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Saber Marionettes J

Guest Lisa

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anime/mangaHas anyone seen the anime or read the manga? I've seen the whole series, but I've only read 2 of the manga. I thought it was pretty good. image


It's about Mamiya Otaru and his three marionettes, humanoid female robots; the young and free-spirited Lime; the small and reserved Cherry; and the outgoing and busty Bloodberry.

On a world with no women, the surviving men have reintroduced the female in the form of an android. Called Marionettes, they are built to serve men and are limited in their interactions with humans. That is until a poor boy named Otaru Mamiya encounters a Marionette named Lime. Lime is a Saber model with a special circuit that gives her emotions. When Otaru awakens two more Saber Marionettes, his life as an 'average' boy quickly becomes as extraordinary as the lives of his eager, busty new friends.

Volumes: 5 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=3434

Published by: Tokyopop

Anime Episodes: 25




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Guest theonecalledy2ckt

i read all the manga. it's not bad. the anime is... well, it's pretty much like any other anime with lots of ecchi jokes in it. cherry is really adorable though. she's my favorite. ^^

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