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[Drama 2012] Yellow Boots 노란 복수초

Guest YunRa1430270238

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Guest YunRa1430270238

[tvN] Lee Yoo Ri, Jung Chan, Hyun Woo Sung, Yoon Ah Jung

Title: 노란 복수초 / Yellow Boots

Chinese Title: 黄色复仇草

Genre: melodrama

Episodes: 100+

Broadcast network: tvN

Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-27 to 2012

Air time: Monday to Thursday 10:00


This drama is about the revenge of a woman who lost everything because of fake accusation.

Seo Yeon Hwa (Lee Yoo Ri) is a nice girl who her life is turned down by her stepsister because being framed as a murderer. Choi Kang Wook (Jung Chan) who grew up abroad and lived in loneliness because of hidden family problems. He fells pity for Seo Yeon Hwa and helps her. Ha Yun Jae (Hyun Woo Sung) is Seo Yeon Hwa’s first love but they become enemy because of some reason.


Main Cast

Lee Yoo Ri as Seo Yeon Hwa

Jung Chan as Choi Kang Wook

Hyun Woo Sung as Ha Yun Jae

Yoon Ah Jung as Choi Yoo Ra

Min Ji Hyun as Seol Soo Ae

Shim Eun Jin as Ha Yoon Hee

Supporting Cast

Kang Suk Jung as Kim Tae Il

Kim Young Ran as Han Kyung Sook

Yoo Hye Ri as Jang Min Ja

Choi Sang Hoon as Choi In Suk

Jung Hye Sun as Lady Jo

Jung Kyung Ho as Park Chang Doo

Production Credits

Director: Choi Eun Kyung

Screenwriter: Yeo Jung Mi

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I like the fact that the the director as well as the scriptwriter are both female and the initial focus already is firmly centred on the main female leads, Yoo Ri & Ah Jung, and I am looking forward to the face-off between these two fine actresses over the next 100 episodes.

I especially admire the two lead actresses whom I've followed & I'm NOT one of those who habitually watch K-dramas: I've watched Yoo Ri in some of her recent drama projects and in her film Bunshinshaba 2004 so I'm confident Yoo Ri can give us her intense maniacal creepy look and when she doesn't activate those facial muscles, she's thoroughly natural as an innocent-looking and carefree woman. Not that she'll have much chance looking like that seeing the end scene of Ep 2 where her character Yeon Hwa has to save her mentally challenged sister Soo Ae from being raped.

Yoon Ah Jung was a KBS morning and evening drama stalwart playing the roles of "The One You Hate" - and already by the first episode here, we're already in no doubt that Ah Jung is also "The One You Hate". Ah Jung has become an 'expert' thru her previous projects at playing the scorned woman who uses jealousy & rage, which erases her sanity to insanity. She can look totally cool and normal on the outside but when she starts plotting and conniving, beware: just like when the poop hits the fan.

Yes, the plot is nothing new (can't expect novelties in K-dramas anymore) but being a TVN production, one or two surprises may be in store but it's early days yet. Even so, these two actresses battling each other is what I'll be looking forward to - and the first two episodes didn't disappoint me.

Here's lead actress Lee Yoo Ri singing live the OST from her just launched drama


An early BTS clip... among others, shows you how they staged the falling-down-building scene.... 'why not just use CCI" but not for this female director helming this series.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNRNT_X7yY8

For the curious, here's the opening sequence ...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uJTbGRpJXk

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Guest kayana20

I am watching it and already addicted. I left 50 Episode drama's alone now I am starting a daily what is wrong with me? Where can I find the 1st OST at and does she have another sister besides the mentally challenged sister? I am a little confused as to why she wants to take revenge on the mentally challenged sister or am I jumping to conclusions?

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JungYunho_GoAra, thanks for this new thread on this drama.  Appreciated.   :) 

I like Lee Yoo Ri in Precious Family, I Love You, Don't Cry and her recent drama, Twinkle, Twinkle.  Thus when I found out about her new drama, I can't help not giving it a try. 

I have watched the first 2 episodes already.  Gosh, it's good.  It keeps me going now.  Can't wait to see what really happen to her that she has to go to jail and to take revenge on her step-sister later on.  And how her boyfriend can turn against her instead of protecting her from harm.  He ends up with her step-sister, marrying her instead. 

Although I dislike daily and long drama, I will give it a go for this one.  Hopefully, some kind souls will subs it so that we can enjoy it even better.

Having watched Bride of the Sun with so much frustration, I hope this drama is good.  Only at ep 2, I'm already addicted to it.

The beginning has shown her thrown over the top of the building together with her step-sister.  Hope it's not a tragic ending for her.

I have not watched the lead actor, Hyun Woo Sung who plays Yoo Ri's boyfriend, in any of his shows.  The other lead actor is Jung Chan who helps her through her hardship.

Yellow BOOTS?!  What with the title?!  It doesn't make sense at all.  Does she have to wear yellow boots?  Lol...  Very confusing indeed.

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Guest kazenai

I loved Lee Yoo Ri in her previous dramas but I must say this series will totally elevate her popularity. I am totally loving every single scene of her character. Not only is she stunning but the girl can actually act!

LYR is also a good singer , the song was better than I expected! Triple threat, here she comes.

This is tvn's first daytime soap I imagine, and they are doing a damn good job for sure. When you look at the BTS you can see that they are using MBC's cameras, and MBC is credited on their website and in the credit roll, I assume they are sponsoring this show? I wish it was on one of the main networks, that way more people would watch it! but at the same time, since it's on cable they should be able to go all out on anything they want to put out -therefore coming up with more original ideas.

Once again, LOVING IT!

I can't wait to see her transformations and the plot development *_*

I wish someone would produce subs for this, DarkSmurf should start on this :(

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Heavens save us! It's only episode 5 and already Yoon Ah Jung's character Yoo Ra has gone mentally ballistic!

Normally in all her previous dramas, Yoon Ah Jung usually goes psychotically raging mad after roughly like two-thirds of the series but this drama really wastes no time in establishing the gigantic leap from jealousy-rivalry to pure rage.

Just look at the way Yoo Ra starts shaking and trembling and her one eye enlarges with mounting anger and finally she sends the tray clattering to the floor, with the cups and saucers. Really luv her acting to bits!

But that was only the appetizer.... the writers gave her the chance to do something to a luxury imported car which all of us had wanted to dream of also doing but didn't have the guts - Yoo Ra smashed a fire extinguisher into the side window of the car which belongs to you=know-who.

Personally I've always secretly wanted to do this to any imported car


Only ep 5 and already the half-sister Soo Ae who's mentally-challenged and unluckily is forced to stay with the mother after the attempted rape, is terrified of Yoo Ra. If looks could kill, Soo Ae would be already dead many times over.

Just like a few Korean actresses who serially portray insanely mad characters, actress Yoon Ah Jung have perfected the art of looking insanely mad, complete with facial twitches and glaring eyes that shoot laser beams of pure unadulterated hatred.

And I absolutely live & wait for those scenes by her - maybe I'm just as twisted as her character. Maybe more. And I'm a guy.

Now that this drama has spared me from waiting for Yoon Ah Jung to go ballistic, I'm walking on cloud nine. I do hope the writers work in more scenes of Yoon Ah Jung terrorising both her half-sisters and I don't expect Mr Wooden face to do anything about it - guys like him are only concerned about OTHER more important things cuz catfights among stepsisters are never the occasion for wooden guys to look C O O L.

Love experts do not have to tell us that Yoo Ra's feelings for her wooden boss is NOT true love but more like OBSESSION POSSESSION. She just doesn't want her step-sister to be receiving his love. Not even a pet puppy if he had one.

And to this end, by k-drama tradition, Yoo Ra won't give up her terrorizing maniacal ways because in k-dramas, there's only one wooden guy worth fighting and dying for - indeed there are no other fishes in the ocean, only octopus, squids & lots of shellfish.

Things can only get deliciously and horribly worse from now on. My only concern (if you can call it that) is how are the writer & producer going to sustain this momentum across 100 episodes? Now that would be very interesting for most daily dramas usually plod along like a 3-legged tortoise.

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Thanks for posting the pics semi-fly!

I really like this drama...yeah, it's very makjang but there's something about the underdog story that is incredibly alluring... also it's interesting to see how LYR's character changes and how circumstances change her... wonder at the end of the drama, what she will retain and lose...

Jung Chan is one of those actors that I follow even though they are usually borderline supporting actors (if not totally). I can't wait to see how his character will be intertwined with LYR's.

I've only see a few episodes (thru episode 4). Can someone please help me understand the following? I can't find subbed versions of this drama... thanks in advance!

-It seems LYR's character's first love (male lead) misled her about his identity. What exactly did he mislead her about and also what happened in the scene with him, LYR, and his parents?

-Is Jung Chan's character the son of the male lead's stepmom?

-What info has been provided about Jung Chan's character?

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Guest didisalma

Seo Yeon Hwa's first love kept dating her as a poor man, she thought that they are in the same "social level" so she loved him freely...

I'm not sure about Jung Chan's character cause when he speak to the step-mom he doesn't address her bay any name yet, their relationship is still unclear for me too... but its seems that she will try to make him the successor of the company.

i can't what for the next ep its looks like Seo Yeon Hwa will have a really hard time..

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Guest DarkSunMoon

This seems promising. Lee Yoo Ri is my favorite Korean actress ever since I saw her in Daring Women, then Twinkle Twinkle; she just overflows with dramatic depth!

What other movies or dramas could I have seen Yoon Ah Jung in? I'm not sure whether I've seen her previous works or not...

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Guest kayana20

I will start watching this again after Bride Of The Sun finshes but I love how Lee Yoo Ri portrays the role of a women out for revenge and I hope she inflicts all the pain on her sister, ex-boyfriend, and people who keep lying and helping the lie to continue when she gets out of prison. She didn't deserve that treatment at all and she was just protecting her sister so cruel her other sister treated her that way all because she covets everything Lee Yoo Ri loves.I must say they both pull off crazy really well even though the other sister is crazier.

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Guest Knov1

I don't normally watch daily dramas but I had to watch Yellow Boots. It's darker than your average K-Drama. I liked the idea of the female lead being out for revenge. That's a different type of character for Lee Yoo Ri (besides Loving You) so I was intrigued and wanted to check it out.

So far, I've watched all 12 eps that have aired. In the beginning I wondered how Yeon Hwa would end up in jail. It looks like she'll be blamed for running Yoon Hee over. Knowing that, the preview clip (Yeon Hwa escaping from jail and confronting Yoo Ra) makes more sense now. I guess the next logical question would be, how will Yeon Hwa figure out that it was really Yoo Ra?

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