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Hyun Bin 현빈 [Movies: “The Point Men”, “Confidential Assignment 2” | Upcoming: Movie “Harbin”]


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Guest Soloist

Man am I glad that i saved the pics i liked. Soo glad soompi is back! :D

Here's my contribution - some of my fave pics of Hyun Bin.










Credits: Me for uploading, Soompi.

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anyone who has those sam soon behind the scenes files? those that were ripped from the dvd with documentaries... pls upload the links again, thanks muchly in advance...

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wow!! was i surprise to see that all topics are starting over again. so that's why i was having a really hard time entering soompi earlier yesterday ... honestly i was literally pulling my hair on the problem!!! i thought it was my computer acting up again!! lol lol

well ... the bad side of this is ... i was enjoying all the posts on hyun bin a few days ago and was so interested to read on it again!!! :) now it is all gone. BUT the good side is ... i get to start with you guys from scratch!!! YIPEY!!! :lol: for awhile there ... i kind-of was left out since i started posting only last september ... and all of you seem to know each other already and were happily exchanging views about sam shik (lol lol) ... so i was kind of like an interested by-stander only. now i get to say hello to all!!! and i am a BIG SUPER DUPER FAN of hyun bin too!!! great, right??!!

am so anticipating his new film!!! hmmmm ... i just had this thought though ... after watching him with kim sunah ... i just can't reconcile him with any other leading lady!!! lol lol lol but that was how i felt when i saw him with lee nayoung in 'ireland'!!! i couldn't see him with any other leading lady except her too!!! i guess binnie just blends really well with his leading ladies!!!

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Guest melon.yun

hmmm im in the mood to contrubute too =) but i cant upload so much T_ T it takes too long? haha so ill choose randomly









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Guest Sarang^DBSG

when i was just abt to get active here, it went down. too bad!!! nvm, i'll try to contribute if i can help it. Now, the pics u posted r hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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