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[Taiwanese Drama 2012] Love Forward 向前走向愛走


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Amber Kuo, Chen Yi Rong, Leroy Young, Tony Yang, Hu Ying Zheng lf.jpg


Title: 向前走向愛走 / Xiang Qian Zou Xian Zou
English title: Love Forward
Genre: Romance
Broadcast network: TTV / SETTV
Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-19
Air time: Sunday 22:00


Two friends from wildly different backgrounds who always have each other's back. Zheng Ai Xing (Tammy Chen) is street smart, outspoken and constantly one step ahead of debt collectors?but absolutely clueless when it comes to matters of the heart. Meng Jing Jing (Amber Kuo), on the other hand, is a runaway rich girl who grew up in a cold but wealthy family and is determined to create a life for herself based on more than just money. Together they're an entertaining, lovable pair searching for Mr. Right. A funny, heartfelt story of friendship and modern love, LOVE FORWARD will leave you happy and eager for more!


Amber Kuo as Meng Jing Jing 孟晶晶
Chen Yi Rong as Zeng Ai Xing 曾愛行
Leroy Young as Ren Wei 任偉
Tony Yang as Du Tian Ze 杜天澤
Hu Ying Zheng (胡盈禎) as Zhang Ling Li 張伶俐
Yan Jia Le
Chen Bo Zheng


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Guest toGETherONE

The other guy is too scary to look at, especially when he tries to smile, so this is all for Tony Yang for me including "Ex-Boyfriend" Tony is also starring in.

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Guest altinneen

Can't stand this Tianze character. 1. The actor that plays him is UGLY and 2. Can't act! He has only one face and it's mad annoying.

3. The character itself is disgusting. He has a girl but treats Zeng Ai Xing so badly like a slave. The way he asks her to make food for him and do other stuff for him when he doesn't even pay rent is abhorrent. The way he treats her like crap and orders her around even going so far as to pretend to his f'ing grand father that they're sleeping together disgusts me. He's f''ing up her romantic life as well as the director she's interested in sees that f' head Tianze in her apartment. And you know that's gonna cause problems for AiXing. Finally how dare he sleep in her bed and ask for her blanket. The piece of crap. He should have slept on the floor. Man I hope his character gets hit by a truck and dies.

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Guest altinneen

He just takes the food out of her hands while she's eating it and eats it himself in a dirty disgusting way. What a shameless di&*. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let his character get killed off in a surprise move

ugly and a craptastic actor. he's beyond redemption

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thank you semi-fly :D

Edit: I am going to remain a Ai Xing x Tian Ze shipper forever!! Even if this ship is going to sink, I am staying on it.

They are so freaking cute together and have all the cliches that in the dramaverse = OTP!!!!!!!!!!


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