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Guest roujin

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Guest soulmate

Lee Hana's Peppermint (2008.11.28)

http://kr.youtube.com/watch?v=V14C2LtD9L8 (I Have A Lover ~ lovely song, where is it from?)

Its not from Lee Hana's Peppermint, its Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate (2008.11.26), same as he performed Snail.


And the song 애인 있어요, originally sung by 이은미 (Lee Eun Mi). There are versions by 조규찬 (Jo Kyu Chan) and 박해영 (Park Hae Young), and the newest one is by DNT. I like the song since Lee Eun Mi had it ^^ The song itself tells beautifully.

If you want to listen (or watch?) the versions, here I found some:

By 이은미


By 박해영




Cannot find Jo Kyu Chan version >.<

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Guest mochi_chan

Hi all, I am new here...

I become TEI big fans now :rolleyes:

Anybody have all TEI's show in MU links ?? I don't know how to download using clubbox :tears:

dying for have all the show has posted here :wacko:

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Guest mintoro

whoa O_O

I didnt know tei oppa is debuting for acting~~~

omg im so excited for this and surely goona watch that drama to support him

I wonder what his character is like...

comedian? LOL

so it's a weekend drama... guess this will be a lengthy one = =

7th mac~ looking forward for it~

hope there's subs for this :D

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