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Hyun Bin 현빈 "Shining Brightly"

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Hyunbin "It is happier to think about the future than the past" For the future, Hyunbin is living in the present. By: Esquire Korea 2019.08.21 with OMEGA (Translation here by: Elsi

my first post here Hyun Bin to recite poem at Memorial Day ceremony tomorrow Jun 5, 2015 Actor Hyun Bin will be in attendance at the Memorial Day ceremony tomorrow, and will also recite a poem. The Me

Thanks for the Bench teaser meerkat.  Have been waiting for this.   In one of his interviews Ben Chan, the owner of Bench said that it was a breeze to work with him in the photoshoot.  

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Sina Weibo: Hyun Bin and Kang Sora in love, both admitted relationship


1. [+8591] Korea'd lost one of its four major public properties, Gong Yoo ahjussi, Kang Don Won ahjussi, So Ji Sub ahjussi, please hold on! 
2. [+7764] Kang Sora is not bad, her acting skills are acknowledged by the Korean public, her family background is quite good, her english is really good, she also doesn't have any negative news, she's still so young, her works are not bad too, the two of them are a match. 
3. [+3442] Hyun Bin has always been a god! I've seen this unnie's dramas, she's pretty and has a good figure, her acting is alright too! Congrats congrats [心][心][心]
4. [+2813] Since young I've only liked two male stars, one is Hyun Bin one is Hu Ge, Hyun Bin has a girlfriend now, congrats, then Hu Ge...... sigh :-( I'm worried [笑cry]
5. [+1837] I like the Kang Sora in 'Sunny'.
6. [+1703] Shut your small mouths up if you don't know who they are ok? ee8082.png
7. [+1423] Did Kang Sora go on We Got Married before? Or did I make a mistake [笑cry]
8. [+649] Still like Hye Kyo more
9. [+648] Hyun Bin enlisted when he's the most popular. Hallyu's pace is too fast. Hope that Hyun Bin can be liked by everyone again one day



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Hyun Bin aims to recover from his slump with two new works in the New Year

Saturday, December 24, 2016  hyun bin



Article: Hyun Bin to comeback with a movie and a drama in 2017... washing off his slump since army discharge

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+2,007, -45] Hopefully he picked a good scenario this time, his past works since his discharge have been disappointments

2. [+1,681, -69] 'My Name is Kim Samsoon' and 'Secret Garden' were the jjang, hopefully he comes back with some more good works

3. [+1,182, -77] Wishing him the best for his recovery, fighting

4. [+1,143, -84] Hyun Bin is still 'Secret Garden' for me

5. [+804, -81] Every single one of his works since 'Secret Garden' have been failures though

6. [+238, -28] It's because he keeps picking roles that are the cool guy, nice guy type characters. He needs let go and stop trying to act so cool all the time.

7. [+115, -5] So sad that people don't even know he had 'Hyde Jekyll I' because it was such an utter failure

8. [+144, -16] Yeah, nothing has been working out for him right since his discharge;;
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Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun clarify rumors about a new drama

hyun-bin,jang-dong-gunHyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun's labels spoke up in response to rumors about the two actors working together in a new drama. 


Previously, it was reported that Hyun Bin was confirmed to play the lead role in a new drama about aerospace titled 'City of Star'. Later, an additional report claimed that Jang Dong Gun was in talks to join the production as another lead actor. 


SEE ALSO: Hyun Bin to play the lead in new drama about aerospace?



On December 28, Jang Dong Gun's label, SM C&C, responded to the reports with, "We have not received an offer for the drama 'City of Star'." Hyun Bin's label, VAST Entertainment, also stated, "It's true that Hyun Bin was given an offer for 'City of Star'; however, no agreements have been made. His appearance has not been confirmed."


'City of Star', telling the story od two men and their aerospace project, is the first drama in 22 years by director Jang Jin


Stay tuned for updates on 'City of Star'. 


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Film on South, North Korean investigators’ bromance to open January


“Confidential Assignment,” an upcoming crime action flick starring actors Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae-jin, is slated to hit theaters on Jan. 18, its production companies CJ Entertainment and JK Film said Wednesday.

The film tells the story of the fictional first cooperative investigation between the South and North Korean police, to capture a North Korean criminal group that has defected and infiltrated South Korea.

It centers on the teamwork of duty-bound North Korean special forces policeman Lim Cheol-ryung, played by Hyun, and struggling South Korean investigator Kang Jin-tae, played by Yoo.

The film, helmed by director Kim Seung-hun -- who was behind the movie “Tunnel” -- will also star actor Kim Joo-hyuk as the antagonist and singer Yoona of K-pop group Girls’ Generation. 

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