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테이 (Tei) For You & I

Guest roujin

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Source : KBS Global Entertainment News


Tei Delights Fans in Small Concerts


Balladeer Tei delighted his fans in the first small concerts held in six years. From October 16 through 18, Tei held a series of concerts titled "Tei's Coffee Prince – Small Theater No.1" at the gymnasium of Ewah Girl's High School in Seoul. He met with some 2,000 fans over the four-day concerts.

Each concert lasted about three and a half hours and featured a varied repertoire from many different music genres. Backed up by a 10-member band, Tei sang not only his own hits, but those of other renowned musicians, such as Panic's "Snail," Bobby Kim's "Love That Guy," and Lee Seung-hwan's "For One Thousand Days." Tei told the audience that he feels much closer to his fans than when he performed in large venues like in the Olympic Park. He plans to continue his small-venue concerts in Gwangju and Daegu in November.


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Tei's manager commits suicide

34 year old manager of singer Tei was found dead in his BMW on the 14th.

Police suspect it is a suicide as they discovered used Bun Gae Tan (번개탄) in the car, a charcoal product used for grilling.

No suicide note has been discovered yet, so the cause is unknown. However, co-workers have stated that although Tei's manager recently started a new business, the large amount of debt has caused a lot of stress. In addition, his recent divorce and deteriorating health of his father also added onto the problems.

After hearing the shocking news, Tei has canceled all activities to offer his condolences.

The funeral will take place in Incheon.

credit: allkpop

my condolences to his family.

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Guest chipmunkey

oh and apparently, the manager sent an sms to tei before he committed suicide, saying 'im sorry' .

gahhhh i hope this isnt too tough on tei :/

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Guest hassei dan shirei

OMG his hair :D it's fun to see him in other singer video clip :D since he seldom to appear in his own clip :D thanks for sharing :D

I am still wait he will colaborate again with Park Hyo Shin.. if both of them show together.. it always awesome :D

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It's been... a long time since the last time I posted here >.<

I didn't know about Tei's manager... it nmust be terrible to think the only solution in your life is to commit suicide. my condolescences to the family.

managers and artists are usually close and develop a close frienship. I think it must have been sad for Tei too

is he planning to release a new album or something? it seems like there are no news on him lately...

thanks for the links and pictures!


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Guest adikkeluangman

Tei arrested for driving with a suspended license

Ballad singer Tei was arrested with a minor offence today.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan police force, Tei (Kim Ho Kyung) was pulled over for driving the wrong way on a one-way street. The officer discovered that Tei’s license was actually suspended due to unpaid fines.

Further investigation revealed that in 2010, Tei was fined for driving through a red light.

Tei is arguing that he was unaware of the suspension; regardless, the star was booked without detention.

Tei is famous for his 2004 hit, “Love Leaves a Scent“, and he tried his hand at acting in 2009 through the drama, “Does Anyone Love“.


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