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Jerry Yan as the Spokesman for the Institute for the Blind of Taiwan

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Jerry Yan as the Spokesman for the Institute for the Blind of Taiwan

Source: http://www.ibt.org.tw/a6-5.html



credit translation to Shernice@www.yanchengxu.net

Fang Weng Shan initiate a bi-monthly charity writing publication "Chong Shuang Bao". Yesterday, a press conference was held.

Jerry Yan as the Spokesman

The February issue contains news of Jerry filming the charity commercial for the Institute for The Blind of Taiwan. He became the first spokesman of the charity organization after establishing for 60 years. Jerry did not take any profits from filming the commercial. His cooperation has also gained praises from all crews. The commercial will be released from today onwards.


credit translation to kym@www.nbbbs.com

The Feeling Paper

February 2012

Our first public commercial is out

60 years since the establishment of the Institute of the Blind

Text – Guo Shu Ying Photography – Ma Li

It’s been raining very heavily these past few days in Taipei. It feels like everything has been cloaked in mist, turning blurry and cold. If one has any plans in mind during such weather, one has to firstly make an effort to dry off the rain drops. This is the same for everything. No matter how fervently one wishes inwardly, one has to overcome too many things before setting off to action. Thus we are always breathing very heavily and constantly spurring ourselves on.

As an educational organization which was established 60 years ago, has she merely been through only a few days of rain? At that time, Mr. Zeng Wen Xiong had returned to Taiwan after his overseas studies. With the help of the American Institute of the Blind, he founded the Taiwan Institute for the Blind. The aim of our Institute is to give help and show concern for those who became visually impaired later on in their lives. Why the emphasis to help those in such a predicament? This is the question many have asked before. And the answer from our old Chief is that there is neither an impressive reason nor any legendary story. He deeply sympathized with them, so he just wants to help to take care of them. Behind this simple notion lies such an enormous strength that the Taiwan Institute of the Blind has stood the test of time these 60 years.

In August of 2011, the Institute called Mr. Jerry Yan’s Agency for the first time. We had hoped to invite Mr. Yan to be our Ambassador. During mid-August, we received a reply saying that Mr. Jerry Yan was shooting a TV series in China and will only return in October. Would this affect the plans of our Institute? At that time, we took this to be a polite refusal. Thus when October came along, we had no expectations whatsoever. But the Agency actually called informing us that Mr. Jerry Yan shall be returning shortly and if we could meet up for a further discussion and coordination on this matter.

His Agency had conveyed his wishes that he agrees with the spirit of concern by the Taiwan Institute of the Blind. However due to his hectic schedule, he hoped that we could provide concept and details behind the commercial. As then, he would be in a better position to assess whether to take up the invitation. His Agency further elaborated that Mr. Jerry Yan has always gone about doing things quietly in his own way, not causing a stir. There are many ways to help and donating is actually a more direct avenue. Yet if he were to shoot this commercial, he would be in the forefront and that requires serious deliberation. Thus in the end, the script would be one of the deciding factors for his consent.

On the first scene of the commercial, the female lead is holding the elbow of the male lead as they are crossing the road. This is the model way of a sighted person leading a blind person and this ensures both of their safety as well. Presently, the female lead is a 2nd year student at the Social Services faculty of National University. After a bout of severe illness in her Senior High, she now has only minimal sight in one eye. She was chosen not only for her sweet looks and smile, our Institute hopes that the public becomes aware that many a times you cannot spot a blind person. Most people have the impression that the blind wear dark glasses or think that the blind cannot see at all. Yet these are notions are all erroneous.

Just like the line from the commercial ~ Kindness cannot be seen. Very few people mention that often what we see may not be what is true and what is really true may not be seen with eyes. We have to feel it with our hearts. In our interaction with Mr. Jerry Yan, we have come to know his generosity in giving. His sincerity and kindness to the people, regarding matters at hand and even for things have especially touched us so deeply.

Mr. Jerry Yan said that as he expressed in the commercial - ”Thank you for seeing me.”, he hopes that everyone will be able see the needs of the visually impaired and work together with the Institute of the Blind for a better society filled with warmth and love.

The Frame Box Production Company shot this commercial. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the crew for their concern for the visually handicap and their support for the Institute of the Blind. It is with such sincere, heartfelt work that we were able to capture the touching moments on the screen.

Official CF:

CF transcript translation:

Girl: Do you know what kind of person you are?

Jerry: What kind of person am I ?

Girl: A kind person. I can feel it.

Jerry: Been a long time since heard myself said in this way.

Girl: This cannot be seen by visual sight, that's why so very few people said it.

Jerry: We have arrive.

Girl: (Took out cane for the blind. Turn to Jerry) Thank you for being able to see me.

Jerry: (His thoughts) Thank you for also being able to see me.

Jerry's voice at the end of the cm: Taiwan Institute for the Blind thanked you.

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