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Hyun Bin 현빈 "Shining Brightly"

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Hyunbin "It is happier to think about the future than the past" For the future, Hyunbin is living in the present. By: Esquire Korea 2019.08.21 with OMEGA (Translation here by: Elsi

my first post here Hyun Bin to recite poem at Memorial Day ceremony tomorrow Jun 5, 2015 Actor Hyun Bin will be in attendance at the Memorial Day ceremony tomorrow, and will also recite a poem. The Me

Thanks for the Bench teaser meerkat.  Have been waiting for this.   In one of his interviews Ben Chan, the owner of Bench said that it was a breeze to work with him in the photoshoot.  

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Prince Charming turns tough guy : Hyun Bin’s role in ‘Confidential Assignment’

is uncharted territory for the heartthrob actor



Actor Hyun Bin’s success so far stems from consistently playing the Prince Charming role in romantic comedies.

His most recent success was the popular SBS TV drama “Secret Garden” from 2010.

He enlisted in the Marines, completed his military service and was discharged in 2012. His historical film “The Fatal Encounter” (2014) wasn’t a hit.
Action flick “Confidential Assignment” is his return to the silver screen after a three-year hiatus. Playing a North Korean detective named Cheol-ryeong, Hyun shows off his tough guy, action-star side. His chemistry with Yoo Hai-jin, who plays a detective from the South named Gang Jin-tae who works with Hyun’s character, brings the laughs.

The two are opposites: While Cheol-ryeong is perhaps the most serious detective in the world with a dark past, Gang is friendly and humorous.

Below is an edited excerpt from the JoongAng Ilbo’s recent interview with Hyun.

Q. What made you choose “Confidential Assignment”?

A. It’s a role that I’ve never played before. It’s my first all-out action character. I also liked the role because he’s the type that acts, not just talks. I also found it interesting how although the South Korean and North Korean detectives in the beginning have different purposes, they end up chasing after the same goal in the end.

There were so many action scenes. What was that like for you?

This perhaps is the piece that I have invested the most time in. Because there were so many dangerous scenes, I practiced for months before shooting began. Because [the actors] spent so much time together, when the shooting actually began everything felt so natural.

In the beginning, Cheol-ryeong is only after the mission. But as time goes, he shows his softer side. How did you interpret that?

Cheol-ryeong is not a talker. So it was a challenge to show his feelings just through small gestures, facial expressions and few words. But I felt that as Cheol-ryeong spent a lot of time with Gang Jin-tae, and also bickered about this and that, he formed trust in him. I think that is what changed him. Instead of trying to think too much, I just attempted to follow the slow, natural changes in his emotions.

What did you do to portray the chemistry with Gang?

Mostly, I just followed Yoo’s lead. He has a lot of positive energy, so just being next to him gave me good vibes. He did a lot of improvising, but I later realized that he had planned it all before filming. He’s so prepared. There are many things I have yet to learn from him.

How was learning a North Korean dialect?

Learning a regional dialect is the same as learning a foreign language. Before the shooting I practiced with a language specialist from North Korea. There was also an adviser on set who helped throughout filming.

You are in your mid-30s now. How have you changed compared to your 20s?

I try more not to be swayed by emotional highs and lows. I guess I feel more at ease. Also I think I’ve become more positive compared to before. The world nowadays appears to be in a chaos with many problems. I hope our movie, during its two-hour runtime, can give some pleasure and consolation to the people.

BY LEE JI-YOUNG [hkim@joongang.co.kr]
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*** I was so happy for HB when the news about him and Kang Sora broke out. I like her! :lol:




Hyun Bin Reflects On His Life In The Public Eye, Including His Relationship With Kang Sora


Hyun Bin


Actor Hyun Bin, who is currently busy promoting his new movie “Cooperation” (also known as “Confidential Assignment”), took some time to talk about the pressures that come with being in the public eye.

During an interview for his film, he reflected on the responsibilities of being an actor, saying, “I think it is important for an actor to manage their public image. But an actor is not an elected public official. An actor is a celebrity.”

He continued, “An actor isn’t someone who is voted in by the people, but just someone who is famous. I don’t think we need to be perfect and take responsibility for our actions, but since there are young people who look at us and follow us, I don’t think we can just say that we have no responsibilities, either.”

As he looked over the daily routines that he does as an actor, he shared, “There are times when I just want to live however I want. When I don’t have a role that I’m working on, there have been times when I ate whatever I wanted and did whatever I wanted. Before, there were times when I wanted to live my life how I wanted, instead of following the pattern set out as an actor, but these days, I’ve become so accustomed to living this designated life as an actor that it’s become uncomfortable to think of anything different. When I feel that way, I do feel a bit sad.”

The actor also opened up about what he wants to do, answering honestly, “I want to do just minor, trivial stuff. I’m not sure if an actor is a good profession, but since it is a specific profession, there are many little daily things that we don’t get to do.”

When asked if one of those things is to go on a public date with his girlfriend, actress Kang Sora, he answered, “As far as a date, instead of now, I think I want to do that at a later time.” He continued, “Right now, I want to do comfortable things. Little minor things. Things that I can do without worrying about the eyes of others.”

What are your thoughts on Hyun Bin’s comments about the life of an actor?


Source (1) / soompi news


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2 hours ago, LyraYoo said:

Hi everyone, it's the new year for Hyun Bin with a lot of "new" things about him. 

I will be creating a new banner for the first page, and would like to know from you gals if you have photos you can contribute for our banner. I will be creating 4 banners (Main, Filmography, Others, Awards) . You can have an idea of what I am referring to here

It would be awesome if you can think of at least two of the best photos of him that you can think of. HD photos will be better (around 500 x 500 photo size). I will try to include all your contributed photos as much as possible. Thank you! :blush:



wooh great idea sis... can i poke some of our chingus coz they may have some better Binnie shots :)

poke poke @icemaid @allmylife00 @pandalover1 @angel_natdylax05 @sky5joyous

@kerroppie @MichelleG @WoahCrazyB @MiAmour @aryugabriel @nanani @Ivera1968



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19 hours ago, sky5joyous said:


Thanks sky5joyous for sharing HB's clip for the NY. Many K-stars are sending their Lunar NY greetings to fans. Koreans have four days off starting TODAY, Friday to celebrate Lunar New Year, or "Seol," which falls tomorrow, Saturday. Hyun Bin, along with the movie cast posted a photo of themselves wishing fans a good year alongside promoting their movie. Lunar New Year is a very important holiday for Koreans and almost everyone travels back to their hometown to be with their families. Generally, almost all retail stores and businesses will close for at least 2 - 3 days during this time, so there's really not much to do other than be at home. :lol:

Yoo Hae-jin (L),  Kim Joo-hyuk (C), Hyun Bin (R)

cr-Yonhap News


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