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[ MBC Sitcom 2012] Stand By/스탠바이

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Does anyone know where I can watch/download this show with eng sub?I've looked everywhere ><, darksmurfsubs only have the eng subs up to ep 15. i'm dying to see this sitcom and i really appreciate it if anyone can tell me how. Thank you!

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I have being following this sitcom daily,watching the Chinese subs regularly.It used to be a good show but i'm getting disappointed with how this show goes.It focus too much on kiwoo and Kim PD loveline,watching their love triangle make me sick.The fight between the mother and daughter in law too,it just focus too much.The show should spread out towards all characters.For example,showing more parts on yewon,simon D as well as the loveline between Ryu Jin and the nanny.RJ,nanny will be more interesting as they have totally different characters,the writers show write more abt them and how ryu jin will end up forgetting his past love and end up together with the nanny.

I know this show is getting soon and i have a bad feeling that the story will ended suddenly,quickly which will disappoint viewers.

Ok,i edited this post a bit after watching the latest ep 106,well at least there a slight improvement,as it show more of siyuan and grandpa and kiwoo and sukjin

Hope to see more plots of other character rather than the love triangle and mother,daughter in law fight

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For a show that is wrapping up soon, it is vexing that they have episodes like today that merely fixate on a particular storyline, ignoring other key (and more compelling) ones. The disjointed manner in which the writers are handling the Ki Woo-Soo Hyun-Suk Jin lovelines down the stretch makes the show frustrating to watch. My only explanation is that because they know the resolution to this triangle is the thing that most captivates the audience, they are slow playing until the very end. Also, what a waste of time Park Eun Ji ended up being. Completely unnecessary.

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