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[Variety] MBC Music And Lyrics | 그 여자 작사 그 남자 작곡

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Park Shin Hye showed her pure charm in 'Music and Lyrics' received 

good evaluations

93647-130185.jpg 93646-123241.jpg

Actress Park Shin Hye's first experience with reality program under MBC Music 'Music and Lyrics' has been released, due to her lively and cheerful character, she has won the hearts of her audience.

This is Park Shin Hye's first appearance for demonstrating about her daily life. Whether she revealed her shy faces while composing the songs, or her nervous faces before the airing of the program, she displayed the real side of herself that had earned good evaluation from both of her male and female audiences.

After watching the program, netizens commented:"I didn't know that Park Shin Hye is so cute", "The part where she do not dare to reveal her shy faces while composing the lyrics is so cute", "Your hard-work for composing the lyrics really leaves me a deep impression" and etc.

'Music and Lyrics' involves a top female star and also a popular music producer. To the couple, in order to produce the world's top song, they will reveal their hard-work and efforts in this reality program. Park Shin Hye has gained attention due to her involvement in this reality program. The song <I Think of You> that was revealed on the 9th was composed by Park Shin Hye and edited by Yoon Gun, received much attention from netizens.

3 episodes of 'Music and Lyrics' has been aired and the 4th episode will be aired on 16th March at 12am. 

credit: PSH Singapore

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2PM’s Jun Ho and Kim So Eun are cast for ‘Music and Lyrics’



2PM’s Jun Ho and and actress Kim So Eun were recently cast for MBC Music’sMusic and Lyrics as the second couple.

The show is a romantic reality program, in which a musician and an actress collaborate on a song and tell a story along the way. Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun were previously cast and drew a lot of attention.

Jun Ho, the second man for the show, is a member of popular idol group 2PM. He will show off his composition skills through the show and capture women’s hearts. Since actress Kim So Eun was cast for the show as well, many people are looking forward to seeing the show.

A spokesperson for the show says, “Since Jun Ho, who is a talented songwriter, and Kim, who is a beautiful and talented actress met together, I wonder what kind of song they will make. And I think they will create many fun episodes because they are of about the same age. Please pay attention to the fresh and young couple.”

People responded: “Jun Ho and Kim So Eun! I’m already jealous of them.” “I can’t wait to listen to their song.” “They are friends now but they might become a couple. Are you sure you are just going to make a song?”

Since the first episode of the show starring Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun will air on March 18 at 11 o’clock at night on MBC, many people who missed the first couple can see them again.

Source: TV Report

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Park Shin Hye Wins Over New Fans with 'Music and Lyrics'

Actress Park Shin Hye is showing a new lovely and merit-filled side of her through her appearance on MBC’s music reality program Music and Lyrics.ing on the popular and lovable role of Drew Barrymore from the hit movie of the same name, fans have fallen in love with this new side of Park.


In all three of her episodes on Music and Lyrics Park has displayed her pure and loveable side.

Through the series broadcast Park showed her honesty and positivity during scenes where she was with her friends from her high school days, Lee Seung Hwan and Park Ji Yoon, as well as in scenes where she focused hard to pen her lyrics. In addition, Park gave a glimpse of her hidden talents as a musician after previewing part of the song I Think of You which was composed by Yoon Gun and written by her.

This is Park’s first appearance on a non-drama television program. From the beginning of Music and Lyrics to its end, Park’s merits were overflowing. Viewers were won over watching Park be embarrassed to share her self-written lyrics, being nervous before going on air for a radio program and showing her eye smiles.

Netizens praised Park and the show saying, “I never knew Park Shin Hye was this lovable”, “Each episode was truly the best! It was too short” and “I found myself laughing with her while watching.

A representative for Park’s agency, 4HIM said, “Though Park debuted at a young age as a child actress, this marked her first time being on screen alone and showing off her individual self so we think that’s why viewers were able to see a new side of her. We feel many of those who watched were able to fall in love with Park’s sweet merits so we are quite pleased.

Music and Lyrics which ended its three episode run of Park Shin Hye’s episodes on March 9 will air a special episode on March 16 showing the highlights from the three episodes.

source: http://www.enewsworld.com

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‘She is a lyricist…’ 2PM Junho Was ‘nervous’ appearing in a show with actress Kim So Eun


The second male cast of MBC Music’s reality entertainment program ‘She’s a lyricist, he’s a composer (Music and Lyrics)’ 2PM Junho revealed his thoughts, “I am nervous working with an actress”.

Through the interview related to this program held in a cafe in Yeouido, Seoul on the afternoon of the 16th, Junho said, “It’s hard to try to match with someone other than the 2PM members. WIthout the members, it is awkward.”

Although Junho, who is doing solo activities later than members like Taecyeon, Junsu, and Nichkhun, chattily said, “The hidden card is revealed later”, he also said “To be honest, I don’t have confidence. But I will try to show my best and natural side.”

This program is a reality show in the form of which the male composer and the female lyricist meet and collaborate on a song. On the first broadcast, Yoon Gun and Park Shinhye met and made a romantic love song. The next billed batter is Junho. And his partner is arranged to be talent Kim Soeun.

Junho, who is participating in this program as a composer said, “Usually, collaborations are done between singers, but it seems like doing it with an actor will be able to show a different colour,” as well as explained, “About composing, all of the 2PM members are greedy. Producer Park Jinyoung does it well, but because we think we should also have our colours in it as well, so we have all tried to learn it little by little.”

About Yoon Gun, who appeared in the previous broadcast, “Yoon Gun did so well, so I am a bit burdened,” as well as “Yoon Gun can just play piano on the spot but I can’t do that”, and laughed while saying, “My job isn’t even composing, I have to think even on the stage, so composing is very time-consuming.”

He also said, “Yoon Gun and Park Shinhye even drank rice wine together,” and “The events I wanted to do has already appeared in the previous episodes. Although I don’t know what kind of event to prepare for Kim Soeun, just like my age, I will do it even if it is clumsy and imperfect.”

About the song they will make together, “I have been thinking about a sweet song like ‘Way Back Into Love’ in the movie ‘Music and Lyrics’. But I am thinking of it in a totally different direction. I want to try different angles, whether it’s a dance song, or another type of song.”

Junho has already shown his composing abilities. His self-composed song ‘Move On’ has reached #1 on the Japanese digital music site Recochoku. It received a lot of hot response when performed on the ‘Hands Up Asia Tour’ as a duet with member Wooyoung.

Junho spoke happily as a composer, “I made ‘Move On’ as a special stage for the concert, but the response was so good I am very thankful. I will work hard.”

Junho and Kim Soeun’s duet episodes will air after Yoon Gun-Park Shinhye’s episodes end. This program was originally made for MBC Music, but because it received such a response, the show will air on MBC starting on the 18th. It had reached a 5% viewer rating in its 11PM time slot. Because there were such good reviews when it first aired on the cable channel, it made an unprecedented exception to air on the actual MBC channel.

source: en.korea.com

Credit:  Nate  Translated by khy127 @ W2D

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Who Is 2PM Junho’s Ideal Woman?



2PM’s Junho was asked “Who is your ideal type of girl?” on the set of MBC Music’s “That Female Writer, That Male Producer” on March 16. Junho initially answered “There aren’t any South Korean actresses. My ideal type of girl is a foreigner.”

He continued, “All Korean actresses are pretty, talented, and charming so it is hard to say who would be my ideal type. My ideal type is Scarlett Johansson.”

Junho also said, “Among Korean singers however my ideal type is Lee Hyori. The ideal type of girl for me is someone who can lead me.”

The episode of “That Female Writer, That Male Producer” that features Junho and actress Kim So Eun as guests will broadcast on March 24. 

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Update pictures from Music And Lyricsho-music-lyric-2.jpg



cr: j.yuri @ en.korea.com

Kim So Eun and 2PM’s Junho share a romantic piano date



Actress Kim So Eun and 2PM’s Junho had a romantic date playing the piano together when they first met.

On March 24th, MBC will broadcast a music romantic reality program titled, ‘Music and Lyrics‘, and Kim So Eun and Junho will be the second couple to appear on the show.

The same aged Kim So Eun and Junho sat next to each other and played “Chopsticks” on the piano together.  They set a very care free vibe and showed their romantic and sweet nature.

Staff members who watched them together said, “Even though it was the first time they met they looked really good together.  We feel that the future broadcasts will also be filled with romance and fun,” raising anticipation for the love song that the two will play together.

Netizens who saw the photo of the two responded, “Piano date~?  It is Spring.  I am envious!“, “So Eun’s and Junho’s eye smile looks the same.  They look good together“, and “I am really looking forward to this couple!  I will make sure to watch the original broadcast.”

‘Music and Lyrics’ puts together a male singer and a female actress, and the two create a love song together.  The program will follow them throughout this process.  The first couple was Yoon Gun and Park Shin Hye.

MBC’s music romantic reality program, ‘Music and Lyrics’ will air on March 24th at 11:00 p.m. KST.

Source: Hankook Kyungje via Naver

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Guest hepitwins

HAI @VIC...i luv ur thread... can i watch d next ep 'Music & Lyric' again?? i want to watch d 2nd guest (kim so eun & junho 2pm) too...


also i'm so confusing about d time broadcasting.... tonite is 'music & lyric' on mbc music right??  what d real time for 'music & lyric' in MBC channel?? is it tomorrow or sunday?

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HAI @VIC...i luv ur thread... can i watch d next ep 'Music & Lyric' again?? i want to watch d 2nd guest (kim so eun & junho 2pm) too...


also i'm so confusing about d time broadcasting.... tonite is 'music & lyric' on mbc music right??  what d real time for 'music & lyric' in MBC channel?? is it tomorrow or sunday?  

@Hepitwins , thank you and hope this article can help answer your question.

Cable show ‘Music and Lyrics’ planned for MBC

March 23, 2012 9:00 pm  dkrogers @ en.korea.com


Cable channel MBC Music’s reality program Music and Lyrics will air on a terrestrial network.

On March 23, a spokesperson for MBC Music said that the show is planning to air on April 7 at 5:15 in the afternoon on MBC.

The show is a romantic reality program, in which a musician and an actress collaborate on a song and tell a story along the way.

In the February 24 episode of the show, emotional couple Yoon Gun and Park Shin Hye appeared and completed the song “I Think of You.” Actress Kim So Eun and 2PM’s Jun Ho were cast as the second couple and they recently shot the show.

MBC’s We Got Married, which airs every Saturday at 5:00 in the afternoon, couldn’t air due to the MBC strike. The show started airing again, a month later, on March 17, but finally gave its place to Music and Lyrics due to the strike.

Source: TV Report

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“We Got Married” runs out of footage and will be replaced by 

“That Female Lyricist, That Male Producer”

March 22, 2012 11:01 pm  Belle @ en.korea.com


Due to MBC’s labor strike, “We Got Married” ran out of available footage for the show. “We Got Married” started broadcasting again without its main PD since March 3 but it will stop broadcasting once again on March 31. An MBC representative stated, “Even if we continue to use the footage that we have, it is still not possible to do a normal broadcast after March 31.”

So what will happen to the “We Got Married” time slot?


The time slot will be replaced by MBC Music’s “That Female Lyricist, That Male Producer.” The program was originally broadcast on March 18 which is a Sunday. However, it was very popular and was chosen to replace “We Got Married” which usually broadcasts on Saturdays. 

“That Female Lyricist, That Male Producer” is a reality show that pairs a producer and famous actress making a song together for 30 days. Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun is the first pair for the show.


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[interview] Kim So Eun to Ask Park Shin Hye for Help with ‘Music and Lyrics’

2012-03-20 16:43  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Oh, MiJung

Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Actress Kim So Eun, who will be appearing on MBC Music’s reality program Music and Lyrics with 2PM’s Junho, said that she would be getting advice from Park Shin Hye, who appeared in the show before her.

Kim So Eun recently met with the press alongside Junho to talk about her appearance in the show. 

She said, “I saw that Park Shin Hye looked really pretty in the show, so I thought I wouldn’t have to worry too much. I did think that because writing lyrics isn’t easy, I would have to study a lot.”


“Park Shin Hye went to college with me [at Chung-Ang University],” she added. “I’ll have to call her to ask her about appearing in a reality show. I only have actors around me, and no singers when I need advice from singers, so I’m a bit worried.”

Music and Lyrics is a show which brings in a male composer and a female lyricist to produce a song together. Yoon Gun and Park Shin Hye appeared in the first few episodes to produce a romantic love song, and will be followed by Kim So Eun and Junho.

Kim So Eun said about Junho, “I like everyone in 2PM. My little sister is a fan. I thought of B2ST’s Yong Jun Hyung or Big Bang’s G-Dragon because there aren’t many idol group members who compose.”

She said her favorite genres of music were “quiet ballads or indie band styled songs,” and said that she likes musicians such as Ra.D or Jung Yeop.

“I write in my diary regularly, but I don’t know if that will be able to become lyrics. I wonder what it would be like once they become a song,” she said.

The Junho and Kim So Eun duet episodes will start airing as soon as the Yoon Gun and Park Shin Hye episodes wrap up. 

Music and Lyrics was first produced exclusively for MBC Music, but reactions were so favorable that it started airing in the main MBC channel from March 18 and recorded 5 percent viewership ratings, fairly moderate numbers for a late night broadcast. The program was the first to make it into a main channel after starting up on cable.

Photo credit: MBC Music

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This is an interesting concept for a reality show...

I came across the episode with So Eun and Jun Ho on youtube, and I dunno why but I was giggling like a school girl! :P

they were only awkward for the first few moments but after that, their chemistry just came out so naturally! they really look good together! and I hope they can make memorable music together as well! :wub:

I can't wait for their next episode...I hope this show will get subbed!

highlights for me were: first meeting, love shot, when they were in the car looking at each others' hands! and all the other "casual skinships"! :lol:

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Guest bee_lover

as a big fan of KSE, i was so looking forward to this show. and i'm satisfied with the way the show goes. it doesnt put too much focus on the romance, but the connection formed by creating a song together. i think the show, the editing, the flow are just beautiful.. i hope both of them can create beautiful memories during these 30 days and become good friends even after the show end.

for me the highlights were the parting scene, when junho take so eun back to her van, and the ending, when both of them were at the station catching up their train..they look so comfortable together

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2PM’s Jun Ho and Kim So Eun will produce a sound track of Feast of the Gods



2PM’s Jun Ho and actress Kim So Eun will produce a sound track of MBC TV’sdrama series Feast of the Gods. 

In the episode of MBC Music’s Written by the Woman and Composed by the Manthat aired on March 24, Jun Ho and Kim meet for the first time and start producing a love theme song for Sung Yuri in the series Feast of the Gods. 

The sound track Jun Ho and Kim are going to make will be added to the scene of Sung Yuri and Joo Sang Wook as their love grows. As the series needed an emotional, sad song to portray the two characters’ love towards the climax, Jun Ho and Kim decided to produce a theme song for the characters.

Because Lee Seung Chul’s “Did You Forget,” another sound track of Feast of the Gods, topped the charts before, many people are now showing interest in whether or not the third sound track produced by Jun Ho and Kim will receive the same response. 

A spokesperson for Feast of the Gods said, “Honestly at first, we were very worried about Jun Ho and Kim producing the sound track because neither Jun Ho has any experiences in sound tracks nor Kim So Eun has ever written lyrics to songs. However, as I met them actually, I felt that they would be able to show perfect teamwork. I’m excited about the sound track they are going to make.” 

Kwon Young Chan, the producer of Written by the Woman and Composed by the Man said, "Because this is a reality show, which is filmed without a script, we'll have to see if the production crew of Feast of the Gods will choose the song made by Jun Ho and Kim So Eun as a sound track. Regardless of the result, the song made by them will be sung by a singer who will surprise all of the viewers."

Source: TV Report

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2PM’s Junho and Actress Kim So Eun do a Love Shot

CJ E&M enewsWorld Oh, MiJung

Translation Credit :Stewart Ho


2PM’s Junho and actress Kim So Eun held a love shot on their first meeting. 

On the March 24 episode of MBC’s Music and Lyrics the show’s second couple, Junho and Kim were introduced and later, over drinks the two did a love shot. 

Don't know what a love shot it? Essentially, a couple holds a drink in one hand and links arms around each other before taking a drink.


Though initially the two were shy and unable to meet each other’s eyes, as time passed, the two quickly warmed up to each other. The early 1990s-born Junho and 1989-born Kim decided to treat each other like they were the same age and spoke informally with one another. 

The love shot occurred at a staff company get-together. The two were encouraged to do a love shot by those around them and after initially hesitating, the couple surprised everyone by performing the deed.

Junho was also commended by female viewers for asking if Kim’s brimming glass was too much and swapping their mugs. 

In Music and Lyrics, an actress and a male song-writer are paired to compose and pen a song together. The Junho and Kim episode will be re-broadcast on MBC on March 25. 

Photo credit: MBC Music

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for me the highlights were the parting scene, when junho take so eun back to her van, and the ending, when both of them were at the station catching up their train..they look so comfortable together

oh yeah I love that scene too! when they did the fist bump! and so eun was like "what is this?!" and the two them laughed so naturally! Although I'm thinking they might be already tipsy at that time! :P

I'm pissed they didn't show any preview for next week! tongue2.gif

Oh did anybody notice that Junho was carrying SoEun's purse when they were at the train station?! :phew:

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