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[Drama 2012] A Gentleman's Dignity 신사의 품격


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Title: A Gentleman's Dignity (신사의 품격)
Romanization: Shinsaui Poomgyuk
Chinese Title:
Genre: Romance & Comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast Period: 2012-May-26 to 2012-Aug-12
Air Time: Saturday & Sunday @ 21:50
Director: Shin Woo Chul
Screenwriter: Kim Eun Seuk


"A Gentleman's Dignity" depicts a drama about the careers and love lives of urban professionals. This drama will tell the story of four men in their forties as they go through love, breakup, success, and failure. It includes the romantic relationship between Kim Do-Jin (Jang Dong-Gun), an architect with a scathing tongue, and strict high school teacher Song Yi-Soo (Kim Ha-Neul), who moonlights as an umpire at amateur baseball games.


Jang Dong Gun as Kim Do Jin
Kim Ha Neul as Seo Yi Soo
Kim Soo Ro as Im Tae San
Kim Min Jong as Choi Yoon
Lee Jong Hyuk as Lee Jung Rok

Yoon Se Ah as Hong Se Ra
Kim Jung Nan as Park Min Sook
Yoon Jin Yi as Im Me Ah Ri
Lee Jong Hyun as Colin
Kim Woo Bin as Kim Dong Hyub


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Girls' Generation's Sooyoung Hints at Cameo in 'A Gentleman's Dignity' in Photo With Kim Soo Ro
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Girls' Generation Sooyoung Makes Surprise Appearance on 'A Gentleman's Dignity'
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'A Gentleman's Dignity' Kim Min Jong, "Me Ah Ri is My Dream."
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BoA's Surprise Visit to the Set of 'A Gentleman's Dignity'
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Actress Yoon Jin Yi's Birthday Surprise
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'A Gentleman's Dignity' Kim Soo Ro's Ending Remarks
'A Gentleman's Dignity' Jang Dong Gun-Kim Ha Neul, Drama Ending Message "We'll Remember for a Long Time."
'A Gentleman's Dignity' Cast Party, Jang Dong Gun to Pay!
'A Gentleman's Dignity' Lee Jong Hyuk Touched by Surprise Birthday Party from Staff
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Actor Lee Jong Hyuk's Embarrassing Past Photo
The Secret Behind 'A Gentleman's Dignity' Actress Kim Jung Nan's "Witch Fashion"
'A Gentleman's Dignity' Lee Jong Hyun was Once a Judo Athlete?
Lee Jong Hyun, I Hope They Postpone 'A Gentleman's Dignity' Forever
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'A Gentleman's Dignity,' Audiences Upset With Two Week Delay
Another Week of Delays for 'A Gentleman's Dignity'
CN's Blue Lee Jong Hyun Auditioned 7 Times for 'A Gentleman's Dignity'


Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 19

Episode 20


Teaser 1
Teaser 2

(Click to View)

(Click to View)


Kyun Woo (M Signal) - When I Look at You
Jeon Geun Hwa (M Signal) - Beautiful Words
Park Eun Woo - Everyday
Lee Jong Hyun (CNBLUE) - My Love
[Album] Various Artists: OST Part 1
[Album] Various Artists: OST Part 2

Credits: AsianMediaWiki
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Guest fkamkar49

I am so excited about this drama and we will be subbing it on viki.

I have so much expectation for this team; combination of great actors, excellent writer and capable director. I will post a link to this page on our viki page. 

Good luck to this team.


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Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul Hold First Script Reading for 'A Gentleman's Dignity'

The first script reading for Jang Dong Gun’s small screen comeback drama, SBS’ A Gentlemen’s Dignity was held recently.

On March 22 at SBS’ Tanhyeon Production Center, the main cast and crew of the upcoming SBS drama met for the first time to hold a script reading. On this day, in addition to director Shin Woo Chul and writer Kim Eun Sook, the main cast including Jang, Kim Ha Neul, Kim Su Ro, Kim Min Jong and more were all in attendance.

It  was revealed there was a lot of commotion that occurred on this day as many individuals came out to catch a glimpse of the super star Jang.

According to a member that was there that day, “All sorts of people including managers, stylists and others came out to try and catch a glimpse of Jang Dong Gun. Jang really must be a top star as even from afar he seemed to glow.”

As Jang’s drama counterpart, Kim Ha Neul, is part of Jang’s agency, AM Entertainment, and with Kim Su Ro and Kim Jong Min being long-time friends of Jang, the environment for the reading was said to be comfortable.

In addition, as actor Lee Jong Hyuk is a member of the celebrity baseball team, Playboy, which Jang is a part of, the camaraderie among the stars were clearly evident.

A member of the production shared, “With a script absent of any superfluous things and acting from top stars, A Gentlemen’s Dignity sounds like it’s going to be a huge hit. The teamwork is really great too.”

Kim Su Ro also heightened anticipation for the drama by tweeting the following day, “My thoughts after attending the first reading for A Gentlemen’s Dignity! This drama is really fun. I’ve never laughed so much during a reading like this. I’m already waiting for the first episode.”

A Gentlemen’s Dignity marks a return of the Shin Woo Chul director and Kim Eun Sook writer combo from Secret Garden and will revolve around the various life styles of adults in their fourties.

Credits: enewsworld

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Guest mandalaywith

wow~~!My Like Korea 3 Stars Kim Ha Neul,Jang Dong Gum,Kim Min Jong Casting Drama.

They are long time one again work in one Drama. :lol: support your.~~!

some share to photo.This drama Writer kim Eun Sook her Twitter in post to Script and message.


오랜만이지요?^^ 안팎으로 일이 좀 많았어요. 며칠전 대본리딩 했어요. 우리 배우분들 완전 대박. 한마디 하래서 시청률 쫌 나오면 국민드라마라 우기고 좀 안나오면 명품드라마라고 우기자고^^ 벌써 봄이네요

A Gentleman's Dignity Script


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Guest kimsumire

wow~~!My Like Korea 3 Stars Kim Ha Neul,Jang Dong Gum,Kim Min Jong Casting Drama.

They are long time one again work in one Drama. :lol: support your.~~!

some share to photo.This drama Writer kim Eun Sook her Twitter in post to Script and message.


오랜만이지요?^^ 안팎으로 일이 좀 많았어요. 며칠전 대본리딩 했어요. 우리 배우분들 완전 대박. 한마디 하래서 시청률 쫌 나오면 국민드라마라 우기고 좀 안나오면 명품드라마라고 우기자고^^ 벌써 봄이네요


It’s been a long time? I was busy. We had script reading meeting some  time ago. Our cast are great. We will say if its have high viewing rate,  it’s national drama, if have low rating, high quality drama.^^ now  spring already.

Korean news update:

Kim Min  cancel her role in A Gentleman's Dignity : http://www.seoul.co....=20111227600004

Kim Jung Nan (You are My destiny, President) replace Kim Min in A Gentleman's Dignity: http://www.tvreport....view&idx=212342

Kim Woobin (Vampire Idol) cast on A Gentleman's Dignity as Kim Ha Neul character's trouble maker student link

Lee Jong Hyuk (Chuno, Crime Squad ) join the cast of A Gentleman's Dignity My link

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Guest simple_mindcd

Kim eunsuk update her twitter with first photo from first shoot on April 7


credit: Kim eunsuk twitter (@dramaonly)

4 Hot Ahjussi :wub:

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Guest simple_mindcd

A Gentleman's Dignity First Filming^^

Source TheStar + AsiaToday

*quoted image*

*quoted image*

im about to post same pic but you faster than me....:sweatingbullets:

They look so comfort and fun at first filming and the 4 ahjussi still look so handsome at their 38-40

they look like F4 Ahjussi version :wub:

Character  of that 4 gentlemans


(from left - right)Jang Dong-gun, stars as the cold architect with a sharp tongue; Lee Jong-hyuk, as the happy-go-lucky, married playboy ; Kim Suro the innocent-but-macho guy who’s got no game; Kim Min-jong the super-considerate lawyer.

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Guest iluvugudbye

Jang Dong Gun’s SBS Drama “Gentleman’s Dignity” Holds First Filming Session

by: thunderstix on Apr 9, 2012@ soompi news


The first recording for SBS’ new drama, “Gentleman’s Dignity,” took place in Seoul on April 7. All four main characters of the show, including Jang Dong Gun, Kim Soo Ro, Kim Min Jong, and Lee Jong Hyuk, met at an upscale brunch restaurant in downtown Seoul, to kick off the recording of the show that’s been marked as Jang Dong Gun’s grand return to TV drama series.

According to people at the set, the four veteran actors showed tremendous chemistry during the entire filming session. Having worked in the industry for a long time together, the four male leads fully understood the script and setting, and their teamwork with the production crew was also off the chart, increasing the anticipation level for the show’s first episode.

“Jang Dong Gun, Kim Soo Ro, Kim Min Jong, and Lee Jong Hyuk showed close friendship during the recording, and their chemistry was perfect throughout the whole filming session. The energy levels of all four actors are incredible so you can expect to see a great show. Please continue to show support for this upcoming, ‘high class’ romantic comedy show,” the production crew was quoted as saying.

The first episode of “Gentleman’s Dignity” will air on May 26. The main casting includes Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ha Nuel, Kim Min Jong, Kim Soo Ro, and Lee Jong Hyun, making it one of the most highly anticipated dramas of the year.


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