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{GANKUTSUOU} The Count of Monte Cristo

Guest milk tea!

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Guest milk tea!


"While visiting the festival on Luna, Viscount Albert de Morcerf and Baron Franz d' Epinay make the acquaintance of the Count of Monte Cristo, a self-made nobleman. When they part, the Count promises to visit Albert in Paris. After he arrives, he insinuates himself into the most powerful families in France (the Morcerfs, the Danglars, and the Villeforts).

The plot of Gankutsuou, while broadly the same, changes many aspects of the source material. The story of "The Count of Monte Cristo" is focused heavily on the Count, whereas Gankutsuou's narrative places more importance on the character of Albert. In the novel, the events in the Count's life proceed chronologically; in the anime, the story begins with Albert and Franz meeting the Count on Luna (which occurs many hundreds of pages into the book), and the back story is pieced together throughout the series. The plot changes include supernatural elements, different fates for some characters, the disposal of several side-plots, and an altogether different ending.

These changes result in a different tone; the Count's quest for revenge in the novel is seen very sympathetically, but various plot elements in the anime lead the viewer's sympathy towards Albert, making the Count a far more antagonizing figure. Gankutsuou's plot could largely be classified as a coming-of-age story for Albert, catalyzed by the discovery of the dark history of the Count."

Episode List

1. At the End of Our Travels, We Meet

2. Until the Sun Rises on the Moon

3. 5/22, Tempest

4. Mother's Secret

5. Do You Love Your Betrothed?

6. Her Gloom, My Gloom

7. The Secret Nectar of the Flower Garden

8. A Night in Boulogne

9. I Had a Dream of the Color of Darkness

10. A Letter from Edmond

11. Engagement, Broken

12. Encore

13. Haidee

14. Wandering Heart

15. The End of Happiness, the Beginning of Truth

16. Scandal

17. Confession

18. Duel

19. If I Had Become Unlike Myself

20. Farewell, Eugénie

21. The True Identity of the Nobleman

22. Counterattack

23. Edmond Dantès

24. By the Seashore

Opening Song: "We Were Lovers" by Jean-Jacques Burnel

Ending Song: "You Won't See Me Coming" by Jean-Jacques Burnel

source: Wikipedia

My sister randomly found it on YouTube and I thought it's style was interesting so I decided to watch it. I thought it was a good series and nice to watch a different style other than something typical like in Honey & Clover, Fruits Basket, Bleach, etc ^^

Here's the trailer on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjY_j5tcsWc

Has anyone else watched this?

Published by: Del Rey
Anime Episodes: 24
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Guest kakashi

i saw the first few eps only .. didnt think it was that great so i stopped watching it. maybe i should get myself a copy and see it again.

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Guest FirstTheWorst

Hmm I started watching this, but the...patterns were...kind of weird so I stopped watching it because I lost interest. But otherwise, it's...pretty much okay.

At least in the beginning. I watched the real movie for it and I really liked that...so..?

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Guest Take Five

isn't this supposed to be the best show gonzo has ever done or something? anyway, i'll probably watch it soon.

do you have something against H&C and fruits basket? o_0

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Guest disgruntled_ricecooker

Gankutsuou is a very entertaining title for me but those who enjoyed the original novel may be disappointed with the adaptation. For one thing, the Count's characterization is altered and he becomes more sinister. If you overlook the differences (i.e. the characterization, futuristic setting, Eugenie not being a man-hating lesbian, etc), it's a solid series. I'm waiting for the last DVD to come out and it might be my favorite title from GONZO (although Basilisk seems like a strong contender as well).

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Guest angelqian

I thought the anime itself was well done, but I didn't like the interpretation of the original book, (The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas) which kinda ruined the ending for me, it just wasn't what I wanted to happen from what I've read.

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this was an ok anime... i liked the story plot.. and it had a futuristic feel about it.. but one thing that just made me stop watching the show...

it made me dizzy... the drawing are beautiful, but it was a little to much for me... i mean every time they move i was wondering where are their arms, and legs?

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Guest milk tea!

isn't this supposed to be the best show gonzo has ever done or something? anyway, i'll probably watch it soon.

do you have something against H&C and fruits basket? o_0

No, lol. Those are my favorite types of anime and I've watched a lot of those, so this was a refreshing anime to watch. That's all I meant :)

I found the art style a bit funky at first too, but you get use to it.

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