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Hyun Bin 현빈 "Shining Brightly"

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Hyunbin "It is happier to think about the future than the past" For the future, Hyunbin is living in the present. By: Esquire Korea 2019.08.21 with OMEGA (Translation here by: Elsi

my first post here Hyun Bin to recite poem at Memorial Day ceremony tomorrow Jun 5, 2015 Actor Hyun Bin will be in attendance at the Memorial Day ceremony tomorrow, and will also recite a poem. The Me

Thanks for the Bench teaser meerkat.  Have been waiting for this.   In one of his interviews Ben Chan, the owner of Bench said that it was a breeze to work with him in the photoshoot.  

Posted Images

‘Confidential Assignment’ is familiar but entertaining mix of humor, drama, action

“Confidential Assignment” offers the staple formula of one mission and two cops -- with a twist: one is from South Korea while the other hails from the neighbor to the north.

The film starts out in North Korea as Lim Cheol-ryeong (Hyun Bin), an investigator from the North Korean special forces, witnesses his superior Cha Ki-seong (Kim Joo-hyuk) murder his wife and fellow team members. Cha, tired of the North Korean system of unquestioning obedience, dreams of “eternal freedom” and defects to the South with his followers and a cache of counterfeit US dollars. Lim, an uncommonly skilled investigator who is both duty-bound to his country and seeking revenge, is dispatched to South Korea to capture him. 


There, Lim teams up with South Korean cop Kang Jin-tae (Yoo Hae-jin). The polar opposite of the austere Lim, who has been trained in lethal fighting techniques, Kang is a struggling, sociable fellow burdened by the pressures of work and family. K-pop star Yoona also makes her film debut as Kang’s self-absorbed but loveable sister-in-law mooching off his income. 

On the surface, the South and North Korean investigators are to cooperate in the capture of Cha. In secret, they are each ordered by their respective governments to spy on each other and prevent the other from catching Cha.

In the tense situation, an unlikely friendship develops.

“It’s a story of how the two characters‘ relationship evolves over a three-day investigation,” said actor Hyun, after a press screening Tuesday at CGV Wangsimni.

“I wanted to become close with (Yoo) in real life, so I would go over to his house without notice and we would have a drink together,” he said. “That kind of dynamic is reflected well in the movie, I think.”

The film, director Kim Sung-hoon’s sophomore effort, offers a timeworn mix of humor, drama and action, but the two leading actors’ deft performances elevate the entertainment.

“I wanted to make an entertaining action movie,” Kim said. “Not paced like movies today, but a little slower and freer like in classic action films, where you can actually see characters’ faces and their movements during action scenes.”

“Confidential Assignment” hits local theaters Wednesday.

By Rumy Doo (doo@heraldcorp.com)

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On 1/10/2017 at 10:18 PM, allmylife00 said:

‘Confidential Assignment’ Invites Press for Showing

[by Woorim Ahn, photo by Baek Soo Yeon] Movie ‘Confidential Assignment’ had its press premiere at Wangsimni CGV in Seoul on January 10. 

‘Confidential Assignment’ draws unpredictable team play of North Korean detective and South Korean detective to catch a North Korean crime organization sneaked in South Korea. Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae Jin, Yoona of Girls’ Generation, Kim Joo Hyuk and others feature in it. 

Meanwhile, ‘Confidential Assignment’ will premiere on January 18. (photo by bntnews DB)



Hi allmylife, thanks for sharing this here. Finally............it’s promo time for HB now for his upcoming movie. Awww… I love Hyun Bin - He looks beyond perfect here in his three-piece suit. He looks good as usual –The movie should do pretty well, I pray. :lol:

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[Interview] Hyun Bin, "It's a war field in front of the camera"


"There have been a lot of fights in my head. I didn't know if I should do what I want or if I should do what the public wants, but now I think it's my role to perfect the various images of me and show it to them.

Hyeon Bin is attempting at his first action movie in "Confidential Assignment" that's coming out on the 18th. He takes on the role of a North Korean detective and former Special Forces agent. He is under orders to track down his superior who disappeared with the copper plates of fake paper money and joins forces with South Korean detective Yoo Hae-jin.

Hyeon Bin has the slickest driving shooting skills. He jumps down without strings from an overpass, breaks down a gun in seconds and uses wet tissue paper to make big men fall like leaves. He uses only a single rope to use centrifugal force to break into a window from the top of the building too. This is all thanks to film director Lee Seong-je and martial arts director Oh Se-yeong. We asked if his Marine training came in handy and he said, "I think the Marines have given me a strong willpower to challenge myself".

"My character is all about example rather than talk. I had a lot to prepare for that so I quickly met with the action team to train. It helped me a lot when we started filming. I was greedy about the risky scenes, but it would only seem real if I did it myself. 90% of it was done by me. It's not a secret that the other ten was stand-in".

Hyeon Bin is known to be meticulously prepared for anything and his theory is interesting. "It's a war field, in front of the camera. Getting ready for a movie is like putting on your armor one by one. Sometimes they can be thick or thin. It's fun still".

"Confidential Assignment" is the typical plot movie. That's why Hyeon Bin had to make his character stand out. His North Korean accent was perfect. There are lines in the movie which openly talks about how splendid Hyeon Bin's character is. "I don't mind being told I'm good looking but of course, I am shy".

The chemistry between Hyeon Bin and Yoo Hae-jin was great. The epilogue of the movie shows Yoo Hae-jin going to North Korea and increases anticipation for the second film. "I wouldn't mind if the scenario catches up. The circumstances may not be up for it but I wish there were more series movies in Korea".

Hyeon Bin says he's always been at work without much of a break but he's only been in one movie and one drama in the last 4 years since his military discharge. The way he speaks softly shows that it's just his personality. "It takes me a while to decide between my real personality and the character in a movie or drama. However, when I have my mind set, that's it, I go for it. I also don't regret it".

Before he went off to the Marines, he starred in movies and dramas that were based on women and men but later he starred in "The Fatal Encounter" and now "Confidential Assignment". He also plans on being in a movie called "Conman" as the conman himself. "I didn't anticipate for change. I usually starred in dramas with messages in my 20s. Now I am more attracted to those that can relate with the public".

He's had his rise and falls. "The Fatal Encounter" was seen by 3.84 people but it wasn't considered successful compared to the production cost of 12 billion won. Now it's his time to make a comeback. "I went through a lot during my rookie days in "My Name is Kim Sam-soon". By the time I did "Secret Garden" I got used to it. However, I still don't think popularity lasts forever".


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