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Turning 360 degrees and...

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( A popular saying )
Apparently, it became some kind of an internet meme for quite a while.

But obviously, many people have been using it for centuries.

Sayings don't have to be true but they can be good for other things, like in this case, probably to sound cool.

Why does it sound cool? What does it deeply mean?

You hear stuff like:

"This girl told me to help her out but I turned 360 degrees and walked away".

"I went to McDonald's only to realize I forgot my wallet so I had to turn 360 degrees and walk away."

"I was gonna go surprise her and ask her for a date but then I saw 5 guys kissing her. I had to completely turn 360 degrees and walk away."

Even the girl named "Jen" in Hell's Kitchen Season 4 had to say something like how she was miserable and doing it all wrong but thanks to Gordon Ramsay, it helped her to turn 360 degrees and become better. This saying was used in a lot of speeches for successful accomplishments. "I was always wrong but I turned 360 degrees and then I was always right so that's how I kept succeeding".

Is there a clear reason why they say that? Some opinions suggested that it was a popular mistake and it should have been "I had to turn 360 degrees and moonwalk away". (For successful accomplishments, it would be to "moonwalk away from failures")...

Some other theories suggested that when people say "three sixty degrees", they meant "doing sixty degrees 3 times" as in 60 degrees + 60 degrees + 60 degrees = 180 degrees.

Some say it's meant to be like that. It's like a cool way to shrug it off and walk away...

What are your thoughts on that? Don't go 360 degrees and walk away on me there!

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Well doing a 360 for whatever reason is pretty... Girly. So I'll just do a 180 and 90 your 360 for a 45 on the 60 and 30.


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I was bowling with some friends and I sucked the first couple of games.  But later on into the evening I started getting better and better and even won a few.

I started saying, "Wow, I played really bad earlier but I turned 360 degrees and now I'm playing a whole lot better."  My friend started laughing at me and said that I made absolutely no sense - that I was essentially saying that I'm really at the same position as I was before.  But I told him that he was mistaken.  I said, "No.  I mean 360 degrees as in temperature.  I'm getting hot, baby." 

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