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Hyun Bin 현빈 "Shining Brightly"

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Still rising, drama "Crash Landing on You" has maintained its top spot in Japan's top 10 content since February!




Still rising, drama "Crash Landing on You" has maintained its top spot in Japan's top 10 content since February!


Netizen comments :

(+353,-23) Hyun Bin is handsome and Son Yejin is pretty.
The Japanese are also interested in North Korea, and all of a sudden, they are popular.

(+264,-17) There are not many handsome people like Hyun Bin in Japan, so they like him.

(+205,-13) I didn't see it at first because it was so childish.
I heard it was crazy in Asia, so I went over it.
I've been missing since the middle of it.
It's so fun ㅋ

(+25,-9) Congratulations! It's popular in America, too.

(+16,-2) It's nice to have a yen bill. ㅎㅎㅎ



source : https://www.storykpop.com/2020/06/still-rising-drama-crash-landing-on-you.html

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Thanks a lot for posting these updates.  Can't really visit often but am happy to know of HB's updated works and articles.

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Must-See Beautiful Houses Featured in Korean Dramas


Beautiful locations and sceneries are a big factor in any Korean drama series. When actors portray wealthy roles, these houses are often displayed on the screen, and surely, these magnificent and beautiful architecture never fails to make the audience jealous of the rich and lavish lifestyle of Korean drama characters.



"Secret Garden"


Must-See Beautiful Houses Featured in Korean Dramas
(Photo : Twitter, Instagram)



Must-See Beautiful Houses Featured in Korean Dramas
(Photo : Twitter, Instagram)


Hyun Bin's character is a rich CEO in a department store who chose to stay in a calm and relaxing home away from the hassles of the city. He resides in an enchanting terrarium-like mansion partly enclosed by a delightful lilypad-strewn pond. It is secluded and can be considered as an architectural gem surrounded by picturesque gardens.



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : Kdramastars


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Teaser from BENCH for Hyun Bin's TVC. Miss you, Oppa! :heart4:



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Posted (edited)

Thanks for the Bench teaser meerkat.  Have been waiting for this.


In one of his interviews Ben Chan, the owner of Bench said that it was a breeze to work with him in the photoshoot.


Dear People in this thread,


I very rarely post.  I "stan" very few people - only HyunBin, Colin Firth and Keith Urban, for their artistry, versatility, consistency as performers and artists.  I think those are the only things artists "owe" us - fine performances.  If they are able to sustain their consistency over the years, and develop their craft, then what a gift it is to us.  Personally I never ship, (although I don't mind at all if others do) because we never really know them as persons, and their onscreen persona can be very different from their off-screen real selves, especially if they are fantastically good actors.  Sometimes we do get glimpses of them through interviews, a window to them that they choose to reveal to us, but then again, interviews can be slanted and sometimes "manipulated' to suit viewers' tastes.  I simply hope and pray that their lives may be safe, good, healthy and they end up happily with someone if they so wish to get married, and happily single if they so choose to stay so.  I sometimes feel sad for the "price" they may have to "pay" for being this famous, the pressure, the loss of privacy and freedom of movement...Just my two cents worth


So I wanted to thank you all for keeping this thread alive, which continues to give information on Hyun Bin as an artist, of his porjects and CFs, and some interviews which add to some data we have of him.  Its a happy and safe haven for me who can rarely find time for other things...so you guys are really much appreciated

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Can't wait for the full bench CF and behind the scenes/interview


vastree had also posted a behind the scenes/shot from Smart here

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Goodluck to you Oppa! Stay safe and take care of yourself in Jordan. We will wait for you

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Second Bench CF teaser. Swoon worthy reveal coming soon. 

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July 2020 marks Hyun Bin's 18th Debut Anniversary as an actor.

"Back in 2002, he acted in the film, Shower, which did not get released due to funding challenges. He finally made his acting debut as part of the supporting cast in the drama, Bodyguard, which first aired in Korea on July 2003."


Here are the gifts sent by the Edelweiss Philippines team to VAST office, hopefully still before HB left for Jordan. All the best wishes to HB on this anniversary as well as safe travel to the Bargaining Team.


Credit: Edelweiss Philippines











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alert ~ in case chingus haven't noticed, there is a hyun bin theme badge available in the members shop!!!! check it out! buy it using your soompi points to proudly display on your profile!


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Hyun Bin on life, happiness, fitness and modeling for bench


'The current COVID-19 situation made me realize the value of everyday life. We can overcome the situation if we work togerther and not lose hope.'

My mind is filled with images of Hyun Bin. Hyun Bin to the right of me, Hyun Bin to the left of me. That is the effect of this Korean actor on fans after watching his K-dramas, the most recent of which is Crash Landing On You (CLOY).


Hyun Bin is now a household name in the Philippines. When Smart and Bench got him as their endorser, his superstardom was sealed, as far as every Pinoy who owns a cellphone or a Bench T-shirt is concerned.


But the Korean movie actor has been on a lockdown just like us, during these precarious times. His appearance in Manila depends on the disappearance of the COVID-19 virus, and it is with fingers crossed that we await his arrival here.


Fortunately, through Ben Chan, who got him as endorser of Bench (“Hyun Bin's fashion style reflects our style direction this season of going back to basics. He is a no-fuss dresser who goes for well-chosen must-haves,” says Ben.) Hyun Bin was able to send some of his thoughts to us. We also listened to all his video interviews on Korean TV shows, and culled his answers to the questions you’d most likely want to ask him.


“My role as Captain Ri has more warmth and innocence compared to others I've done,” says Hyun Bin in his Captain T-shirt by Bench.

One thing is certain: Hyun Bin is a humble and compassionate person. The depth of his mind is amazing


The Philippine STAR: How do you feel about becoming the model of the Philippine clothing brand, Bench?


Hyun Bin: I am extremely happy and excited to be able to meet many people as the model of a brand that represents the Philippines. I will do my best as the model of Bench, so I ask for lots of your attention and support.


You became the model of a clothing brand. What style of clothing do you usually wear?


In my daily activities, I tend to go for light and simple clothes that are easy to work with. I prefer comfort rather than trendiness when it comes to clothes. In that sense, Bench’s comfortable yet stylish charm seems to match my taste.


You have just finished shooting; so how was your first shoot with Bench?


When it comes to any situation, the word “first” seems to always be full of excitement. The same goes with my first shoot with Bench today; it was very exciting and fun as well. I think I will look forward to my future activities with Bench with the same excitement.


Finally, would you like to say anything to your Filipino fans who are having a rough period with COVID-19? 


The current COVID-19 situation seems to remind me of the value of everyday life. I believe we can overcome the situation if we work together hand in hand and not lose hope. Until the day we return to our normal, everyday lives, I hope you all remain safe and healthy.


From TV interviews —

With jeepney mug by Bench: Will Binnie be able to ride one in Manila?

On life:

Have you experienced other similar anxieties in life?

I have had my own rollercoaster ride, but I got through that period.


What does your military training mean to you?

It was a time to recharge. It was a time when I wanted to step back from my work and view myself objectively. That made it a good time for me.


What is your definition of a happy life?

I think it is something that is so close yet so far. It’s something you can find with a little tweak of your thoughts or in the smallest things in life. It’s something that’s right there but it’s hard to catch.


What are your small, happy moments?

Having a glass of beer. It feels like I can wrap up the day with a glass of beer.


On travel:

The filming of CLOY has brought you to Switzerland and Mongolia. What does travel mean to you?

The biggest effect of travel on me is that it acts as a source of motivation. At times it makes me feel small, too. I want to visit more places.


What made the role of Capt. Ri Jeong-hyeok different from others you’ve done?

The role had more warmth and innocence compared to other roles I’ve done.


Which of the characters you’ve played before is most like the real you?

I think it’s tough to pick out just one. There’s a little bit of me in each role. When it comes to Capt. Ri, a part of him reminds me of my real self. Quietly and diligently looking after his own people — that’s pretty similar to me.

On looking good:

Are you aware that you look good in army uniform?

HB: (Shy silence)


Dimpled smile, charismatic gaze, sexy body, glowing intellect which of these assets of yours do you think is best?


I’ll go with my voice.


As an actor, how do you take care of yourself to look good?

I think I am not trying that hard; I do not really do something on the face. I also do not perm nor hair dye, I just let my hair grow.

On keeping fit:

How do you keep yourself fit?

There are some critical moments when you’re in drama production, so I work out whenever I have time and I try to sleep a lot as well.


Getting a good sleep is very important. In CLOY, my character has to protect Se-ri, so I wanted to look dependable. I worked out to gain muscle and I’ve been continuously working out to maintain my shape.

On Son Ye-Jin:

How was it working with your leading lady, Son Ye-Jin?

She has a huge passion for acting. This stimulated me and I learned various things from her. I like that a great film like this was done with great synchronization of our act.

On his singing:

You were singing with the rock band Buzz and doing songs… there was the OST for Secret Garden, too. Do you get shy when they play your song?

It’s embarrassing... I never listen to it.





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Hyun Bin: ‘I will meet with my Filipino fans first’

Bench launches The Captain’s shirt and other apparel today— ‘If he can bring a smile to people, that is already something good’


Hyun Bin has his priorities set: The first thing he will do when he visits the Philippines is greet his fans. “I heard that ‘Crash Landing on You’ (CLOY) has received a lot of love from Filipinos,” he said in an email interview with Lifestyle. “When I go to the Philippines, I would like to take the time to express my gratitude by meeting with my Filipino fans first.”


The 37-year-old Korean superstar is set to visit the country as the latest and arguably most popular endorser of Bench.


The global Filipino brand launches the Hyun Bin line in Bench Everyday Collection today, rolling out the merchandise and promotional materials of the Korean star. Bench has reopened its stores following strict safety protocols for both shoppers and its staff.


Bench’s founder and CEO Ben Chan explained the timing to Lifestyle: “We have been working on bringing Hyun Bin to the Philippines since last year, but the lockdown has delayed our announcement.

“We feel it is the right time now to launch it because he brings a lot of positivity which we need at this time of pandemic. If Hyun Bin can bring a smile to some people, then that in itself is already something good.”


Chan has displayed a great degree of prescience by bringing in or signing up Korean celebrities as endorsers as the Hallyu (Korean) wave was rising (Lee Min-ho, Ji Chang-wook, Park Seo-joon), but its timing in bringing in Hyun Bin as “CLOY” just became one of the biggest K-dramas of all time is just impeccable.


Hyun Bin had climbed the ranks of K-drama actors since he was first noticed in the 2005 romantic comedy “My Name is Kim Sam-soon,” showing a liking for more modern rather than period pieces, but with a twist.


The 2011 drama “Secret Garden” had him switching bodies with Gil Ra-im. He appeared with Park Shin-hye in 2019’s mindbending “Memories of the Alhambra.”


Hyun Bin is known for a genuine softness hidden by a terse, stolid exterior.


But it was with his 12th K-drama, “CLOY,” that he became a global phenomenon.


He plays the gentlemanly North Korean Captain Ri Jeong-hyuk, a former piano prodigy who now serves by steadfastly guarding the border. His life is thrown into disarray one day when South Korean heiress Yoon Se-ri, played by Son Ye-jin, crash-lands in North Korea after a paragliding mishap.


Most interestingly, the two had acted together in the 2018 action film “The Negotiation,” with Son playing a crack hostage negotiator and Hyun Bin the tech-savvy antagonist. Even then, you could see they shared a chemistry that really blew up on the screen on “CLOY.” The two made quite the striking couple in the Baeksang Awards last June, when they won the TikTok Most Popular Award.


Lifestyle59592.jpg The “Captain” himself wears the special edition Captain tee, relaxed fit denim jeans from Bench Everyday Collection. Lifestyle59591.jpg Casual blazer with classic pinstripe everyday tee, ripped denim jeans

Next project

The world’s infatuation with the man known as “The Captain” can only help him grow as an actor and flourish as an ambassador of Hallyu. He’s already working on his next project.


“I think I will meet you through my next movie, ‘Bargaining,’ which we are shooting right now,” he said in our Lifestyle email interview. “‘Bargaining’ is about a diplomat and an NIS (National Intelligence Service) agent trying to save a Korean kidnapped in the Middle East. We are working hard on the film, so I ask for your future support.”


The film was being shot in Jordan with director Yim Soom-rye (2018’s “Little Forrest”), and actor Hwang Jung-min (2017’s “Battleship Island”), but shooting was disrupted by the pandemic; work should pick up again soon. It sounds like something right up his alley—and the sooner he’s done with that, the sooner he can come here.


After all, it was Ben Chan himself who said, Hyun Bin would be here “ . . . hopefully end of this year or early next year, when traveling is allowed and when all is relatively back to normal.”

What is also well suited for Hyun Bin is the Bench Everyday Collection, featuring denim pants paired with different tops for a relaxed but tasteful look, practical but polished—check out that exclusive “Captain” T-shirt.


“In my daily activities, I tend to go for light and simple clothes that are easy to work with,” he said. “I prefer comfort rather than trendy when it comes to clothes. In that sense, Bench’s comfortable yet stylish charm seems to match my taste.”



Read more: https://lifestyle.inquirer.net/365553/hyun-bin-i-will-meet-with-my-filipino-fans-first/#ixzz6RH6e26n7

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