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i wish more people posted here

here is a reply from Tao Weibo regarding his personal life expose ?

poor guy ,lets hope he succeed in achieving his dreams

*quoted image*

For translations on his weibo

go here http://wushixun.tumblr.com/

He has this quote which he always uses "To me, nothing in the world is impossible!"

Seems like all the kids have great ambition in the idustry :D

I find it so cute that he always has a quote "To me, nothing in the world is impossible!" in almost every status on his weibo. And reading some of his weibo status gives me impression that he's an optimistic, hardworking, and cheerful kid. How cute! <3

Considering this and the rumor that Tao is actually a quite playful kid, I find him to be so cuuute. Now my love to him is growing x)

Tao fighting! <3

Btw, where is the translation of his reply regarding his exposed personal life? I can't find it there.

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Guest PsychedelicAir



Wonder Girls cover [This has to happen again but on a TV Show]

Being the cool kid

Learning how to play the piano

Singing on Star Academy - Originally sung by Cyndi Wang



Hobbies: Listening to music, Sleeping in

Favourite food: Anything tasty

Favourite clothing style: Casual, Fashionable

Favourite sports: Basketball

Favourite music: Pop

Musicians I admire: JJ Lin, Jay Chou, David Tao

Favourite words: Yes, of course

Important People: Mum, Grandma

Most difficult moment: First time appearing on TV

Ways of relieving stress: Listening to music, taking a shower

Most embarrassing experience: Pretending to look cool playing basketball

Describe yourself: Honest individual

Prediction of ranking in star academy competition: Top 24

Biggest competitor: Myself

What will you do if you get eliminated: Go pack up

1st thing to do if you win: Help grandma recover

Translation Credit: allkpopfangirl, exo teiba fancafe


[as posted on 6theory's Original YiXing Thread]

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Guest boalohanuiloa

I like the teaser.  Seems a little odd that they will continue to do these little teasers after the "what is love" mv.  But I hear they will show the missing teasers from the mv which is probably around 5-6 more.  ie. Cris, Chanyeol, another tao (2), chen, D.O. Baekhyun, etc. I also heard their debut got pushed to late Feb. early March?  I'm not sure when Shinee's comeback is... but maybe they want to debut them close to their date? or also close to big bangs comeback date?

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Guest Stone_Cold_IcePrince

Nice one PSy ... you're making your mark here .. thats cool ... ahehe

you said SM is planning to make SEHUN and KRIS as actors? what about CHANYEOL? ahehe

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Guest lolly88

Btw, where is the translation of his reply regarding his exposed personal life? I can't find it there.

oh , i think its because no one saw that post ,which was his reply to someone

who ask him what he felt about some of his personal life expose .


Oh According to netizen exo baek hyun had

audition for JYP beforehttp://tieba.baidu.com/p/1403149427?pn=4

and his high school?? http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1403132380

extra :Lots of rumors on baidu about exo , :w00t:

too much to handle ,probably my 8th post reading about their perosnality ,debut rumors

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Oh please post some of it here, it sounds interesting :D

I have a speculation about the teasers. Based on the latest teaser (teaser #13), now I'm sure that the MV is really a compilation of all teasers. So the MV shows some scenes that haven't been showed yet, and we can count the remaining teasers from it. It also matches what the rumor says, that Joon Myeon in a teaser with another member (in fact it's D.O. based on MV), and Chan Yeol and Kris get their own teaser.

So let's count the remaining teasers:

-1 Kai teaser: fashion setting, continuation of teaser #13

-1 Chan Yeol teaser: barn setting

-1 Kris teaser: him in all white outfit

-1 Lay, Chen, & Baek Hyun teaser: resort setting

-1 Se Hun & Lu Han teaser: fireplace setting, continuation of teaser #9

-1 Joon Myeon & D.O. teaser: savanna setting

-1 Tao setting: fighting enemies concept

So the total of remaining teasers is 7 teasers. Those teasers most probably include 7 EXO songs snippets. If we add the previous 6 teasers that are really EXO songs (My Lady, Run & Gun, Into Your World, Let Out The Beast, Two Moons, What Is Love), the total of the songs is 13 songs, the perfect amount for an album. So EXO album most probably contains 13 songs in it.

It seems to me that SM originally planned to release What Is Love MV last, as a compilation of teasers + singing parts + prologue. But they released it earlier, maybe due to the constant complaining and the decreased EXO hype lol At least now we can see the snippets of the next teasers :D

Sorry if I sound like a know-it-all, it's still a speculation. I'm excited because I find it interesting haha.

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Guest bigbangletsgo


In the description box of Teaser 13:

"The world of new boy band EXO-K and EXO-M presented by S.M.Entertainment is opened! For EXO Teaser 13, member of EXO, SE HUN dances to the song 'WHAT IS LOVE.' Who's next?

More teasers will be released very soon so stay tuned!"

The last time SM mentioned VERY SOON, they released the teaser like a day after.

Maybe the next teaser will be released tonight! ^__^

Super excited!

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Guest lolly88










TAO NEW weibo

hehe seem like he likes Mac's a lot


Old weibo the heading is McDonald's chicken


Tao’s Sina Weibo > who he is following

Jackie Chan and Lee Hom,Da S/Barbie Hsu and LASTLY luhan haha


cr: tao-exo.tumblr.com

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Guest littlemermaid_

^  I'm totally fan-girling right now! They do look so cute in their school uniform!  wub.gif

Oh and can someone please tell me if Kai and Se hun are 17 or not?

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Guest PsychedelicAir

Good to see both Lolly and Justin  on here

- - -

Seoul Performing Arts Hight School Graduation

9th February 2012

NOTE: Images are shared with the request of NOT being modified




(cr: Superstar Kim)






(cr: JOG1N @ twitter / kimjongin.com}

With MoonKyu [remember the name and face for later]







With SeHun



 In case of anyone getting confused, Kai was the one that graduated yesterday.

Sehun was accompanying him and sat at the parents/friends area with the manager

while Kai was sitting at the students’ area together with Moonkyu.

    *They are both 94ers but

Kai’s birthday is before 1st March whereby he’s

automatically one year older than the other 94ers.

So he entered the higher grade and graduated a year earlier than Sehun.










Another famous face graduating from the same school


B1A4's GongChan (cr: b1a4baby)


With CNU


(cr: piaf)

Other stars to graduate this year include:

IU, INFINITE's SungJong, A-Pink's Bomi and EunJi,

Actor Yoo SeungHo, Girls Day's Minah, MYNAME's JunQ


Can someone please translate the following:


via CuteDevil0912 @ CODE:EXO

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Guest lolly88

PsychedelicAir :

This is a something like exo schedules ,and there were always changes involve,initially they wanted seuhun on the SBS gayo instead of Tao but had changed it.

and kris supposed to have some magazine shoot this month but was cancelled,just to show how quick sm changed their plans

and the money at the side column ,it was probably how much their estimated budget or the money they spent for each schedule of exo



PS:Not sure but from what i read on baidu,i guess then next teaser is Chanyeol

also there is a rumor going on exo was at sbs today

"According to Renaka @ Weibo, EXO already went SBS for recording. (Might be for debut stage or not)"




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so glad this thread is moving along

^^ i'm so lost with the new trends in stanning (weibo/twitter/tumblr? O.o etcetc)

but thank you guys so much for sharing the info on this thread <333

+ i think we need a new topic starter; is anyone up for the job ^^?(pm me)

Hi guys, this is my first time posting here!

I need some help T^T

Anyone know how can I join this fancafe for SeHun? I joined it, but I don't know exactly how to level-up so I can see the topics/write messages.


Thanks :P

made a short thing; explaining the whole process; you can skip to like the third image haha

step one


step two


step three


hope it helps

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Guest PsychedelicAir


Thanks for the translation

I can't perv on LuHan... it's just wrong... so wrong


by anzi

One of my favourite things about LuHan is how genuinely laid-back and easy-going he is. He's the sort of character that makes people feel comfortable around him. In the W Korea photoshoot with SNSD, he seemed so un-phased by the beautiful ladies yet Kai seemed to be unable to hold himself in. I recall once when someone said he's probably the sort that was raised surrounded by pretty women... I can picture it



080420 Lu Han celebrated his 18th birthday with his friends from Yonsei KLI

“It  was Lu Han’s birthday yesterday. To those who were wondering, Luhan is a  friend I met from the Yonsei KLI where we are studying now. I guess you  can say he’s one of my closest friend. Most probably because we’re the  same age as everyone in the institute is at least a year elder!

Basically  the people I hang out with are Shanna and Lu Han only I guess.  Sometimes Shanna just stays home or goes out with her own friends so the  two of us get really bored and just stay in convenient stores for hours  and stone or go to the karaoke rooms here. There was this one time we  were there for 2 hours straight just playing with coins. I guess when  you get comfortable with a friend you just don’t think much of  what-to-do’s and just sit in silence without feeling awkward?

We  celebrated his 18th birthday party in our house. It was also his first  year in a foreign country celebrating his birthday alone away from all  his friends.

Lu Han’s cake was Hello Kitty because the girls just  wanted to make fun of him. I thought it was funny when I came back too!  I had no say in buying the cake as I was out with the birthday boy so  when Shanna told me that his cake was a Hello Kitty cake I burst into  laughter. All his presents were in pink. His present was a pink Tshirt.  As there were all girls, the other elder girls made him change on the  spot! No picture due to personal reasons but it was a funny scene.”

― via Natalie Chai


I don't know much about Daum to help you - sorry

Took me a while to dig out that birthday account and in that time Jisol came to the rescue

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