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[Variety] Voice Of Korea | 보이스 코리아

Guest Yoyo

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welcome to the blind auditions








episode two

episode three

episode four

episode five

episode six

episode seven

episode eight

episode nine


Ah, I can't believe someone hasn't made a thread for this variety show yet. I was already in love with the American version of The Voice so when the Korean version came out I was super excited and the show hasn't disappointed me yet. I pretty much understand everything despite the fact that there aren't any subtitles but you pretty much understand what's going on. I hope there are more Soompiers who enjoys the show as well!

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Guest kimmyrout

Thanks for creating this thread! :)

I haven't seen the American version, but I was intrigued when I caught an episode of the Korean one and now I'm hooked!

I love the girl (Lee So-jung?) who sang Leessang's 내가 웃는게 아니야. All of the contestants are excellent, but she's one of the ones who stood out for me. They just started doing the one-on-one competitions within the coaches' groups and I was sad to see some of them go. The thing that makes it so tough is that everyone is SO good, so in most cases, the winner is better by just a smidge.

I'm addicted to K-pop Star as well but the contestants on Voice Korea are much more talented by a mile.

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^ No problemo ^^

Yeah. A lot of people are addicted to Kpop Star lately including myself but I'm also in love with the Voice because they're bringing in forgotten singers and also faceless OST singers as well which is amazing. I found the cut where Lee So-Jung was singing Leessang's 내가 웃는게 아니야 which is still one my favorite songs to date. She was incredibly amazing and I was glad Gil turned around as well since singers are a little bit more pickier when it comes to their own song. Well, that's what I thought after watching the American version and seeing countless people singing the judges songs.

Another contestant that caught my eye was Kang Mi-Jin who sang IU's Lost and Found. I honestly didn't know it was IU's song in the beginning and was so incredibly in love with the way she sang the song. I was also quite glad to see all four chairs turning around for her. Super happy to see her chosen over her partner because a talent like hers just couldn't be forgotten even though I felt quite sad to see her partner go.

My favorite battle round has to go to Sam Choo and Kwon Soon Jae singing Brown Eyes 가지마 가지마. Brown Eyes are exceptional and you barely see anyone covering their songs because of the high notes. Sam and Soon Jae pulled it off quite well but I thought Sam did a lot better with the notes and am glad that he was chosen at the end. Ah, I can't wait to see Huh Gong to battle <3

I agree, the contestants are all so amazing and it's just not the same as the idol survival show. It's something different and ah, I'm so in love with the whole blind auditions concept.

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Guest kimmyrout

Yeah. A lot of people are addicted to Kpop Star lately including myself

Haha yeah I think I've seen your comments in the K-Pop Star thread. :D

I also love the concept and the mission of the show - the k-pop industry is completely dominated by idols at the moment so this program showcases those forgotten or hidden talents that otherwise wouldn't even have a chance to shine.

I'm on the fence about Kang Mi-jin. I liked her audition but her voice sounds a bit nasally at times. I was super sad when Kwon Soon-jae got cut - he was one of my faves (he rocked that Shin Seung-hoon song during his audition!) but his nerves got the best of him...

I've been listening/watching to this battle round on repeat: Jo Ji-eun vs. Shin Ji-hyun: Tashanie 경고 - I love the rap part!

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I also love the concept and the mission of the show - the k-pop industry is completely dominated by idols at the moment so this program showcases those forgotten or hidden talents that otherwise wouldn't even have a chance to shine.

I completely agree.

I only noticed the nasal part during her battle round and I agree but I still find her voice exceptionally beautiful because it has such a different color compared to everyone else, or maybe it's because I keep replaying her audition round ahahs.

Yeah, Kwon Soon-jae could have done so well, but I was also looking at Sam which made it so hard. It's super sad to see two equally talented people that you like against each other and no matter who wins you still feel sad because you liked them both.

I know! I kind of thought the rap part was the best part about the song and it amazed me to see how well they rapped. Another battle round that I liked was Son Seung Yun vs Oh Seul Gi - Raining Men. The harmony and everything about the performance was just beautiful.

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Posting some articles about the show so skip some articles below if you haven't watched it yet and don't want to spoil yourself ^^

‘The Voice’ is coming to Korea

Shin Seung Hun, Baek Ji Young, Kang Ta, and Leessang‘s Gil are joining forces to find the top musicians in the country.

Mnet‘s ‘Voice Korea‘ stated on the 10th that Shin Seung Hun, Baek Ji Young, Kang Ta, and Gil have been confirmed as the four coaches for the new program.

“We worked hard to put together four of Korea’s top musicians that possess their own unique talents,” they said.

Legendary singer Shin Seung Hun remarked, “I liked that I would be able to become a music coach for hopefuls and help them bring out their unique colors and grow as musicians. I hope that this program will be helpful in finding some of the best musicians in the country.”

Each of the coaches will become a team with their contestants and put on an audition. A representative from the program stated, “What’s unique about this program is that instead of judges, there are coaches. The coaches will be able to take the contestants under their wing and help them become the best.”

‘Voice Korea’ is the Korean version of the famous music survival program, ‘The Voice‘. The coaches will judge the contestants based on their singing talents alone, without being able to see their appearance or stage performances.

Source & Image: Dispatch

Kangta would like to create a second generation ‘H.O.T’

Singer Kangta has officially kicked off promotions in Korea for the first time in 4 years.

The former idol will be serving as a coach on Mnet‘s ‘Voice Korea‘ alongside Shin Seung Hun, Baek Jiyoung, and Leessang‘s Gil.

Kangta who will be judging the contestants on their vocal talent alone and remarked, “I have sort of a different mind set and resolution going into this.”

“I decided to do the program because I felt that it would further challenge me as a singer,” he continued. “But seeing all these talented, young contestants makes me want to create a junior idol group similar to H.O.T.”

He continued, “I too, first debuted in the industry as an idol singer and later released a solo album, wrote my own songs, and slowly built experience… And because there are so many new idols that are debuting these days, I feel like my role as an artist and my place in the industry continues to change. I think this program will serve as an opportunity to invest more time and effort into raising junior rookie singers. And when I choose the teams for Voice Korea, I choose the contestants that I feel could really be my own juniors, and my disciples.”

Kangta added, “I think unique appeal is very imporant. More than someone who conforms to the styles and trends of today, I pick those who stand out among the rest and can develop their uniqueness over time. I’ve met a lot of individuals on the show that have these qualities who also sing extremely well. I already have high expectations for them.”

The singer reportedly exhibited a more charismatic and sincere side of him during the auditions that viewers have yet to see from him on stage.

The coaches must select the contestants for their teams based on vocal talent alone, without prior knowledge of their background, their individual stories, or their appearances. And apparently, all the contestants that Kangta selected have been extremely unique and different.

Meanwhile, ‘The Voice of Korea’ is a music survival program which has the exact same format as ‘The Voice’ in America, and the show was first created in the Netherlands back in September of 2010.

The first episode airs on February 10th at 11:00 PM KST.

Source & Image: DongA via Nate

Kangta, Gil, Baek Ji Young, & Shin Seung Hoon to serve as coaches on ‘Voice Korea’

Prior to the pilot broadcast for ‘Voice Korea‘, Mnet aired a special called ‘Mnet Voice Korea V-Point’ on February 3rd to further heighten anticipation for the show.

The four coaches (Shin Seung Hoon, Baek Ji Young, Kangta, and Leessang‘s Gil) each revealed what they’ll be looking for in the contestants.

Shin Seung Hoon emphasized vocal ability as well as individuality. “There is no absolute standard for music,” he said. “One may possess great vocals and receive a lot of love, but another may possess a distinct individuality that garners love as well. I’ll be looking at both simultaneously.”

Baek Ji Young revealed that she would be focusing her attention on the contestants’ understanding of the songs. “There is one factor that I’ll be looking for specifically. …Since we’ll have to decide on their voices, I think it’s important to look at how well they express themselves [through the song]. Expression and understanding [of the song] will be the main things I’m planning to look for.”

Gil added, “I will be looking for something unconventional. They can be a bit off rhythm. Their pitch can be a bit off. However, when they sing a song that they love, their love for the song must truly be conveyed. The ability to convey their emotions is as important as music itself.”

The final coach, Kangta, revealed that he agreed with Shin Seung Hoon on the importance of individuality. However, he added that a contestant’s potential was one of the key things he would take into account. “I’ll be picking those with individuality and potential. I want to meet someone who has their own unique color,” he said.

Catch the first episode of ‘Voice Korea’ on February 10th!

Source + Photo: TV Report

Kangta talks about coaching on ‘Voice Korea’

Singer Kangta, who will be serving as a panel judge on Mnet‘s ’Voice Korea‘, has admitted that there are a few contestants who he’d like to take back with him to SM Entertainment.

‘Voice Korea’ held a press conference in Seoul on February 7th, during which the singer was asked, “Were there any contestants who possessed as much potential as BoA that you’d like to train under SM Entertainment?”

“There were a lot,” Kanta admitted. “There were a lot of contestants whose styles were so different from the label I’m under. There are a few who I would like to work with SM in the future, and I will keep an eye on them as the show progresses.”

Singer Shin Seung Hoon, who was also present at the press conference, remarked, “Kangta is actually a director at SM Entertainment. We refer to him as ‘Director Ahn’, and I think there will be a lot of talented young people who will debut under SM Entertainment thanks to Kangta, who is currently walking the path of a producer.”

‘Voice Korea’ is the Korean version of popular American music survival program, ‘The Voice‘. Shin Seung Hoon, Baek Ji Young, Kangta, and Leessang‘s Gil will be serving as the program’s vocal coaches.

In this program, the judges will have to select contestants based on their vocal talent alone, without seeing their appearance or knowing their background information.

The first episode airs on February 10th.

Source & Image: Star News via Naver

John Park’s friend auditions for ‘Voice Korea’

‘Superstar K2‘ finalist John Park will soon be releasing his debut album after months of careful preparation. However, it’s not John Park who’s making headlines today, but his friend from the States, Sam Ku.

According to Mnet, Sam Ku (who hails from the city of Chicago) was inspired by John Park’s success story. As such, he will be auditioning on new vocal survival program, ‘Voice Korea‘.

“I met with John after he started ‘Superstar K2′,” said Sam. “I was completely challenged by him. I was so jealous that he was able to sing on stage, and I wanted that for myself as well.”

Sam Ku possesses handsome looks and a soulful singing voice that reportedly won over the judges. When asked to identify the edge he had over his friend John Park, Sam bashfully answered, “I think I’m a little taller?”

‘Voice Korea’ is the Korean version of popular music survival program ‘The Voice‘. It will broadcast its premiere episode on February 10th at 11:00 p.m. KST.

Source & Image: Star News via Nate

Kangta, Baek Ji Young, Gil, & Shin Seung Hoon to perform remake of SECRET’s “Magic”

The four coaches from ‘Voice Korea’ have come together to perform their version of SECRET‘s hit song, “Magic”.

Though they’ve been busy with their respective schedules, Shin Seung Hoon, Baek Ji Young, Gil, and Kangta made sure to pencil in rehearsals in order to deliver an outstanding performance. With the four being close friends, they had no problems with their teamwork.

According to a source, the quartet’s version of “Magic” will be rhythmic and contains the addition of a brass line. Thanks to their flawless harmonies, the four judges were able to deliver a whole new feel to “Magic”.

You can catch their performance on the pilot episode of ‘Voice Korea’ on February 10th. The remake will be available through various music portals on the 11th.

Source + Photo: Nate

Source for all articles: allkpop

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Past YG artist fails to make it to the 2nd round on ‘Voice Korea’

With all the audition programs out there its hard to keep up with all the singing. Mnet’s ‘Voice Korea‘ however, has recently gathered attention for bringing together past trainees, artists, and even vocal coaches, in hopes to become the next big singer.

In the recent episode of ‘Voice Korea’, a former YG Entertainment artist Kim Ji Eun powerfully sang Boohwal‘s “Never Ending Story“, but failed to make it to the next round.

Coach Baek Ji Young explained, “The reason why I didn’t turn around is, your voice had appeal and there were times where I was pulled by the color of your voice..but I couldn’t press the button with just that (like something was missing)”.

Coach Gil continued, “It’s true you have a particular sound, but I thought you lacked some ability to control your voice”.

Kim Ji Eun came out with an album in 2007, and has has duet songs with Wheesung and Gummy, as well as featured in Lexy‘s “Up Into The Sky“. Back in 2007, she released her debut solo album, ‘Rain‘. Unfortunately, it did not have much commercial popularity. Then in 2009 she moved from YG Entertainment to Lion Media and became part of a three member vocal group called ‘Lady Collection‘, but the group failed to succeed. Currently Kim Ji Eun is working as a vocal trainer.

As she regrettably left the stage, she rejoined her friends, which included current singer Lyn. Lyn replied, “I heard her song well, and I still haven’t changed my mind that Unni is the best”.

You can watch Kim Ji Eun’s clip below below starting at 19:40 and tell us if you think she should’ve made it to the next round.

Source + Image: Xportsnews

John Park’s friend Sam Ku delivers an impressive audition on ‘Voice Korea’

We recently reported that Sam Ku, the friend of ‘Superstar K2‘ finalist John Park, would be auditioning on Mnet‘s new audition show, ’Voice Korea‘.

The episode with his audition has officially aired, and Sam performed a cover of Lyn‘s “We Were In Love“. Sam’s rich vocal color and charismatic stage presence drew delighted smiles from coaches Baek Ji Young and Shin Seung Hoon, who spin their chairs around to face him to indicate that they wanted him on their teams.

His performance was certainly spine-tingling, but let us know what you think!

Huh Gak’s twin brother auditions for ‘Voice Korea’

A second blind audition was held on February 17′s episode of ‘Voice Korea‘.

On this day, the show introduced an individual whose face was hidden behind a mosaic. This person sparked curiosity when he said, “I am a professional wedding singer” and “Whenever I finish singing, everyone gathers around me and asks for my autograph. I am searching for my life and it’s waiting for me at the top. I will be there soon.”

This person was revealed to be none other than ‘Superstar K2′ winner Huh Gak‘s twin brother, Huh Gong. He went on stage and sang Toy‘s “Is it Still Beautiful“.

Right away, Baek Ji Young pressed her button to choose him. Shin Seung Hoon selected Huh Gong as well, and both judges expressed shock at seeing Huh Gong’s face.

After the stage, Huh Gong said, “I have to find my own path now. My little brother’s already a star.. He cheered for me the most because I took good care of him.”

He continued, “I have something troubling me that I want to fix. The thing is, what can I do to create a singing style that will exceed Huh Gak?” He continued, “I was talking about this to him before I came here.”

Baek Ji Young said, “When I turned around I didn’t think of Huh Gak. They are different.” and Shin Seung Hoon said, “The end of their singing styles are different. The beginning part sounds very similar and I almost thought it was Huh Gak.”

Vocal trainer Jang Jung Woo appears as a contestant on Mnet’s ‘Voice Korea’

Vocal trainer and singer, Jang Jung Woo was one of the contestants that stood on stage for the blind audition on the February 24th broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘Voice Korea‘.

Jang Jung Woo introduced himself to the judges saying that he’s a vocal trainer who debuted as a singer back in 2003 through the SBS drama ‘Stairway to Heaven‘. He also revealed that as a vocal trainer, he has trained famous musicians as well as idols, one of them being Shayne from ‘Birth of a Great Star’.

Jung Woo continued, “A lot of people have been talking about me auditioning for the program when I’m already a vocal trainer. Although I have been a singer for 10 years, I’ve never been able to show my mother my performance on stage.”

After seeing his outstanding singing ability, Kangta selected Jung Woo to be part of his team and caused viewers to laugh by calling him “teacher”, as well as asking for advice, stating,”I have been on a five year hiatus but would like to release a new album with a new voice soon. Please give me some advice, teacher.”

Source & Image: Star News via Nate

Coach Baek Ji Young Cries on ‘The Voice Korea’

Baek Ji Young said in tears, “I regret having the two of them face-off against each other.”

Singer Baek Ji Young started to cry after seeing Yoo Sung Eun and Lim Jin Ho on stage.

On March 9th, Mnet’s ‘The Voice Korea‘ had their participants face off in a battle round to see who would move on to the live broadcast.

During this episode, Yoo Sung Eun and Lim Jin Ho sang Lee Eun Hee’s “Like the Time You Smiled and Sent Me Away“.

Both showed their powerful but stable singing ability and moved the hearts of the viewers as well as the coaches. Upon seeing the duet stage of Yoo Sung Eun and Lim Jin Ho, Baek Ji Young was moved to tears.

After the performance was over, Baek Ji Young said, “I am glad that I could hear Yoo Sung Eun’s voice. You did really well.“ After complimenting her she said, “I regret having them face each other.“ In the end Baek Ji Young chose Yoo Sung Eun and explained it was because, “She sang boldly with a richness in her voice.”

Also on this episode, Hwang Ye Rin, Oh Kyung Suk, Lim Jin Ho, and Chung So Yeon were eliminated.

John Park’s friend Sam Ku advances to the next round on ‘Voice Korea’

John Park‘s hometown friend Sam Ku advanced to the next round on ‘Voice Korea‘.

On the March 16th episode of Mnet‘s ‘Voice Korea‘, the second battle rounds took place and Sam Ku performed a harmonious duet with fellow contestant, Kwon Soon Jae.

At the time of his audition, Sam drew attention for being a handsome contestant and friend of rookie singer John Park’s, while Kwon Soon Jae was the only person out of those who had auditioned with Shin Seung Hoon‘s own song, to be selected by coach Shin Seung Hoon.

The song they were assigned was Brown Eyes‘ “Don’t Go Don’t Go“, and Kwon Soon Jae started the song with his smooth, alluring voice. Sam then entered the ring and began adding his own sweet vocals. With their good looks and charming voices, both charmed the ladies with their performance.

After their performance came to an end, coach Baek Jiyoung remarked, “I turned my seat when Sam Ku first auditioned. I told you that you would regret not choosing me as your coach, and I’m still feeling regretful today. Kwon Soon Jae gave us a fierce and strong impression.”

Coach Gil added, “Gary wrote the lyrics to this song. After the song was completed, we wondered who would sing the song but I can’t believe how different it sounds. There were a lot of mistakes, however.”

“I’m going to choose the person that not sang better, but sang the song with a little more ease,” coach Shin Seung Hoon remarked, as he announced Sam Ku’s name.

Good luck to Sam, and check out their performance below!

Source for all articles: allkpop

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Guest kittenmasks


It blows "Kpop Star" talents to the high seas.

Watching Sam and Kwon Soon Jae last week sing "Don't Go" was incredible. I'm still singing the song.

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I thought about a week whether to create this thread, but i'm such a lazy person so I never got it off the ground. I'm so glad you created it, thank you Yoyo! :D

I'm on the fence about Kang Mi-jin. I liked her audition but her voice sounds a bit nasally at times.

You know, I thought the exact same too. I didn't think all the hype was warranted. I really believed her immense popularity was mostly attributed because she sang an IU song.

But that was until I heard her MARIA duet.. holy crap that was the craziest high range singing voice I have heard. Usually when a person who sings in that range ends up being raspy, but she sings with so much clarity and tonal power. I really think she's the early favorite to win the contest IMO.

Out of all the blind audition performances, this was my favorite:

배근석-신데렐라(서인영) 보이스코리아 the voice 1회

lol he had me fist pumping in front of my computer XD

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So glad to see more people posting! For a second I seriously thought kimmyrout and I were the only ones who followed this show.

Omg, I know right? I was in love with the Don't Go Don't Go duet.

No problem. I was in the same position as you as well. I was hesitant about making this thread ever since the first episode came out but I'm glad I did. Soompiers should really watch this show and enjoy it like I am. I do agree about Kim Mi Jin being an early favorite, but I can't blame anyone at all. I was super surprised with her Maria duet. Her voice isn't really a power house which is what Kim Ah Joong had, her voice is a lot higher and she still pulled off the song which was amazing.

Omg, I don't think I'll ever forget him and all of the judges faces besides Gil when they turned around. I think they were surprised that it was a guy who sang it but none the less he was incredible and I was just singing along with him the whole way. I'm super excited for his battle round and hope he'll be the one staying.

What did you guys think about Huh Gong? Do you think he'll make it far in the show?

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What did you guys think about Huh Gong? Do you think he'll make it far in the show?

To be honest, I didn't think his performance stood out all that much. I dunno.. maybe I got distracted by all the sweat he was letting out XD

but I also didn't like what he was saying about Huh Gak and how he wants to "surpass" him. Maybe it got lost in translation, but I felt it was a bit rude, but oh well.. wish him luck.

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To be honest, I didn't think his performance stood out all that much. I dunno.. maybe I got distracted by all the sweat he was letting out XD

but I also didn't like what he was saying about Huh Gak and how he wants to "surpass" him. Maybe it got lost in translation, but I felt it was a bit rude, but oh well.. wish him luck.

I couldn't agree more. The only thing that stood out to me about him was the fact that he was Huh Gak's twin. I'm not doubting his singing abilities but his performance was rather boring (or maybe it's just because I didn't know what song he was singing) and yeah, I was also distracted by the sweat...

He said that? I don't remember anything about that but I remember him saying that his brother encouraged him to audition and that it was his time to shine. I do wish him luck as well but I don't think I'll be a fan of his unless his performances gets a lot more interesting or something I'll remember besides him being a twin lololol.

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Guest kimmyrout

Yoyo - for a while there, it was just you and me, but I'm glad other people are joining the conversation! Haha.

I liked Bae Geun-suk as well - definitely a very unique voice! One more contestant to add to my Favorites list is 함성훈 singing 김건모's 잠 못 드는 밤 비는 내리고 - his voice is very soothing but I think it's different enough to not be categorized as another run of the mill voice.

I can't wait for the live competition. How many contestants will they narrow it down to?

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Finally, a thread. laugh.gif This is the show I look forward to every week.

My favorite 1st round performance was Im Jin Ho's rendition of Kim Bum Soo's "Kkeut Sarang." Her voice gave me chills and Baek Ji Young's reaction was priceless. Too bad how the battle round went... 

Kind of surprised that nobody has mentioned Jang Jae Ho yet. He is definitely my favorite contestant (and it's not because we have the same first name lol). He sounds like a freaking CD. He seems really humble too.

I also like Choi Joon Young and I can't believe he's only 23/24. His voice is amazing.

Huh Gong, IMO, isn't as great as his brother. Huh Gak's performances give me chills, but Gong's performance did nothing for me. :s Granted, it was just one performance.

Also, has anyone noticed the obvious Auto-tuning/pitch correction on this show? It was REALLY noticeable when the tomboy-ish girl that Gil picked performed. The editors seem to Auto-tune the singers that get picked by the coaches, but leave the singers that don't pass with raw vocals.

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Omg I felt the same way. It's good to see more people from Soompi following the show as well and are joining in!

I'm not sure about the Korean version but the American version goes with each team selecting 12 contestants from the blind audition and when the battle comes they narrow it down to six. But I think the Korean version is slightly different so it's sort of confusing.

I feel the same! One of the few audition shows I've fallen in love with. I agree with Huh Gong. Huh Gak drew me in within one performance and with Huh Gong I'm still not feeling it but it's true that we're judging too quickly since his battle round hasn't arrived yet.

I honestly didn't notice the auto-tuning at all .. or maybe it's because I kind of ignored that performance when I was watching it. Ah -__- but then again, they're bound to be correcting here and there to make the show 'perfect'...

Sometimes I feel like they've paired the wrong people together.... Like, for example, the Raining Men duo. It was such a pity to know that one of the two HAD to go home. If she was paired with someone else she would've been chosen at the end. The pairing was too strong but then again that's what made the performance so amazing. Sigh, I'm still sad about her being eliminated.

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Coach Shin Seung Hoon got most of the good contestants!

As of now, I like Hyemi because she's so crazy haha i also like Jaeho

During the blind audition,

i got shocked when they turned for Huh Gak's brother because honestly they didn't turn for so many contestants who i thought were wayy better.. :blink:

well i hope he proves me wrong by performing better in the battle round.

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Also, has anyone noticed the obvious Auto-tuning/pitch correction on this show? It was REALLY noticeable when the tomboy-ish girl that Gil picked performed. The editors seem to Auto-tune the singers that get picked by the coaches, but leave the singers that don't pass with raw vocals.

That performance stood out a bit because it was pretty unique; it had a very strong reggae vibe and it was soo cute. I also thought there was something really weird about the performance like it didn't seem very natural, but I don't know that much about sound production to comment on that.

Speaking of that singer, Woo Hye Mi, she won her battle, but I really thought it was clear her partner performed a lot better. I was surprised that Gil declared Hye Mi as the winner.

lol I just rewatched it and I stand by my feelings. I also think its peculiar how just after five seconds of Hye Mi's nondescript entrance, Gil is acting like she had the most incredible singing moment ever. ;)

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this show is just too good. some of the performances this week left me speechless and with my jaw hanging by the floor. the singers of this show are the real hallyu wave.

Omg, you've seen episode 7 already? I'm still trying to find the full show on youtube since I don't know how to use torrents :/ ah! I'm so excited to watch it and YES, the contestants in this show are definitely the real hallyu wave!

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