in quarantine in Jordan when he arrived.

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Japan tries to capitalize on Hyunbin popularity after "Crash landing on You" to publish book on his Marine days, pulls it after getting warned of Copyright Infringement



LINK here : http://koalasplayground.com/2020/08/23/japan-tries-to-capitalize-on-hyun-bin-popularity-after-crash-landing-on-you-to-publish-book-on-his-marine-days-pulls-it-after-getting-warned-of-copyright-infringment/


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