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[Variety] MBC Music And Lyrics | 그 여자 작사 그 남자 작곡

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That Woman Writes Lyrics, That Man Composes Music

MBC Music And Lyric



Music and Lyrics is a romantic reality program in which an actress and 

a male singer-songwriter get together to make one special song within 30 days.

Airing Time: Every Saturday at 11:00 p.m. KST

                   Every Sunday at 5:00 p.m. KST (starting from April 7, 2012)

Website: http://www.mbcplus.c...musicandlyrics/ 

MBC Music And Lyrics Promotion

tumblr_lzm40qEgU01rn4higo1_250.gif tumblr_lzm40qEgU01rn4higo2_250.gif tumblr_lzm40qEgU01rn4higo3_250.gif

tumblr_lzm40qEgU01rn4higo4_250.gif tumblr_lzm40qEgU01rn4higo5_250.gif tumblr_lzm40qEgU01rn4higo7_250.gif

tumblr_lzm40qEgU01rn4higo6_250.gif tumblr_lzm40qEgU01rn4higo8_250.gif tumblr_lzm40qEgU01rn4higo9_250.gif

cr: http://dooleycouple.tumblr.com/


1st Partnership : Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun (Brown Eyes) 




more info about Park Shin HyePSH FanClub @ SoompiPSHI FanClub


more info about Yoon Gun

MBC Music And Lyrics Teaser

More pictures: Park Shin Hye & Yoon Gun "Music and Lyrics"

Episode 01 - February 24, 2012

MBC Music And Lyrics E01Episode 01

Preview MBC Music And Lyrics E02

Torrent: MBC Music And Lyrics E01 HDTV

Download: Episode 1 HDTV


cr: http://dooleycouple.tumblr.com/  

Watch and download links:




PSHI Fanclub


Transcription of Episode 01 by PSHI FanClub Music And Lyrics E01

Episode-  02 March, 2012 

MBC Music And Lyrics E02 Episode 02

Torrent: MBC Music And Lyrics E02 HDTV

Download: Episode 2 HDTV

PSHI FanClub Music And Lyrics E02

Transcription of Episode 02 by PSHI FanClub Music And Lyrics E02


cr: http://dooleycouple.tumblr.com/ 

Episode 03 - March 09, 2012

MBC Music And Lyrics E03

Torrent: MBC Music And Lyrics E03 HDTV

Download: Episode 3 HDTV



cr: http://dooleycouple.tumblr.com/  


Falling Slowly - Once

Way Back Into Love - Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore

I Hate How Much I Love You - Rihanna ft. Ne Yo

Lucky - Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat

Take a Peek

Shin Hye plays guitar while singing a song that she composed with her brother (cut)

Shin Hye's singing performance at Japan FM (audio)

Yoon Gun invites Gil & Gary to meet Shin Hye (cut)

Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun Music & Lyrics Sad song episode2 (cut)

2nd Partnership : Kim So Eun and Lee Jun Ho (2PM)


cr: as tagged at Music And Lyrics tumblr

more info about Kim So EunKim So Eun FanClub @ Soomp

more info about Lee JunhoLee Junho 2PM, Lee Junho 2PM FanClub @ Soompi

Episode 04 - March 24, 2012 

MBC Music And Lyrics Part1Part2Part3

MBC Music And Lyrics Full Episode


Watch and download links:

Torrent: KORKOR/720pKhaiWF/720p (thanks to semi-fly)

English sub by W2D Part1Part2Part3  Translated/Timed by khy127 @ W2D  Encoded/Uploaded by Indodraakje, khy127 @ W2D

Please do not reupload, redistribute, or sell subbed material.

Episode 05 - March 31, 2012

MBC Music And Lyrics HD Full Episode; M&L E05

Torrent: TMBL/720p; TMBL/108i (thanks to semi-fly) 

English sub by W2D Part1Part2; Part3 Translated/Timed by khy127 @ W2D  Encoded/Uploaded by Indodraakje @ W2D

Please do not reupload, redistribute, or sell subbed material. 

Episode 06 - April 07, 2012

MBC Music And Lyrics E06 Part1;Part2Part3Part4

Torrent: TMBL/720pTMBL/1080i (thanks to semi-fly) 


Still With You - Eric Benet; with lyric

정인 Jung In '장마 Rainy Season'

BK Love - MC Sniper (엠씨스나이퍼)

Take a Peek

2PM Junho sings 사랑의 시 (Love Poem) cut

Junho sings his melody with 2 types of lyrics

Feast Of Gods OST by Junho 2PM and Kim SoEun

Junho version "Sad Love" - Feast Of God OST

Sad Love MV Special ft. Junho & Eunso

Sad Love by Lee Jung @ MBC Music Show Champion

3rd Partnership : Lee Si Young and Jay Park


more info about Lee Si YoungLSY @Soompi       

more info about Jay Park, JP FanClub @ Soompi  

4th Partnership : Park Jin Hee and John Park


more info about Park Jin Hee

more info about John Park

Episode 06 - April 14, 2012

Torrent: HANrelHANrel/450pKORKOR/720pWITH/720pYoTo/450pYoTo/720p (thanks to semi-fly)

JayPark & Lee SiYoung E01JayPark and SiYoung M&L E01 English sub by jpnetsubs2

Park JinHee & John Park E01

Episode 07 - April 21, 2012

Torrent: HANrel/720pKORYoTo/450pYoTo/720p (thanks to semi-fly)

Episode 08 - April 28, 2012

Torrent: HANrelHANrel/450pHANrel/720pYoTo/450pYoTo/720p (thanks to semi-fly)

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(source: PSHI Fanclub)

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye becomes the new face of MBC Music


Park Shin Hye has become the promoter of MBC's new music channel - MBC Music.

Park Shin Hye is chosen as she is an avid fan of music who always shares and recommends good songs to friends and fans through SNS(Social Networking Service). According to her agency, “Park Shin Hye has recently completed the shooting of a commercial as a main model for MBC Music, a newly launched MBC’s cable channel.”


The main concept of the CF is for a beautiful woman to set out on a one-person music trip to commune with music. The shooting was taken at a reed beds on the outskirts of Seoul, a cafe, a train station and at the East Sea of Korea.

In the CF, Park Shin Hye shows her charms while enjoying music. As soon as the CF was launched, it attracted much attention among local and international fans, who compliment the beautiful actress's performance, especially the scene in which Park Shin Hye plays the guitar in a cafe. The entire CF gives viewers a harmonious and soothing feeling.


Park Shin Hye expresses her feelings on being selected as a model by saying: "Music is an essential part of my inspiration. To me, music has a special existence. During the shooting, I enjoyed myself so much that I did not feel like I was filming a CF. Instead, I felt like I was really on a music trip."


"It was very surreal. I had a lot of fun filming and I hope that viewers can learn more about different types of music through MBC Music."

Park was recommended to be a model for the new cable channel by MBC Music’s head and director Nam Tae Jung. Nam says, “As an actor equipped with both trendy and classic images, I believe that Park is the most suitable choice to become the face for MBC Music. Her refreshing, lively spirit and energy will be sure to make viewers feel comfortable and restful. Such her images will definitely appeal to men and women of all ages.”


Source: MBC, TV Report

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Park Shin Hye meets Yoon Gun for the first time



Yoon Gun and Park Shin Hye recently met each other for a music program.

Yoon and Park will appear on cable channel MBC Music’s Music and Lyrics, in which a musician and an actress will make a song through their sweet story.

They met in a penthouse for the first time to record the show. According to the production crew, the two stars didn’t know about each other’s appearance until they really met. They finally met on the set and liked each other very much.

The production crew said that Yoon played lovely Christmas carol only for Park and created romantic atmosphere on the set. Park said that she likes the song very much over and over again.

On February 17, Yoon said, “Since Park is very positive and interested in music, I think we can make an attractive song.” Park said, “I really liked recording the show. I enjoyed it very much and I felt like I’m becoming more energetic. I can’t wait to record the show next.”

The show will air on February 24 at midnight for the first time.

Source: TV Report

Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun will pre-release their song


Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun, who will appear on MBC Music’s Music and Lyrics, will appear on a radio program together for the first time.

They will appear on the February 21 episode of MBC’s Hope Songs of Noon This is Sweet Sorrow, which airs at noon.

The show is a romantic reality program, in which a musician and an actress will collaborate on a song and tell a story along the way. Since actress Park and singer/songwriter Yoon were cast in the show, many people are looking forward to listening to their song.

The two stars will talk about how they are making the song on the radio show for the first time. They will also sing a beautiful harmony, which will fascinate many people’s ears.

Park says, “I’m so excited to play the song, which I made for the first time. I worked hard to make the song and I’m still working hard on it so I hope you all enjoy the song.”

The production crew say, “Even though they haven’t finished making the song, we decided to pre-release the song for people who are wondering. Please play attention to the song.”

The first episode of the show will air on February 24 at midnight.

Source: Xportsnews

Park Shin Hye says to Yoon Gun, “Please, buy this for me”


Actress Park Shin Hye recently captivated singer Yoon Gun’s hearts by acting cutesy.

In the February 24 episode of MBC Music’s Music and Lyrics, Yoon and Park meets for the first time to complete a song together.

The show is a romantic reality program, in which a musician and an actress collaborate on a song and tell a story along the way. Since actress Park and singer/songwriter Yoon were cast in the show, many people are looking forward to seeing the show.

In the first episode of the show, which will air on February 24, Yoon transforms into a barista for Park. He will teach Park how to make coffee at his coffee shop.

The production crew for the show said that Park acted cutesy to Yoon and captured his hearts while they were walking along the Hongdae street.

Source: TV Report


Yoon Gun and Park Shin Hye’s first date on ‘Music and Lyrics’



Actress Park Shin Hye and Singer/Songwriter Yoon Gun who star in MBC Music‘s ‘Music and Lyrics‘ captured the hearts of many viewers.

‘Music and Lyrics’ is a reality/romance show that collaborates a top actress (Park Shin Hye) and an amazing songwriter (Yoon Gun) to write a one-of-a-kind song.  The first broadcast of ‘Music and Lyrics’ aired on February 24th. Yoon Gun and Park Shin Hye’s soft and delicate charms plus their shy and innocent looks drew a lot of attention from viewers.

Park Shin Hye showed off hidden guitar and vocal skills leaving Yoon Gun fully focused on her. Yoon Gun came to Park Shin Hye’s aid when she showed nervousness during the show receiving much praise.

One particularly compelling moment, when Park Shin Hye showed her love for Korean food, Yoon Gun proceeded to take her to a Korean restaurant without hesitation. There he also played the piano filling the air with sweetness and stirring her heart.

In return, Park Shin Hye showed off 3 sets of her cuteness causing Yoon Gun and viewers to fall for her. The two then began to decide what to call each other. Park Shin Hye shyly responded, “I will call you oppa“. Afterwards they went to Yoon Gun’s office where she suddenly transformed into an image resembling a cute cat in boots asking “Can you please play the piano once more?”.

Also, after seeing a phone case that she wanted she asked, “Oppa can you buy me this?” in a surprisingly cute way.

Catch episodes of ‘Music and Lyrics’ starring the cute and sweet Yoon Gun/Park Shin Hye couple every Friday at 12am on MBC Music.

Source and Picture: Nate

Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun Lovey Dovey Together?



Actress Park Shin Hye and singer Yoon Gun enjoyed a late-night club date. The two are currently appearing together on romantic reality program “Music and Lyrics.” In the revealed pictures from their late-night date, Park Shin Hye is wearing a cute dotted ribbon hairpiece and Yoon Gun is looking at her lovingly with a glass in his hand.

This late-night club date was Yoon Gun’s idea. He planned this special surprise birthday party for Park Shin Hye, so that the two could forget about the stress of working and enjoy the time being. Park Shin Hye danced to SISTAR‘s “Ma Boy.” A source tells Park Shin Hye’s sexy wave dance put a big smile on Yoon Gun’s face and he could not wipe it off for a while.

The upcoming episode of “Music and Lyrics” will also reveal the full story of Yoon Gun’s surprise party for Park Shin Hye. Besides the late-night club party, Yoon Gun also pampered Park Shin Hye with presents. Fans will also be able to see subtle signs of romantic intimacy between the two.

A staff member from “Music and Lyrics” commented, “Yoon Gun will show you how a guy can get so romantic is in the upcoming episode. Anyone would get jealous of this ‘sentimental couple.’” Fans are getting excited as well as jealous to see what the pair has to show.

This romantic date of the “sentimental couple” Yoon Gun and Park Shin Hye will air on MBC MUSIC “Music and Lyrics” on March 2 at midnight KST.

Music and Lyrics: Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun look like a couple in real



The Music and Lyrics stars Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun are in the limelight for being seen as if they were a couple in real.

In behind-the-scene cuts, the twosome catches the eye because they look close and friendly. Park looks like a pure, innocent girl, while Yoon looks playful belying her manly side.

Reportedly, on the set, on seeing Park and Yoon looking like a couple in real, people were busy taking pictures of them with their mobile phones and cameras.

Netizens responded: “Let’s not envy them. What an attractive pair!” “Hope they make a couple in real. “I’m looking forward to watching the next episode.”

The 2nd episode of Music and Lyrics causing a sensation by starring Park and Yoon airs on March 2 at 12:00 a.m. on MBC Music.

Source: Xportsnews

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Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun's first radio appearance on Sweet Sorrow's Afternoon Hopeful Song - February 21, 2012




cr: http://dooleycouple.tumblr.com/

421316_277840142287335_192974654107218_666542_705650475_n.jpg  395541_277840025620680_192974654107218_666538_801704618_n.jpg

Park Shin Hye : lyrics narrated MBC Music And Lyrics radio show


Can you feel it?

그대의 숨결이 다시 들려오네요

I can hear your breath again.

늘 혼자였다고 생각했었죠

I always thought I was alone,

내 곁에 너를 모른 채

not knowing that you were with me.

느껴지네요 따뜻한 향기

I can feel your warm scent

그대 다가오나요 

Are you coming to me?

늘 외로웠다고 생각했었죠

I was always lonely,

내 앞에 너를 모른 체

not knowing that you were in front of me.

알 수 있나요 떨리는 마음 그댈 향한다는 걸

Do you know my fluttering heart for you?

내게 다가오던 따뜻한 향기 잊을 수가 없네요 

I can’t forget your warm scent that came to me.

알 수 있네요 그대의 미소 나를 비춘다는 걸

I know your smile shines on me.

translation by: yshinzzang, mezzy06

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윤건, 박신혜도 깜박 넘어간 작업 4단게 공개

[돋움, 굴림]명품 싱어송 라이터 윤건이 MBC MUSIC(MBC 뮤직)의 로맨틱 리얼리티 프로그램 ‘그 여자 작사 그 남자 작곡(연출 권영찬)’을 통해 로맨틱남의 정석으로 등극했다. 

지난 1회 방송에서 박신혜의 3단 폭풍 애교로 男心을 홀렸다면 지난 2일 방송된 ‘그여남’ 2회에서는 윤건이 ‘그 여자’를 위한 4종 선물세트를 선보이며 박신혜는 물론 여성 시청자들의 가슴을 사정없이 흔들었다.

◇윤건이 선보인 신혜 공략 제 1법칙. "그녀를 위해 손수 준비한 멋진 식사"

함박스테이크와 연어샐러드, 그리고 와인 한 잔까지..‘그 여자’를 위한 ‘그 남자’의 깜짝 요리에 로맨틱함이 뚝뚝 묻어났다.

여배우의 건강과 칼로리까지 고려한 세심한 장보기에서부터 요리, 테이블 세팅까지 어느 하나 빠진 것 없는 완벽한 식사 준비에 윤건의 표현을 빌면, 신혜는 ‘첫 눈 오는 날 깡충깡충 뛰어다니는 강아지의 눈망울’로 행복함을 감추지 못했다.

◇두 번째 신혜공략 법칙. 무심한 듯 건네는 생일 선물.

지난 주 방송에서 신혜의 생일 이야기에 “그 날 미국간다”는 썰렁한 농담을 던지던 남자가 ‘그 여자’를 위한 깜짝 선물을 준비했다.

로맨틱한 식사 후 “내가 좋아하는 향수인데”라며 무심한 듯 건네는 윤건의 향수 선물에 “저 이런 향 좋아해요”라며 신혜가 반기자 “(나도) 뿌려줘”라고 스스럼없이 팔을 내미는 고단수(?)의 모습을 여과 없이 주었다.

◇세 번째 법칙. 서프라이즈 생일파티.

불타는 금요일 재미있는 곳에 데려다 달라는 신혜의 소원에 클럽행을 택했다. 한국에서의 클럽은 처음이라는 ‘그 여자’를 위해 신혜의 친구들까지 클럽으로 부르는 치밀한 모습을 보이기도. 여기에 클럽을 낯설어하는 신혜를 능숙하게 리드하며 스테이지로 이끄는 모습에서 ‘나쁜 남자’의 향을 살풋 풍기며 여성 시청자들의 마음을 공략했다.

◇네 번째... 알 듯 말 듯 은근한 스킨십!

오늘 꽤 춥더라”는 말과 함께 갑자기 신혜의 손을 잡아끄는 윤건. 그리고 주머니에서 슬그머니 준비해온 핫팩을 꺼내 신혜 손 위에 척! 얹어주는 세심한 배려. 식사와 선물, 깜짝 생일파티 3단 생일 콤보에 이어 은근한 스킨십과 함께 선보인 핫팩 신공에 여성 시청자들이 넉다운 됐음은 당연지사!

한편 박신혜는 이날 방송에서 윤건에게 첫사랑의 경험과 여자친구에 대해 물으며 오묘한 기류를 생성했다. 특히 생일파티에 참석한 AB형 친구에게 “AB형 여자분 괜찮아요”라고 윤건이 대답하자 박신혜는 살짝 긴장하는 표정을 지어보이는 등 질투하는 듯한 모습을 보여 눈길을 끌었다.

방송 후 누리꾼들은 “윤건 다시 봤다. 마냥 부드러운 남자인줄만 알았더니 은근 선수? 어쩜 이렇게 여자마음을 달콤하게 녹일 수가..”, “커피에 요리에 피아노 연주와 노래까지. 신혜양 부러워요~”, “이렇게 훈훈한 커플이 있다니..‘눈 오는 날 강아지 같다는’ 윤건씨 말에 백배 공감!”, “윤건씨 조련에 신혜양 넘어간 건가요? 은근히 질투하는 모습 귀엽네요~” 등 폭발적인 반응을 쏟아냈다.

또한 이날 방송에서는 박신혜가 윤건이 소개한 보컬트레이너에게 레슨을 받던 도중 감정에 북받쳐 작업실을 박차고 나가는 모습과 자신을 두고 자리를 뜬 윤건에게 야속한 마음을 비추는 신혜의 모습 등 반전된 분위기로 시청자들을 깜짝 놀라게 했다.

말랑말랑 달콤하기만 했던 ‘감성커플’에게 닥친 최대의 위기에 한층 더 궁금증을 자아내고 있는 MBC MUSIC ‘그 여자 작사 그 남자 작곡’은 매주 금요일 밤 12시에 방송된다



google translation

Yoon Gun, Park Shin Hye have laid eyes blink open snaps Task 4

Singer-songwriter Yoon Gun luxury two MBC MUSIC (MBC Music) romantic reality program 'The woman he wrote lyrics (director gwonyoungchan)' The Art of M through the Family has reached.

Park Shin Hye in a broadcast last week's three storms with delightfully holryeotdamyeon 男 心 aired the last two days 'geuyeonam' Yoon Gun 2 installment this 'woman' serves for the four kinds of gift sets the hearts of female viewers, as well as Park Shin Hye and waved wildly.

◇ The First introduced by Yoon Gun Shinhye targeting of Law. "Wonderful meal prepared for her hand amps"

Hamburg steak and salmon salad, and wine jankkaji .. 'She' for 'the man' to cook a surprise romantic hamyi muteonatda dribble.

Careful consideration to the actress' health and calories from the food shopping, setting up a table which does not like being a perfect representation of Yoon Gun put it in meal preparation, Shinhye the 'first snowy day running around the puppy's eyes hop' to conceal his happiness did.

◇ the Second Law of targeting Shinhye. handing are unintentional Birthday Gift.

Shinhye's birthday on the air last week in the story "The Day the US goes," the man who threw a chilly joke 'she' was prepared for a surprise.

After a romantic meal "is my favorite perfume," said Yoon Gun handing unintentional gift of perfume, "I love this fragrance," said the bangija Shinhye "(I) ppuryeojwo" he godansu effusive arm sticking out (?) The appearance of was filtered off without.

Law ◇ third. Surprise Birthday Party.

Friday Fun Shinhye Burning Desire of the Club asking you WHERE you chose to take row ares. The Club is the first time in Korea, 'the Girls' Club for the Friends Call Shinhye that are deulkkaji Dense Show appearance. Here Proficient lead to Shinhye Strange club and leading to the appearance on the stage 'bad boy' of the fragrance salput punggimyeo was attacking the hearts of female viewers.

◇ Fourth ... Subtle physical contact seemed to seemed to know the end!

"It's ares Pretty chupdeora" with the Horse and the hands of ares Sudden, draws Shinhye Yoon Gun.And from HIS Pocket and Pulled out Quietly been Preparing Shinhye hatpaek Chuck on hand! To PUT Attention to. Meals and GIFTS, surprise Birthday Party Birthday combo followed by three veiled women in physical contact with the new process introduced hatpaek knocked down in the water a natural for the audience!

Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye Yoon Gun for the Day of Our first Experience in Broadcasting and HIS girlfriend Were about to create airflow muleumyeo Profound. AB type, Especially ares Friend who attended are Birthday Party "AB-type Fine Lady," he answered, let's Park Shin Hye Yoon Gun slightly to stress, such as facial expressions seem built to show off like a jealous attracted attention.

Broadcasting after the netizens, "Yoon Gun Watched it again. I thought you Were ares gentle man of manyang Player Coy line? ... like being someplace Sweet Girl's Heart CAN melt are at. "," Playing the Piano and singing in to Coffee Cooking. Sinhyeyang Envy ~ "," Couple this heartwarming Damn it. "Snowy Day is like ares Dog" at the end of gonggam yungeonssi hundredfold! "," Snaps sinhyeyang yungeonssi going to obedience? secretly jealous looks cute ~ ", and poured out an explosive reaction.

The broadcast also a vocal trainer introduced by Park Shin Hye Yoon Gun has received only 102 Baht a lesson during the walk out feeling overwhelmed and out of studio look and leave their seats to the floating Yoon Gun repetitively, such as heart reflects the appearance of an inverted atmosphere Shinhye viewers was amazed.

Soft, sweet, just that he's a sensitive couples' biggest crises that befall evokes more curiosity in the MBC MUSIC 'he wrote lyrics that girl' will be broadcast every Friday at midnight


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박신혜-박지윤, 7년 만에 재회한 여신들의 '감성 기타연주'

둘은 담소를 나누고, 박신혜가 쓴 가사와 노래를 서로 불러보는 등 시간을 보냈다. 특히 박신혜는 박지윤 앞에서 기타를 연주하며 노래를 선보였고, 이어진 박지윤의 연주에 감탄하며 수줍은 얼굴로 같이 노래를 따라 하기도 했다. 한편 박신혜, 박지윤의 합주는 오는 9일 밤 12시에 방송되는 '그여남'을 통해 공개될 예정이다. lucky@osen.co.kr <사진>MBC 뮤직 제공. [Copyright ⓒ 한국 최고의 스포츠 엔터테인먼트 전문 미디어 OSEN(www.osen.co.kr) 제보및 보도자료 osenstar@osen.co.kr 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]

google translation

Park Shin Hye - Park Ji Yoon, seven years after the goddess of jaehoehan 'emotional guitar playing'

Actor and singer Park Ji Yoon Park Shin met in a long time enjoyed playing guitar. Park Shin Hye and Park Ji Yoon is broadcast on the 9th of the MBC MUSIC (MBC Music), "he wrote her lyrics (hereafter geuyeonam) prior to recording Participate presented emotional guitar. 'geuyeonam "30 days to meet the topbaewoowa musicians forge a story containing a song with the program. In the past two week broadcast Park Shin Hye Yoon Gun couples and musicians working process of the dating scene and the music has been released. day, pre-recorded Park Shin Hye in the drama 'bicheonmu' meeting in seven years after Park Ji Yoon and soberly met in a cafe. Both chatting, lyrics and songs written by Park Shin Hye, etc. Shall we spent together. especially in front of Park Ji Yoon Park Shin Hye plays guitar and the song to lure the consequent admiration for Park Ji playing the song along, and even as a shy face said. Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye, Park Ji in the coming nine days of the concert to be broadcast at midnight 'geuyeonam' will be released through lucky@osen.co.kr[Copyright ⓒ Korea's top sports and entertainment specialist media OSEN (www.osen.co.kr) and press the tip osenstar @ osen.co.kr all rights reserved]

박신혜-박지윤, 두 여신의 감성 데이트 현장 '포착'

박신혜, 박지윤 두 여신이 만나 음악적 교감을 나눴다.

MBC MUSIC <그 여자 작사 그 남자 작곡>(이하 그여남)의 그 여자 박신혜가 가수 출신 배우 박지윤과 만나 직접 쓴 가사와 노래를 서로 불러보며 감성 데이트를 즐긴 것.

특히 박지윤 앞에서 기타 연주와 노래를 선보인 박신혜는 이어진 박지윤의 연주에 감탄하며 수줍은 얼굴로 노래를 따라하기도 해 현장분위기를 한층 훈훈하게 만들었다는 후문이다.

그 여자 작사 그 남자 작곡>은 톱 여배우와 뮤지션이 만나서 30일 동안 함께 곡을 만들어 나가며 겪는 달콤한 에피소드를 전하는 프로그램이다.

한편, 박신혜와 박지윤의 감성 데이트는 9일 밤 12시 MBC 뮤직 <그여남>을 통해 공개될 예정이다.

- Copyrights ⓒ 조선일보 & chosun.com, 무단 전재 및 재배포 금지 -

google translation

Park Shin Hye - Park Ji Yoon, the sensitivity of two goddesses dating scene 'capture'

Park Shin Hye, Park Ji met two loans exchanged musical rapport.

MBC MUSIC <the woman he wrote lyrics> (hereafter geuyeonam) She's a singer, actress Park Ji Yoon Park Shin Hye and meet each other, handwritten lyrics and sing songs that have enjoyed watching the emotions out.

In particular, playing guitar and singing in front of Park Ji introduced the BV Park Ji Yoon Park Shin Hye and shy admiration for playing along a song may have to face the field has made the atmosphere is said to further warming.

"She wrote lyrics that man> the top actresses and musicians created songs with 30 days to meet you out shouting, preaching is a program undergoing a sweet episode.

On the other hand, the sensitivity of Park Shin Hye and Park Ji dating midnight on the 9th MBC Music <geuyeonam> will be released through.  Copyrights ⓒ Chosun Ilbo & chosun.com, all rights reserved - 

sources: http://news.nate.comhttp://blog.daum.net

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“Music and Lyrics” will earn mentor Lee Seung Hwan’s frank evaluation 

on the 3rd episode

MBC music’s “Music and Lyrics” self-composed song has earned a frank evaluation from mentorLee Seung Hwan as ‘Emotional couple’.

The 30 days in “Music and Lyrics” , the couple had composed a song as part of the show. In the second episode of ‘Music’, “That women” starring Park Shin Hye and “That man” starring Yoon Gun, their date in the club has revealed their work for music. 

The episode that is going to be aired on the 9th, Park Sin Hye will meet the “great master”, Lee Seung Hwan. Park will flaunt her self-composed song and also listen to advice for a public scene. Anticipating Lee’s evaluation towards Park as Park knew mentor Lee since they were in primary school. 

The “emotional couple’s” unique self-composed song will be aired on 9th March at 12am on MBC Music channel.

Translation: Park Shin Hye Singapore Fanclub (PSH SPORE)

Sources: http://news.nate.comhttp://blog.daum.net

Actress Park Shin Hye gives a boost to Lee Seung Hwan and Eric Nam

March 03, 2012 10:15 pm cloud2c2h


Actress Park Shin Hye recently gave a boost to Lee Seung Hwan and his mentee, Eric Nam.

On March 2, the lovely actress tweeted a picture with the comment, “A shot with the mentor Lee Sueng Hwan and the mentee Eric Nam of Birth of a Great Star on MBC. Send the heartthrob Eric love and support on Friday night at 9:50 p.m. Samchon and Eric, go!”

In the picture, Park, Lee, and Eric are seen striking a lively pose. Lee and Park made acquaintance while they belonged to the same agency, Dream Factory, when she had just made her debut. That explains why the starlet calls the singer samchon. (Samchon can refer to a guy who you have a close relationship with but who is a bit elder than oppa.)

Thanks to the duo’s support, Erick succeeded in making his way into the top 5.


Source: TV Report

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ⓒ사진=MBC 뮤직 제공

'그여남' 박신혜, 작사가 데뷔..노래속 '그대'는?

배우 박신혜가 작사가로 데뷔했다. 지난 9일 방송된 MBC MUSIC 감성 리얼리티 프로그램 '그 여자 작사 그 남자 작곡'(연출 권영찬) 3회에서는 박신혜와 실력파 싱어송 라이터 윤건이 심혈을 기울여 완성한 'I think of you'의 완곡이 공개됐다. 

굴림, =굴림, '따뜻한 차를 마셔도 거리를 걸어도 그대만 떠오르네요~ 즐거운 영화를 봐도 음악을 들어도 그대만 생각나네요~' 등 박신혜가 직접 쓴 감상적이고 따뜻한 노랫말에 시청자들은 "경험담 아니냐"며 관심을 드러냈다.

특히 이날 방송에서는 평소 박신혜의 절친으로 알려진 FT아일랜드 이홍기와의 전화내용까지 공개돼 더욱 눈길을 끌었다. 친구에서 연인으로 가까워지는 이야기를 담은 내용이라는 신혜의 설명에 이홍기는 "우린 그럴 수 없다"라고 너스레를 떨어 시청자들의 웃음을 자아냈다.

굴림, 시청자들은 "윤건이랑도 이홍기랑도 다 잘 어울린다. 신혜양의 '그대'가 누구인지 궁금", "가사를 들으니 따듯하고 예쁜 사랑을 했던 듯! 설마 현재 진행중", "윤건과 신혜의 알콩달콩 분위기를 보며 대리만족 하고 있었는데 벌써 마지막 에피라니 아쉽다" 등의 반응을 보였다. 

한편 '그 여자 작사 그 남자 작곡'은 톱 여배우와 최고의 뮤지션이 만나 주어진 30일 동안 단 하나뿐인 둘만의 곡을 만드는 리얼리티 프로그램. 박신혜와 윤건의 첫 번째 에피소드에 이어 다음 에피소드의 주인공에 대한 시청자들의 궁금증이 갈수록 뜨거워지고 있다. 

Park Shin Hye debuts as lyric writer with the song “I Think of You”

Money Today Star News

Actor Park Shin Hye debuted as a lyric writer.

On the third episode of MBC Music’s reality program That Woman Writes Lyrics, That Man Composes Musicwhich aired on March 9, Park Shin Hye and talented songwriter Yoon Gun finished their song “I Think of You” and revealed it for the first time.

This is part of the lyrics that Park wrote: “Whether I drink a warm cup of tea, or walk down the streets, I think of you. Whether I watch an interesting movie or listen to music, I think of you.” These heart-warming lyrics made the listeners feel emotional.

Thus Park successfully debut as a lyric writer. However, some people are asking, “Aren’t the lyrics based on personal experience?” Especially in this broadcast, Park attracted attention by making a phone call to her close friend Lee Hong Ki from FT Island.

When Park explained that the song is about two friends turning into a couple, Lee replied, “We can’t be those friends.” and gave a good laugh.

Netizens commented: “Park makes a good couple with Yoon Gun and Lee. I wonder who Park’s ‘you’ is.” “I listened to the song and the lyrics and it’s about a heart-warming love story. Is that love story an ongoing process?” “Congratulations Park for debuting as a lyric writer!” Netizens praised this song that the couple made and expressed sadness about this episode being the last for the first couple.

That Woman Writes Lyrics, That Man Composes Music is a reality show between a top actress and a talented musician making the one unique song for the given 30 days. Expectations are on the rise as to who will follow the heels of Park and Yoon Gun’s couple.


Translation: ilnungcha@http://en.korea.com  

source: news.nate.com

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2PM’s Junho and actress Kim So Eun to collaborate for 

‘Music and Lyrics’

March 14, 2012 by OH! KPOP


A new couple is set to appear on MBC Music’s ‘Music and Lyrics‘!

2PM’s Junho and actress Kim So Eun were chosen to be the new couple.

They are now the second couple to be chosen for this program. ‘Music and Lyrics’ is a variety show that is similar to MBC’s ‘We Got Married’. It shows an actress and a male artist forming a relationship while making songs.

Junho and Kim So Eun will try to make an OST for MBC’s weekend drama ‘Feast of the Gods’ through this program. This song will be for actress Song Yu Ri’s love theme in the drama.

One of the staff members of ‘Music and Lyrics’ stated, “The music director of ‘Feast of the Gods’ will personally decide if the song made by Junho and Kim So Eun is eligible for use in the drama. The song made by the two will be shown to the director without any modifications.

The first couple on ‘Music and Lyrics’ is actress Park Shin Hye and singer Yoon Gun. Junho and Kim So Eun are set to appear sometime in April.

Are you excited about the new couple?

Source and Picture: Nate

2PM’s Junho and Kim So Eun, harmony as a music couple

”Feast of the Gods” OST Challenge  en.korea.com

MBC Music’s “That Woman Writes Lyrics, That Man Composes Music” couple casting Idol group 2PM’s Junho and actress Kim So Eun have come together as an “older woman, younger male” couple.

Junho and Kim So Eun have been cast as the second couple in MBC Music’s reality programme “That Woman Writes Lyrics, That Man Composes Music”. This programme fuses artistic talent and music with the same format as MBC’s “We Got Married”. A female actress and a male music artist will show love blossoming through the process of communicating with music.

Junho and Kim So Eun’s challenge on this show will be to write an OST song for MBC’s weekend drama “Feast of the Gods”. They will write both the music and lyrics of a love theme song for Go Joon-Young (played by actress Sung Yuri).

Speaking to Sports Korea on the 13th, a spokesperson for “That Woman Writes Lyrics, That Man Composes Music” said that whether the song would be included in “Feast of the Gods” would be up to the music director, and that the programme will show the evaluation of Junho and Kim So Eun’s completed song without any alterations.

“That Woman Writes Lyrics, That Man Composes Music” is currently being broadcast with it’s first couple, actress Park Shin Hye and singer Yoongun. Junho and Kim So Eun’s appearance will begin some time in April.

source : naver.com 

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‘그여남’ 박신혜, 달달한 일상 공개 ‘러블리 신혜의 재발견’



MBC MUSIC의 로맨틱 리얼리티 프로그램 ‘그 여자 작사 그 남자 작곡’(이하 ‘그여남’)에서 가수 윤건과 ‘I Think of you’ 곡 작업을 하며 일상 속 편안하고 사려심 깊은 모습을 드러냈다.

‘그여남’에서 박신혜는 자신이 만든 가사를 보여주기 부끄러워하며 달콤한 반달 눈웃음을 짓거나 라디오 생방송을 앞두고 떨려 하는 모습 등을 보여 남성 시청자들은 물론 여성 시청자들의 마음까지도 사로잡았다.

이 방송을 본 시청자들은 “박신혜의 사랑스러운 매력에 반했다”, “방송 시간이 너무 짧은 것 같아 아쉬워”, “박신혜의 러블리한 매력 재발견” 등의 반응을 보였다.

박신혜 소속사 측은 “그간 일상이나 사적인 모습은 공개한 적이 없어서 시청자분들이 더욱더 신선하게 느꼈을 것 같다. 방송을 통해 박신혜의 배려 깊은 마음과 사랑스러운 매력을 느낄 수 있었던 계기였다”고 전했다.

한편, 박신혜의 사랑스러운 매력을 엿볼 수 있는 ‘그 여자 작사 그 남자 작곡’ 1부에서 3부까지 하이라이트를 모은 스페셜 방송은 16일 밤 12시 방송된다.

google translation

'Music and Lyrics' Park Shin Hye's lovely charm has attracted many viewers.

Attractiveness of the lovely actress Park Shin Hye have been reviewed.

Park Shin Hye of MBC MUSIC recently the romantic reality program "she wrote lyrics that man '(hereinafter' geuyeonam ') from the singer Yoon Gun and' I Think of you 'song everyday tasks and appeared relaxed and deep saryeosim.

'Geuyeonam' Park Shin Hye in the show he created the lyrics and a sweet shy smile concatenating Vandal radio show live, and look ahead to tremble, as well as male viewers even captivated the hearts of female viewers.

The viewers of this broadcast, "Park Shin Hye was infatuated with the lovely charm," "air time seems too short, miss," "lovely charm of Park Shin Hye rediscovered", and reacted.

Park Shin Hye agency said that "the meantime appearance or private life was never released by the folks seem to have felt much more fresh. Broadcast over the caring heart of Park Shin Hye and was instrumental charm was lovely, "he said.

Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye in a glimpse of the lovely charm "he wrote her lyrics' a collection of highlights in Part 3 bukkaji special broadcast will be broadcast on the 16th midnight.

source: chosun @ news.nate.come

‘그여남’ 박신혜, 첫 리얼리티 도전…러블리한 일상 공개

[티브이데일리 배정희 인턴기자] 배우 박신혜의 첫 리얼리티 프로그램 도전에 대한 반응이 뜨겁다.

박신혜는 지난 9일 3부작으로 완결된 MBC MUSIC ‘그 여자 작사 그 남자 작곡’의 박신혜 편으로 방송 내내 청초하고 사랑스러운 매력을 듬뿍 드러내 시청자들의 호응을 끌어냈다. 

박신혜가 드라마가 아닌 일상의 모습을 공개한 것은 이 프로그램이 처음. ‘그 여자 작사 그 남자 작곡’에서 자신이 만든 가사를 공개하기 부끄러워하는 모습이나 라디오 생방송을 앞두고 떨려하는 모습과 특히 달콤한 눈웃음은 지켜보는 남성 시청자들 뿐 아니라 여성 시청자들까지도 설레게 했다.

]방송을 본 시청자들은 “박신혜가 이렇게 사랑스러운 줄 미처 몰랐다”, “가사 보여주기를 부끄러워 하는 모습도 예쁘다”, “노력한 흔적이 묻어나는 작사가 노트가 인상적이다” 등의 반응을 보였다.

그 여자 작사 그 남자 작곡’은 톱 여배우와 남자 싱어송라이터가 만나 단 하나의 특별한 곡을 만드는 로맨틱 리얼리티 프로그램으로 박신혜가 그 첫 여배우로 출연해 많은 관심을 받았다. 또 지난 9일 방송된 3부에서 박신혜가 직접 작사하고 윤건이 작곡한 ‘I Think of you’ 라는 곡이 살짝 공개되기도 했다. 

한편 1부에서 3부까지 스페셜로 엮은 ‘그 여자 작사 그 남자 작곡’의 박신혜 하이라이트 편이 16일 밤 12시에 다시 한번 시청자들을 찾아간다. 이데일리 배정희 인턴기자 news@tvdaily.co.kr/사진제공=4HIM 엔터테인먼트

google translation

'Music And Lyrics' Park Shin Hye's first reality program received good response

Actor Park Shin Hye's first reality program responses to the challenges is hot. 

Park Shin Hye trilogy completed in the last nine days MBC MUSIC 'lyrics he wrote the woman's side throughout the broadcast neat and lovely Park Shin Hye reveals plenty of charm drew positive responses from viewers. 

Park Shin Hye in the drama of everyday life rather than look for the first time the program is released. 

"She wrote lyrics that man 'to be released from the lyrics they have created the image and are ashamed to live radio appearance, and especially to tremble before the sweet smile of the male viewers watching, as well as female viewers had even shaken. broadcast the viewers, " Park Shin Hye did not realize the line is so lovely, looks to be ashamed to show lyrics, Pretty Woman, "" Loose signs of effort is impressive lyricist notes such as "reacted.


"She lyrics he wrote 'The Top actress and singer-songwriter met a man just to make a special song as a romantic reality program as an actress Park Shin Hye appeared that first received attention. 

Part 3 also aired the last nine days, and Park Shin Hye Yoon Gun lyrics composed by yourself 'I Think of you' was a song may be a little open. ]while hooked up to a Special Part 3 bukkaji "he wrote her lyrics' Park Shin Hye highlights of the 16th at midnight shift once again find their audiences.

source: TV Daily @ news.nate.com

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